Fantasy games with exploration and good/unique graphics that ISNT open world?

Fantasy games with exploration and good/unique graphics that ISNT open world?


Maybe the first Dishonored? Due to the limitations of being on previous generation consoles, the areas were smaller in nature and the whole experience was a bit more linear (while still giving you a lot to explore and different ways to achieve your objectives). Maybe you wouldn't consider it classic "fantasy" per se...


Seconded. And the rest of the DLCs and installments if OP likes Dishonored.


Do you mind JRPGs? **Dragon Quest XI S** is a linear story, and while each area is big and has plenty to explore, it's not open world or overwhelming with tons of side content. There is side content but it's easily digestible and you won't lose dozens of hours doing boring point-of-interest objectives. It's also a very easy game to learn, it uses a traditional turn-based battle system, but it has some challenge to it so you aren't just mashing A button the whole way through the game. Every location is amazing to visit and look at.


Can try the Little Nightmare games. Havent played 2 yet but they're both puzzle platformers with horror aspects. Theyre more linear games but theres some slight exploration for puzzle solving and finding secrets. Theyre really cool horror games and great platformers if your into those.


How about Hollow Knight? I'm looking for more games that give me that sense of exploration. I think Hollow Knight is an amazing experience 10hours in. It looks gorgous, plays fantastic and has a great exploration-feel.


oh i know. my recommendation would be dark souls one. it is a fantasy game with heavy exploration and combat focused game. the game world design is also very unique unlike many other games out there thats just uses plain old open world idea of a world design but if you can't handle the difficulty. then play dark souls 3 its like dark souls 1 but with much more modern combat, cool boss fights and much easier difficulty due to how the game combat are designed, co op and enemies design. but if you have encountered trouble then you can just ask random players to help you progress through the game. through the summoning system. you can summon other players to help you progress but be aware that summoned players have different colours. the colours that you wanted to trust is the blue, yellow and white signs. if they are red, purple and blue redish coloured then they are up to no good. since while playing the game you can be disturbed by other players IF you played the game online while embered (embered system will explained when you play the game).


[Dragon Quest XI.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iTbUGItU0s)


I am really loving Nier Automata at the moment. I haven’t had this much fun in an rpg for a long time. The graphics are a little dated but still look great, the story and world design is fantastic and the combat is super fluid.




Outward fits the bill if you liked valheim


Ff7 remake


Sounds to me like you're describing most Zelda games (except BOTW)