But playing Rollercoaster Tycoon at 8K tho.


I swear a 3080ti still can’t handle RT3 w/ water park expansion at night with fireworks. That shit is like particle bomb city.


Wasnt RCT all made using CPU processing and no graphics card, so it wouldn’t even use the GPU if you had one? I just remember reading that in another comment, but if true it would explain why no matter how good the GPU, the CPU is the bottleneck


Just get an i9 12900k and OC the tits out of it if you want 30fps like any sane person would ^^^^^^^/s


It is written in assembly, yes.


Planet Coaster is a nice successor, try that in 8k.


Bro playing Star Wars battlefront 2 (the old one) runs gray on my 3070


A redditor finds out that a good game is more than the pretty GFX.




There are those, like Minecraft looks insanely good with ray-tracing but you have to like Minecraft.


Minecraft is pretty fun actually. Though I did stop playing because I couldn't figure out how to get nether portals to work. : (


A chicken shit sandwich tastes insanely good, but you have to like chicken shit. Edit: not bashing on Minecraft just pointing out how redundant that comment is.


My dogs do, it's like candy to them. They hunt the yard looking for chicken shit nuggets and eat them up like they haven't eaten for a month.


No it doesn't


Does to.


Trust me I think I've tried all recently released good graphics games. None of them have been very fun :( The worse was Forza Horizon 5. AMAZING graphics wasted on a game with zero sense of progression (they give you a free Supra/Corvette as your first car...) and the most arcady car physics to the point where using a wheel is a hindrance. Ok little rant on car games. Why the fuck can't we have a car game with FH5 graphics, Assetto Corsa physics, and actual good career mode??? Why can't I start with a shitter econobox and work my way up? I would pay $80 right now for a game that gives you all that. Instead these companies pour hundreds of millions into these car games only for it to be utterly wasted on the most stunted driving experience so controller people can play it, and give you a super car in the first 10 minutes.


Horizons is the arcade racer of Forza, It's supposed to be like that. That's why horizons is the best version for some. Like I hate the other one because it's too realistic and stupid. I love arcade racing, it's my favorite type 😍 Also the game you describing is midnight club, it had the whole start from the bottom until you get better and better It was absolutely phenomenal and it was so much fun. I love the fact that I got better and better as I could afford better parts and upgrade my car. To the point where I could make enough money to buy a better car and race in a different circuit.


The original Grid worked like that. You started off in pretty meh cars. Worked your way up buying better cars, buying a partner to race with to increase your earnings.


How about old games with graphical upgrade mods? Thats probably the main benefit of PC gaming, being able to mod your games to add more life to them.


Been playing Star Citizen, modded Skyrim (Wildlander) and a modded patched-up Cyberpunk 2077 on my new machine, but I still think FTL is a better game.


That's what I've been doing, yeah. Witcher 3 loaded up with a ton of mods. I need to finish RDR2 first though


Just very recently finished RDR2. Its a big game. Yeah, I am excited to see the graphical update CDPR is releasing for W3 although its likely going to be similar to the popular mod on Nexus. Apparently the studio worked with the modders.


That's actually cool that the studio is working with the modders. Rare to see this nowadays.


Gran Turismo 3 on the ps2 comes to mind. Shitbox to f1 car over... many hours.


you have a budget, you can either hire more graphics guys or more game designers and feature devs.


The most fun I've had with games are ones with graphics that don't try to be realistic


Some games are pretty but good games have style.


Maybe don’t hype yourself you need new expensive GPU without even knowing why first.


It can't be a bit of a trap if your gpu is *really* old You see all the new fancy games, but can't play any because shitty gpu, then you get an upgrade, start playing and then think to yourself: "well this is beautiful and boring". And then suddenly you find yourself just playing Hollow Knight, Dead Cells and Hotline Miami again, trying to forget about how much the fancy gpu set you back. Hypothetically speaking of course


I've been waiting to upgrade my 1070 for years now, but have yet found a good reason to. The only hungry game I play is Total Warhammer, but I get good perfomance with my setup anyway. So really, why upgrade?


I've been using my 1080 for years and it can still handle so much that's thrown at it that I don't feel the need to upgrade.


I have a 1080ti and I'm just waiting for prices to either drop or rte next generation to release (so that the prices also drop). It's nothing urgent, but if I get a good deal I'll take it.


I went from a 760 to a 3070 last year and got an ultra wide 1440p monitor. The 760 was struggling with life itself so it was worth IMO but yea found out real quick I didn't care about almost any of the games that max the card out.


