Diablo 2 has some summoning builds, namely the druid and necromancer. The summon druid is fairly weak in original D2 but in the remaster (D2 Resurrected) there's been balance changes that have buffed up the summon druid, making them stronger and also allowing him to have all of his pets out at once (ravens, spirit wolves, dire wolves, and a grizzly bear). The summon necro can have a big army of skeleton warriors (swords), skeleton mages, golems, and revives (resurrecting dead monsters you've killed so that they're on your side). As for what you do while your summons attack, for the druid you can stun your enemies with the shockwave skill as a werebear, or you can supplement their attacks with your own whether that's as a shapeshifter (werewolf or werebear) or with a ranged weapon like a bow, crossbow, or throwing weapons. The necromancer can supplement his minions with curses, which are debuffs that affect enemies (increasing their physical damage taken, elemental damage taken, reducing their speed, etc). He can also cast poison or magical spells to deal damage, and of course the beloved corpse explosion. Boom! As for actual tactics regarding the minions themselves there's no way to command them, they are AI controlled so occasionally they might just stand around idly but most of the time they work pretty well and are fairly aggressive. Summons can be "controlled" later on with the usage of the teleport skill via a technique called "telestomping", but getting permanent access to teleport requires an item that usually takes a ton of time to acquire so you'll probably be working with teleport skill charges most of the time (e.g. you've got a staff with 30 teleport charges, you can use teleport 30 times before you need to recharge it at a vendor which is pretty expensive). I'd suggest the remaster over the original game, they're both great but the remaster has beautiful graphics and has some very nice quality of life updates (bigger stash and shared stash tabs, auto gold pickup, improved control scheme called quickcasting, etc.) as well as balance updates. D2R is currently at full price but it's been frequently on sale for 50% off at $20, which is also the cost of the original game + the expansion. It'll probably be on sale within the next 2-3 weeks for the Winter Sale so that'd be a good time to grab it if you're interested.


Beautiful, I really appreciate the detailed rundown friend. This definitely sounds like what I was looking for, so I think I'll listen to your advice and wait a bit to see if I can grab the remaster and the expansion with a little discount. Thanks a lot for the info!


No problem, the remaster comes with the expansion included already so there's only one purchase neccesary. For original D2 it's separated into two separate purchases, base D2 ($10) that has Act 1-4 and the original 5 classes and the Lord of Destruction expansion ($10) that adds Act 5, the druid and assassin classes and many other things. D2R comes with both so if you get it on the 50% sale then it's the same cost ($20) as original base D2 + LoD. Do beware that it's a remaster and not a remake, so it still uses the same old 20 year old game engine underneath the fresh coat of paint. I think it's aged well for the most part but there's definitely some clunkiness and lots of hidden mechanics as well like the "breakpoint" system that might feel weird to a newer player. Just something to keep in mind. Feel free to ask more questions if you have any. :)