What are you planning to do after 2.2 comes out? Will you take a break with playing gd or do something else?




sigma grindset


Bouta work hard for the next 7 years non-stop💀


How many people work for you


I will be looking at getting a team in the future but for now its just me


bro deals with all the communities shit by himself


I’m up for a job :troll: As an icon artist I won’t repeat the same icon 400 times




Keep going so we pass Fortnite


Amen to that🙏🙏


will 2.2 be better optimized than 2.1?




My man


Appreciate the honesty


Hi. I was lucky enough to see your new Boomlings Reddit post 9 years ago and this game has helped me have fun and find new friends over the years. Thank you. My question is: do you plan on making other games besides Geometry Dash, or will it be your one masterpiece and nothing else will be released?


Fun thing with GD is its so open. 2.2 gets platformer. 2.3 I add custom art. Sound effects system. 2.4 Custom controls and more tools. 2.5 Boom all of a sudden we have 2d Dark Souls and the community goes how tf did this happen


I understand, the game is so free to develop (especially with you working alone) that you can just modify it in about any aspect! Will I live to see 3.0? Have a great day.


Do you play gd when you are bored?


Ye but usually I browse and rate levels not just play


Idk why but this feels really wholesome. Rob just plays and maintains his own massive game for fun


We all salute you for changing the SubZero coins. You’re a legend as a developer! Now a few questions: I was wondering will 2.2 have more map packs? Also, you will be able to transfer all icons and coins from world, meltdown and subzero, right?


Map packs are zombies, nothing new but they wont be removed Should be able to transfer icons but will double check before 2.2


Should move coins to gauntlets, at least a little more bearable than mappacks


Which of the official levels you made is your favorite, or which of them did you feel most enjoyable while creating it? Mine is hexagon force


I always enjoy the latest level I make the most because I feel the new features evolve the game. But I remember making Clubstep felt like a big thing


Making clubstep was a big thing. So many levels came from that one demon and I think it’s the best main level


Do you remember the reason you changed your game's name from Geometry Jump to Geometry Dash?


Apple said I wasnt allowed to have Geometry Jump, and here we are


apple does some minor trolling my notifs got flooded by your happy cake days thanks


Will you marry me?


Prove you are worthy


Hes good with triggers 👍😏


Would you remove the game for $10?


I would pay $10 to ban you from reddit


got em


Thoughts on the ridiculous amount of 2.2 news videos where people seems to read all the discord messages you send on the gd discord server ?


Feel bad that you guys had to wait so long for the update so I get that any news is fun




Ocarina of time, metal gear solid, god of war


which god of war theres like 200


Im old so the first one for ps2. Really like the new ones too but those are the old games that left an impression


possible God of War easter egg in 2.2??


If difficulty / time weren’t any issue, what’s the biggest thing you’d want to add or change?


Real time multiplayer platformer. Live multiplayer level editing.


2. Not even Nintendo could do that


If we can beat Nintendo YT subs we can do live editing too im sure




Oh hey I'm working on a [mod like that](https://twitter.com/alk1m123/status/1543721863037198336) hehe


Are sub-difficulties of extreme demon something that may eventually happen? The gap between top 10 extremes and beginner extremes is probably more substantial than the gap between easy demons and extreme demons


It could definitely happen if the community wants it. Probably something for 2.3 though


So the year 4599273819?


Sorry if this is annoying but a while ago somebody asked you on discord if 2.2 was coming out in 2022, and you said yes. Do you still believe that is going to happen? Edit: Let's go my goofy ahh nerd profile picture is in daily gd 2.2 news and in the thumbnail of SiKky's video


Hope so doing my best. Just big update grew too big. But we will get there


Holy moly it's actually rubrub. Ok so I have two questions 1: Is 2.2 going to fix issues with newer phones and wide monitors and the like? 2: Have you thought of adding some tutorial for the editor? I don't wanna say it's getting complicated but-


1. Should fix a lot of issues on mobile. I know fullscreen is weird on PC will check that. 2. Ye but i think the best thing is probably a redesign in the future since the editor has grown so much.


How much time do you spend developing 2.2 everyday?


I work all day on GD but there are lots of things surrounding the game that takes time. Development as much as possible


Thanks for the response :)


I have some questions Will there be another shop in 2.2? Will you add more difficulties as of further updates? Pizza or burgers?


Yes, maybe, burger


based answer


Hey I could abuse my mod perms trollface Rate a Feijoa experience ( 66784055 )


You took a chance, well done


Ashakhdkqhdqjnds no wayyyy


I approve of this tomfoolery


Oh boy Wait till saya finds out


Is there any reason you like to stick to the continuous number update format? Updates like 2.2 feel like they could jump straight to 3.0 and it’d make perfect sense, because just a decimal bump implies it’s not a major update


I started the version naming wrong and im sticking with my mistake


why is your name zhenmuron? how did you come up with it?


