BK2 Steering in a BK1

BK2 Steering in a BK1


I honestly wish they were flat bottom and didn't have so many buttons on them. I love the car but the steering wheel looks like it's out of a sonata....


I would also like to know


Better quality yes, but also still garbage. They start to peel after a few years.


Yes, they will fit. The spline count, and shaft size was the same. The issue we ran into was the air bag, and clock spring was different. So, that's where the issue lies, it fits but you won't have any steering controls and the airbag will not work. Now, on "some" models of cars when there is a fault with the airbags, the system disables all of the bags and you run the risk of that. For those reasons, we opted to install the original wheel back in, but had it wrapped with new leather from a shop.


Thank you. This was informative.


Take out your clock spring and install an aftermaker wheel. Or if you want to keep stock wheel with buttons, there are people who make custom carbon fiber steering wheels using a stock wheel. They are pricey but really nice work. I believe you can also get flat bottom if you are into that.