Not because it was sad, but deleting your save file in Nier: Automata to help someone else the way others did for you in the end credits section. This + the culmination of the storylines (true ending) really hit in a nice way.


As someone who hasn’t played the game, but doesn’t care about spoilers, What are you referring to about deleting your save game?


The end of the game is quite bleak, but during the credits, you're asked whether you wish to keep fighting. If yes, the credits will turn into an increasingly hard 8-bit shooter that you can't win on your own. Losing but refusing to give up when prompted will result in other players helping you to finish, but losing their data in the way. After that, you get the true, more bittersweet ending of the game, and are prompted whether you also wish to sacrifice to help other players to succeed as others did for you. The choice is up to you, but accepting will really delete all your saves.


One of the most beautiful moments I've ever experienced in a game


Yo that’s cute as fuck


My jaw hit the floor over this, the realization that others had done so... I mulled it over for a while and felt a little bit of genuine grief when I said yes


When the chorus started singing during the final credits hit hard. The first time a game made me think about a choice and subsequently what that choice said about me as an individual. Had no problem blowing up new atom in fallout 3 but boy that save file was a tough one.


Yep I was started crying i when I accepted help and all the voices started singing along and now I can't listen to that song without crying lol


Literally bawled during that ending, it was like a spiritual experience. That game is a complete work of art, I think it will be looked back on as one of the greatest of all time. Highly recommend this video essay on nier automata https://youtu.be/-NiyfG8Ctbo


*Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.* Bawling. Everytime.


Our very favorite model of a scientist salarian.


Not sure if turian heaven is the same as yours but if this thing goes sideways and we both end up there meet me at the bar….. I’m buying.


That, as well as: “Legion. The answer to your question was yes.” “I know, Tali, but thank you. Keelah Se’lai.”




Came here to say this. Man this moment hit hard


I just played the ME trilogy a few months back for the first time. And I kept waiting for this line. And I didn’t see it. Because I fucked up in ME2. Spoilers for ME2: >!During the final mission of ME2 when you are giving out tasks for your companions, I selected Mordin for one and he done died on me. So in ME3, a different Salarian scientist takes his place for the genophage mission. Whoops.!<


Guess it didn't have to be him, someone else might have got it right.


Came here to say the same thing. Mordin was a rough one.


The last chapter of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. That shit was so unexpected and so incredibly well executed with how the controls integrated into the story beats. I wept from the big moment to the ending.


This got me harder than anything else. I was playing this game right after my 2nd son was born. I was crying and snotting all over myself and my partner was like "wow that must have been a good game" and I said "NEVER PLAY IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO STAIN YOUR SOUL"


Yeah my teen went from “omg I need to play this too,” to “I’m not ever touching that game” From watching me play it.


This just made me realize. That even someone who watched the entire game from start to end would not know why that moment is sad, unless explained. It truly is something that needs to be experienced first hand.


Walking Dead season 1 ending RDR2 main ending Outer Wilds ending


RDR2, the loss of >!your horse. !< Absolutely broke me.


"Thank you."


>!The way the music changes in Outer Wilds after grabbing the thing, when you are on your way to the other thing. Then the campfire part. Such a great ending!<


>!Yeah how its the normal supernova music but with that hopeful energetic synth over the top, stunnin'!<


I cried at the end of RDR2


"That's the way it is ..." 🎶


i've finished it twice - the 2nd time got me just as hard as the first time the first playthrough i was just a rowdy renegade cowboy doing whatever it took to survive, no matter who i hurt but the 2nd playthrough man - i was good. i was honest as i could be, and i played Arthur to be a good person. made the ending sting harder the 2nd time.


There is no Shepard without Vakarian


"Not sure if Turian heaven is the same as yours, but if this thing goes sideways and we both end up there... Meet me at the bar. I'm buying." ME with the Garrus relationship is truly something special.


Calibrating.... ... ... Checks out.


