Those things are huge!


Japanese hornets or something iirc. They are scary AF


This video is terrifying if you're a honey bee. https://youtu.be/EZ1eAM8CChc


[Native Japanese honeybees vibrate to overheat and cook giant wasp](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K6m40W1s0Wc) The overheating has become a strategy of defense. Edit: Strobing effect in the video... who knows why. Thanks for the Gold and Silver!


"The bees heat tolerance is 118 degrees F. The Hornet can only withstand 115". Damn nature. That's a pretty tight margin for error Edit: Guys, I know that biological entities are precise systems. It's a joke :)


You’d be surprised at the difference between a single degree. The difference between scalding water and perfect hot tub temp is only a few degrees. In fact, a kid that weighs less than thirty lbs or so can die in contact with 104 for too long, but can sit at 100 just fine.


I read something years ago that scientists were trying to figure out why our body core temperature was so high. It is highly inefficiënt to have such a high core temp of 37 degrees Celsius. They came to the conclusion that because of the high core temp we are immune to millions of parasites and fungi. https://kdshives.com/2012/12/03/beyond-fever-fungal-infections-and-the-benefits-of-body-heat/ I found a summary of a few different papers of which i think one of them was the paper i read years ago. Probably the one from 2009.. 37 degrees celcius is the hotspot to fend of fungi. any more degrees and the energy tradeof is not worth it to fend of a few additional fungi.


Fucking metal dude. We really are the scariest fuckin' thing that goes bump in the night when you think about it. We made sharp tools and then walked things to death just by being threatening. Humans are so fuckin' cool tbh. In all our awful glory.


I wish more people realized how metal we all are and how we really did dominate this planet lol


After some time we became more metal by taking the microscopic dead bodies of the things that killed us and injecting them into our blood to become immune to the other living microscopic things that wanted to kill us but now can't.


And then you get in a drunk parking lot fight, fall down, hit your head on a curb and end up in a casket.


Yeah people see bears and lions and get scared and not realize that their own fucking species has dominated the world to the point where we literally go look at the most dangerous animals alive for..... fun.


https://imgur.com/gallery/XpThccW “Humans are the orcs of space”


and the brain decides to raise the body temp even more to kill viruses and other diseases when in danger.. and that's the flu


This comment completely baffled me until I remembered Fahrenheit.


I was just about to give my baby a 100°c bath! Dodged that bullet.


Yea there was this tub in a house I was staying at in japan that told me the temp in Celsius. I found the perfect temp, but one degree higher and I was jumping out of the water because it was too hot.


I have a shower wall that does this and it's awesome. Never jumping into a temp I dont want to!


*native* Japanese honeybees. The video isn't in Japan, so those honeybees haven't evolved that defense. They're fucked by a foreign predator.


If I remember correctly that was a scout that sent out pheromones for reinforcements, which ended up fucking up the bees. I might be thinking of something else though


I’m not really sure my father used to be into these bees for some reason years ago. The video claimed the scout came out to seek a nest and mark with pheromones and essentially the honeybees lure it in and wait to attack to prevent the scout from being able to mark the nest.


Just found out what my most feared way to die is.


I've seen that anime


The way they try to pull back their injured friend towards the beginning...my God.


I saw that too and felt a strange mixture of humanizing feelings for the bees ("save you buddy! pull him back in! call the bee medic!") and total awe that whoever filmed this managed to capture that exact moment on camera.


From a different perspective, a human wrapped in a bee suit with a pickaxe must be terrifying for those hornets. A giant creature striking critical blows to your nest that cannot be stopped. Like some attack on titan shit.


"We always knew it was going to end this way." "I know, Zzzzxxxiirrrxxx. But I will always love you." "Then come, let us fight this god and die together."


That sound sounds like an authentic wasp name.


It sounds like a racist caricature to me.


The way the hornets grab the bees and smash them on their stinger was brutal.


This video is terrifying if you are any living creature


Not if your a hornet. In that case it is really reassuring.


I dunno, an invincible armored biped destroying your nest doesn’t seem very reassuring.


Hornet here, can confirm. ^(allofyouaregoingtodiewearecomingforyou)


Next up video said "keeping wasps as pets." That's a nopeburger right there.


Damn, nature! You scary


["The hornets are so large that they overheat"](https://youtu.be/EF3g4Ua5e7k)


And they're spreading in the US. There was a nest in my yard in north Georgia and on a few occasions I had to deal with a 3-4" hornet finding its way into the house. I've been stung by one in the shoulder and there are no words to describe. It felt like my shoulder blade was giving birth to a new bone inside my skin.