Zenmuron was a fighting character from an N64 game called Dark Rift way back. I added an H and it became Zhenmuron because I am original and cool




What’s the situation like now with adding another source of music to GD, besides Newgrounds?


I am able to add custom music hosted on a GD server. So probably will add custom artists/songs and a browser for those in the future as an addition the the NG custom songs. I think NG is really awesome though. The thing I feel is needed is the ability to find unique unused tracks from NG easier. There are tons of unused songs available for GD that creators just arent using/finding. So maybe a custom browser with song suggestions that loads NG data


Hey rob how do you gain motivation to work out? I need that too


Just get started, doesnt matter how small and then scale up. Motivation is different from time to time. I can play god of war, look in the mirror, then pack up and go to gym. Other times its just the random need to lift heavy things


Is there a particular reason why there isn't a more "dynamic" star rating system in place? i.e. certain extremes being worth more stars for being more difficult


Community rates demons and it fluctuates. Also there is no real fair star value of extreme demons. When did anyone ever say "I was going to beat Slaughterhouse, but I wont do it unless I get 15 stars"


i said that


Are you my Daddy?


Hope not


damn :(


What would you say is your favourite part of 2.2?


Probably platformer but it's a lot of things really


Are you ok mentally? All the stress and begging must have some sort of toll on you.


Nah Im so used to it now so its all good


Will we ever get a rework to the level sorting system? For example, when I’m curious and I want to play the most downvoted rated levels of all time, I can only scroll to page 999 before I have to keep going manually for a loooooooong time until I get to the end, at which point I’m too bored to bother playing the levels lmao


Ye im gonna take community suggestions and try to work on QOL stuff and optimizations after 2.2. we can plan things in detail then


how do you not lose motivation while working on a single update for over 5 years? (appreciate the hard work and dedication)


Look forward to see what everyone builds with the new stuff. Gonna be fun


Do you think 2.3 will take less time than 2.2? Is it true that 2.2 is the biggest update of the game?


The plan is to make smaller and faster updates after 2.2. hope


Do you believe there are tiny people in your ceiling who spin the ceiling fan for you?


That's a weird question, how else would it work?


So with the physics being the same for every hz in 2.2, does this only apply to new levels or will it make old levels the new system?


Everything is on the new system but hopefully it shouldnt be much of a problem in backwards compatibility. It matches the physics on 60hz currently and you still get the input lag benefit of higher refresh rates. Things should just be more stable. No more randomly being yeeted by moving platforms


i feel like everyone on high refresh is gonna get substantially worse at ship


What is (in your opinion) the best feature you have ever implemented to Geometry Dash?


Daily chat. Everyone is so friendly and helpful there.


theres a daily chat????


When (year/update) do you think you'll stop developing GD and start working on a new project?


GD is fun to develop and I have more ideas for things to add then I have time, so no plans to do anything else


Where can I submit my medical recovery claim for the head-to-desk injuries that I have incurred after your game? Diabolical.


Sorry our insurance policy does not cover empty containers as stated in the terms of service.


So i remember a video where you *made* the concept of a spider orb. Question: are there a ship orb, ball orb, ufo orb, wave orb, robot orb and swingcopter orb? Edit: "made"


How dare you. You have no proof of this accusation. I may have stolen the orb, but U definitely did not get caught


2.2 when? Just kidding... Are you ever planning on making like an icon creator in game so people could make custom icons for themselves?


That would ruin the point of collecting icons though


Hi Robert. Why did you remove Boomlings from app stores?


Takes too much time to fix stuff when apple/google break them. Just not worth the effort


Yo Rob, do you ever just?




Do you guys have an official merch store of any kind? My son has adhd and autism and is absolutely obsessed with geometry dash. Last Christmas I tried finding shirts, hoodies, toys, anything and I couldn’t find anything official.


Been wanting to do merch but haven't had the time to set it up yet. But will probably try to make something after 2.2. wanted to make sure it was something I liked and not just a quick cash grab :)


Looking forward to it! My son would lose his mind for something. You have no idea how much fun and joy you’ve brought to my son. He just lights up and gets so excited telling me about all the levels he’s beat and all the hard ones he’s working on. Thank you so much.


It looks like you stopped answering questions already but I’m still gonna ask: why isn’t a game breaking bug like the infamous iOS15 bug not fixed yet?