The Bioshock ending where you saved all the Little Sisters. When your character is old and dying in the hospital bed and the grown-up Little Sisters surround you and hold on to your hand. 😭😭😭


You saved them... You gave them a chance.. a chance to learn, to find love, to live and in the end what was your reward? You never said, but i think i know.. a family.


I was looking for this comment! I cried like a baby


This is my #1 as well, #2 perhaps is Tiny Tina finally coming to terms with>! Roland's death!< at the end of Assault on Dragon Keep...


Glados realising she used to be a human


Portal and Portal 2 are such great games. Most games I get bored of and the story gets boring, but the Portals are so good and captivating and every time I replay through, I find new stuff. I love Glados.




If you follow the Portal 2 story, at some point you run into it.


I played through portal 2 twice and had no idea about this. How tf did i miss that, where is it being mentioned


When you reach old aperture and Cave Johnson speaks, glaDOS says "yes, Mr. Johnson" at the same time as Caroline does in the recording. She then says she has to think for a while. After that you hear Cave Jonhson speaking about putting human's brain into a computer. And then he orders his scientists to put Caroline into a computer so that she would in control of aperture for eternity and make science.


I'm kind of surprised by how many people seemingly missed that in this comment section.


...did they not question GlaDOS deleting Caroline's personality when they restore her at the end of the game? At the bare minimum that should have made the connection as clear as possible.


Man I wish we had a story to follow up on that.


What, how? The voice in that old 70’s looking part of the map (when glados is being powered by a potato) is a guy who we learn is the fella that created the whole thing and the experiment and all that. And his secretary or assistant is a woman that eventually became glados. First there’s a slight hint where glados just finishes one of the sentences coming from the speaker, and then wonders “wait how did I know to say that”. And then later on she slowly realises that the assistant woman is her.


Isn't there a sound bite of her protesting, nay begging for him not to do that to her? I can't remember the actual conversation but I can vividly picture her saying "Please No Mr. Johnson, I don't want this".


I'm pretty sure the gentleman voicing Cave refused to record his half of that conversation, I know exactly what you're talking about.


He prob just wanted pictures of Spider-Man.


when i realized my kid deleted my save 😪


There will be a chance for vengeance when he grows


I was in Hollow Bastion when my little brother accidentally saved his game over mine in Kingdom Hearts. That was two decades ago and I still keep double saves because of it.


I've deleted my save just when I got the knights of the round table materia on FFVII back in 1998. It was my only save, i was devastated.


I’ve never actually finished Skyrim. Did damn near every single thing I could and got lost in side stuff for a while. Story wise I was at 51%… Nephew wanted to play and saved over it. I’ve tried picking it back up but it just can’t hold my attention anymore.


Jecht and Tidus high-fiving for a brief moment at the end of FFX. I know it sounds silly and especially if you have no context for the game, but I had a troubled relationship with my own father as a child. My mother was not really in the picture and while my dad provided my brother and I with everything he could by himself, he was not emotionally available at all. There never seemed to be any moments where he said "I'm proud of you". Any sort of compliment or engagement seemed to be overly critical rather than encouraging. I really resonated with how Tidus viewed his own father and how that shaped his character arc. After he finally understands the reality and truth behind the events of the story and shares that moment with Jecht, I lost it completely. I still do. What a great fucking game.


I resonates with me also because I don’t have a great relationship with my dad. Honestly that ending has kept FFX up near the top of my personal GOAT games for that reason. Love it. Add the music into it? Tears every time. To this day.


It was an incredible story. It kind of irks me when people criticize Tidus. Like, it would suck being transported 1000 years into the future and everything you know is gone.


I don't know, it sort of worked out for Philip J Fry.


When Lee Everett was dying and you had to make the decision for Clementine of whether she should shoot you or leave you.


Yep. That’s the one for me. I replayed the whole game again, but my wife watched me play the 2nd time around. I didn’t tell her a word of the story, and let her make all the choices. She couldn’t make this last choice and I had to. My wife was crying. I made her play this game because she felt “video games don’t have the same emotional charge as movies”. She will never say that again lol


That was peak Telltale, in terms of narrative. That choice is iconic.


