Back in the day when you could just search the text for what you needed rather than skip through a 20min bs youtube video to get a vague hint.


I thought I was alone! So annoyed with all the Google returns for "how to" videos. Just give me a list!


And they always aim to hit that magical 11 minutes BS to maximise ads. I love 11 minute videos that should've been 45 seconds long. It's like the gaming equivalent of "this meeting could've been an email".


Oh boy, that shit is the cancer of almost every genre of video on the whole platform. It used to be that you could queue up a handful of informational or just interesting videos and get your brain massaged for about half an hour before work. Now you basically gotta check your calendar before even thinking about watching more than two videos.


I love a good 30-45 minute video. Blame the content creator for not making engaging content, this is like blaming the radio for bad music.


I mean, yeah, radio chooses what music it plays, there is and always will be good music, it's totally its own fault if it plays bad music. And it's Youtube's fault that it has a bad monetization system that encourages formulaic videos. Sure, content creators are not *obliged* to actually go and create them, but at the very least, both of them are to blame, and I'm personally more sympathetic to the kid trying to make few bucks than to the megacorp.


Gotta blame YouTube for that though


At best provide both. Sometimes you need more context or clarification that the video will give you. At worst, YEAH, TEXT. You know, the thing that is great with digital? To be able to search! Navigate across section. (At least nowday YouTube allow to make chapter)


One of the best things about YouTube videos is it's a lot easier to confirm you are actually pressing the right buttons. Sometimes text guides aren't super clear, because something seems very obvious.


True true. Videos have been a huge help at times. I like them for learning DIY. Like when I started learning how to upgrade/build PCs.


Yup -quora -youtube -howtowiki _sigh_




I just read a few guides on GameFAQs a week or so ago for the first time in about a decade. They were still great. Glad it's still around.


What's stops you from using a text walk through?. Plenty of those still exists.


The really good ones had unique text codes you could search for to go to a specific chapter.


I still write my docs that way for code. Easier to grep for exactly what you need if there's a system of keywords.




5 minute raid legends or whatever game it is ad


Smash like and hit subscribe!


Not that I ever do much streaming, but I made my twitch handle yoitsnotyourboy (I think...I forget lol) in honor of those dorks


Drag slider forward 5 minutes, immediately get to back to back 14 second ads. Fuck that.


I think I read that webcomic...?


Gamefaqs still exists, if you're rerunning old games. I pulled up the one for Zelda: Minish Cap recently when I got stuck. Sadly my kids have now lost the cartridge. I was so near the end.


They have plenty of guides for new games posted too still.


Video walkthroughs are the worst! Half the time it's just some dude playing through it.


I just skip over videos in the search results and can usually find an article or two. The only time I watch a video is if it's a boss fight or something where it would help to see it done.


And they are filled with “check out our article on the 10 best xyz in the game” or “click here to find our article on why water beats fire in this game” or “follow this link to see how to earn experience in this game” before you can even see the guide content.


This is how discoverd the ctrl+f shortcut


I miss those days. I hate the days of every guide maker just being some really boring guy who can barely public speak and enunciate trying to get ad revenue. Its just hard for me to listen to undereducated people tbh. I went to school basically for public speaking and giving out clear and meaningful directions. The average youtuber is barely a high school grad who says "like" or "um" every other word and won't get to the point. The few really good YT's guide I have watched have actually had no speaking and were just pic guides with text. Which could have easily NOT BEEN A YT video.


I absolutely hate the guides that is a video of their desktop, then they open up notepad and start typing out the instructions painfully slow. But for some reason, it's the only guide on the internet about your particular problem.


The day where they were not too much of copy/paste stuff as well. Though there is one thing nowday that I kinda like. (Kinda is important here, because most of it are trash.) Peoples without much website knowledge can share their knowledge/experiment/projects (that aren't 5 minutes craft)


Judgmental much? Stay humble.


Hard to stay humble when you went to school basically for public speaking.


Lmao this comment has me dying, thank you.


Fuck yea! Gamefaqs.com!!! Then years later they came out with the html versions of the guides where you didn’t have to scroll the whole page or do Ctrl+F to find things. I remember the yearly character tournaments too.


Competition on major games was FIERCE! All the authors trying to outdo each other. It's a fascinating study on human behavior as you got to witness how different people approached and produced their FAQS uniquely. Formatting, what to include and in which order, the kind of commentary and so on.


Not to mention the specialized guides. There were subguides dedicate to specific item grinds, leveling, hidden items, etc. Not having to go through the entire guide but rather finding one exclusively on what you need help with. I miss those days.


Excellent point and that got me thinking, that was really a turning point for games - They got so big that they needed sub-guides to handle special sections of the game!


