Definitely a raspberry, and a darn beautifully ripe looking one too


Seriously never seen a raspberry that fresh looking. I wonder if I can grow these lol


In my experience it’s more difficult to *not* grow raspberries than to grow them lol …once the roots are there, they’re your friends for life.


Near my house was a giant plot of land and abandoned vineyard. Now it's a giant suburb. But back in high school the vineyard had been taken over by blackberries. I used to love to ride out there and pick them m


My old house had a mulberry tree next to the sidewalk. When the berries were ripe people would stand there devouring them, there were so many berries I don’t remember that tree ever being plucked clean. The berries made great pies.


I make mulberry jam and raspberry jam and give it away. I love fruit preserves and after I cut back a lot of the brush on my land, I found I had more than I could contend with. I have a coveted plot of land in an urban area so my neighbors send their kids over to help us chase our chickens and they get a real kick out of picking and eating the berries from the bushes and trees. They all know to stay away from the pokeweed.


Sounds wonderful ❤️


Same around here with avocados. The tress never seem to go bare


Oooo yummie


There used to be some on a fence about 10min bike ride from my house, but Facebook moved in and removed it when they started building all their offices. Another reason to hate Facebook.




That sounds personal, care to elaborate? I'm interested.


They’re big thorny bitches that will NEVER stop growing and take over whole areas. They spread. And spread. And spread.


LMFAO big thorny bitches... I love this sub.


They are like blackberrys, except WAY less berries. Which was disappointing to realize for me when i first found some.


Less berries and prone to mold so even if they do fruit many of them will be inedible.


Is that why they’re pricy


For raspberries not to have mold problem Bush needs to be thind every year. They are pricy cause they have short shelf life


I picked raspberries in Australia. I'm guessing they're pricy because you have to be so careful when picking them to not just mush them all up, especially if they're too ripe or it's warm out.


Yep! Grow them in containers if you want any chance of controlling the spread.


Lets just say both these and blackberry bushes grow wild where I grew up and I learned to tell them apart by the depth of gashes they leave behind. I also learned that one seems far more prone to hiding stinging nettles inside of it than the other. I love the berries, but the bushes thirst for blood.


Even better friends if I keep them in wine barrels and not free to roam in our yard which isn't very large to begin with and the neighbors may not like them as much as we do.


Growing them is easy, but preventing black mold, the birds and the black creepy crawly things from destroying half the crop isn’t. This year I cut my cains back to about 12 in apart hopefully that helps with the mold


…I may have made a mistake planting a raspberry in one of my flowerbeds 😳


Don't worry about it. In 3-4 years you'll be weeding raspberry seedlings in all the other flowerbeds too, cause the birds stole a snack ;)


My 6mx4m covered garden says hi. I planted the raspberries outside it..... They have claimed it. It is theirs. All those who enter come out blooded..... (wear long sleeves you can still sneak in....)


My hops managed to take over my raspberries, but now I just have a different problem


Seriously, how OP got such nice berries without the birds and other creatures getting them first is astounding. I can taste them from here


They grow like weeds in Colorado. Planted one years ago. Now I get raspberries for months from the 20 plants it’s sprouted. None quite that big though.


Idk how similar black berries and raspberries are but I kept throwing bad fruit in a field where I used to live (it was just sour) and I knew the deer, bunnies, etc would enjoy them I somehow grew a thin yet around a 20 foot string of blackberry vine. They were good.


I bet you can. And once you have one, you’ll have many.


It’s pretty easy to grow them ngl. I got a raspberry bush bare roots from sams club on sale a while back. It was from bushel and Berry. My plant is well over 6ft tall and it’s less than a year old. I’m not a raspberry plant expert or anything but it’s one of the easiest plants I have. Just research for what kind of soil they like, water and fertilize, and you’ll have a very happy raspberry plant.


My dad planted some in our yard when I was young - probably around 1968. When I bought my home in 1992, I dug some up and planted them in the yard. Still producing.


Just removed a raspberry bush from my flower garden (previous owners had planted it). We initially wanted to keep it but it’s super invasive and was sending prickly shoots everywhere, even into the lawn. They are tough to get rid of too because if you miss any part of the plant it could start growing and spreading again. It wasn’t worth the trouble for me. It’s too bad because I really like raspberries.


The only raspberry lookalike I know of is a thimbleberry. Thimbleberry has much larger leaves and more seeds. Both are edible. Edited to add: lots of others I missed. Salmonberry Tayberry Wineberry Loganberry


And a Tayberry and a Loganberry


Forgot about wineberry though.


Wineberries are delicious. We used to have them growing all over our property.