The theme music for season 1 was so fucking emotional man. Every time I hear it I get major nostalgia.


The intro in ori and the blind forrest.


Omg this one. Hi welcome to Ori. Use the analog stick to move. Use the A button to jump. OK now rip out your heart and stomp on it.


The end of Will of wisps


The villain bird's backstory


Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.


Yes. This moment in ME3 is always so heartbreaking.


[sighs] I am the very model of a scientist Salerian


I came here to say this. I cried like a mofo.


Him yelling "I MADE A MISTAKE!" hit me harder personally. For him to not only admit that but YELL it, you knew it had been eating away at him forever. Edit: Thanks to u/eternalsteelfan for the correct quote.


Snake in the microwave


As someone who hasn’t played any MGS games, this was a strange sentence to contextualize lol


Bruuuhhh! So many emotional moments in the MGS series! That one was intense AF, though...


Me coming to grips with "this is the last time I'll be Snake" just made it that much more painful.


It's not the microwave but the main theme when him and liquid are fighting at the end when they're out of stamina then they stab each other with the (epipens)


MGS3, putting down The Boss. Big Ol' Yeller vibes. And you both know it is wrong and unnecessary, but you must carry out The Mission. It is your duty.


MGS4 is one of the most batshit insane pieces of media ever created. It also never fails to make me cry. I love that game.




Gears 3 as well when he takes his own life


That moment broke me. My buddy and I did couch co-op for the first two, and I was always player 2. When Dom died, I felt a part of me die. Not ashamed to say I cried.


He sacrificed himself to save his friends and brother. Dom was such a loyal friend and brother and his death still hurts.


My little brother and I played this in co-op and when this scene happened, it was quiet in the room. Neither one of us said anything or even moved. We still talk about it... over 10 years later.


Same here. That scene hit hard. It was also really unexpected which I think gave it more impact.


You just made me relive my teenage favorite in one swoop :')


The Last of Us. At the beginning. If you’re a parent, it got you too… :( If you have a daughter, it hits even harder


I'd tie that with the end of the winter segment when Joel calls Ellie "baby girl".


Heck, I'm child free and it got _me_ hard. They were not afraid to go directly for the gut and the performances were superb.


First time I played it, same, was child free and it got me good. Now I’m a dad it hits much harder.


It's crazy that this is so far down. I played that opening on Father's Day and didn't touch the game for weeks after that. Amazing game. But that opening was rough.


That moment in the tv series is going to be talked about for a long time.


I can’t wait to ugly cry watching that in the show.


Came here to say exactly this. My daughter was 5 when TLoU came out and my god that opening sequence hit all sorts of emotional centres in my brain. Masterful. It made Joel opening up and letting Ellie in even more poignant for me. By the end of the game there was no f**king way I was letting them harm that little girl, the human race be damned!


Shadow of the Colossus. The horse jump.


The ending and many times through Life is Strange 1 😭 oh god, here come the flashbacks.


Same here. Kate Marsh died because I failed her.


Red Dead Redemption the attempted arrest of John Marston at the end. retried that deadeye opportunity more than twice, only to be heart broken each time.


For me it was taking revenge as his son. I replayed that mission a few times too, but no matter how I did it, quick, slow, or creatively, I was still hollow inside. You expect to feel better after, but there was absolutely no emotional change. There is no redemption for betrayal, and there is nothing gained in revenge.


Oldest moment. FF7. Sephiroth skewering Aerith or Cid admitting that Shera was right and the ultimate sacrifice that followed. Recent. Joel losing his daughter at the very beginning of TLoU. FFxiv. The Long Walk. Those who know, know.


The Long Walk as well as the several hours on either side of it are one long barrage of every emotion I could possibly feel. So good. Also, 5.3.


TLoU - Joel losing his daughter. When you finally have a daughter, that scene just hits different.


I'm an old fart. That one particular moment when Sephiroth impales Aerith.