I mean, that's a pretty decent description.


Not all heros wear capes.... Some wear Stay Puft Marshmallow Man suits.


Suzumebachi...the "sparrow bee". Had those bastards build nests under the eaves in my house when I lived in Japan (in the countryside). Not only are they big, but they are LOUD too Edit: snapped this pic of them once: http://i.imgur.com/Q9B2SAs.jpg


This is the true reason we invented flamethrowers.


Yeah that’s a human! Some of them can get pretty fuckin big


[Ah, the ol' Human nestaroo!](https://www.reddit.com/r/bangalore/comments/b21rpo/ask_bored_what_do/eipph4b/?context=2)


The gif ends before it shows three of them pick him up and fly away


From the hornets' perspective, this is basically a kaiju attack.


Except they can literally kill the kaiju themselves


It’s like attack on titan and this is the armored titan.




Sure, regular Kaijus, but not these armored ones.


Not with what he is wearing


[The Worst Of All Kaiju](https://giphy.com/gifs/ghostbusters-stay-puff-marshmellow-man-tlLBddTfaJmJG)


Camera man’s wearing shorts and a T shirt. Edit. Thanks for the silver kind stranger.


Literally kill the camera man


And an Epi-pen


And tevas


[Picture of camera guy](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/003/466/pinkshirtbro.jpg)


Shooter McGavin put on some weight


That’s exactly how I envisioned it!


the size of those hornets take a flamethrower to the whole lot












Take your stupid upvote....


#This is my flammenwerfer. It werfs flammen.


THE HILLS ARE ALIVE, WITH THE SOUND OF \*fwoooooooooooooosh* Edit: I wonder if SovietWomble counts for lucky 10,000s but ... for those who havent seen one...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ID4JBkjXMk




Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.


I was thinging, why dont they just pour molten aluminium down there, like an ants nest. Arguably cooler than fire, and gets all the larvae too.


[Were you referencing this video?](https://youtu.be/UUezq1GyAko)


They’re probably at home


[This](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFg21x2sj-M) video where they used concrete is pretty cool too


This is more interesting than the OP link. I want to know more about the scale of that ant hill. They were still excavating it at the end of the clip.


"Instead of picking up this spade, let me get some scrap aluminum and melt it in my furnace"


I had a ground hornets nest in my back yard. One bit me when I was gardening. I took my shop vac, placed the hose by the entrance to the nest, turned it on, and let it run all day. No more hornets. It was very satisfying and funny to watch them figure out what was going on.


How did you let them out of the shop vac?


Easy. While the shop vac is on, grab some wasp killer and spray into the hose. Leave for an hour until no more buzzing and dump. Or yeet your shop vac into the neighbors yard. Edit: Thanks for the silver stranger. Also removed a preposition because it bothered me too much.


I like the second option better.


That's technically an act of war.


They fling dog poop, you yeet hornets. That’s the Chicago way!


Fallout Chicago.


When they go low, we go high


Well maybe Karen will finally mind her own business about my side of the fence




It’s basically a hornet gas chamber.


The Final Solution to hornets


Brought to you by the Nazbees


Easy. Throw the shop vac into a volcano.


Just make sure you pop an 'H' on that bad boy so you know what's in it. Or I guess a 'W' in this case.


Gotta get that honey


Wouldn’t the volatiles (if any) in the propellant cause a fire hazard with the vacuum motor?


The point is dead wasps here okay exploding vacuums will also kill wasps


Or they create the most nightmarish frag grenade ever


Win-Win...I guess?


No need to worry about wasps if you're dead too. *taps head*


The way you wrote this I read it as an instructional guide and then read “yeet” and just completely lost it. Cheers!


Nothing funnier than an unexpected, well-placed yeet.


So... a hornet gas chamber?


They’re all dead after spinning around in it at 1000 rpm all day. Not one was alive.


Username checks out. Edit: Wow, I was not expecting gold for that. Thank you guys.


That was brilliant.


Shit dude now that's what I call clever.


I don’t get it


Stuxnet was an American virus unleashed on Iranian nuclear weapons manufactories. Basically, to get the right type of nuclear isotope for a missile, you need to put it in a centrifuge at an exact speed for an exact amount of time. Stuxnet was a virus that infected the computers running these centrifuges. It would report that the centrifuges were running at the ideal speed, while actually going much much faster. Yet when the scientists in charge ran diagnostics to check why their uranium kept getting messed up, stuxnet had the computers report that the centrifuges were working perfectly.


