My mom planted these climbing roses around a patio in her yard when I got married there 7 years ago -- the marriage is in shambles but roses going strong

My mom planted these climbing roses around a patio in her yard when I got married there 7 years ago -- the marriage is in shambles but roses going strong


Big hug, I'm sorry to hear about your relationship. I do love those roses:)


Thanks, I appreciate it, and find solace in focusing on the handful of beautiful things that resulted from such a god awful union


I have an orchid that was a first wedding anniversary gift that’s now outlived the marriage by a few years. Strange to have the reminder It sounds like you’re still in the thick of it OP so as someone who has been divorced for two years now let me say, it will get better


Coming from someone three years post divorce (and two years in a healthy relationship) hijacking this comment to agree wholeheartedly... OP... I PROMISE it will get better. I’m so sorry.


Lmao 😂 sorry your blunt responses regarding your marriage are just so humorous.


That's how I got through my divorce. Just gotta be real about it. I wasn't good for her, she wasn't good for me and together was a shit sandwich. Shit happens, all you can do is make the best of it.


> Shit happens, all you can do is make the best of it. Making the best of shit? That's got *r/Composting* written all over it. :D


For real though, life is full of bad experiences. Throw them into a bin and let it turn into something useful.


Gonna quote you on that!


Mate i accidentally drowned a hedgehog (r/Hoggies shout out!) in my wildlife pond (r/WildlifePonds and r/GardenWild shout out!) last year, when i forgot to install a brick step-out platform. I felt so bad but i composted the hedgehog and i like to think its death lead to the life of a few dozen centipedes and rove beetles, which went on to feed a blackbird family which nested in my apple tree. :)


That's actually quite dark. But that's how Nature is, isn't it? All those fertile graveyards & pretty limestones.


have someone check on the roses. the tree my parents planted at my grandparents house on their wedding day 35 years ago has to be cut down because it's damaging the house. their divorce was finalized last year


The roses are fine on the rail.


it's a joke


Wasn’t funny ?




Shrubs also aren’t given a name that contains the word “climb”. It’s not a shrub.




Or vise versa....


All roses are tendentially climbers, in the right conditions, and have no history of damaging foundations.


Hi, I don't know if it helps, but I am happily married 20 years now. But in year 7, we both wanted to end EACHOTHER. ;) It can get better. BEAUTIFUL Roses!


Sorry to hear about the marriage. For closure, it makes sense for you to end the relationship in the same place it began, just so you can say... ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ ^I ^^never ^promised ^you ^a ^rose ^garden. (⌐■_■)


Rare country music reference! Thanks, I'll have it stuck in my head all day now!


Haha no problem, yeah that song sticks in your head like a thorn!


How many bushes are there in the image? Very beautiful. I'm planning on doing a Rose Bush garden. I got my first rose bush last year, bought two David Austin roses a few days ago and was just gifted a fourth rose bush in my garden


David Austin roses are beautiful - I have 2 bushes in my garden and they grow much stronger and produce much prettier roses than my 3rd rose bush which isn't David Austin.


all posts in r/gardening should come with trauma as a rule, just to keep everyone's fantasies in check. remember: flowers wouldnt be special if the rest of life wasnt a goddamned nightmare <3 gorgeous roses btw


Gardening....because its more healthy than alcoholism


*Cries in sitting here drinking when I could/should be planting*


dont feel bad. i buy different beer for me than i buy for the slugs. there is absolutely no reason i cannot feed both habits at the same time


When you start drinking the slug beer, that's when you know you have a problem.


*Drinks while she repots everything.


My best repotting day I was totally hammered. Made some great decisions on pruning


Totally doing this. I could seed a bed of cilantro and dill before dark, but no, I'm drinking wine out of the bottle and browsing reddit


As I plant my current garden knowing it’s the last time I’ll get to harvest it this year as I head to divorce city 😭


I'm so sorry :( I hope you get to plant a garden after your divorce and it reminds you of how strong you are and what you've survived 💚


Awww thank you. Gardening is only thing that keeps me sane


That’s a great point to make


Is it? I'm pretty sure we'd all still enjoy flowers and gardening in a utopia.


How true is that!


Wow! Those are beautiful. Nice to have a pretty place to sit and cry. ❤️




Beautiful! Is this Temecula by chance?


I was wondering… somewhere SoCal…


I was thinking East San Diego County, looks just like the chaparral around my house.


Looks like Malibu area.


Geez guys, tracking me down and shit... 😜


Rancho Penasquitos?


