Inside of you there are two wolves: * "Nothing happened here" * "They deserved it" Both are right.


Nothing can happen if theres nothing there 👀


It’s not a warcrime if no one survives to report it.


It's only a war crime if we aren't the "good people"


Its only a war crime if you lose


Geneva convention? Ah, you mean the Geneva "to do" list...


Geneva suggestion


Geneva fun list


The Geneva checklist


Henry Durant's big list of exciting ways to spend a day out.


**"Nothing happened here" aka "Absolute intel restriction doctrine" explanation** *"By strictly enforce that Griffin commander will use their personal army of sexy android armed with ancient rifles to control the place (Control, not protect) it allow you to have absolute control over the outgoing data from the AO, a lot of data of which can be incriminate to Griffin, or even tarnish the public reputation, Griffin did not being hired to be the beacon of hope to begin with, but it doesn't mean we will let people percieve us as the opposite"* **"They deserve it" aka "Justified vendetta doctrine" explanation** *"As everybody knew, Griffin works under a high tension field of works where they have a skirmish with 11 different squad and a political affair that can spells doom if handle poorly, by specifically refer certain non-essential faction as hostile regardless of current status is not done just to validate commander's revenge campaign signed in a fit of rage, but also to ensure that the collaborating factions will not required to be the accomplice, thus strengthen the alliance further"*


As a Skk with 400 hours of rimworld under by belt. I'll tell you, nothing is more satisfying than murdering tribals with a hail of mortar fire.


Ayyy a fellow Rimworlder! Those tribals should've learnt their lesson after the previous 15 attempts against my peaceful and innocent colony.


Tribal raids are fun, usually allow me to go on a power trip. Only issue is the game wants do die in late-game raids




Yes. If you've ever wondered why we're only using weapons that are nearly 100 years old, laws prevent PMCs from using weapons made after WW3 and restricting them to a certain size.


Currently we are Openly Flaunting those Laws because the Government needs someone they can trust to not Betray them. ​ >!Doesn't stop them from kicking us out and forcing us to disband in GFL 2 just because we have a small nations military worth of equipment.!<


>!The main reason is how we are getting into ideal conflict with high level Rossarist like Griffon about how to deal with Paradeus, and we became wanted as a result of not going along with their plans, and we still have our military equipments even if disbanded!<


I don't know about trust, but they certainly have us under their thumb and are looking the other way on the illegal stuff because we are excellent plausible denialability.


We are working as the New Soviet security bureau's glove now at places where they can't officially get involved. And I mean random events on map involved those stupid things like people blowing up our ammo storage and stealing our MRE so it isn't that far. Besides, Griffon, Harvey and Viktor and other high ranking Rossarist is our backbone and we are basically above the law now. But well William's Paradeus and Carter's rebellion group is supported as well so it still won't be an easy job


Counter point. We have yet to unleash weapons that are destructive enough. We still have no tanks. No field artillery. No strategic missile vehicles. Hell we don't even have any Davy Crockett launchers or nuclear cannons. Government is just bi*ching because we can't have nice things. Getting angry over crew served weapons and shoulder launched missiles, come off it...


> we don't even have any Davy Crockett launchers So... Davy Crockett for HOC when


As an American the fact that it gets people in-universe butthurt gladdens me on multiple levels. 1. Germans bitching about shotguns in WWI. 2. “Shall not be infringed.”


Who is the government to tell me that I can't * Purchase stupid amount of Dolls and convert them (illegally) into killing machines * Insert said Dolls into civilian zones and have the authority to allow them to harm humans * Stockpile enough weapons to outfit a entire countries military * Be free of any internal regulatory council besides one supervisor >!who is currently missing!< Shall not be infringed indeed


This but unironically.


...If A-dolls become reality out here, it's likely they get full rights simply by everyone else being too scared to say no


Didn't IOP and G&K sort of got the legal and reasonable rights for the Doll conversion? I thought the illegal part was just a excuse for KCCO to arrest and disband G&K or am I missing something?


I'm not too certain either, but I remember reading somewhere that while the modifications are technically legal some of the ones are bending the rules and can be seen as too far.


The “illegal conversions” thing was 100% just a sham excuse to arrest Kruger as >!Once KCCO is done for he gets released!< That goes fairly strictly for the IOP dolls though, as the chassis’s on DEFY for example are specifically stated to be intentionally for military use and not converted from A-dolls, which is _probably_ illegal (though this is Ange we’re talking about so she isn’t exactly in good with a strict interpretation of the law anyways) HOCs are probably still super duper illegal, and the armaments PA units have are definitely post WW3 aka military grade in a way GnK isn’t supposed to have, but as the other guy mentioned between some light corruption thanks to Havier and an understanding with statesec they look the other way


We're we are right now I think the authorities are looking the other way because they basically have us under their thumb. Aside from HoCs I'm pretty sure the SF harem we are building is very illegal for a PMC.


What? Keeping, improving, and deploying unstable AI made by a rogue and murderous weapons manufacturer that is gunning for us all isn’t questionable at all!


To be fair, SF wasn't rogue before the incident, it does raise questions why at least some of the Ring Leaders had been made at that point however.


