I ended up dropping bloodbath due to it being boring, it is fun to do runs on, but quite the opposite when playing from 0. I might come back to it someday though, who knows?


I remember u/ralsei_goatprince dropping it for the same reason, I don’t blame you guys, it looks pretty frustrating and boring


He's apparently going for it after sarthix, I've told him not to, but we'll see


I'm gonna commit this time


:smoothtroll: mhm


Good bloodbath is amazing


Listen to your heart! :D


Yeah sure hope so its a super fun lvl and wasnt boring for me


I simply found it fun because it was so iconic. Cool to think I was beating such an iconic level


bloodbath is fun


i dropped slaughterhouse after getting 1% bc it was too easy






Happy cake day!


very experimental experiment moment. i literally cannot get past 53% anymore, and im not looking forward to another 80% death. my consistency coming back to me tho, i might pick it back up in the future, but for now i just cannot lol


Moments ending is brutal, gl when you decide to finish it


i dropped acu when i got 96 3 times then picked it back up a month later, failed at 99 then beat it


That's tough, i got 96x2 on acu, i stg it's the most unflukable level ever lol. Good job on finishing it off!


fr it's so hard to fluke


Is it even possible to die 99 acu? This is coming from someone that died 98 on it.


i died on like last pixel or smth


Future Funk, horribly balanced level that is 0 fun to play. Died at 80% from a lag spike and just gave up. Ultimate Demon Mix. I fluked from 58% to 93%. The wave bug on mobile and the inconsistency of the last 10% makes the level too annoying from 0 for me to finish. ICDX. I died to the 62% ship like 4 times and decided it wasn't worth the effort.


I wish I quit on ICDX, one of the worst experiences I've had in this game (got 95/96 x5), i suppose im glad to say ive beaten it though, still not worth it lol


Thats rough. I realized how bad it was before it got too annoying. Dodged a bullet.


ice carbon diablo x was honestly not as bad as i thought it would be


Dropped cataclysm after 55%x2 and 19-100 just because I got bored of it. I think it's more fun to do short runs on hard levels, rather than doing long runs on easier ones.


agreed sometimes completing a level fully is just frustrating if there are choke points especially


Hypersonic. I have it done in three runs and my best from zero is 41. But I just slowly came to the conclusion that I don't have enough skill to do zero to 100 yet. Medium demon to extreme demon is a bit too big of a jump. Right now I'm trying to do dance massacre which is a hard demon, and I think after a few hard demons I'll give it another shot. Edit: died at 91 and now I'm stuck :(


I think that was a good decision. I tried to jump to Phobos as a first extreme, ended up dropping it and beat it at a later date, was definitely the right decision. Good luck on dance massacre!


Thanks! I got 91 on it yesterday, but I have a history of being unable to complete levels after one really good run. (I have 91 on dance massacre, 87 on Nine Circles, and 91 on 48155)


I died to the buggy transition in zenthic’s part like 4 times in a row as a new best and then dropped it after that


I don't know the names of the creators of each part but I'm gonna assume you mean the robot/ship dual. It's not buggy. It's completely consistent, but it's awkward. You have to click late and release somewhat quickly.


future funk cause it was really fucking frustrating to play after a 90 death


Try dying to 99% 7 times and then having jonathan finally nerf those clicks the day after you beat it


Spectral tentation cuz it became insane demon


cycles. i hate three spikes.


Bloodbath, Gunslinga Corridor, and very very nearly Precipitance


Beat gunslinga it's free


Its gonna be my 12th extreme I believe


Stop catching up to me


Bro I'm not even at 8


Yeah but like I'm doing difficult extremes 😀👍


Yeah prob mine too lmao


speed of light 97%, quit, then realized how easy it is and got 98%


Stereo Demoness. I got 82% within 10k attempts on the level and i 0layed for 3k more attenpts and got 75% once. The predrop is really difficult and the the difficulty dies at 30% before being brought back at 65% this level is boring though I might beat it some day.