It's funny being a native I can immediately tell. I have no idea why though. The slight hazy sky combined with the chaparral?


Only been to cali once, but the sky is slightly different colours all over the world - the horizon line, the light, the hue and tone of the sky, the kind of clouds or lack thereof. Lived in coastal New England for many years and immediately I can tell when any (rare) movie is shot in the area, from the horizon line and light angle, and hazy sky. Same with upstate ny: high tree line, reddish sky hue in autumn, wide sky with variety of clouds


That brush line is like no other… all Cali! I have seen something similar in Argentina and parts of Mexico— but that’s about it! Somehow you just know the ocean is behind it!


Really? I'm from coastal California and I feel like everywhere I go there's places that look exactly like it. Southern France, Greece, parts of Italy, parts of Turkey, areas of India... Anywhere that has a chaparral biome looks exactly like that.


Yep, looks like parts of Spain or Portugal to me


Yep, all characteristics of the Mediterranean climate.


Ohhhh yeah, that's absolutely true. My mom and I couldn't stop remarking at how similar parts of Spain and Portugal looked to our home town. It got a little eerie!


Corfu, Italy, etc. all have a Rocky and steep coastline. If you’ve been to SoCal and lived there… easy to recognize. But if you don’t believe me why don’t you ask the OP?


Most of California has a rocky and steep coastline, just like much of the Mediterranean basin does. My point was that many places look like the California coast; the photo could just as easily be from the Provence region of France as it could from Temecula.


It’s all Cali tho! 💯


Just wanna know the grow zone!!


Those are BEAUTIFUL. Do you by any chance know what they're called? Or what type of roses they are? I want them :)


Eden has been sold out for so long, I’ve been on a waitlist through an own-root heirloom rose company. I have one about 5yrs old and may just have to propagate. If you find one, get the own-root. Third year blooms in full sun are amazing, but the thorns on some branches are shockingly large.


Pish... Eden is available right now at Heirloomroses.com


Yeah I just bought one this year from Heirloom Roses. These are gorgeous 😍


Same! It was my first bare root so I was a bit frazzled trying to get it started, but it's finally showing some growth.


I see they’re in stock now, as of a week ago they definitely weren’t. Thanks for the heads up!


I'm a wholesaler and I've been having a heck of a time sourcing them too! I usually try to get a few hundred ordered each year and usually end up with around 50 coming in. (This year it was only 44!)


Do you if they'd grow in zone 6A? I'm in Michigan and want these roses so bad!


I bought 2 Eden's this year. One thru High Country Roses and the other I found at a local greenhouse. It's possible to find them still!


I think they are Eden, a climbing rose


I also think they are called Eden.


I too think they are a climbing rose, called Eden


Ooh exciting! I have an eden, but the deer ate the buds last year so I haven't seen the flowers yet.




Yes you are correct




They look like Eden to me, too.


They are Eden roses. Thank you! I can't really take credit, it's all my mom


If it makes you feel better for my wedding we turned her parents farm into the venue and planted a bunch of stuff, built walk ways, etc and 6 WEEKS later she kicked me out and cheated. Lol The stuff we built still looks nice though.


Did her parents invite you back to check it out later?


Remarry and plant more roses 💜


But skip the first part, all roses.


Seriously. If my wife ever leaves me, it's me and a dog.


Sorry about the marriage... In my experience second marriages are much better than the first. Life is too short to be miserable. It was a huge relief when my dad said that I had fought really hard and it was ok if I wanted to go home and start again. My second marriage is going strong and we have a baby boy on the way!


I’m all about second marriages ! My partner and me just bought a house together and he keeps on hinting at a wedding (his first, my second) and I’m just super happy being in a healthy, happy relationship. Sometimes you need that practice marriage. Excited to read about your baby! When is he due ?


Yes, this is my husband's 4th attempt at marriage lol... In his defense the first two were deployment marriages. They married quickly before he left for war to give them benefits and the women "moved on" while he was overseas. 🙄 The last marriage his wife was an addict and passed away, obviously not his fault but does show he has been very unlucky in love. My first husband was and addicted as well and was emotionally and mentally abusive and I left him in the middle of the night after having a go bag hidden in the vent for months. Now, we are happy as ever!! Our baby boy is due Nov 13, almost exactly a year after I miscarried with my first. November 2020 was a very sad time, but now it will be a happy one! He has a step daughter (13) and a bio daughter (8), their mother is the one that passed and I love them like they are all mine!! The girls are so excited to have a brother, he will have them wrapped around his little finger! It just goes to show that happiness can follow tragedy. Our struggles and pain are what make us such good partners.