I remember them exploring as a kid, too. They're everywhere in the Wisconsin woods. Those and wild black caps. Now I need fresh berries in my mouth.


Their natural slight tartness makes them excellent in jams!


And Salmonberry


They are all around us here. They are the only native I would put even odds on in competition with Himalayan blackberry. Salmon berries here when ripe are pale yellow to bright, cheerful red- never any hint of purple or deep red in the Berry but different soil might do it.


Wine berries have like 50 billion more thorns though. They're the true murder berry


Right, but neither of them have an open top like this.


Thimbleberries are rounder and very soft, they won’t hold together like this, which is the reason you don’t see them at stores. They’re absolute delicious though!


Ripe wild thimbleberries are the most delicious fruit I've *ever* had.


Snacking on thimbleberries on a hot summer day hiding in the cool shade of the tall trees 🥲❤️


True. They just fall apart when you bump the leaves. Hard to get a harvest out of them.


I recently bought a thimbleberry plant. Going to try to grow them in the yard. They also grow wild here in the Sierra.


I can’t believe I didn’t realize I could buy one… 😑 I’ve literally just been memorizing where they grow on my hiking spots 😆


I ordered it online


IIRC there are no rubus lookalikes that aren’t edible.


We have wild thimbleberries. They’re delicious!






I just picked up a plant this year for the yard. Those giant leaves are so pretty.


My dog and I pick them every year. They’re a bit tart compared to a raspberry but 100% worth the hike.


Salmonberry, too


Oh wow! I've never heard of them. How do they compare to raspberries?


Taste just like salmon


They are tart and delicious, but not as sweet as raspberries. They grow wild in the Pacific Northwest and are a great treat to munch on while hiking.


They can be bitter oftentimes and I haven't had a truly delicious one yet, just ok ones.


There’s a spot in Seattle proper that has the best Salmon berries.


Oooh where?


Thimbleberry > than raspberry


Also salmon berries, but yeah all (that I know of) are edible


Cloudberry, but not in this color.


Looks like a raspberry to me! I don’t know of any poisonous raspberry lookalikes


Looks like a raspberry. Do they feel and smell like a raspberry?


They are squishy and will def turn into mush. And they smell like it but just want to make sure lol


🤔 How do they sound? I’m just messing with you. Those look like raspberries. Seeing the leafs would help somewhat too I don’t know of anything that would be harmful that looks like raspberries, I also don’t live by you. Be sure to wash them as dogs and fauna will add special seasoning to things!


Special seasonings lmfao, I like that term


Better safe than sorry! They look delicious, enjoy.




The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!!!


My understanding is: (if you’re in the the states) we have no poisonous aggregate berries.


I am from NewZealand (thank lord) so I am not sure whether that applies here.


Here's a for-sure answer: ANY berry that has little segments like a raspberry or blackberry (not say like a blueberry or strawberry) it's automatically safe to eat. Source: taught an outdoor survival class for 3 years


Well that info just changed spring 2022 altogether


Now I'm rereading your comments with a New Zealand accent.


Whats the bet it’s more of an Aussie accent than kiwi accent lmao


I call them compound berries but yes, same advice. In the clear!


They will kill you..pls send them to me so I can enjoy them..lol


Ps it's a raspberry


Haha, nice try 👹


Enjoy them... Oops I mean... dispose of them properly so nobody gets poisoned


It’s a raspberry. I’d bet your life on it.


It's a rubus berry. I mean in that family. Never heard of any that are poison. And there are tons of types. I'd eat it.


Bingo. There are no poisonous members of rubus genus. If it looks like a blackberry or a raspberry, you're good to go.


Yay! You sound like you know. So... Num!


Never heard of those. Just some additional info: I live in NewZealand where it’s just become summer :)


I studied berry's for a class in college. Lived in Alaska. There are lots of berries from that family there - raspberries, blackberries, cloud berries, salmon berries... They're all edible. But I certainly don't know ALL about them.


I think 99% native NA compound** (aggregate is the better term) berries are edible. An exception is Hydrastis canadensis which if you Google you shouldn’t confuse for raspberries. Now outside North America idk how true the rule is but likely a better chance it’s edible than deadly. Fun game! ** edit - informed below my terminology is off. Aggregate is what I was looking for not compound. Thanks u/allonsyyy!


Bane berry is an example of one that is not.


Bane berries are not an example of segmented/cluster berries


You know more than me lol, I will try the google thing that someone recommended.


Rubus is the Latin genus name for raspberries and other similar plants.


I live at altitude in Australia and my raspberries are ready now. Yours definitely look like raspberries to me


My botany professor in school told us all North American aggregate berries were edible, but I don’t know about possible invasives or in other areas of the world.