I was trying to beat Acu a couple weeks ago and got 98% 8 times in one day so i dropped it


That is absolutely brutal


Leyak because I wanted to do an extreme


Lol, same for me and QFP


Penombre, i got 69 x3 and 74, after that i never got progress again, I swear it sucks so much. I despise that level, i wasted 4 months on it but i just can’t play it anymore


Yeah penombre sucks ass, you should beat sarthix tbh




Acropolis due to burnout


I haven’t actually dropped a level after getting far into it. Dropping it would bug me to the point of forcing myself to beat it


nantendo with a 91%, shit wasn't fun




Future Funk, Jawbreaker, Temple of Time, Fire Temple. All because I get way to heated when playing them


I have only 3 levels that I've dropped: 1. Bloodbath - doing runs is so much fun but playing from zero is torture, after I got 89x2 I considered dropping it also it was my previous dream level, but after drop I ended up jumping from Cataclysm to Auditory Breaker lol. 2. Wasureta - did 40k attempts and got 66-100% & 24% from 0 in 2 weeks, but haven't even passed 57-65 once because of pattern complexity, considered to drop it until I can understand this pattern. 3. 8o - last ufo x6(?) and last ship x3, predrop is a long and random torture, ship is inconsistent and random, transitions are bad, balancing is shit.


Sonic wave 29-94 Reason: predrop ball is cancer


Predrop ball got consistent for me after doing it 3x in a row a few times


Killbot. I got 86% on it and all the runs after it i ended up dying at 47


i dropped thanatophobia because it sucks ass as a hardest and i picked it up again and rebeat it a few weeks ago i also dropped necropolix and forbidden isle because killbot is better


you make much better decisions than I do


Would you guys recommend killbot after like 3 extremes? I really want to do it but my hardest is acu


Dropped falling up after getting 73. Got bored with the beginning and didn't want to play the lottery with the final dual


Not dropped but a while ago (maybe 2+ years ago), I almost dropped Quest for Perfection because it was getting annoying to me after a while. I had been stuck at 91% for like 4 months and I was just about to give up. Until I finally beat it.


How did u make ur gd look like dis


I use a texture pack, i personally use the conix texture pack. If you are interested, I'd recommend looking up a video on Youtube about it


Ah thanks, if u got time can u link me a good yt video? One i can trust.




Thank you very much my guy!


No problem!


Allegiance, played for like a month, but couldnt get past the predrop consistently, Glide and Forbidden Isle for the same reason, but less time


Weirdly enough I never drop a level when I have over 40%... Idk why but 40% for me is motivating af


I would'nt say I dropped it per say, but i have really slowed down on Fairydust, and GD in general. Mainly because it feels so awful getting close on wave runs over and over, that being on the main level just bores me.


Acu and Cataclysm. Dropped Acu because slow PC and Cataclysm because bored. I considered coming back to them but decided not to, because I don't want my first extreme to be one of the easy ones


Pxttxrn sxxkxr, i have no rhythm at all except in hexagon force after a lot of practice


Acu. No idea why I tried jumping from sharp minor to this. I got 81 a year ago and then the school year started and i havent made any real efforts at grinding it out since. No need to rush, really


rupture it’s cancerous


supersonic. i got 48% back when i didn't even have any hard demons and expected myself to jump the gun... nope. it was too unfun, probably cuz of skill issue. returned to it a couple of times later on when i'm much better, still hate it cuz buggy duals and the annoying gboy transition.


Future Funk after dying at 94% not even the impossible orbs.


Retention. Have good progress on it, have the level on 3 runs, really fun to play both in runs and from 0 so, what went wrong? Attempts. Retention alone has taken me 12k+ attempts combined so far and while it might not be a lot for some of you please have in mind that I have never spent more than 4K on any level and it gets really demotivating after a certain point. It’s still fun to play it occasionally but I end up dropping it after a few hundred attempts. Also it was a jump from Droppy (my only insane demon) to an easy extreme.


I’m not sure if I’m dropping the level or just dropping Geometry Dash. I still follow content and levels on the game but don’t really play it myself anymore. However the level is Buttiti II. I got to About 83 from 0 after a shit ton of runs as the level is so long. I do plan on beating it one day however it’s very grindy because of how long attempts from 0 take.


Double Dash, 98%x3, boredom.


Megalodon by Subwoofer. I intended it to be my next hardest after In Silico and managed to get to the beginning of the bossfight, but exams arrived and I had to drop it.


Insanity because I died at the last wave 13 times and after playing for more than 30 attempts every death would start to hurt me. I now only play shorter levels


Stylish and against the god are 2 lvls I stopped because my gd stopped working. When it worked again I started playing stylish again and got to 80% then stopped and decided to become a creator, I started making really good levels on the edge of being able to make feature worthy levels. Then I started making a really good level and when I uploaded it people loved it compared to all my others it is currently my best and soon to be second beat because I’m working a level so good that it would have been feature worthy about a year or so ago. I’m only a year behind becoming feature worthy. Also I started practicing munacra which is a demon it would be my 3rd demon. I’m more than half way through my newest level with decent detail for a mobile player. Sorry for telling u my life story lol 😂


nine circles :)) i just stopped enjoying it as much it's still a cool level but i have no idea what to beat next. i have been playing acropolis but i think it's a bad idea to attempt, i'll play it anywya but i want other ideas