Wow! What a wild and crazy love story you and your husband have. I’m sorry for your husbands loss of his third wife. I’m so sorry for the loss of your baby, but I’m happy that you have all of this positive to move on with. Good luck with your future family and I hope you and your family live a long, happy and healthy life together. 🧡


Thank you!! I think it just goes to show that no matter how bad life gets it can always get better! We filled the holes we all had in each other. I hope to use our story to bring hope to others.


Beautiful! Sorry to hear about your marriage. I've been there. Even when it's an awful marriage, divorce is still extremely painful.


This looks straight out of a fairytale. [Annalise's balcony](https://youtu.be/qfJTxhlykvQ) from the princess and the pauper to be specific.


I’m sorry to hear about your relationship OP. It is very beautiful that you’re seeing growth and appreciating it.


>The marriage is in shambles r/DivorcedBirds, my friend. :D


Those are beautiful! I wish mine were that healthy. I hope your future relationships are filled with love, understanding, compassion, and growth. I hope your marriage can be repaired but if not I hope it brings a growth and perspective that explodes in a new life filled with longevity and care. ❤️


Beautiful. Is that just one plant?


Beautiful! How much they last?


Sometimes it’s just that way, look at it this way the roses are thriving and you will too.... ❤️


In sorry about the marriage but the roses are beautiful!!


From a 2x divorcee, congrats! Congrats on getting out of an unhappy relationship and congrats on some beautiful flowers!


Take a lesson from the roses. Just do your own thing!


Yep. Some things are worth the effort and some are not. A garden is forever :)


I love the title and the garden lol


Wow, your mom lives in a very beautiful location!


Sad to hear of your marriage. I hope the flowers offer you a sense of how the simply things can bring joy. Hang in there.


Sorry about the unhappy alliance. My mother used to say, "It's better to be alone than with the wrong person." I hope that your next relationship works out better. The roses are stunning btw. What variety are they and where are they grown?


All you future dates are going to love them!


This made me laugh(sorry you have to find humor In all painful events) perceptive is key, and this rose display is unreal. Hey something Beautiful came of your marriage. My gf just Called me who’s going through a divorce that she found cameras. I hope your husband isn’t a creep like hers. I’m keeping her spirits up, aka we smoke a lot of weed when we are together.


So beautiful. I hope those roses can give you some comfort! A big hug for you and I hope you can overcome this the best way possible


Beautiful! Wish you had a before pic to see size of roses at first. So sorry about the marriage. Sometimes we don’t know our spouse well until after we say I Do😡






Very beautiful roses and what an amazing view. ​ Sending you lots of hug.


nice yard too


I’m sorry about the marriage. Been there. Someday you won’t care. I have a weird question... are climbing roses thorny? These are stunning and would love something that beautiful around my pool


It's a very beautiful thing to come from that time period of your life.


Amazing. Sorry about your troubles, but this is a beautiful patio.


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Roses and thorns, friend. It is worth weathering the winter and the thorns in order to enjoy the sweet fragrance and softness of the flower. I’m sorry you suffered. You made it out. You have grown and matured as a person because of it. Be proud of that. And of course- don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. :)


Thanos: It's balanced, as everything should be ​ In all seriousness, beautiful flowers and all the best for your relationship


The roses are beautiful, by the way things that happens always could be worse so there’s always rooms to be thankful,


Marriage. You're better off investing in plants.


Those roses are so beautiful!!


Nice roses and beautiful location but guessing SoCal coastline. Hopefully if that’s your mom’s property she has a good fire break around her home.


Yes the last fire went just about right up to us, so at least we have a buffer now. But yeah for real, it was so scary. I could hear it roar and crackle, and we could see the flames over the hill from our house, but it never came over the ridge (fire fighters are gods). Ash came like snow and covered everything.


Yeah it’s terrifying. I have had two fires get really close before we could evacuate. Bomber dropped retardant between the fire and our house. 5 minutes later we would have likely lost the house. Fortunately we are still able to have Fire insurance. I have known many people who still can’t get insured


Oof scary. Yeah the hills around us are still red from that stuff. A few years ago after the big Malibu fire they cancelled basically everyone's fire insurance in the area (I'm in an adjacent canyon). We managed to get back on but it would only cover a meager fraction of the actual cost of our house


Sorry if this is cheesy, but the first thing I thought when I saw this was how bitter sweet of a feeling it is to see life carry on when it feels like it's ending. I'm so sorry to hear about your marriage but like these roses, you too will carry on. Keep hanging in there.