Pretty easy, just pop a quick H on it so you know there’s hornets in it


Need to be careful though, you don't want to agitate the honey.


Vacuum usually runs hot and the constant air rush dehydrates bugs and kills them that way pretty fast. That and I would assume the mass of wasps being crushed into the bag would also kill many


My mosquito trap does exactly this... catches mosquitoes inside a mesh contraption and the one way fan keeps them trapped and dries them out.


Spinning around at 1000 rpm all day isn’t too gentle on their bodies. They’re dead in seconds after being sucked up.


Shop vacs are bagless, but yeah - sane difference


Fill the bottom 1-2 inches with water and a couple of drops of dish soap before turning on the shop vac. Wasps will drown.


I asked a bee guy on YouTube who removed a nest of these fucks with a shop vac. He keeps some soapy(? I think soapy) water in the bottom of the vac, so they get sucked into the water and die!


I think the point of soap is to reduce the surface tension of the water. Insects can't swim in it and then drown. Works very well with regular dishwashing liquid!


I had to do this once. Put a little water and peppermint Castille soap inside the shop vac which kills them pretty quickly if they survive being sucked up. I’m thankful it took care of the problem, but a bit traumatic for everyone involved and now I have an aversion to the smell of peppermint...


Put them in a box, pop an H on it (for hornets) and start harvesting that honey. Edit: Someone beat me to it :(


One of my first jobs was at a golf course. One day, while mowing the rough, I realized that I'd just run over a buried wasp nest. Faced with a mere moment to make a decision, I hastily lowered the mower deck right down on top of the nest and then just sat there with the blades running for maybe ten minutes. It seemed to work: I managed to come away unscathed.


You did the right thing


>watch them figure out what was going on. That's when you wake up the next morning and the survivors are on your windowsill, waiting?


Then marked the HVac with a big H so everybody knows it’s filled with hornets.


I prefer the ole gasoline and lighter method, and then jumping up and down to make the flame bigger. But I like the ingenuity of your idea... I wonder if I can combine them....


Absolutely, but that method doesn’t work when they’re hiding underground. Thermite maybe.


You sure? That's how my dad has killed ground hornets for years. The trick is to wait till night, really let the fire get going, then step on the hole so the flames seek out the other exits as a source of oxygen, filling the whole nest.


If sucking the O2 out of the ground is the goal, then dump an entire 2 liter bottle of seltzer water on the hive. The water will go into the ground and the CO2 will suffocate everything. I’ve successfully killed many fire ant hives in Florida using this trick.


That's cool as fuck. When it comes to hornets I'd personally want something a little more violent though. If only for my own peace of mind.


Wait what, for real? I’ve been pouring boiling water on the ants but it also murders my grass.


Yes. Give it a try. Dump a whole bottle on them, slowly so it goes into the hive, and not all over. You could also build up a little circular dam around the hive to hold it in place so it goes straight down.


It worked without flame on yellowjacket ground nests for me several times. The fumes are killer.


Agreed. But I'm not passing up the opportunity for a fire. Plus if you jump on the ground above the nest you can see the flames get bigger as you squeeze the air out. Effective and entertaining.


Am I imagining things, or is his suit lined with what appears to be holes from the hornets trying to sting him?


That would be from bites not stings, hornets can do both and have huge mandibles


Hornets are double-ended death birds


Hornets are just literal demons.


Omg I think you're right


Just imagine a couple working on a hole then suddenly signaling to the others to all crawl inside. Death suit


You could make a movie out of this


I think it’s just the way the suit bends when he moves a certain way.


I assume that’s not the first time the suit was used so those may be holes from previous uses.


It’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.


Ray, what have you done?


It just...popped in there.


What...just popped in there?


Mother puss bucket!


Came here for this comment.


I was stung by Asian giant hornets twice on my side while accidentally disturbing a nest in China. I just had pain and mild anafilaxis, but my colleague was hospitalized after being stung once on the back. It swelled to the size of half a grapefruit and was bleeding from the puncture.


Omg that is terrifying! I would never want to mess with hornets, let alone GIANT hornets.


Another version of said video. Slightly NSFW? Edit: Imgur muted the sounds so here's the one with it. https://gfycat.com/dismalamazingkillifish




Looked like it, damn. Dude got cocky.


Could be heat exhaustion. Seems like whenever he got to was hornet -free.


