I'm not convinced this guy is not an airbender.

I'm not convinced this guy is not an airbender.


[Must be the backward black cap.](https://media0.giphy.com/media/11024ttxGbmgOA/giphy.gif)


What I wanna know is why those guys are smoking a hookah in a horror movie murder dungeon.


Mom's basement.


So a BDSM dungeon?


So thats why he has such dexterity with his lips and tongue.


Or same thing


'Horror' movie, not 'whore' movie


I think the real reason is that it's probably the room that has the littlest air flow, which makes the smoke tricks easier to do


Its to impress the horrible monsters. Makes it easier to escape


The monster isn't in the basement, It's in the sewers.


From my experience the monsters are normally in plain sight.


I like the one where he makes a mini-hurricane!


I think his name is Ram Malichy. But, to confirm, TO THE NET. EDIT: CAPS LOCK STATUS: BROKEN. EDIT 2: HUMAN STATUS: BORED AF. EDIT 3: RAM MALICHY CONFIRMATION STATUS: [CONFIRMED](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_PCde_1F7s)


[Rand Mcnally](http://imgur.com/gallery/6Fe8UPG)








He said wow


There was some douchenozzle the other day at our local coffee shop who was smoking an "Ecig"(?) He would take a puff on it and blow out a tremendous billow of smoke, like ridiculously big to the point I thought he may be a cooling tower for a nuclear reactor. Anyways, he was doing this same shit, trying to be cool by tossing around "smoke tricks", and just generally pissing everyone off in the shop... finally the manager came over and told him to leave. TL;DR: Don't be a douchenozzle by smoking an e-cig. EDIT: I realize it isn't smoke... I also understand now that they are "vapes" not "e-cigs", whatever, same difference. The shit is still annoying as fuck. If you're going to "Vape" and be cool, don't do it in enclosed spaces, have a little respect for other people. For fucks sake...


Even vapers hate vapeholes






Do you want to talk about it?


This is the best username I've seen all day.


"I'm goooooing to VAPE YA!! Take you downstairs to the basement, tie you to the radiator and VAPE YOU RIGHT IN THE MOUTH!" - Vapeman


ah the grapist, love that skit.




username confirmed


Well somebody's doing the vapin'.




Cyclist here, *damn fixies...*


Almost all of the fixie kids that I see chillin at city hall in my area vape, it's like the two go hand in hand somehow.


That wasn't the parallel I was making buuut... yea, there you go


You guys all love to stereotype that shit. I own a fix gear because I live in an apartment where I have to carry it upstairs/downstairs everyday, and I am very happy I own a bike that matches my simple bike needs that isn't unnecessarily heavy for what I use it for. Maintenance is a breeze as well.


Derailleurs weigh a lot


Never heard of a single speed?


Fixed gears are really cheap to make, not only that, but they are really fun to ride.


This should be entertaining [0.0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCfHSH_v4sw)


Ha, pretty funny


I vape and 95% of people who vape would totally agree with everything you just said. There's always those people who are just inconsiderate assholes in everything they do. Vaping just happens to attract them because it's just so easy to express how big of a douche you can be with a mod. Enjoying your afternoon at the local coffee shop? "WELL HEY LOOK AT ME! HAVE YOU NOTICED ME YET? I'M THE GUY VAPING! HEY YOU SEE ME?" "Yes, they see you bro." " DUDE WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? ITS JUST WATER VAPOR BRAA! IGNORE ME!"




Just letting you know, most people who vape hate assholes like this. I don't vape indoors, unless someone explicitly tells me first without asking that it's OK. People who do that are absolute douchebags. EDIT: "It's just water vapor bro" LOL just had to add that. No it's not water vapor bro.


I try to avoid vaping in any public place that I wouldn't have smoked in. Except a house like mine or my friends cause fuck friends


I agree. :D


I too have an ezigarette and dont think that everyone who has one is a douche. It helped me quit cigarettes. You just dont do it inside. Especially not in a coffee shop. As easy as that.


I've never smoked, nor vaped, yet I seem to have this discussion a lot. To me, it's a matter of common courtesy. My boyfriend is trying to quit smoking, and has switched to vaping. He vapes inside the apartment. I don't mind because the smell doesn't stick. He is still courteous to others, so when he goes out, vaping is for outside only. Yes, it's "better" (I won't get in a debate about the health concerns) than cigarettes, but that doesn't mean others want to smell your sickly sweet strawberry tobacco air. Keep that stuff to yourself.


First of all , im vaping ice-apple... Just kidding. Yeah i didnt want to start a health benefit discussion. Its everyones own decision if they want to start to vape, but i wouldnt recommend it to any non smoker. And back to the point, if you keep it out of other peoples faces (just like regular cigarettes) i think its perfectly fine.