Sending you love. P.s. The flowers are beautiful and so is the way you can appreciate them despite the situation.


They are beautiful 😍


Eden roses started my rose obsession. They look amazing! 😍😍😍


At least you got something beautiful out of it


I have nothing from my failed marriage he dumped me at a greyhound station and moved back to my hometown with the chick he was cheating on me with so I pit 2,560 miles between us engaged now to a wonderful guy I met will waiting for a bus we celebrate one year July 27th


I am sorry the marriage didn't last, but there is something better down the road. Life works like that. Those roses are absolutely gorgeous...keep looking at the roses!


Just like the rose continues to bloom each year, so can you. So good you got out of a bad situation.


Wooow an absolute dream. It just looks like a fairytale. I want to be in this place immediately 😍 🥰


Beautiful photo and funny(no offense) caption.


Wow it's stunning!


There’s something poetic about the fact that the marriage didn’t work but the roses are beautiful despite.


Learn from the roses, overcome obstacles and hardships and bloom




That view - amazing!


Life is full of thorns but there’s still beauty to be found in it… like all of those gorgeous roses. Stay strong, again - just like those roses, you’ll grow (gardening pun intended) thru it.


Who needs a marriage when you have roses


Very stunning! Be strong like the roses.


Things will get better. Time


Think of them as Freedom Roses.


Damn.. hang in there. Things will get better!


Should have married the roses.


If only humans were as resilient as roses 🌹


Bittersweet 💖


Also, this just goes to show that plants are better than husbands.


I'm sorry to hear of your marriage. I don't know of your 7 years, but at least you and your mom got some magazine quality kick-ass roses out of the union! Breathtaking photo.


It happens.


Life is too short to be miserable-you will find love ❤️ again


It's really beautiful. And I'm sorry for the troubles in your relationship.


In response to the roses- if doesn't matter if there is a few thorns, just grow and be yourself ❤ sympathy on the breakdown


sorry for the troubles you are in. The roses are beautiful. What are they growing in? Best of luck to you.


This is Golden. If I had coins I’d gild.


I’m sorry about your marriage. Those roses are incredible.


I’m down to come trim those roses and have fun anytime 😙


Where is this at? 😦


I love it totally it's so beautiful, God can resurrect any relationship


beautiful! How many were planted? I just started one this spring


7 year itch - 7th inning stretch


Might be some sort of alchemy. I've killed so many of my wife's roses.


What an amazing view though!


Are those lady Banks roses


They are Eden roses


I want these roses!! Are these English? Or David Austin? I'm on marriage number 2 so I should prepare.


They are Eden roses


Absolutely gorgeous! At least one good thing came out of that marriage. Do you happen to know the name of this rose?


Eden roses. Thanks, yes there are plenty of good things that came from it on which I ought to focus. Like the bitter wall around my heart...


I can't comprehend this. Amazing.


"What a good year for the roses..."


Are those Eden's?! It's stunning!


Yes. Thanks!


I planted native climbing roses for my ex-husband because they were the only flower I knew he liked. Those things became the sharpest, nastiest, most spreading plants in the yard. Beautiful flowers at the right time of year. Absolute bastards every other moment. Solidarity.


I have so many things that outlasted my first marriage. I am sorry you are going through this rough time. For me it was so hard. But I am so happy and relieved to be done with it. I regret not getting a divorce sooner. Fast forward to today. I am in a relationship with someone who actually cares about me and not just about themselves. Hoping for the best for you.


Absolutely gorgeous. There’s beauty in everything. Wish you the best!


Beautiful roses. Peace to you.


Haha marriage is stupid


And the view!! Gorgeous.


Wow these are so well maintained. 10/10


What a great view! Where is that 🤔


It looks like So. California. Don’t know for sure.


[A Good Year for the Roses](https://youtu.be/9MtdYqaLe4w)


They look like David Austin roses! Do they smell as nice as they look??


They are Eden roses, not super pungent though


They are gorgeous and they really love that deck


How beautiful! I've just bought a Cecile Bruner climber to oplant on a white-painted cedar fence line. Also bought 2 climbing Zepherine Drouhin's for my back yard steel arch that goes over the driveway. I just love climbing and rambling roses. Such landscape beauty for so little effort.




What a view ...just WOW...🙌👏


This is absolutely stunning.