I'm so old I remember when it was Aeris


The lack of music in the following fight. Chefs kiss!


Stop calling ourselves old…. We’re higher level, damnit


Protocol 3: Protect the pilot


Fallout 3 ending, but only if you complete a certain quest first. >!After your dad has his encounter with the Enclave and you escape to the Brotherhood of Steel base, a hidden quest activates. If you check your radio you see a new broadcast from your former vault. It has fallen basically into civil war, and your friend is begging you to come back and help. So I did. And even though I had the science requirement to solve the quest non-violently and save everyone, you get banned from the vault a second time.!< >!So not only do you watch that vault door close with an entirely different set of feelings than the first, but even more, when you get to the end? When you're given that choice to follow your dad's sacrifice and fulfill your mom's greatest goal to the benefit of the whole world? Suddenly it stops being "Make the noble choice, give it all for the cause." and to me far more screams of "Well, I have nothing left. Everything has been shit since I left the vault, and now I can never go back. So... why not? Why would I chose to live?!< >!And for me? That was dark. And huge, given how different I felt the first time I completed that game.!<


I remember my ending for FO3 I got to the end and was told that I'd die if I went in and stopped the event so my Super Mutant companion turned to me and said he'd go in since he was immune to radiation damage. I thought that was a win-win, the event was avoided and I get to live. Roll the end credits and the Narrator calls me a little bitch for not nobly sacrificing myself and I'm like wtf? Why would I kill myself if I have the option to live!


That was actually patched in later. At release, Fawkes would instead tell you something about "this is your destiny, not mine" and not go in. Because at release, the game ended at the credits. Only after a lot of people wanted to keep on playing post-credits, like you can w/ Elder Scrolls games, did they patch it to allow this.


Wasn't aware of that sidequest, but that's actually pretty much how Fallout 1 ended.


I feel alone but I really did feel something at the end of bioshock infinite


You ain’t alone. Bio shock Infinite is my fav out of the series for the story, characters, and the ending. The whole thing is just a rollercoaster


Probably when Tidus started fading at the end of FFX.


Yep. Either that scene or in the spirit pond with Yuna. What a game...


A great love story with adventure thrown in.


For me it was right before that, when it clicked he was actually just a projection and Yuna tries to hug him and just passes through him. But yeah you beat me to what I was going to say :)


I wanted to reply FFX, glad someone did it already! With FFX, this is when I realised video games were underrated and truly some of them are simply Art.


FF7, when Aerith does, in a way, lead her people to the promised land (ending). Nier Automata ending. “Life is about this struggle.” Shoutout to Ocarina of Time, when you hand Zelda the ocarina and, just before playing it, she looks at it with these incredibly sad eyes that silently communicate the mixed emotions of saving the world but losing your best friend and confidant in one action.


Here I was thinking I was wierd that no-one else mentions zelda. It is not that punch in the gut emotion of other stories. But those two characters spend eternity fighting to save one another, and just when the crisis is resolved they always lose one another again.


Hellblade: senuas sacrifice. The end fighting scene that never ends and you feel like you’re fighting for your life till you realize it’s a battle you can’t win. The music during that scene is amazing. I was on the verge of tears


Ghost Of Tsushima- Final Cutscene


Also when they did my boy Kage wrong.


Agreed! On the chosen name, and what they did to him! I still fast travel to his grave occasionally...


The end of ghosts of Tsushima or spreading fayes ashes (gow)


Rdr2 That last ride... 😭




Fr man 🤧😭


Always heard about that one. For me it was opening of The Last of Us, but I think RDR2 would top it from what I hear.


Give the game a shot if you're able to! It's amazing.


Yep. A top 5 story in video game history for me. And I would unequivocally call it the most visually beautiful game ever made.


Bruh! Goosebumps 😢😢😢😢


Journey end credits


Met a random in the desert on Journey. We emoted then just sat down for 5 minutes, not moving,, just still in the calm of the desert breeze. So peaceful and so impactful.


Maaaan when you first realize that’s a person!? It’s so connecting and cool.