This. I'll drive my gpu into the ground before I buy another or until new games I want to play actually put me on the lowest settings. My first ever card was a Radeon 5870 lasted me almost 8 years and was still fine to use. Just some games were getting rough to play haha


Dude, I fuck with Hades on my iGPU, a game that fun runs on a PC with no graphics card makes you question why you even upgrade


>Hollow Knight, Dead Cells and Hotline Miami my man


damn, as someone who just upgraded from a GTX 950M, this is way too accurate


This is why I wouldn't upgrade. I simply don't need it since I mostly play games with low requirements.


To be fair I got a really insanely good deal with the 3080ti so I could probably even make profit back just by selling it. Oh well


how much?


You also have a gpu that will carry you for at least the next few years, so even if you don't love the games now, you also know you'll be able to play whatever you want in full on beauty mode for a good long while.


I would never have this issue because there's always more graphics mods


Buy 3080ti, play Vampire Survivors.


The “gOoD gRaPhIcS bAd” circle jerk has never made sense to me. Like all the people complaining that Uncharted and The Last of Us are “just movies” as if, somehow, good graphics means its impossible for the game to have gameplay. Id like to see a list of these “90%” of games that are apparently terrible. I know you mentioned Forza Horizon 5, which was pretty much universally praised as incredible and nearly won GOTY and The Game Awards. The problem isnt that the game was bad, its that you don’t like arcade racers and prefer sim racers. Youre probably just a really picky gamer. I struggle to think, off the top of my head, of any recent “good graphics games” that were genuinely bad, besides maybe Bright Memory Infinite.


2042 is pretty bad for a good looking game but that's all I can think off. Ironically bfV looks better and has better ray tracing, on top of that it plays better too, not all that much honestly as bfV's combat is not really for me. I think at the end of the year we have some pretty good looking games that might play well, we'll see.


What about bruteforcing horribly optimized games that are fun?


“Minecraft: java edition”


Isn't minecraft more cpu bound though?


I thought you were talking about unoptimized games in general


Well in a gpu sense, yes.


“Horribly optimized” is a bit of an oxymoron, wouldn’t that just be not optimized?


RDR2 at 4K.


Control with ray-tracing on. Seeing the office windows full reflect makes you realize for how long we have put up with fuzzy reflections.


Exactly what I'm doing right now. RDR2 is definitely the 10% here


Horse riding simulator 2.


Always have a purpose behind every purchase. I recently upgraded from a horrible 11 year old PC to a new medium range machine with the sole purpose of playing RDR2 and Doom Eternal


How's doom eternal on mouse and keyboard? I've been wondering if it's worth getting on PC just to see how fun it'd be compared to console.


It's probably the most fun I've ever had in an FPS purely from a gameplay standard. The combat loop on PC is just insane. I haven't played it on console but it's most likely a very different gaming experience EDIT: Just remembered that you have precision shots in the game and I can't imagine those being much fun with a controller


controller gives you aim assist


Any FPS is better on PC just because aiming with a mouse is much more accurate (and fun) This is coming from a guy who's been strictly xbox the last 6 years and just bought a new PC a couple weeks ago. That's just my opinion though.


> just because aiming with a mouse is much more accurate (and fun) Halo Infinite has entered the chat


I play every shooter with mouse with the exception of Halo. It's made with controllers in mind and you can tell.


Doom is one of the few FPS that doesnt feel hindered by the controller. If you do this, get it cheap.


Not OP, but Imo much better than with a controller. Much much more accurate to snap to targets and make fine adjustments when moving.


Just longevity and future proofing your build is still good reason to upgrade


I play mostly 80s and 90s games on my modern PC, big curved screen, awesome headphones etc. A few years ago, I used to find it kind of absurd. Now I find it appropriate.


Geometry dash at 8k?


Amazing idea lmao


Modded Skyrim is fun, Cyberpunk is pretty fun but other than that a 3080 Ti isn't really needed.


Cyberpunk runs great on a el-cheapo 3060. or even a 2060.


Cyberpunk makes my 3060 Ti struggle. Probably the biggest RTX hog (I haven't tried Metro yet)


No ray tracing obviously but my 1080 is happily doing 70+fps.


Metro had me at about 80fps at 1440p with Ray tracing


CP is fun now?


that's a poor choice of acronym without the 77 after it.