This question was made for me. I dropped bloodbath after progress slowed a ton. Another reason I quit is because I died at crack from 0 like 6 times and I was so mad cuz it’s not even hard. I got 48 from 0 and 62-100. I dropped innards because it was extremely boring playing from 0. I had 65% and 39-100. Doing runs was enjoyable. I dropped epsilon because I lost motivation to play the level, and it became very annoying to play because of how unbalanced it is. I got 82% and 52-100


Butiti 3. Got 98% and dropped it for now bc of over 100 deaths at the dual and beyond. I’m not kidding, over 100




Gunslinga Corridor - 86% Too many deaths at the wave at around 50, then 3-5 deaths at 85/86, it just became annoying to play so I moved on from it


I'm glad to have not died at 85/86, that part is pure rng


yeah. I might try again to beat it in the future, but for now I'm just going to leave it. GL on trueffet btw! I assume that's what you're going for based on your flair


Thanks! I am going for it, and sunset sandstorm as well (since i want to continue beating things, Trueffet will take a few months), got 63% on sunset not too long ago, hoping to finish it this week


Although this doesn’t count anymore, I dropped decode after getting 97(last click) and 1 attempting it in practice mode, but I beat it after Death moon, Deadlocked and Toe2


One attempt in practice mode counts


But I only record in normal mode, also it didn’t feel right not having my demon count going up back then lel(I also did a second 1 att practice mode before beating it)


Just download megahack v5 (its free) and hack it although that might ruin your plans for your 10th demon 😉


Mobile moment


Dark travel (62%, 40 smth-100) it just got so boring to play from 0 but fun to do runs on. Pulsar (65%) it got painfull to play and it was just negativly effecting me


zettabyte 65x4 the level is good i just have very little attention span and got progress too fast which made me feel bad when i didn't have time to play later


Stereo Demoness 95% x2. It's not even that hard I just found better levels to play and didn't want to do it anymore.


double dash, the ending


Freedom08, peak 43% on mobile with 67-100 and 33-71 as well, so 3 runs total. Dropped it once it was eventually beaten by someone else on mobile, not sure if that's a silly reason. Guess I was addicted to the race for legacy. Anyways I play on a 120hz laptop now, much better experience overall especially when building. I can go for harder levels too if I feel like it :)


Supersonic, the transition out of the dual was near impossible for me and it made me quit it even tho I did runs from after the dual to 100 consistently.


Insanity because of anger issues, ye i think i should drop the game


npesta also had anger issues, he dropped the game, got them sorted, then came back. Maybe you could do the same?


how did he get them sorted?


That, i don't know. Since everyone is different and one solution won't work for all, i assume he saw an expert about it


Magma bound 87% I just stopped enjoying it


clubstep ex (hard demon) 87% because the level is free apart from some extremely hard choke points


the flawless at 74%, got bored of it and it was also buggy af


Lunatic Doom Machine, Annoying asf


Deadly Clubstep, i have no clue why i dropped it lmao.


Jawbreaker because I had a really late fail and that led to me losing a lot of motivation.


18% death corridor, 22% slaughterhouse, 26% silent clubstep and 38% aod. I dropped them because my friends started hackusating me


Crossroads just to beat a few gddp beginner levels and ended up beating like 3


Old cataclysm, I got 70 and 38-100. It’s boring and unbalanced and I wanted to work on stalemate


Stereo madness, It was too hard. Deadlocked should've been the first level.


Call me trash but- Clubstep: cuz i kept getting stuck at 87% Hexagon force: i got to 98%(fluke from 47) and could never get past the dual mini ball


(I’m really bad at the game) I dropped the fingerdash full version because of the long it is and because I dropped a bit the game


Around 80 on fairydust


I mean it's not really good progress, but I dropped Kuzureta after getting 36-84x9 after 70k attempts. Never playing that again.


dropped jawbreaker cause i kept dying at 67% and lost interest lol


kowareta 63, 50-100 necropolis 92 tup 71


dropped chaoz airflow after getting 52 on it, I just don't like that 50% ship, everything but that ship is fun


Sharp Minor because the second half of the wave is stupid


X, I got 91% and then just stopped playing it. Still haven't beaten it.