They look deadly send the whole bush to me


I would take pictures of the bush with the leaves and stems up close. In r/foraging I’ve learned you want to include things like this, and possibly the surrounding area. Also if you’re only 99% sure, don’t eat it. It looks like a raspberry but I’m not sure. I agree with freezing them until you are 100% confident! Also, congratulations on growing a baby!! (gardening subreddit 😌) That’s so exciting! ☺️


This whole thread is so funny to me, all the people being like “don’t eat it…. I can taste test 😏” is very amusing. I will definitely go take some pics soon


This is great advice for almost all ID situations, though in this particular case there's no need to be as wary as there are no poisonous berries in the rubus genus. In other words if it looks just like a raspberry or blackberry it's not going to hurt you.


I did not know that (and therefore was not 100% sure)!


Rub them between your teeth and then look at your face. If you smile, then they're definitely raspberries ;)


Either you have tiny hands, or those raspberries are huge. Either way, those are totally raspberries


I mean, I do have tiny hands 😭 (my twelve year old sister has bigger hands than me) Granted I’m 5”2 and have children sized feet to go along with that. Everyone is always like ???? They are pretty chunky berries though.


Just about every rubus or raspberry lookalike is perfectly edible and most are very palatable. I believe there's only one toxic raspberry look alike and it looks kinda like a cloudberry and grows far north. And its not even that toxic either. ​ Might I say, those are gorgeous. I'd take a clipping of that plant and grow some more yourself!


"Google Lens" will let you take a picture of something and show you search results related to the pic. It's very good with plants from my experience. Go take a pic of the bush you pulled them from and it can probably tell you pretty quick!




inaturalist is also a good one. I love that app.


Nice, that one is new to me


Great for identifying plants and animals, plus if you get some good shots from in the wild you can catalog them as a citizen scientist and help with distribution studies and stuff


Pro tip. Always get your least favourite child to try one first, just to be sure.


I’ll be your tester! Yummmmm raspberries!


Something I learned in scouts a long time ago, was that if you look at the stem,where it meets the fruit, it will look like a star with 5 points. This means it would be edible. I have no idea if it's a truth worldwide but here in the Midwest (USA), it holds true


I heard that if it ever looks like a raspberry, it is harmless. Anyone confirm any toxic lookalikes?


No toxic look alikes have been mentioned from my knowledge so far 🤔 and it smells like a raspberry


Nearly all aggregated berries are okay to eat.


This would NOT FLY in r/plants. Bot, we need you. Do not ingest this raspberry


Why lmao


Sorry, got carried away, there is a bot that tells people not to eat plants they find because they may be poisonous


Those are definitely 100% raspberries. I have 4 normal raspberries. I also have 2 “Pink Lemonade” raspberries. And I also have some “Bubble Gum” strawberries. The things they’re modifying these days are incredible… I wish I hadn’t torn out my grapes, because they were massive and I feel like they would help my “Cotton Candy” grapes grow better in the giants tunnel of grapes I built… I’m kind of mad at myself for pulling them up… I just started losing the time to take care of them and trim them back and they turned into a jungle…


That's not a raspberry, that's a gaspberry. They're almost identical to raspberries except when you eat them for the first time, you can't help but gasp at how good they are.


Note: the following does NOT apply to mushrooms. Never try a mushroom unless you're absolutely sure. Separate the plant into its various parts—roots, stems, leaves, buds, and flowers. Focus on only one piece of the plant at a time. Smell it. A strong, unpleasant odor is a bad sign, as is a musty or rotting odor. Keep a special lookout for pear- or almond-like scents, which can be evidence of cyanide. Test for contact poisoning by placing a piece of the plant on your inner elbow or wrist for 8 hours. If your skin burns, itches, feels numb, or breaks out in a rash, wash off your skin and don’t eat the plant. If the plant passes the skin test, prepare a small portion the way you plan to eat it (boiling is always a good bet). Before taking a bite, touch the plant to your lips to test for burning or itching. If there’s no reaction after 15 minutes, take a small bite, chew it, and hold it in your mouth for 15 minutes. If the plant tastes very bitter or soapy, spit it out and wash out your mouth. If there’s no reaction in your mouth, swallow the bite and wait 8 hours. If there’s no ill effect, you can assume this part of the plant is edible. Repeat the test for other parts of the plant; some plants have both edible and inedible parts. Starting to feel sick? Time to bring it up.


This sounds like too much effort lmao, it smells like a raspberry if that’s anything


Ok how about this. Dial 911 but don't press Send. Eat the alleged raspberry and if you start to die, quickly press Send. All kidding aside these are almost certainly raspberries. Just smell them, rub one on your lip and see if it burns or something, then try a tiny amount first.