I’m gonna need some answers here


The suit is empty I think


This raises more questions than it answers.


Did...he die?


Nah, looks like he's holding his hands up as he's carried away. Likely two different videos anyway


He died doing what he apparently loved.


Not the same video. Different gloves, yours doesn't have the orange wrap around the seam.




Japanese hornets are so big they have 1/4 inch long stingers, so they go right through standard bee keeper suits. They are also equipped with mandibles the size of child toenail clippers. The guy is probably testing a suit to specifically deal with them, and knowing the average humidity in Japan he doesn't have long before he needs to make a choice between dying of heat stroke, or being stung to death. Japanese Hornets are proof that there's no God Edit: I had stated previously the stingers were an inch plus long, and many Google searches by fellow Redditors have pointed out this is a bit of an over estimate. I apologize, I was working off of the horrible memory of being trapped in a Japanese phone booth while one sat on the glass of the door outside flexing it's little stabber in and out of its orange bottom.


Was in Japan last summer on my honeymoon. I thought the warnings about the humidity were overreactions as I am from a pretty humid region of the US...they were not. Instant sweat thru your shirt weather within 5 seconds of walking outside.


Which region? I grew up in FL. "This feels familiar."


Central Florida checking in. *sips iced tea and sweats profusely*


*iced tea sweats too*


"There's not a Sonny's Barbecue anywhere around here." Also central FL dude.


Tokyo-Hakone-Kyoto over a period of about 10 days. Kyoto was def the worst humidity wise, it’s basically in a bowl surrounded by mountains so the moisture it just kind of sits on top of you.


South East Texas here, felt like back home when I landed.


I am from Canada and I couldn't understate to anyone how humid it can be there, and I went during the start of autumn.


That depends entirely on where in Canada you live. Canada is a huge place which experiences all but tropical weather. In Alberta you can experience the desert with extremely dry air, while near the great lakes you could have 30c days with 100% humidity.


As someone who was born and raised in the humidity bowl of London Ontario (by the above Great Lakes) and now lives in the arid mountain air of Alberta the above statement is true. The humidity in certain places of Ontario can rival Florida no problem. The dry air here now has me having to moisturize my skin in the winter for the first time in my life. Canada is crazy.


I never thought of Japan as a humid place... It's funny how one detail like that can totally change my entire view and all of the things I've learned/thought of the place...


They invented pants with AC in them for a reason.


> The stinger of the Asian giant hornet is about 6 mm (0.24 in) long [Source](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_giant_hornet#Sting) Also they kill 30-40 people a year. ​


Full video anyone? Kinda want to see the end result of either the hornets in a dead pile or the man being stung to death


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMyWa0Uha3w](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMyWa0Uha3w) Not this one exactly but still not fun.


[Meet the Asian giant hornet Queen](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFgFjCPzU68), a large, dangerous insect with a flesh-destroying sting that demolishes pretty much anything in its path. The hornets are most commonly found in rural Japan, but have made appearances throughout southeast Asia and occasionally in North America. While they have been known to kill humans, the grape-size hornets typically set their deadly sights on the hives of neighboring honeybees, which they systematically slaughter with particularly gruesome force. **The Asian Giant Hornet: In For The Kill** How do they take out entire colonies of bees in one fell swoop? By ripping the heads off of their poor, unsuspecting victims, one at a time. Having previously sent in a scout to lay down a scent, the Asian giant hornets make their way back into honey and larvae-rich bee colonies, where they then proceed to decapitate the bees using the strong mandibles located near their mouths. Bees don’t stand a chance against them. Indeed, the bees’ stings barely pierce the armor of these apex predators, and in as little time as a couple of hours, a small clan of these hornets can wipe out an entire bee colony of 30,000. Armed with two sets of eyes positioned within its orange head, the Asian giant hornet, Vespa mandarina, is especially destructive on account of its stinger. Unlike bees, this hornet’s stinger is not barbed, which allows it to strike multiple times and always remain attached. This devastating appendage can not only pierce through the fabric of a rain jacket, but can deliver venomous poison which can break down human flesh, and overload kidney functions. So how does one defend themselves in the face of an Asian giant hornet attack? In general, experts suggest remaining as calm and still as possible. In an interview with Wired, entomologist Dr. Steven Martin of the University of Salford recalled an experience he shared with a colleague in which they encountered a hive of these potentially fatal insects: “You close your eyes, you close your mouth, you grit your teeth because it’s quite frightening. The other guy just couldn’t cope and he ran away, and he got stung several times. I was fine.” Running would be futile anyhow, as the Asian giant hornets have been known to fly up to 15 miles per hour. And unlike smaller varieties of bees and wasps, the size of the Asian giant hornet requires much more space to nest. They usually find these spaces in low-lying holes and tree stumps on the ground, making it especially easy for a person to literally walk upon a hive. As for bees, while they do fight an uphill battle whenever they encounter one of these hornets, they do have a plan of attack. Upon noticing the scout inside their colony, worker bees band together to form a ball around the intruder, cooking it to death with the vibrations of their own bodies. Because the Asian giant hornet lacks a heart, the bees crowd around it in an effort to prevent it from pumping blood with its body, constricting it physically with both mass and heat, and suffocating it with the carbon dioxide that had naturally built up within the ball surrounding the scout. Sometimes this tactic can prevent a swarm from returning to the hive, but if they can’t wipe out the scout, the bees remain pretty much dead in the water. If you do find yourself on the wrong end of an Asian giant hornet encounter, however, you’ll want to get yourself to a hospital immediately, especially if you’ve been stung repeatedly. Once the hornet’s stinger has penetrated the flesh, the venom released immediately begins to break down skin cells. And due to its size, this can end up measuring a teaspoon’s worth of poison if you’re attacked by more than one. Neurotoxins hit the body’s nerves, which results in a searing flash of pain, and it won’t be long before your kidneys begin to shut down. That is, assuming you don’t go into anaphylactic shock before then.