When I vaped I kept vaping more and more, had problems quitting that. -_- Quit cigarettes cold turkey later though, worst christmas 3 days later and 2 weeks of feeling like shit, but being nicotine free feels great.


Yeah, the problem is that when you vape, nicotine is almost always available in an instant. So you tend to do it more often. I guess cold turkey is the way to go, but i still rather vape than smoke.


~~Not that it matters to your point, but there is no tobacco in e-juice. The nicotine used is typically derived from Eggplant.~~ Edit: As /u/andpassword pointed out, I was mistaken. Other than that, yeah... common courtesy social laws still apply. I like to think that the assholes would still be assholes, if they were smoking cigarettes.


I was a smoker for years and "quit" cold turkey (years ago, I haven't bought a pack of cigarettes for personal use since 2009), but I still sometimes smoke when I'm around smokers and I'm drinking. I picked up vaping a few weeks ago to stop doing that. I actually get e-juice with _no_ nicotine. I still ask people around me if they mind, though, if I'm inside. As you said, common courtesy.


>no tobacco in e-juice. The nicotine used is typically derived from Eggplant. [I think you may be confused.](https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/uz45h/til_20lbs_of_eggplant_contains_as_much_nicotine/) For this to be true, you'd need to devote most of the arable land in north america to eggplant production to make enough juice for a year. Not saying it couldn't be done, but where would we go with the rest of the eggplant?


I did some further research and you are indeed correct. TIL. Thanks!


I live in South East Asia. So much Vaping inside.


really you can just tell when it is or isn't okay to vape. its not hard. probably not a coffee shop, but at the bar usually no one cares if you're not annoying about it.


I'm a vaper and I dont vape anywhere I wouldnt be allowed to smoke. I hate inconsiderate smokers AND vapers.


No doubt. I used to smoke pot inside all the time, until I met my now wife. She doesn't like the smell of it, so I started smoking outside out of pure courtesy. Yes, even in my own home, and even before we lived together. We've lived together for the last 4 years or so, and even when she's been gone for a week, I won't smoke inside. Just plain courtesy.


I'm all for vaping, but there's still common fucking courtesy when you're at a venue. Just last weekend playing pool I had a group of guys all with big mods just blowing huge vapor clouds wherever they felt like constantly just one table over. It was very annoying. Me, I don't take a huge pull and aim for making a giant cloud, and I blow it up towards the ceiling. When outside? Yeah I'll have a bit of fun with it if I'm not in a crowd, like just hanging out on the deck or something. Inside, though, that's just being a douchebag.


I sometimes use one but if I'm in the pub or whatever I go outside. It's just manners.


I think if something makes you happy then do it everything is stupid to some group, foot ball, drifting, genres of music each hobbie/interest has its haters and its followers. That being said unless your in a vape shop you shouldnt be an annoyance to others ny cheifing on a vape. Just as unlleas your in buffalo wild wings, screaming out for a touchdown super loud is just something you should try not to do.


> TL;DR: Don't be a douchenozzle by smoking an e-cig. Oh come off it. Way to group an entire group of people into a single behavior. Really?


I don't know if this is what he actually meant, but what that SHOULD say is: TL;DR: Don't be a douchenozzle ~~by~~ while smoking an e-cig.


Thank You! I went out to eat at this sushi place and a woman sitting next to me was puffing out so much vape it was ridiculous. My (not very cheep) sushi tasted like Smoked Salmon and Strawberries.


"But bruh its only water vapor" Yeah but it makes this entire room smell like shit.




This is some straight Gandalf Bilbo shit.




Gandalf is the OG vaper.


That's not a vape they're smoking though, that's some dank Ol' Toby.


Only the stickiest of the icky will do for an eleventy-first birthday.


You know those Hobbits grow some real dank icky sticky.


It's pipe weed mo'fo, bilbo ma' fam stop hogging the bong or I'll cave ya' skull in mate.


All of the comments in here are negative comments about vaping, but why are we ignoring the fact that this gif is really fucking cool?


Yeah... how the fuck is this gif remotely possible? Fucking black sorcery. I'll feel safer if we vape him at the stake.


Because people would rather get butthurt than just enjoy something cool!


I bet aliens are gonna be so confused when they visit us.


Yeah I had no idea it had such a negative connotation. I just picked it up to quit smoking and it's worked really well. Now every time I use it I have to wonder who's thinking I'm a jackass.


You do you, just don't do you in other people's space.


You people are all the same! Can't LARP in the public library, can't take my waifu to olive garden, can't practice my Capoeira in front of the court house, and finally no vaping cool tricks where other people can see me. What's next? No more handing out MLP erotic fan fiction?