The MQ and SQs (which are MQ really) are some of the best narrative gameplay I have had in years. But it's not an open world, It doesn't have any dynamic content. It's so vast and empty and boring outside of the main quest and the secondary quest which bridge into the main quest. It's basically Deus Ex in an open world with linear story progression. Don't expect Watch dogs Legion, don't expect Saints Row or Grand Theft Auto. There's nothing fun to explore, large areas you go to for Mq/Sq are artificially closed and you can't go back. Nothing respawns and there's no random things to do. And there's so many invisible walls you'll be sick of them by the end of your game if you like to explore. That said you're about 200 hours on just the main quest and secondary quests alone and it really is fun, just don't expect an open world game.


thanks for the review


Have you played it? Or just have opinions after hearing other opinions? It’s a great game.


I love the downvotes. I played it when it first came out. I'm asking if it's good now so I can play it again.


80% of the bugs are fixed. Play it like a story focused shooter, not like GTA and you'll have fun.


I only played it after the patch, so it didnt glitch much for me. The gunplay, gameplay and story are the same as it was when it launched, so if you hated it then it’ll be about the same now. My favorite part is smashing a car until it falls apart and deciding how to tear apart a crew of guys. It’s horribly funny to kill everyone except one last guy and then hitting them with the suicide hack and the last guy just off themselves.


It's the same.


Always was.


4k I would say it's worth it. Once it drops to ~$650-700


I bought a 6800xt to play the new battlefield… I didn’t end up buying the game.


Why not try monster hunter world, it's gorgeous despite being a few years old


Rise is on PC, too!


Yes it is! I only recommend world though because rise is a switch port, and while it looks fantastic, it's not on worlds level in terms of graphics




Horizon monsters fuck me plenty tyvm


That’s a great suggestion. I played mhw a little after release and enjoyed it on my 950 with 30fps… I bet I could have fun replaying with my 3060ti now. I’ve had a lot of fun playing Sea of Thieves on mythic graphics settings.


Capcom games have been great for this as of late. Also recommend DMC5 and Resident Evil (2/3).


My friends constantly upgrade their computers. They hardly ever play, and their primary games are DRG, League, and WOW.


I hear you, I hear you... But imagine the graphics on those Age of Empires/Mythology and Civilizations tho!!!


Unless you're looking for 4k high refresh rate gaming a 3080TI is overkill anyway.


Almost as though good graphics do not a good game make.


I would like a 3080 to play with good quality wireless pc VR games. But only ONE (1) AAA pc VR game exist right now. So…


Playing the wrong games. There are plenty of great-looking games that are fun to play.


welp, back to terraria but in 8k this time


Minecraft RTX: “now this looks like a job for me”


RDR2, GoW, Horizon zero dawn and soon Spider man remastered.......then again for the price of a 3080ti you could have bought a ps5.


Two of them actually, but I'd rather have the GPU.


Yeah, I need a good pc for other things then gaming so I got myself a 3070, not enough for a 3080ti which is insanely expencive but still


You’re not wrong, but playing the poorly developed old games at stead frame rate is definitely a plus.


One of the reasons why I still use my 1660ti. I have noticed that the games I enjoy are mostly bottlenecked by CPU. Rimworld, factorio, modded terraria


You don't want to see those gorgeous human leather hats in stunning 4k?


I have like 6 AAA titles I've bought over the last 2 years that just sit while I play indie games and like the original dues ex and emulators and shit like that lol


That's why I'm in no rush to upgrade, my pc is a powerful pc for any games that came before 2012 which was my childhood era so I play games I wasn't able to afford back then. New games.... there's no hype whatsoever, companies ruined that a long time ago, the fun factor really isn't there most of the time


I suggest you to play games at 4K/120Hz on a OLED display. Then you will get the feeling that your powerful GPU is useful. ​ Games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, RDR 2, God of War, Elden Ring, Spider-Man, Shadow of the Raider and the list goes on.


The only game ive played and enjoyed that required a beefy graphics card was frostpunk, everything else you can play with a normal set up


Reject 8k go back to 1980x1600 for good game


CSGO at 500fps is worth it


Gameplay > graphics always


Graphics in certain games can add a lot but don't change the story, having good graphics doesn't hurt the game so I'd like both in a game.


I'm running a rig built in 2016 and I don't see even a single reason to upgrade it until we get a steady stream of Unreal 5 engine games.


Even then, wouldn't it be better to sit on an older machine and buy like the rtx 4000 or 5000 series, I think you're doing the right thing


I'd be happy about the 10%. Quality over quantity!


I have a buddy who spent over $3000 on his computer only to play counter-strike all day.