I think it just depends what games you were playing. If it was FF3, 4,5 or whichever had all the different classes for the first time, I bet that one was huge. Then ff7 I know was very big and had lots of sub guides. But other games you just don't need it.


True! Separately and slightly OT: I have this weird recollection of there being a massive Gamefaqs board thread about whether or not FF7 was a Tragicomedy - can't seem to find it now though. Perhaps lost to the sands of time...


People were drawing entire maps in notepad


Oddly enough, I was actually competing to get my guide up for this very game. Turned out, if you didn't have some amount of presence on the forums back then, your guides would get trashbinned, even if they were more detailed. >_<


Damn. I couldn't even imagine devoting that kind of effort even to any game I feel I'm an expert at. To have all that effort squandered would have been devastating to me. Never to do anything again Edit, it was tough to get this comment post worthy. Most of my stuff gets discarded before posting!


I still prefer the text files.


I'm like 70% sure people still make these on there


L-Block Supremacy!!


Little did we know how much we would miss ctrl+f'ing.


I still use ctrl+f all of the time? Mobile browsers on phone even have a feature to do the same search


Have a gamefaqs guide open right now for Shadow Hearts 2. Too many puzzles and I'm not good at converting poems into tablets.


God I miss these. Took me seconds to find what I was looking for instead of scrubbing through a video. The people that made these were saints.




Yeah but now I'm old as hell 😆




I mean I don't have as much time to play anymore so I don't need them like I used to


That’s one thing that amazed me as a kid, that someone loved a game so much that they sat down and made these very in-depth docs on how to beat the game, or spec your character, or whatever, just to share it for free on the internet with people who were struggling. Probably would not have beat Syphon Filter without it, bless you kind random internet stranger!


It's not as unusual as you might think. Sites like Wikipedia all function entirely on people caring about something enough to just sit down and write a bunch of stuff for the benefit of others. On an even bigger scale, there's untold numbers of volunteers and enthusiasts working on open source or free software all the time, for no real benefit to themselves beyond maybe some donations. Some people just like spending their freetime contributing stuff to the internet. It's a hobby. And we all benefit from them tremendously. Now if only we could do something about the rise of non-search-indexed platforms like Discord and Telegram effectively making the future of the internet far less useful for finding the works of these people.


Gamefaqs was the "social media" I used a a kid. I thought I was real witty back then so my username was black and red jester. I remember accidentally printing out one of those walkthroughs for Final Fantasy 7 not realizing how big it was


I knew exactly what I was doing. Parents said I’m gonna have to start buying my own “reams and reams” of paper. dial-up was a different time.


I had a manilla folder *thick* with random passwords/walkthrough printouts


I bonded with an ex's parents because they had a few pages of seemingly random crap on their fridge which I immediately recognized as Lemmings level codes.


Got my GameShark codes from gamefaq too


Hahaha my first thought was, I knew exactly what I was doing. Saving time going to the computer every time... How much is ink? Pffttt who knows!?


[Final Fantasy III (US)'s Game Genie Code Creators Club FAQ](https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/snes/554041-final-fantasy-iii/faqs/7126) I got in so much trouble printing it off in school.


This man understands


I printed a couple of the FF7 guides off in college back in 2000 because I found a way around the printer budget; and by 'found a way around', I mean 'entered task manager and shut the printer budget progam down'. Things were so much simpler back then. It took a couple of hours - nervous hours, hoping that the room I was in wasn't needed for a lecture, lol. I still have the guides somewhere.


I remember going onto gamefaqs in school to print all of these out, a time when computers and printers weren't an everyday occurrence in people's houses


Yep! Good times. Our computer lab was open during lunch and had a half a dozen printers. Many a final fantasy walkthrough was printed there.


>social media Yeah, the message boards were about as civil as the comments section of an EA tweet.


The lue community anyone?


LUElinks anyone?


Better days


I had 40 pages for zelda: oracle of ages. Flew through that printer ink


Gamefaqs was and is the goat.


I remember religiously going on GameFAQs growing up. Used to always look up cheat codes and print them out for my PS2 games, and I loved doing the daily polls. Good times. It was a godsend to help me get through games before we had video walkthroughs on YouTube.


Oh god we printed out the guides for Baldur's Gate (among at least a dozen other DnD games) when I was young. Size 5 font. Still over 50 pages each lol


If it was Absolute Steve’s guide, then yeah it was close to 700 pages. I printed out a FF7 guide in my middle school library and the librarian got so pissed. I used all of the ink and the paper.


Mine was zipzoolander like the bots master cartoon.


I had printouts for ultimate mk3, earthworm Jim, and so many other she's games. Earthworm Jim was from a spooled dot matrix lol


I played a lot JRPGs in my teens, so naturally I lived on GameFAQs.


Does JRPGs include Monster Hunter Freedom ? I played that game and I didn't know what to do since my english was laking at the time. Read through the GameFAQS walk-throughs help me a lot in many ways!