Journey is a piece of transcendental art and it is simply ***breathtaking*** from start to finish. I cried SO much when I first played it. And then I cried each subsequent time.


Perhaps not emotional per se, in the sense you're talking, but I remember being genuinely shocked at the reveal in Knights of the Old Republic. Maybe I should have seen it coming, but I did not. I believe my mouth was actually open when it happened.


Undertale Pacifist Ending. It isnt even that emotional but i cried like a baby


How the hell did I forget about Undertale? Amazing game.




“Everyone that I have ever cared for has either died or left me…everyone fucking except for you! So don’t tell me I’d be better off with someone else because the truth is that I’d just be more scared!” 🥹 The last of us has some great moments.


The last guitar scene kills me every time.


"I gave you everything I had Dutch" After all of Arthur's honest self-realizations and attempts at redeeming himself before losing his staredown with death, in the very end, he **still** looks for the betterment of Dutch and his final smile on the planet was the slight grin at seeing Dutch momentarily find some sanity amidst his own spiral into madness and side with Arthur/leave Micah behind. Powerful shit.


Shadow of the colossus. The bridge falling...


RDR2 main ending and then getting some bit of vindication in the American Venom epilogue mission. One of the more memorable moments in my gaming lifespan. The setting, music, dialog, just perfect.


Gears of War 2, Doms wife.


“Do you remember the question that causes the creators to attach us, Tali’Zorah? Does this unit have a soul?” “Legion. The answer to your question….was yes.” “I know, Tali. Thank you. Keelah se’lai”


Recent ones are: Ghost of Tsushima ending. I took about 30 minutes deciding between the two choices. Sindri moment in GOWR


God there's a lot. Can we have ties? The most would have to be Mass Effect 3 when you're saying your final farewell to Tali before running off to The Citadel. The "I have a home" kills me. The runner-ups tho. They have to be Telltales TWD with Lee's death and the other has got to be Cyberpunk 2077 and the suicide ending.


The ending of Metal Gear Solid 3, with Snake saluting the Boss's grave and Eva's voiceover. "History will never know what she did. No one will ever know the truth. Her story, her debriefing, will endure only in your heart. Everything she did, she did for her country. She sacrificed her life and her honor for her native land. She was a real hero. A true patriot."


Joel telling Ellie the truth. It pained me as much as it did her.


The last dungeon of PMD explorers of time. Seeing Grovyle sacrifice himself to let you and your partner get to the tower of time. Then after as soon as you replace the time gears and effectively removed what caused your exsistance to no longer occur. You then tell yout partner this and you just see them fall apart, because they got THIS far because of YOU. But in saving the world you take your own life in the process. Fucking broke my heart.


Dragon Age Inquisition. Entire journey to Skyhold sequence. Starting with walking slowly through the snow, then song in the camp and journey to the Skyhold. Chef's kiss.


The conversation between ellie and joel at the end of the last of us 2


Portal 2 ending, i dont want it to end


The entirety of Lost Odyssey.


I was doing a permadeath run in S.T.A.L.K.E.R Anomaly mod, my character was already maxed out, I thought I was ready to raid Jupiter Underground.... First encounter with Monolith soldiers, they threw grenades right at me, i did even saw where it came from, just heard the "Slava Monolita!" In the distance and the explosions that followed. That run was like, 40 or so in-game days, around 2 or so months in real life playing around an hour daily. Shit hurt me real hard I never tried again lol


Rescuing ellie in the last of us 1 in the snow chapter, and slaughtering the strawhat ronin after what they did to taka in ghost.


Rdr 2 ending, first 10 minutes of The Last of Us and very recently ending of A Plague Tale Requiem


Good of War Ragnarok - when Kratos heard his wife's voice coming from the elf light. So much emotion in that face.


Best moment for me was >!Kratos asking Brok to bless his spear.!<


So much emotion from Kratos in the whole game. Loved it. Definitely felt some tears when a certain death happened. Felt some sadness after Ragnarok, knowing this game is probably the last. Thor just wanting to repent for thw sake of Thrud. That whole game was emotional, man.


