Great, now my >!Poincaré Recurrence !


Wish the anime is successful enough to reach Poincare Recurrance. I want to see *that* scene animated.


I want to see how the wider anime community would react that scene.


The Girls Frontline anime seriously has potential to mentally scar people and I do hope it makes it that far


if we ever get to that scene, i hope the anime does it justice. god its gonna be quite scarring isnt it


Oh god am I gonna get depressive PTSD again when Poincare Recurrence comes around in a year?


[source](https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/94788800) this one has not perish yet.


Reminds me of code vein


Oh, that's not a mask...


Ah I see, I'm not that far into the game so I have no clue who this is lmao


So here's a spoilery comment I copied from an older post of mine: [Big Poincare Recurrence Spoilers] >!So the T-Doll here, SP9 (who goes by the name Mona in the story), is a Doll that works for the Stasi and was investigating a supposed Paradeus facility alongside other agents with one of them being a major side character named "J". They were being led along by RPK-16—who the Stasi were not aware was a traitor at the time—and this being RPK she leads them into a trap. RPK proceeds to disappear, Paradeus storm the facility and fire a rocket into it which kills a few agents and injures Mona as she shields J from the explosion leaving her with half her face burnt off and her body popping off sparks. The few remaining Stasi agents attempt to cover J and Mona's retreat but they get cut off by a new Nyto named Bramedb anyways. This results in Mona getting mangled by Bramedb in trying to cover J's escape... who then proceeds to be immediately cut off by a Paradeus robot ambushing him through a wall. Nevertheless, Mona who isn't dead yet attempts to pull a hail mary move to take out Bramedb but fails and with the two of them being in the same room again Bramedb proceeds to do what any upstanding member of Paradeus (read: a sadistic asshole) would do: psychological torture. Bramedb hacks Mona and starts forcing her to say things to torment J who is already distraught by the deaths of his subordinates, she does this in order to force him to into a sadist's deal where if he committed suicide she would let Mona go (which considering it is Paradeus, is a very untrustworthy deal). Keep in mind, this hacking also came along with physical damage to the point where Mona started emitting black smoke from her head. Anyhow, Mona—still having some control over herself—has to crush her own throat to prevent her hacked body from saying anything to further torment J and stop him from killing himself. The only reason they make it out is because GnK come and rescue them.!<


Holy shit. I’m not caught up because I don’t like spoilers, but hot damn is the story going places.


Dark places, in fact.


Pretty dark but damn this has me hooked


This is just insane. I love it.


We need more art that shows off the Doll's mechanical bits


It'd be interesting. But I feel like we're supposed maintain a lot of mystery into how they might actually work. That way there's flexibility still in whatever plot lines are written But I guess it wouldn't hurt to guess


Don't worry, that's just how T-Dolls look like without skin


When J's girlfriend is having a bad makeup day.


What anime fans see: ooh gun waifus What gfl players see: >!A horribly disfigured t-doll telling her commander she loves him and then self-inflicts head wounds.!<


Well, [CN] >!less a declaration of love and more a demand to live on because do keep in mind Bramedb was hacking Mona to make her say things and I don't think Mona knew J long enough to be in love with him.!<


It doesn’t feel pity, or fear, or remorse... and it absolutely will not stop, EVER... until you are dead.


"A machine stained with red."