I still do. Witcher 1 and 2, Baldurs Gate 1 and 2, Resident Evil 3, 4, and 5, and any other single player game I play alongside gamefaqs walkthroughs. Berserker if u are reading this you are the man!


I still use them all the time.


I still use them for classic rpg's.


Yes, I discovered gamefaqs as a kid, trying to find all the Masks in Zelda Majora's Mask, then I collected all the fairies, and got the Great Fairy Sword. Damn, that was 20 years ago... or even more! Thanks for the memory rush!


My mom is actually the one who told me about GameFAQs because one of my classmates told her about it when I was about 9 lol. That's what most people graduated from after Happy Puppy.


They still exist and are being made


Yup, IGN seem to have a bunch. No idea if gamefaqs is still adding them either.


Gamefaqs is alive and well!


Not nearly as alive and well as they were 10 years ago.


All my final fantasy faqs were written by "A I E X." Thanks, wherever you are!


The guy did an ama on reddit before. https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/qpc0v/by_request_i_am_a_i_e_x_contributor_of_many


Holy crap. Thanks for the link!


They were the best guides for MANY games. That name was synonymous with excellence. Perfectly formatted and had everything you'd ever need to know.


I still remember all the FF guides by DingoJellybean. Truly, they were doing god's work.


Chrono Trigger by DingoJellybean was/is always my go to guidefor that game.


That one, and CyricZ were my guardian angels. He’s still at it too. I was stuck in a Yakuza playthrough and ended up at Gamefaqs for the first time in ages, and who has the best guide there? My guy CyricZ.


Hell yeah! I'm glad to see CyricZ mentioned here. Their guides for the Yakuza games and spin-offs have been invaluable. As dense as those games get with mini-games, side quests, etc., I always have a tab or two open to their guides when playing those games.


Absolutely. He’s been at it since the early 2000s, I must have used half a dozen of his guides during the PS2 era, so when I saw that name a few months back it was like seeing an old friend’s name on caller ID


Heh, that caller ID analogy is so true. It really is kind of comforting when you unexpectedly see a familiar name when checking out guides for the first time.


Oh shit, I remember that guy! His walkthroughs were incredible


CheatCC days


Remember that tons of Gamefaqs guides made sure to put a copyright notice to specify they couldn't use it not like that stopped them from stealing the content anyways.


"Oh no, how will I ever get around this water tight DRM system?!"


It was like the original NFT/screenshot issue.


I used CheatPlanet myself


My retinas are still burned orange to this day


I printed out the full guide to Raising Chao for Sonic Adventure 2: Battle from GameFAQs. I brought it to school to read and the teacher confiscated it. Never did get that Chaos chao.


I wrote one for the resident evil 3?.. Salazar fight. It made me happy to see so many likes on it and that it helped people.


Oof I remember this clearly. I wrote a final fantasy 7 one, a xenogears one, and I think Breath of Fire 3? I had it hosted it on my fortune city website with custom background music and TABLES!




I used these for complete The Legend of Dragoon walkthroughs. Much nostalgia.


So much better than video


I just finished a run through of MegaMan Legends last night. I got a rush of nostalgia as I opened one of these to check if I had missed anything. MAKE THE 3RD GAME CAPCOM!!! YOU FUCKING COWARDS!!!


Oh man I LOVED MegaMan Legends! I seem to remember it wasn't well received for some reason, but goddamn what a cool game! I might have to emulate and play it again soon.


MML1 suffered from coming out before dual analog was introduced on the PS1. So the controls are clunky as fuck. MML2 fixed this issue, but the overall game, while still very enjoyable (I’m running it right now) feels very disjointed. The beauty of MML1 was the exploration underground. Finding paths that connect to other parts of the map. Or areas that you can see but not yet access. It made Kattalox feel so much larger than it actually was. All of that seems to be missing in the sequel. And the overall story is absolutely weird as fuck. And I think that turned off a lot of people too.


I still use gamefaqs


Keep gamefaqs great


Do… do people not use Gamefaqs guides anymore? Damn, I’m livin’ in the past.


This comes up pretty frequently and it's always a surprise to me that people apparently don't use gamefaqs. It's usually the first and only place I go.


Good ol' gamefaqs! Really miss those guides. They were ugly and sometimes difficult to read, but the info they provided was great, even for today's standards, with all those wikis and video walkthroughs


Y'know it still exists, right? And still has a lot of those same guides including ones for newer games? Like FF7R Integrade has 8 guides for the main scenario currently.


Good to know! Its been ages since I last opened gamefaqs. I'm glad they're still alive and kicking Thx mate


What a thrill….


I still use gamefaqs sometimes if I get stuck, I guess its less "spoilerific" compared to youtube walkthroughs.