> Meet the Asian giant hornet Queen, a large, dangerous insect with a flesh-destroying sting that demolishes pretty much anything in its path. I know. Let's hold it in my hand. Seriously, when people post videos of those Russians doing handstands on top of these giant antennas or whatever and everyone posts comments like "this gave me a panic attack" and "couldn't even finish watching"...that's me right now.


The ones trying to murder the camera, I’ll be seeing/hearing them in my nightmares tonight.


Can someone explain why the suit is so much thicker than most suits? And where does he see from


I guess the regular ones are for bees and wasps. The fuckers here are giant hornets


The hornets in the video are small birds. I would want a thicker suit like this than a hazmat type suit.


I would go with an astronaut suit nothing less


Full plate metal with full hazmat underneath, nothing less.


So iron man basically


Plate metal armour with nice overlaps for them to crawl between.


[I think a picture will best explain](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/i7VMcMJBjD4/maxresdefault.jpg)




I'm Coyote Peterson and I am full blown nuts


Skip to 11:26 to see the actual sting and the pain that follows


they're all hellspawns, and they deserve to die. I wholeheartedly hate wasps, but at the least I don't have to suffer the flying fucks to be the size of a thumb


My Father did it a little differently. I'll tell you how. So it starts with a nest in out back garden, the year was 1998. In our garden we have a small 3ft hill (not sure if that's how it's described) thats around 20ft away from our kitchen window. Runs parallel to our back fence. My father is a tad daft bless him. Anyway, I was living at home at the time, hadn't fled the nest so to speak. As I walked into the kitchen to get my morning cereal, I was still half asleep. I noted my Father with a green can in his hand, stood on the hill, it had been raining all night. Didn't think too much of it as I put my milk into the bowl. I looked up again, to see my father pour the contents of the green can into the hole. I remember thinking 'he's using petrol to get rid of them, I guess it would work' A few moments passed, I was still just stood at the window just watching, not really paying too much attention. It took me a good 5 seconds to realise he just got a lighter out of his pocket, 'odd I though, he quit smoking a few years earlier. The spoon fell out of my mouth, with the contents as I tried to yell' DAD NO' It was too late, all I can remember is a whooshing sound, and a flash followed by fist sized lumps of mud hitting the window. Not only did he successfully clear the nest, he took some of the garden with him. He was fine, lost his eyebrows, facial hair and his testicals once my Mother got hold of him. I love my Father, he's daft as a brush!




Why does the Michelin man hate hornets?


Those little bastards looked pissed


Little? are you fucked?


I mean, relative to the man with the pickaxe, they are quite small


Imagine having your nest destroyed by a giant ass marshmallow


From their perspective... [https://youtu.be/7aW8oyTgA60?t=24](https://youtu.be/7aW8oyTgA60?t=24)


Mr marshmallow saves the day!


Nnnnnoooooope Nope nope nope nope I have become the pope of nope. Nope the fuck right out of there. Nope-punzel nope-punzel let down your nope. That's a nope from me, dawg. I came, I saw, I noped.