Some constructive criticism, I think the location is wrong it would look a lot better in the centre of my kitchen island!


Flower arrangements and bouquets are like art. There's no wrong or right way to do it, just make it how you want it to look 😊 those colors are beautiful too! But some tips I got from my florist days are to put some height in there so they're not all one length. If you do it that way you'll be able to see all the flowers incase some are getting hidden by other ones. Either way those flowers are gorgeous!


Thank you for the tip and kind words!


Vibrant and gorgeous. I love this arrangement.


Thank you!!


It’s hard to go wrong with such great flowers. I just discovered floral designer Constance Spry (from the 1920s+) and love her style and contribution to floral design as a sculptural art form.


I feel that when you photograph an arrangement, the photos never come out like how the arrangement actually is. Photographing a 3D arrangement for a 2D photo is always brutally challenging. I grow tons of dahlias and arrange all the time, and photos never seem to do them justice. I think that’s why a lot of people arrange in that Dutch painting style (can’t remember what it’s called) with all the blooms facing forward to one plane - versus I usually arrange so they look nice from all angles so they look good on a table! I think your looks good, and your colours and varied textures together look fabulous!


I would at some green foliage.


I love wild bouquets. When flowers are there? I see dahlias, cosmos and lilies I think? I’m inspired to grow some for cutting!


You got most of them! And you should! There's also a little bit of lavender, and a little bit of salvia that you can barely see. Those are coreopsis rather than cosmos, but they look so much alike. I can usually only tell the difference by the foliage.


i think this is gorgeous and love the vibrant colors and oversized shapes. i recently took a flower arranging workshop at a local regenerative flower farm (loveliest morning i’ve had in a long time) and something i picked up there was the magic of foliage and greenery. i generally make my arrangements all flowers but there they had tons of greenery - eucalyptus, baptisia, ferns, solomon’s seal, etc and it really made the end product look so beautiful. we started by putting a ring of chicken wire in the vase to use as a base (you can poke flowers in and hold their places easier that way) then ringed the edge in lots of greenery, slowly working inwards and putting the centerpiece flowers there (in my case these were peonies as it was in the spring) then inserting secondary flowers after the foliage and centerpiece were kinda set. it was a wonderful class and gave me a little roadmap to use in the future - although i also agree with the other comments here that there is no “wrong” way to arrange flowers!!! maybe i’ll post a picture of some of my arrangements here.


No criticism, but I recommend Floret’s books about arranging. Really inspiring!


No criticism, just cams here to tell you this arrangement is beautiful!


Thank you so much!!


Beautiful colors!


Beautiful! I love the range of colors you chose!