Dropped forsaken neon after a 97% death like 4 years ago because I spent so long on it, dropped colourful overnight after idk how long because I had a garbage time with it, a bunch others that I can’t remember


bloodbath: 72 and 24-89. dropped because awful to play and horrible mindblock optic daydream: 51, 49-100 really fun base gp but the first half is so infinitely harder than 49-100 it's actually unbearable to play




i dropped hi 2 years back when i died at the end straight fly, i couldn’t get consistent at it and got mad frustrated


Acu, I just kinda lost motivation after getting a 42-100 run, I think I'll go back to it in the future though


Necropolis. That one part at somewhere near 70% is just too annoying


For me it would be Trip by Michigun. I wanted to beat all the Michigun levels but OH MY GOD IS THAT LEVEL AWFUL TO PLAY


Don't know if this counts but it's one of the map pack demons I think. There's one with a super hard ending and I can't be bothered to get consistent so I just noclipped it after getting 91% or something


On Future Funk 2, I have 64%, 86%, 82-100, and 82-95 so many times I don't bother to update the counter any more. I spent more than 4k attempts over 3 months before I finally dropped it. For whatever reason, I cannot get consistent at that green orb at 95. This level is still one of the most fun I've had doing runs on, but every time I go from 0, that green orb stresses the shit out of me. That one input burns me out from playing GD just from thinking about it, even though I dropped FF2 like 4 months ago.


Time machine it’s way too hard


Acu I got around 79%-ish with some good runs to 100 I only dropped it cause I didn’t want it to be my first extreme lol. If I started playing it right now I could probably beat it tomorrow


Clubstep - I unlocked Theory of Everything 2


poltergeist because i cant stand the one hard part in the wave, it is terrible


I would nonstop pick up and drop Fire Temple due to it being one of the most frustrating shitfests I've ever tried to endure. It took something like 6 months to beat due to my constant drops and pure bullshit luck on the level. (I died to the last cube 7 times) Easily one of the most infuriating pieces of shit I've ever played, and I blame it on the random ass straight fly. It's so fucking inconsistent on 60hz.


Colorful overnight. I have 74 and 56-100×4. Dropped cuz it was too unbalanced. Not to mention, trying to pass 17% while having fps below 60 was just a pain. Hypersonic. I have it in three runs, 51, 42-92, and 60-100. Although the level itself is fine, I kinda just lost my interest playing it. To be fair though, I wouldn't really consider this level as totally dropped but more like a level in the back burner for a long time. Future funk. I literally cannot stand playing this level for more than 5 attempts and even lower if I die deep into the level. As good as the level is, it is basically a nightmare to play from 0. To all people looking for a new hardest, don't do this level so that you can save your sanity.


One time I beat five demons in a day and tried to make it six with Dear Nostalgists. I got far a couple of times, but after a while I just seemed to lose all consistency I had. Never went back to it. Maybe I should finish it off one of these days.


Also bloodbath, I just kinda stopped playing gd


Any easy demon by Danzmen


I dropped hypersonic as my first extreme. Terrons part was the only reason why I quit if it didn’t exist I would’ve beaten it. I’m honestly glad I dropped it prismatic haze is so much better


bro got the crazen tp on him 💪


Make It Drop, because lost interest and no progress for several months.


acu i have spent >10k attempts on it and decided that it was not worth it after 98%


I dropped IS due to my ability increase and it wasn’t a challenge so it was boring, I had 85%


Stereo madness since I finished it


I got 94 on AcropoliX like three years ago and 96 like one year ago and I haven’t played since because it’s fucking shit, I’ll go back to it eventually


I have 67 in red world rebirth, I can't get around to beating it because I get bored after playing it for anything longer than 5 mins. I wouldn't touch it if I were u.


The End by Zylenox, really fun level, would’ve been my hardest, but the end duel is kinda annoying plus the dual ship straight fly and tight maneuvers at the end


Probably Leyak since it's really out of my skill range and the duals are too learny I wanna finish some easier insanes first


Well Being Spot because screw the ufo parts


dropped acu after getting 69 1. beginning was way too hard compared to the rest of the level 2. unfun 3. scared about getting 98 4. nice


Acropolis. I was on 60hz mobile and I passed the first ship 12 times in over 4000 attempts from 0


Bloodbath 89% from august 2021 Hypersonic 95 Supersonic 98 Deception dive 82 Quantum processing 54 Aftermath 60 or 70 something idk A bunch more different extremes between 60 and 80% progress I just get near the end and I am satisfied enough, I never really got stuck on these levels I just got far once, most are actually fun I don’t care about beating levels very much, so all of the extremes I have actually beaten have been big flukes from 60-70