I know this a joke, but without Googling I couldn't tell you what any of that shit is. Except LARP. I'm cool with LARP.


There are people who tune their vapes to output the most vapor possible, and tend to use them inside because "it's just water vapor"


Cause we get it, bro. He vapes.


Yeah. How do they know the guy isnt doing it in his own place and not bothering others?


I knew he was a bender the moment I saw him.




bent as a nine bob note


>bent as a nine bob note Dunno what that means, but it's 100% accurate


It's a UK/Scottish thing, meaning a fake note (of currency). In the UK 'bent' has multiple meanings, here it means that it's 'false' or 'not standard'. Basically a "bob" (pronounced "boa-b") is 5 pence, so 10 bob would be a quid (or £1). Although rarer these days, £1 notes are still in circulation; so a "9 bob note" is a fake note of denomination. US equivalent might be something like "hookey as $4 bill" (not that I'm claiming this is any sort of well known phrase).


Definitely a bender.


Smoke bender


/r/electronic_cigarette would love this.


Isn't this vaping?


What do you think vaping is?


Most vapors disquience between /r/vaping (cloudchasers, intense flavors ect) and /r/electronic_cigarette (As a smoking alternative) But yes, it's all just vape indeed.


No, /R/electronic_cigarette is the active sub for pretty much all activities involving vaping from first timers to experienced veterans using big mechanical mods like the one in op. Pretty much everyone in that sub is just in agreement that vaping like this is a douchefuck move in public places/stores etc. The people that do this are the people who slow up with loud ass music, loud obnoxious attitudes and a shitty body kit on their Honda civic. They don't act like douchebags because they vape, they're just douchebags who happen to vape and give all of us who aren't a bad name.


If you just take a couple small puffs and blow it at the floor, no one would even know you were vaping. It's the obnoxious ass hats that get noticed.


Which is essentially what I do all the time unless I'm at home ( where I just blow it at my computer screen or in front of me). I'd say the vast majority of us do that exact thing


He probably linked electronic cigarette because it's much more active. Just looked at /r/vaping and it looked dead.


Vaping is an alternative to smoking. It’s like smoking minus several of the adverse effects of the latter: no bad smell and bad breath, no cigarette burns, no more dirty ashtrays, less likelihood of getting cancer and other smoking-affiliated illnesses – you get the drift.


well, until the science is in on long term effects of huffing on other chemicals.


I'm pretty sure that, on average, anything will kill you within 78.74 years.


shh, we don't need life to be a pre-existing condition for denial of benefits.


The British medical journal posted its first results that say "95% safer." So yeah there's still a lot of research to be done but I have no problem recommending vaporizers to smokers looking to quit.


NEJM said that certain brands are far more likely to cause cancer due to poor mechanical engineering. Also, long term studies can't come out yet because you need long term exposure before any conclusive results. the BMJ report was about short term exposure in different levels of usage. just sayin' edit: specifically the inhaling of flavoring agents and glycerin




Remember when we have insanely better science knowledge than the 1800s?


Cigarettes always made me want to poop, maybe that was the original medicine haha.


Same here


My grandfather's doctor told him that smoking would help with his allergies. Guess who died of lung cancer. Edit: clarification


His doctor? I dont know im horrible at this guessing game!


Lol, at first I thought you were asking if it waa his own doctor or some random doctor... I figured out what you meant..


yeah but no more allergies so.....


He wasnt wrong


Doctors endorsed cigarettes because tobacco companies paid them to. Doctors endorse ecigs/vape as an alternative to a widely know health hazard.




I'm not not not sure why you used two nots instead of zero.




I agree with you there, but the title is definitely weird. Nobody speaks like that.




ITT: People complaining about *any*thing.


He can do the same with farts. Kinda like South Park's Stick of Truth.


Are those sparkles or dandruff on his shoulders?


That was a weird way to word the title. You could've just said "I'm convinced this guy is an airbender".




This is extremely cool. This guys personality and OPs title does not change this fact, this gif is awesome and the guys skills are amazing.


His personality?


I'm not sure you'll receive much validation for comments like that.


How the hell do people do this?




First he blew a smoke ring, then blew smoke which wrapped around the top of it, then blew another ring through the original one.


Thanks for that.


My usual reaction to these kinds of videos/gifs is an unenthused "that's cool, I guess." But holy shit, that was awesome!


Gandalf...is that you?


More like Dankbender ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I knew a fella when I was growing up who could blow smoke rings and do tricks like that. He even made it onto the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson but the AC units in the studio completely ruined his act.


I'm not convinced your not convinced he is not.


*i am convinced this guy is an airbender*


So is vaping considered a legitimate fucking hobby now? Jesus christ...