>Insert said Dolls into civilian zones and have the authority to allow them to harm humans *The fuck you mean a "public massacre of city resident use illegally modified T-dolls"? I told you it was a "Violent crackdown of doll trafficking and illegal civilian doll brothel organization" for fuck sake. You expect me to do what with the sick-fetish fucks then? beg them to stop?* *There's only form of peaceful negotiation they're gonna get, and they can find peace after I took their life because that's what they deserve, look, If you see half the shit they did to dolls you're gonna do the same, maybe even worse, I saw a civilian go full fledge police brutality on the culprit they died before we can get a confession out of him.*


Whoopsie seems like the network they were using to control their dolls made mine go vessel and kill them all! Can’t be blamed for unreliable hardware can I? Now please go and talk to this perfect average police officer who is *not* a Statesec agent who’ll help you with the paperwork.


Can't believe they still buy the "T-doll recondition kit" trick, that's how I commit second night of the long knives. Can't blame em' though, I tried something as absurd as "hypnotize app" tracking device trojan and they STILL don't know I hire AV actress along with stalking them for weeks. If there is a Yandere medal of honor the higher ups would owe me Three already.


"Its not a Crime, Its an Obligation."


>Germans bitching about shotguns in WWI. I would like to object this one you honor Well, In Germany shotgun were consider as a hunting tool rather than weapons, so they treat using shotgun for combat on the same level of "Using a bear trap as a landmine duty" level of fucked up *Still doesn't justify using toxic gas and flamethrower though*


That was the excuse they used, but we all know the real reason Germany threw a bitch-fit about it is because they were getting their shit kicked in HARD by the boomstick.


If this was about civilian concern regarding the ethical status of firearms at least it is understandable, but when the government authority make a big scene about it, it is no doubt they just desperate for excuse. they definitely ran out of excuse on this one, especially after a colossal scale of trench gassing.


French: *Tear gas on Germans* German: *Preps chlorine gas* Chemical weapon is fair now?


Apparently German general in WWI didn't ask the scientist whether it is emetic or lethal poison gas the French were using, or already asked but still prefer lethal anyways.


The effectiveness of shotguns during WW1 was massively overblown, combat reports ranged from 'okay, but with massive caveats' to 'borderline useless' (because some genius in the US Ordinance Dept went with *paper* cartridges in the wet trenches of France). The potential was there for a terrifying weapon to clear out a trench and it was favoured in night patrols of No Mans Land but its lack of range let it down. Thus the only big impacts shotguns made in WW1 was propaganda and [early memes about troopers shooting grenades out of the sky.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEt3FgUApkg)


The Geneva convention does not apply in the post Apocalypse world


I only operate under one restriction. How many munitions Architect is willing to deploy. She swears she has a limit but I have not witnessed it yet. *compares the size of a human thumb to a small mushroom cloud in the distance*


God I wish I had alchemist. She is unironically one of my favourite characters just because of how few shits she seems to give about the bullshit going on.


Literally lives to blow stuff up and make things that blow stuff up. Organisational loyalty comes a distinct third.


Skk seeker(answering that complainer): "If you have any ideas about how to fight against those big armoured guys and superobots without needing these destructive weapons, THEN TELL THOSE NOW!" That one complainer: "..."


"Sure buddy, tell those Paradeus fanatics the laws and that they aren't allowed to own combat mecs, I'll just watch from my fortified position"


416:(trought communications): Commander, are you going to do something for saving that civilian?" Skk Soapdish: *while staring to that one idiot doing it and unsuprisingly getting killed* Nah


I think it’s arguably much more chad energy to think of it from the perspective of “well if we’re gonna be made enemies of the state it might as well be for a good reason” for the HOCs


Hey, being outside the law give some benefits right?


Sorry I can't hear you over the sound of my Autocannon, and whine of the PPC capacitors.


If they didnt want us to use Inferno srms they shouldn't have fled into that Building


i mean other faction has more than us


True, but we’re meant to just be small peacekeeping forces and guns for hire rather than outlaw AI, a hyper advanced cult, and the literal military. We punch far above our weight.


A peacekeeping forces so small that a normal squad have 5 dolls(not count a dummy) instead of 11 dolls squad (i don't know how) witch make them more sensitive to casualties not enough firepower or bayonet strength in short less overall efficiency. and that why we need a HOC support


I am quite confident the tax collector is not coming to collect the overdue taxes I didn't pay. But if he does, good luck to him, better bring a mech suit


Aren't most if their guns considered Antiques at the time? Kinda like how out here in the states (The good ones anyway) The ATF has a separate class of Firearm. Basically It's gotta be Old in Design and Niche as fuck in order to be not treated like your regular old Glock or AR.


The guns themselves are antiques (pre-WW3) and technically legal to use as a legitimate PMC, though I'm not sure all T-doll mods and assimilated SF forces are legal. The HOCs are completely illegal in the setting, though.


HOCs and the whole Core/Imprint things are. Iirc griffin doesn't have authorization for fire control cores and they straight up commissioned the imprint system.


If you are breaking a law, you rather break all of them because you’ll be going to jail anyways *gets a death sentence


The right to own armed T-Dolls shall not be infringed.


for some reason I am reminded of the guy with the F18 fighter jet fleet in United States


*Rebuilds the ADFX-02 "Morgan" with Border destroying intent* time to fix that problem, that's what V2 will be for