İ think it was toe2 91-94 it is soo boring


You mean every single insane demon i ever tried? The ones that i grinded 10k attempts on each? Necropolis - 92%, 24k atts Supersonic - 86%, 10k atts (+copies) Ultrasonic - 68% - ~8k atts Crazy II - 74% Games Time - around 70% I also had 16k atts on 8o (and 91%) and 15k atts and ~70% on acropolis and dropped those too but then beat them 2 years later once I got a phone with a 144 hz screen. EDIT: forgot about night terrors and abou 7k atts. Training all the straight flies and especially the wave at like 60% on 60 hz is a pain


Big Floppa 82% because it got rated lol


I dropped Delta Interface when I got 45%, 40-100 and 99.81% accuracy. Why? Because just keep dying to the slow, hard and painful predrop just destroyed my motivation to keep playing the level


BTW, I have like 15K attempts into the level


Cataclysm, wasn't fun and the 40% ship was ass. I had 36% and 43 - 100 but I didn't wanna suffer through that ship so I dropped. I wanted something more consistent that I enjoyed. So now I'm going for Quantum Processing and am considering going for Lucid Nightmares as I can do an extremely accurate noclip run on it and just love the level in general.


I got 90% on retention after fluking from the predrop and then just never touched it again after that


Literally every hard demon I tried. First was Forsaken neon, second was dance massacre, and then meltdown


Forgot to add reasoning, *the cursed 43%, if you die there, you'll never pass it, you may reach it, but victory is out of reach, forget the level, for it has now been lost to time, all the game wants to do is watch your descent into insanity, as you fail to the same percent over and over again, until your will to play the game deteriorates, never fail to 43%, for there is no escape past that point.*


I dropped the Nightmare Road because it's just bad lol


Quaoar, there was a refresh rate bug on the 20’s that killed you 60% of the time and you could do nothing about it


I don’t drop levels


Acu. Decided to go instead for a more difficult yet more fun jump (in this house we stan retention)


Back when i was attempting a jump from a medium demon, I got 87 on sharp minor and ended up dropping it because the predrop was really tedious and the end ball was inconsistent.


i got 86x2 then 88 on electrodynamix before dropping it, i came back 2 months later and got 97 before beating it, worst excperience ive had with a game in general


Death Note 92% Due to demotivation


I dropped PXTTXRN SXXKXR at 54% i was doing it as my first demon and i actually beat it a week ago as my first demon


i did 54% and 61-100% on erebus, but dropped it because i couldn't beat the 52-61% maze in 2k attempts while being in practice and looking at a tutorial


Here's a weird one. Les Go 2 is an enigma amongst any level I've played ever. I really liked the level and the flow, while completely over the top and inarguably shite, was enjoyable once you learned it. I thought it was gonna be a relatively simple exchange like most levels that popped up as dailies. But my fucking God, the amount of annoying transitions killed the level for me and I just didn't want to try and finish it. It was odd to get so pressed at a level I thought was gonna solidify itself as one of my favorites for being so unique.


geometrical dominator on 98%, died on the fucking spike because i jumped too low


death note reason: hmmm last wave and last ship


I rememebr my bud dropped future funk on like, 99% or whatever, simply becaude of how long it was and then at the very end there was a stupid spammy, weird section.


I got to 67% on acu and i just lost motivation


Lonely travel, long levels are very tilting to me


I dropped avaddon (unrated TOP 40 demon) coz I died at the post drop like 6 times and it got too frustrating to play,I still wanna beat it but whenever I return to it I fucking want to kill myself


got 89 on bloodbath and 88 on acu


I usually stick with levels but i i dropped dora dura 50% 14k att and void wave 40% 16k att


Crazy, the gameplay is so annoying and near the end is the difficulty spike, theres nothing good about the level as well. Not deco, not the song.


Thanatophobia, i was going for my first extreme bc i finally felt like that i could do extreme (and also it was one of my goals i wanted to complete in gd from the start) and then when i got 56 it got demoted to insane demon so i dropped it, also bc i didnt like it


I tried jumping from crazy to dolos a few years ago, got to the drop once, spent like 8-10k atts on it and dropped. If I beat it, it would be my hardest to this day


I dropped Fire Temple after I died at 89%, because the predrop is incredibly easy, the ship chokepoint at like 35% is extreme demon difficulty, and then you barely get to even play the rest of the level. I may go back to it once or twice to see if i can finish it off but for now it's unfinished.


I had 54% on decode and then gave up


Allegiance, Prismatic Haze, Diligence, Eternal Star, Napalm, Galactus


I got 80% on Epsilon then gave up because I was getting mindblocked by 40%