Soppo is practically naked in her damaged art how can people be surprised?


She’s always had a bounce it’s never been huge but she’s not flat


Unlike a certain other member of the team


Don’t be mean to our favorite suicide bomber.


Those are dangerous words I urge you caution


Oh me? I uh, was talking about Ro since she has been huge. Definitely not mentioning anybody else


>Soppo is practically naked in her damaged art how can people be surprised? Call me a sinner, a monster and a psycho, but... ...i never used her in any of my teams, ever.


You are tremendously missing out and I don't know why you'd hamstring yourself like that when such a great unit is handed to you for free.


I mean, I never used her at all. I have her Mod3 now, but I cant really find a place with her in any of my echelons. I cant remember why I never used her, but I suspect it was because I was running M4, AR15 and Zas21 at the time


Honestly if someone rolls 416 early on, they can skip soppo completely.


I'll be honest, my explanation is weird as hell, i'm kind of a "starting/story unit skeptic" when it comes to gacha games in general. It's not that i think they are *weak*, far from that, but similar to Mash in Fate and Amiya in Arknights, i kinda have an aversion to units given to you for free for advancing the plot and unironically would rather use low-rarity units given in gacha even if it cripples me at the start of the game or even in the long run. Why do i do this? I guess it's a mix of disliking having to "depend" on a unit that tends to fall off in the late game at the start of it, and them wasting resources on a unit i will rarely use latter, the fact these are often used my almost everyone (yes, i'm a freaking hipster) and i like to try something out of the meta, the fact i have dislike this weird sense of "pity" from the devs regarding the unit and want to achieve things "by myself", and because i like unorthodox strategies and challenges that doesn't use the units given by the "plot". Them again, i'm also the guy who **oathed I.D.W**, created an **entire team made of handguns** and kept using it pretty far into the plot to this day and finished part 1 and all of the lostbelts in Fate/Go **using only assassins in my team**, so feel free to question my sanity.


I mean...if you like IDW I'm not gonna judge you for that, and Handgun squads are fun. But does this mean you aren't using M4, Soppo, STAR, or RO? Literally all best in their class girls, all because they were handed to you for story reasons? Have you never experienced the joy of an M4 exodia cannon team?


>But does this mean you aren't using M4, Soppo, STAR, or RO? Literally all best in their class girls, all because they were handed to you for story reasons? Yes. To be fair i barely use any AR's in general and most of my "massive damage" teams are focused around Rifles. Heck, i can't even remember the last time i used an AR in my team in the first place. I already had have "Luck A" in the construction and got some good Rifles, Handguns and Shotguns so i never bothered to use them. Was it painful at the start of the game? Yes. But honestly i never "experienced" it so i guess i never came to "miss" something i never did in the game in the first place. Them again i'm not a fan of assault rifles in general when it comes to guns in gaming - and this isn't even related to the T-dolls themselves, i actively avoid assault rifles in FPS and TPS games because i think they are "generic" weapons. I like to end enemies in a quick, precise attack in general rather than through continuous shooting.


You, sir, are a special kind of player, and I applaud you for sticking to your guns


>for sticking to your guns *ba dum tss* I guess this might be due to the fact i always used shotguns in FPS - my favorite type of gun after sniper rifles - i was never a fan of AR's in general due to my desire to have a more "specialized" gun over a more "general use" one - and shotguns are usually crap compared to AR's, so i died a lot in the past due to being "countered" by my enemies. Thus i developed an aversion towards using AR's in general. Yes, it's weird, but hey, some people just don't like green ham and eggs.


Lucky for you then because this game is pretty much near-exclusively RF meta from here on out




Personally, I treat the meta as more of a casual suggestion than something to strictly follow. Might not be the most efficient, but it can be fun using gear and units meta-slaves will snub. I main an MGSG echelon consisting of LWMMG, SPAS-12, Saiga-12, M2HB, and M1918, and I completed the digi-mind upgrade for that last Doll when these guides are recommending M4A1, Calico, UMP-45, and ST AR-15 for a Commander's first neural upgrade.


*Angry Junyah noises*


Soppo knows how to get people's attention


I though it was clear from the start that the only flat surface were AR-15 and UMP45…


because of her clothes and majority of people over look or didn't check uncensored her damage art.


Even her censored damaged art shows more than enough boing to make it obvious she's not flat. (Albeit, not huge either, and some people act like anything under a DD in anime is a cutting board).


true. C is considered decent. Most guys are used to stare at 2d waifus with DD, F+ cups.


Her often being next to RO doesn't help either, I guess.


Nope, if you put RO635 next to SOP II then she draws all the attention. You know, having a fun-size girl sit on your lap and still got everything you wanted.


What!? Who would ever think that!???


i too, have come here to question whether people with such a sentiment actually even exist. it seems very much to me that this meme is about fictional people


Indeed. Soppo has bounce.


There's official concept art and she's kinda flat


She was never flat, but her bust is a teeny bit exaggerated in the anime compared to in-game but that's probably just me. It's common practice for animes to have *some* sort of fanservice.


I think that size is due to her clothes pressing them back giving them that exaggerated look.


Yeah, it's just a bit over exaggerated because it's an anime. Bit annoyed it had to be my waifu out of all of them, but whatever


>already running damage control


mica productions anyone?


wait does it air on jan 7th?!




it airs on my birthday EYYYY










Petite, maybe, but not flat. Feels like weebs see everything below DD as "flat".


Has no one seen her ballon skin damaged art?


...the Uncensored Damage Art shows that she isn't flat


This whole comment section just shows how many people don't realize there's a middleground between flat and stacked.


Sopmod's bust is all sizes until drawn, from flat as a board to bigger than DSR and VSK combined.


Schrödinger's SOP


I have a friend who thought 416 of all dolls was flat first time he saw her cuse of her normal art. Same with AL's Shoukaku. I proved him wrong on both counts.


I sense a great number of art approaching and I accept it with open arms.


I have to ask, who that has actually seen her in game art would think SOP was flat? She doesn't have bazookas but she's far from being a washboard.


So no one ever noticed that sop is so modular her bust sizes changes between costumes its one of best futures


Not surprised, because most people just look at her clothes and make assumptions.


I mean, *Glances over to Soppo's page on Danbooru* depends who you ask


How is medium flat?


Ha! Funny


I haven't looked at her OG art in a long time because I think it's ugly but iirc she's always been between flat and busty


What is this HERESY JK I can see why SOP’s OG art might throw someone off