Wow I’ve never seen raspberries that are glossy/shiny looking! I’ve only ever seen the store ones that are always matte


I’ve never had fresh raspberries because they are SO obnoxiously expensive for such a small amount. I’ve only had frozen. I was sitting outside and I was like “what the heck is that? It’s so red” and surprise


Looks delish! Apparently all compound berries in the United States are edible!


Definitely a raspberry. It’s always a good day when you find a patch of wild raspberries. The birds spread them by eating the ripe seeds, then later they fly off and the seeds come out of the “business end” of the bird.


That's one scrumptious looking raspberry


If you are in North America, I believe all berries that look like that, like clumped together, think black berry, raspberry, loganberry, salmon berry, etc are all edible. But definitely check that out before taking my advice.


If it was a native berry I'd think you're lying. I've never seen berries that big on anything but special varieties bred for eating, so I'd be inclined to think it must be edible.


In general, red berries are edible and white ones are not. (Except when red ones are poisonous.)


Some great looking berries! Big and plump.


Looks just like my grandma’s raspberries. She had these really old bushes that gave us these beauties every summer. Made for awesome raspberry jam too.


Yummmm, raspberry jam is the only kind I like (what a snob)


Nope, that’s a banana for sure


They are MASSIVE raspberries. Enjoy you lucky dog.


All sizes and colors of Aggregate berries, like a raspberry/mulberry/blackberry/etc, are safe to eat. There is not a species of aggregate berry that is poisonous world-wide


Don’t eat those. They are very dangerous. Send them to me and I’ll make sure they get properly disposed of—on my yogurt.


How are you unsure that’s a raspberry…


All berries with this formation are edibles


There are no known poisonous/toxic **compound** berries in North America.


They look like wineberries! Are they sticky? Is it a shrub with red hairy vines and spikes with bright green leaves? If so, I eat them all the time.


They don’t feel sticky, I don’t remember what the bush looks like off the top of my head. I’m pregnant and have the brain of a goldfish atm lol, hence being extra cautious.


Hahahah. Wineberries are usually a bit sticky after picking a bunch, so maybe not. It doesn’t hurt to freeze berries for later until you know!


Good idea!


That was my thought. Wineberries are delicious but yeah slightly sticky to the touch and bright glossy red




No clue what that is.




Sounds edgy




That’s pretty cool dude. 😎


It’s a raspberry




They look good


You lucky dog you


Definitely raspberries! My favorite!


A beautiful raspberry


I always go with 90% of composite berries are edible.


Looks like a raspberry


Raspberries are great because they are distinctive and similar related berries like thimbleberries are also edible


Remember, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck....its a duck.


Might be loganberries , which are similar to raspberries it are a little longer and taste slightly different. Go for it. Eat them and enjoy them.


These are the most raspberry looking raspberries I’ve ever seen


Either you have small hands or those are some epic raspberries


Def got small hands 🤚🏻😔 and they are decent sized berries, so probably both


Congrats on your new yummy berry bush


I could be wrong but all compound berries are edible. Enjoy!


They are definitly raspberries , dont let them go near knife though , just to make sure


I’m soooo jealous




Tip: insert one dark chocolate chip.


For a healthier option: one blueberry.


Dark chocolate has some good stuff in it.


Blueberries are also full of antioxidants.


You will have an oralgasm as you eat those lush raspberries.


Either you have really small hands or you found some monster sized raspberries


I have small hands, but they could also just be mega chad raspberries.


I haven't had some beautifully ripen wild raspberries in a while.


Raspberries I buy usually have a foggyness to them, these things are shining a beautiful red they look delicious


Yes. Lol


Haha definitely raspberry


So either those are huge raspberries or you have tiny hands - comparison to a coin please.


I do have small hands. I don’t have any coins on me, and am from NewZealand so unless you are too a coin comparison wouldn’t be helpful. Measured the biggest one though. 30cm long and 20cm wide


Any and all berries with fruit clusters in the thimble shape are edible and not poisonous. If it looks like raspberries or blackberries, you're good to go.


So firm looking! Meanwhile my store has raspberries that look… grey.


Found? Wish I could find Raspberries in the yard. 🥺


Yes! Haha. Our new house has a couple vegetable beds and there’s a fruit tree with teeny tiny apples on it. Then the neighbours seem to have a fruit tree too. I was sitting there and I kept noticing the red, and eventually I was like “what the heck man” and tadaaaa




Lol, all brambles are edible.


“If the leaves are hairy, look for a berry. If the leaves are shiny, watch your hiney.” This always helped find raspberries without grabbing the poison ivy, because the leaves are similar.


Damn, those are the nicest and biggest raspberries I've ever seen. Lucky!