Yes. I once saw a big Samoan guy doing what amounted to a vapor interpretive dance routine in a vape shop. It was a sight to behold!




'fraid not. Close. Albany


Good Life Vapor? either way too bad you didn't get a video of it, my bro down in florida runs a shop and probably would have liked to have seen it.


Just a fun trick with smoke...


>I'm cool because I don't like things that are different and worry about shit that other people do that doesn't bother me Jesus christ indeed


Yeah I don't understand reddits hate over vaping.




because *they* think you should/shouldn't do things and truly believe they know how to live life properly and any other way is wrong and you deserve to die.


Isn't a hobby considered something you toss money into and in return be happy about it?


While you don't necessarially have to toss money into something to consider it a hobby, yes. My hobby is reflexively squeaking when touched.


Now I must touch you...








Personally I always ask people around me if they mind if I vape. I usually treat it the same as if I was smoking, even though I know it isn't. I know that if most people see a big plume of vapor they're still going to associate it with smoking, so I try to be as considerate with it as possible. I feel like it's become "cool" to bash vaping due to the cloudchaser type dudes that vape 24/7 but not everyone that vapes is like that. I don't expect to change your mind but just wanted to share my two cents.


Yup, if you're in a public place, treat it like smoking. You wanna take a puff, take it fucking outside. Walking down the street, be a little mindful of people behind you.




I think they key word there is 'kids', to me, and other vapers that I know, being considerate is an essential part of vaping. That may just be my perception. I just hate to see something that I enjoy doing being portrayed in such a negative way based on a portion of people that also engage in it. Not referencing you specifically by the way, I can understand where you're coming from and agree with you. As someone who vapes it annoys me to no end when people try to justify blowing vapor in everybody's faces constantly by simply saying 'oh it's healthier'.




Thats exactly what I said in an above comment.


That has nothing to do with vaping and everything to do with people being self-centered.


Vaping helped me quit smoking. I mean, I vape now instead, so I'm still addicted to nicotine, but I don't smoke cigarettes. Feels good man.


Start cutting down on the nicotine content in the juice, then eventually you'll have no nicotine. Bam, you're just now addicted to the act instead of a chemical addiction.


fake smoking is "fun"? I smoked 15 years, and while I enjoyed it, I never thought of it as "fun"


This is what I don't understand. I use smoking as a delivery system to feel an effect. Not really for fun. But this gif was pretty neat.


Except for, you know, the nicotine addiction and the fact that certain flavors produce carcinogens.


One of the huge draws of vaping is that you can decrease the nicotine level of your juice over time. I either use the lowest level available or zero, depending on my mood. There have been times where I've been busy working or out of town, and it's not an issue at all to go a few days without vaping. The addiction potential just isn't really comparable to cigarettes. In fact, in my opinion it would be more closely compared to the caffeine in coffee. Do you avoid coffee because of the potential for caffeine addiction? And which juices in particular produce carcinogens? You may be referencing a debunked study that gained a lot of popularity that showed that some e-cigarettes produced formaldehyde. The media grabbed onto that and spread it around without looking at the methodology. They were pumping way more power through their atomizers for way longer than any actual vaper would ever want to or be able to do, drying out the wick and burning the cotton. The second your cotton starts to get dry, you know because it's disgusting. Other studies have been done that emulated realistic vaping conditions, and no formaldehyde was detected.


I think in this case its blowing smoke is the hobby, but the vaporizer is the tool being used. Before it was hookahs, I think.


Buuuuut since he's vaping, wouldn't that make him a **water** bender? EDIT; Before you downvote me, [check this out.](https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/why-do-people-keep-saying-its-just-water-vapor.292832/)


YEA FUCK VAPERS How dare they find alternatives to cigarettes which are better for them and others




Easy test throw rocks at him.


Double negative


We get it, you vape.


What's with the anti-vaping brigade in here? Regardless of your opinions on vaping, you've gotta admit that this looks really difficult to do?


It seems like it's a bigger trend to hate on vaping than it is to actually vape. The hate is unwarranted and makes me feel like shit.


I think it is the people who take in a massive lung full then let it out in a huge obnoxious cloud that get to most people. Edit: not hatting on anyone or their choices, just trying to bring a bit of clarity.


It's probably the fact that people associate vaping with douchebags because those are the only ones people ever meet seeing as they are the ones who do it in public places...


Jesus man, how original can you get? His is cutting edge. Ground breaking even! I have never, ever, once seen this comment before in my entire life. You're a bonafied lyricist. A master of words. An artist of vocabulary. Thank you, good sir. Thank you. We get it, you hate vaping.


Dope ass cloud.


He's a master vaper.


Looks more like a mindbender.