What this gentleman fails to mention is that this is a result of staking 250 Eth. So results may vary.


How do know this is from 250 ETH of staking? I know nothing about ETH stalking.


I know because this guy spams his holdings during bull runs. He's been quiet for some time, but he now feels the need to show his staking earnings. He's investing over 325k. So he's a wealthy individual already, which is great. Good for this guy. But dont look at his staking rewards as if he made that over night. Honestly, 8k return on 325k in an incredibly volitle investment isn't actually good. But I'm happy people are engaging in the eth network. Also, staking is just like keeping your money in a savings account. (from an investors standpoint) Just like earning interest (marginally) at a bank, you also can deposit eth and earn interest from it.


Even worse, a lot of his ETH he bought at ATHs. I’ve been “following” this out of touch spam artist for about a year now and he’s said at one point he had almost 1mil invested. But he goes around saying how easy it is to make money staking, and that everyone else is too lazy or doesn’t believe in the project…when really he already had money


Exactly. I mean props for the wealth. But it's shitty to hide all the facts and make it look like he's banking off his investments.


I see. Thanks for the detailed answer. Yeah 3.94% average rate (not sure how's that calculated) isn't too much higher than actual rates now.


Exactly. And having it in a bank you know your money isn't going to zero lol




5 years from now I’ll have 300 ETH total! GLTA!!!


Great...may start staking too...


Is there a penalty if you decide to sell while under stake?


Yeah, but specifically don't tell them how much you had to stake to earn that. It's not such an amazing investment when you have to lock up 300k+.


Which platform is this?