Fixed on free versions, will be fixed on full when 2.2 is out


Hey, it's Colon. I'm the one responsible for the SubZero coins video (as well as other shenanigans like wrecking your servers with gdbrowser, very sorry 🙏) Anyways, I was just wondering... what pushed you to actually go back and update the coins in SubZero? I've always had the assumption that once an official level is released, it's basically set in stone. So seeing you go back and update the coins was definitely a big surprise, especially the fully reworked ones in Power Trip. Did you always feel like the coins in SubZero were low quality, or was this something you never bothered to think about until hearing some nerd on the internet complain? I'd really love to know more about how this whole situation played out, since everyone in the community is really impressed by it.


Was updating SubZero to fix some iOS/Android issues when I saw the video. Was pretty tired when I initially made SubZero since I had to meet a deadline. Was sleeping 3 hours / night for a few weeks and the coins were pretty half assed. Video you made was on point, good upgrade 👍


I have 3 more questions: 1. Out of all the stuff you have programmed for GD, what was the most painful one? 2. Is there any backstory/inspiration for the name Robtop or you just said "yeah im gonna mix my first and last name"? 3. I remember Scott Cawthon taking about having fnaf related nightmares, has something like that happened to you (not only nightmares but any kind of GD related dreams)? Do you remember what were they about?


1. The preview system and music preview system in 2.2 when levels can go reverse/up/down is a real headache. 2. Think I got an email account way back from the service provider where every family member got an email with first/last combo. Mine was RobTop, sounded short and catchy so it stuck. 3. Yea I had nightmares of people sending me level requests and asking for 2.2, so I thought I had to build a game to make it happen.


Have you ever thought of reworking the editor UI for the PC version of the game (Contextual right-click menu, custom keybinds, stuff like that)?




Hey! I'm a creator and was wondering how you can calculate a platformer level's length like you can with traditional levels?


Cant calculate it like normal levels. Victory conditions can be different in platformer levels


Hi robtop! Instead of asking you a question I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate you as a developer and that we know how hard you work on gd and we are super thankful that you created such a great game. Keep up the good work my guy!


Wait are you actually RobTop himself?? And actual question. Do you like Resedent Evil?


Played remaster, good stuff


This is more of a suggestion for you rob, a new spinoff game with 4 platformer levels of different difficulties , to explore the new platformer mode because it's the feature I'm most excited for


Probably what's gonna happen after 2.2


Can you remove the "feature" of sometimes automatically jumping after a practice chekpoint Also rebeating map pack and gauntlet levels is annoying


I can check if its a bug. Rebeating cant be changed, it is what it is


Do you find peoples complaints about 2.2 not coming out as soon as they would like annoying or is what they’re saying is justified


100% justified I think its taken way too long


in 2.2 will you fix the issue with not being able to use 7 digit newgrounds IDs on Android?


Ye will be fixed


Hey Rob! I'm MattewGame (gd nickname) and I love making minigames inspired by dark souls boss fights. Animating the bosses is a very complicated process beacause I have to move everything by hand. Will there be a way to make that easier? For example if I want to move an arm I have to set the triggers for every articulation, instead will it be possible to move the whole arm just by changing the position of the hand while the shoulder stay fixed? Idk if I've been clear, English is not my first language... Love your game


Yoyo, love your stuff. In the future I want to build a custom animation tool for player created characters, but havent started work on that one yet. It will be awesome in combination with future custom art.


Are you thinking of adding nong support for mobile (if it is legally possible), in the way that the player can change the gamefiles or something on mobile. (Which would allow tons of new levels to be rated and created without having to think about it)


I dont like the idea much of forcing users to download songs and edit files manually, although I understand the interest. Also run into issues with players sharing download links or sending people to malicious sites. Legal stuff can be a pain. But maybe will have some custom load song system in the future, will see.


First post in 8 years ahah. Only question i have is did you ever expect levels to get as gorgeous and difficult as some are now?


No never


Do you have already a solid idea for the 2.3 gamemode? You don't have to reveal the concept of it, but if you want...


Yes but I keep secrets


how do you determine when you split features into different updates? as in why did 1.9-2.1 have way more new features than 1.0-1.8


Because I suck at planning and get carried away adding stuff I like


will there eventually be an option to change our account email?


Im gonna add a secondary email input when I get some time.


Hi rubrub, I've been playing GD for quite a long time (± since the 1.8 days) and I've enjoyed it's lot. I have a question regarding custom songs. Do you think maybe we could have a list with artists whose music is allowed to use (for example, F-777) instead of just having to guess if a NG song will work.


Ye some better system for searching is 100% needed




If your career as developer failed (aka Geometry Dash didn’t blow up) what would you have done next?


I would probably start another game and work anywhere just to get $


Any tips for someone planning to get a pc soon? Also, did you know you're really cool? I'm really glad you're the dev of gd :)


Play Doom its fun


Who would you rather have sex with, your mom or your dad?