RDR2, Dying Light 2, God of War, AC Valhalla/Odyssey, Control, Horizon Forbidden West, Half-Life Alyx, Detroit Become Human Sound like you just don't enjoy gaming anymore because there's a ton of amazing AAA games out there


Yup almost all AAA games i've seen released over the years are unoriginal using already proven formulas in uninspired ways lately often having microtransactions in some way. I wont say every game is like that but every assasins creed/sports game/call of duty/battleroyale game that comes out is pretty much the same game with a reskin


Now you can play old school RuneScape with 2000 FPS!


CP2077 is better than everybody says if you didn’t follow every announcement about it during development. I bought it on sale for CDPR anniversary and I played it for about 5 hours or so before going out of town and I’ll definitely get back into it when I get home. My sister loves RDR2 so that’s another one to consider. I’ve personally found that all the games everybody shits on at release for their bugs and performance issues are the most fun. CDPR put so much effort into making CP2077 a unique experience, only for it to get hate because the ps4 can’t run it with the street crowd population at max.


Seconded, CP2077 is actually really good now.


Seconded, CP2077 is actually really good now.


Seconded, CP2077 is actually really good now.


$500 for a steamdeck > $2000 pc with 3080 ti. At least that has been my experience this year.


Wrong opinion


Get a VR headset. even the el-cheapo HP one with a 3080 makes super old games like Corsa extremely fun.


Mainly want it to handle my plans for Cities Skylines!


I bought mine to be ready for 2023. So many big game releases coming.


Im at a point now, to where any game that comes out today has good enough graphics for me. Its not like it was when I was a kid in the 90s where I knew there was a tremendous room for improvement one day.


Diminishing returns with those really expensive RTXs


At least you have bragging rights.


Also, that power draw... eye-watering for anyone say in the UK looking at energy bills rising several hundred percent in a single year, & with things predicted to get much worse in 2023.


Yeah, I'm lowkey tempted to go to a 1660ti or some low power draw card and just play older games. It's very tempting


I find with the sort of games that have the most to offer from high graphical fidelity are multiplayer twitchy shooter games where I turn everything down to lowest settings to improve visibility.


>hd texturepacks


I have an 3080, and i play World of Warships in 1440p only, nothing else. 🤣


My lucky poor ass having a 2d platformer with cartoonist grafics as my favorite game


I didn't buy my 3080 to play modern games. Bought it to play my old games better. ;)


Best game I played last year was inscryption and I'm pretty sure that would run on a toaster.


My goal is to have a PC be vr ready so I can play some of the better vr games on my quest 2. But other than that Id only worry about mods or add ons when it comes to graphics, like Minecraft rtx or Skyrim mods.


Minecraft rtx is neat, I just bought a 3070 and tried it out. It looks amazing but it's not worth an expencive card right now. I bought it to be future proof with all the games coming up.


I'm waiting for my chance to buy a $2000 Kerbal machine.


The golden age of PC games has been dead for awhile now. Just gotta put your head down and keep playing older stuff and hope and pray.


GPU prices are still out of control. We shouldn’t have to spend $1k on just a video card, and the game devs realize most people don’t have that level of power and don’t focus their games at the high end.


To be fair if you're on 1080p, you can get by with a 2060 or 3060 for the most part.


I’m still on a GTX 1080 playing VR and it’s plenty. That was a $500 card when I got it.


Cards are down to msrp, don't buy a stupid expencive one, go for the 3070 or 60 (ti).


Your older games with get more frames in 4k though.


More hours in Rimworld than any other game. That game can run on potato.


My current problem: can't turn the graphics up without turning my tiny ass room into a sauna


I bought a 3060 TI to play Elden Ring, as my last card wasn't able to handle some areas without running it at 800x600 which the game really wasn't intended to work with, I couldn't make out many of the icons or really even see enemies very well. I was able to finish ER with the new one just fine and everything looked good. I'm satisfied with my purchase. Play Elden Ring. :)


Get metro exodus enhanced and bathe in full RTX rendered goodness and realise that your 3080ti now let's you play in movies instead of games.


Play the games you love at the highest settings.


Time to get into VR!


Red Dead and Horizon would be enough for me. Oh, and Skyrim with 1000 mods


Unrelated but slightly related; could say the same about PS5 only 2 games are nice on it


Time to get into machine learning then!


Welp, at least the old games run better now


The amount of play time in that 10% is more than a human can play so nbd.