Ps3 MGS4- the final fight between old snake and liquid ocelot. No guns, no back up, no metal gears. Just a fist fight to determine how it all ends.


An Absolute Masterpiece! The location, evolving health bars, the music! All perfect! My favorite video game series, hands down! Got the fox logo tattooed on my wrist...


Bioshock 2 the good ending


The death of cortana in halo 4. I've been playing halo since before halo 2 came out. In a sense, i grew up with her and chief, and to just see that moment, where she gives up everything left me in tears.


Either the opening scene of The Last of Us, or one of the endings in Detroit: Become Human when Kara and Alice are executed in the train station just before they are about to escape to freedom.


God of war ragnarok spoilers! It had alot of emotional moment but the one i want to mention is when you finish fighting the giant grandma and she says some hurtful words to the girl then the girl tries to forgive her by saying she’s lost, a person which she used to adore now changed to the worst and i think alot of people can relate to that


Ori and the blind forest ending


God of war: Ragnarok. I’m a dad to a beautiful son. Right before you go into the final battles, that moment in the tent between father and son made me choke up. Never got emotional before with a videogame/movie/show, but this one got me.




\- Death Stranding's last delivery, accompanied by BB's Theme music. \- May I stand unshaken, RDR 2. \- Outer Wilds, the final stretch.


Having my horse die in Ghost of Tsushima


Earthbound (SNES). The ending. In desperation… Paula prays which prompts the townspeople to start praying for the safety of their friends. It’s the best. Had never seen anything like it in a video game… before or since.


When Ellie is yelling at Joel to get up knowing he won't. The last of us 2, couldn't play after his death I cried so much and honestly the game felt dead to me after that. My husband was live streaming at the time. We just sat in silence for the longest before he said "yeah I think I'm done." Honestly it's the way he died that bothered us so much.


Telltale Walking Dead Season 1 and 2. Season 1 - Saying goodbye to Lee Season 2 - saying goodbye to Kenny Always gets the water works going


Witcher 3 ending!


Yes! Felt so empty and emotional after finishing the game. It felt that I was so connected to the game’s characters and I finally had to say goodbye to them.. never had this feeling with any game


If we’re talking the Blood and Wine ending, sitting around the campfire, I 100% agree.


The ending of KH2FM and persona 3 FES




The end of Outer Worlds, realizing how many single seemingly unconnected things had to fall exactly into place in order for some semblance of liberation to occur. It was extremely sad to realize our own reality is at least equally complex, and yet beautiful in a hopeful way.


Can't believe no one is talking about Firewatch


Ultima Thule


In Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker when Urianger meets Moenbryda's parents


Definitely playing Okami and you were fighting the final boss! I cry every time. The music, the friendship, the love always sends me over the edge!


Brothers: Tale of Two Sons My son was 9 at the time. I picked up the game long before that in a Steam sale. I heard it was good. My son decided I would play the older brother. We enjoyed the puzzles and working together. Then. It. Happened. We’re in our office crying and my wife asks what is going on in there? How do you explain how the gameplay is making a profound moment of sadness? Wonderful game that I doubt I’ll ever play again.


Halo Reach😢


Jackie death in cyberpunk 2077


*See you in the major leagues, Jack.*


Cyberpunk ending


Which one? There's like 5 lol


The end of BioShock Infinite Burial At Sea ep2 :’’’(


The ending sequence of FF6. Just 20 long ending with all sorts of feels.


The ending of Metal Gear Solid 3


Telltale's The Walking Dead, when >!Lee died!<. I cried. A *lot*. Most of the character deaths in Red Dead Redemption 1/2, especially >!Arthur's!<. That shit got me babbling incoherently.


The end of Kingdom Hearts 3. Cried like a damn baby.


The opening to The Last of Us. Broke my heart completely.


The Revali part in BOTW. When he saves goes save the princess in a sarcastic voice idk what about it but it was soo sad