If I had to choose it would be your mom


Do you have a side job, or any external source of income aside from GD, or is this too personal?


Im 100% GD


A. How much do you bench? B. Will the song trigger be able to switch between different songs (like if you had a long platformer level with multiple regions that needed different background music)?


A. Think my record is at 115kg so its not massive. Never been that good at bench. B. Maybe in the future but not 2.2


Will 2.2 work better on Mac computers that ended support for 32 bit games and are now in 64 bit instead?


Yup runs much smoother in 2.2


first off all, i feel bad for you about all the incoming “2.2 when?” questions anyways, how did you come up with gd?


Do you think importing custom art/blockart from outside scources will be a thing?


Yes in 2.3


First off just have to say thanks for all the memories from this 2 dollar fuckin mobile game. That out of the way, is the rumor that you literally lost 2.11 true and you rebuilt 2.2 from the ground up?


No of course not. What I said earlier is that I dont have a separate 2.11 version that I can quickly patch and upload with an iOS fix, since all the code is 2.2 now. So I have to fix all the broken 2.2 stuff before being able to update the game.


Hey Rob, how does it feel to have such a huge community that loves your game? :D I'll wait for 2.2 :)


This community is the best. Excluding daily chat, those guys are different


(Sorry if this is out of the scope of 2.2) I heard you said that you’re gonna add custom sound effects in 2.3 The problem is that because people can use any sound they want, eventually someone will upload a full song using only custom sound effects So how’d you think you would combat this? I personally think that put a time limit on how long a sound effect can be played


Sound effect will be selectable from an online library I host. Players wont be able to use just any sound they want


What would you have done if GD was never successful?


I would be a mediocre Fortnite player


Something I would love to see is the ability to answer a comment in a chat in a level, instead of just having to tag that person (which technically doesn't work). So like, having a button to answer that comment next to the like button. Thoughts?


Agree its needed, will see when I have time to code it probably 2.3


In 2.2, do all monitors will have the same physics everyone will experience? Like 60 and 240 don't have a difference in straight flying


They should. Higher refresh monitors still have less input lag though


How and When did you get interested in game development?


Always liked games, built a small flash game on a beat up old laptop and enjoyed it. Then when iPhone came along it made things more accessible and got hooked on making games. Very fun to play around with creatively.


Sorry if this is kind of blund to ask, but from a normal person's point of view I imagine that you must be swiming in money. Because you are a single dev, who has programmed one of the most well known mobile games of all time, that has hundreds of Millions downloads. So my question is: Should I pick up programming mobile games for the money?


Well. When I started making games I was broke so definitely wanted to make $, but I really enjoyed it too. So I wouldn't recommend it if its not something you enjoy. Also saying do gamedev to get rich is like saying play the lottery because some random person won, its not good advice. At the same time its definitely not a waste. I started making games on my own, and dropped out / didnt finish civil engineering degree (did 4.5y / 5). After making boomlings and the other games that failed commercially I was already getting job offers to work on other peoples games. So even if GD had failed I could have gotten an ok job just from the skills learnt. In general I think learning programming is a great skill, do it.


Will there be any kind of rewards for extreme demon grinders in 2.2? (e.g. an icon for completing an extreme demon)


I may or may not have some 2.2 tricks for such things


why did you make such a fucking shit game


I saw a picture of you and felt inspired


What will happen to texture packs and mod menus in 2.2 and will people be able to make more of them for 2.2?


Most will break in 2.2 but im gonna share some tools so people can create texture packs and icons easier


Do you think a person has time to code a simple but complete game while working a full-time job?a


Sure, just takes a bit longer depending on free-time


As a broke kid, I pirated your game. What are your thoughts/perspective on digital rights management, piracy, etc?


We all been there, just buy it when you can if you like it and we good


What's your hardest completed lvl?


Ur such a legend for fixing Geometry dash Subzero’s coins, I have a question, will you be adding general improvements to any of the 21 main levels to make them better to play through such as making it so u don’t need to google up any coins such as Can’t let go’s bad coins, better difficulty balancing such as when you nerfed Stereo Madness’ third coin in 1.9 and fixing bugs such as Clubstep’s many bugs which mostly occur intentionally? It would be really cool if you did that after giving Subzero the coin and secret way fix treatment. :D Thank you for making a really great game rob!


Maybe in the future but not for 2.2 :)


Hey rob. Is there a plan to make security for accounts and such better (ie. no plain text passwords in file system)?


2.2 is improved but needs more improvement in the future


Do you use Trello for keeping up with development or do you just develop normally without any notes


Its all me and a bunch of code. I have a bunch of notepad files with todo lists :D


What was your motivation to change how the magic tab worked? Like having to put a na rate and search magic for levels not sent by mods