Honestly if I had a nice pc I would mostly play older games but with mods. I’m glad the prices are coming down now so I might finally build one


I still enjoy the general benefits, but if I'm being honest: The primary reason I upgrade my GPU is to run Minecraft with shaders at higher draw distances and still get > 90 FPS.


My little gaming laptop can do these new AAA titles without even a hint of struggling. And yet I still use it just to play Nintendo 64, or older playstation titles primarily. I do jump in a few matches of counter strike which I also ran on a toaster


Star citizen? Only reason im not playing that right now is because of my 960...


I feel this!!! I bought a new PC a couple weeks ago with this in it and oh man am I blown away by it.. but after trying a few graphically intense games on it I already find myself being sucked into older games instead


I was gonna upgrade from my 1070 to a 3080... but now I'm thinking I'll just wait til there is a fun PC exclusive game that I can't run well. My 1070 runs Cyberpunk on High Settings @ 40-50 fps. Is there much of a reason to upgrade?


mfw i got a 3080 12GB a few months before it dropped $700 in price :|


I have the same experience. I absolutely wanted to upgrade my 1060 and got an RTX 3080 not a month ago. I now play....TES Oblivion


Well more mods for Skyrim or whatever


Time to buy Satisfactory. I have a 5900x, 64gb DDR-3600, pcie-4.0 nvme SSDs and an RTX 3090 just to run at 4K120. I'll be upgrading to a 4090 on launch day.


You might not need a 3080ti to play in 4K but Stray was really good. I am waiting for TLOU2 and COD MW2 and Diablo 4


Then you realize fall guys is the most exciting game you own.


Spider-Man is about to come out on PC


Control was really good and uses a lot of pretty graphics. So too for Remnant, which was similarly forgotten about weeks after release.


Try raytracying in Minecraft Bedrock edition


10% of games with good graphics being very fun sounds like a great percentage, tbh, I don't think this is a negative thing.


Play gow and dmc5


I play FTL at max settings. We are not the same.


I replaced my RX 580 by a RX 6600 a fre months ago and I don't see how a higher tier card would've help me. I mainly needed a better GPU because I have a 1440p 75Hz screen and a 1080p 165Hz screen and my RX 580 couldn't really take advantage of any of them, the RX 6600 was perfect for that. Sure, I would've love to get an RX 6700 or 6800, but more money in my pocket is actually more important than running games in Ultra when High is indistinguishable most of the time and I mainly play older games or indies anyway.


what games have you played?


Good gameplay beats all!


Kingdom Come: Deliverance made my old 1060 cry. Now it's definitely on the list to try again.


I recently upgraded a few months ago to a fairly high-end machine from a ten-year-old Alienware X-51. It hasn't made a whole lot of difference in most of the games I play. Some are prettier and work better and quite a few are retro style games that don't make any difference because I didn't have much machine. With one exception. The final fantasy 7 remake. It was rough on the old machine. Actual gameplay was fine but the frequent cinematics would stutter and stagger and just be kind of horrible. Now they play smooth as silk. It's lovely.


You really don't need a 3080 until you start pushing high frame rate and high resolution. I'm running 3070 ti (only bc I could not get my hands on a 3080) at 2k 144hz and it mostly gets there


Try out the forgotten city. Great graphics great story only about 8 hrs tho


I got a 3060TI recently and I booted up all the games that my 960 couldn’t handle, went back to playing Stellaris in 2 days


The game Prey doesn’t get enough love. I can’t believe more people don’t talk about it. Doesn’t look half bad in 4K either


Skyrim VR with mods


Everyone's experience is different , for normal gaming I would have a similar sentiment but I do play vr gaming and I do play skyrim vr. You might think modding is just higher texture resolution and so on, but that isn't the case you have enb's as well, and they change the properiety of shaders and how they interact with light. A 3080 ti wouldn't even be enough for what I want to really do with skyrim vr modded, fallout 4 vr would even be more demanding and games look a lot better with ray tracing as well, and that is very performance heavy. Even a 3080 ti won't run dying light 2 at 4k ultra and max ray tracing, at least not at 60 fps steady.


One of the reasons why delaying my upgrade until the market is less awful is that I'm not really excited about any of the new demanding games. Latest "graphically heavy" game I enjoyed was shadow of the tomb raider, mostly because it was super silly.


The problem of good graphics is that developers need to waste more time in graphics and optimization that in gameplay


Minecraft with RTX isnt just another unfunny gaem


Planetside 2 has an indicator where your FPS is shown and whether it is GPU or CPU bottlenecked. I need a new CPU (&mobo, ram) just so I can utilize more of my 1070.