My husband actually wrote a text guide like this and was able to get it posted on Gamefaqs and since we were kids that used that site all the time we were kinda awestruck lol


I remember when my well meaning grandfather printed off a 200 page 100% walkthrough from gamefaqs for a game he knew I was playing and put it in a binder as a Christmas present.


This is how I played through Super Metroid to find all the secrets.


There's just something so comforting about a big ascii title.


Text guides (with pics) over video guides ftw


Whoa fancy kid over here. Got the high speed internet's that can load up pictures. Kidding mostly, today it's hardly an issue, back in the day tho I get why they didn't include pics.


I still have really fond memories of the gigantic FF7 guide I had stapled and spined. I used to read that thing like it was the bible!


Remember? I still use em.


There are still guides being made. At least I’ve used some for games released in the last five or so years. Persona 5 had some nice guides if I recall. Video guides have a place, like for finding secret areas. The problem is they are usually heavily padded. Some channels are straight to the point though with no talking. Wikis have taken over though. They are nice, but can be frustrating because you have to click through a ton of pages to get to what you want. Some wikis are better than others. Elden ring for example has a decent wiki but I am still nostalgic for gamefaqs style guides


I remember using those all the time for finding collectibles


First one I used was for Zelda on SNES, whoa


For Morrowind I had an entire binder filled with guides, maps, walkthroughs, and cheat codes.


The amount of effort that went into some of these. People would draw out entire maps or dungeons for the whole game with just ASCII art. Still easier reads than most guides today.


Gamefaqs was awesome. The dark souls guide on there was legit.


I loved the ASCII art that recreated the game's logo, some were crazy impressive


Back in the late 90’s, gamefaqs was the best forums to read.


Gamefaqs still gets my visit out of loyalty alone.


The FF6 walk through .txt is too big to fit on a floppy disk?! *mindblown.gif*


Absolute Steve - absolute legend


Gigachad text-based gamefaqs enjoyer


Reject shitty youtube walkthroughs, embrace online text document game guides


These are still better than videos for a lot of adventure type games, because you get the benefit of seeing everything for the very first time in your OWN game. So much better than having the video walkthrough spoil a cool looking area or boss for you.


GameFaqs.com was my homepage for pretty much my entire childhood. Used to love the summer character battles where everyone would vote on their favorite video game characters.


These are still my preferred format for guides. No ads, no random clickbait articles linked in the side, easy to search, light so loads quick. Really I have zero complaints. It helps that I feel all warm and fuzzy while reading them from nostalgia.


I've beaten Fatal Frames and Silent Hills because of this as I was scared as shit to explore alone.


This was so much easier than all the YouTube crap we have now. Ahh the good old days.


Reminds me of the Jolly Roger Cookbook.


Ha, that's definitely a blast from the past.


Gamefaqs all day


Still my go to for older games




I just want to say, and I think I speak for everyone who used those guides, Thank you for taking the time to make those guides and have then available for free to everyone. My friends and I really enjoyed them. I’ve even read one almost entirely because it allowed me to played the game vicariously through it. Thank you guys!


I miss GameFAQs guides. Stupid ass youtube videos that I dont wanna sit through now, or ad-riddled pages that dont even tell me anything I didnt already know. Its a damn shame what happened when the interwebs got monetized beyond ecommerce.


My man, if I cant find a quick answer from a search, I go straight to gamefaqs and find it


Oh yea, followed loads of these back in the day. Was always so impressed with the people who made them! From Chrono Cross to FF9 to FF Tactics, you needed these to get all the hidden stuff or to 100%.


Used GameFaqs all the time as a kid. I specifically remember printing out all the hidden package/stunt jumps guides for Vice City. Did exactly the same when the definitive edition came out to ram home the nostalgia


Gamefaqs was the website for all the secrets, tips and guides.


They are still better than your average video guide in a lot of cases.


I was all about Cheat Code Central, I think they got bought by gamefaqs.


I preferred this to today's videos. I want info about the game. I don't care about your life story or what you had for lunch, just show me where the thing I need is so I can get back to playing!


Gamefaqs were essential back in the day


Fuck yeah dude, cheatcc ftw. Always had these walkthroughs


I used to use gamefaqs, cheatcc and gamespot




Before wikis were common, this is just how you got through the game. I still use these if I’m playing an older game with no wiki.


I shed a tear seeing this. The location was Grandma’s House. The year is 2004. The drink is Sprite. The system is PS2. The mind is youthful and free. The heart though… It was at peace.


Older still I had/have print editions for SMB 1, 2, & 3


I just used one of these last week. :)


GameFAQs… found so many Easter eggs and beat so many games with those guides!


I still remember the first game i looked up help for on Gamefaqs: Shadowman for the N64 lol


I still use the site to this day.


Hell yea. I remember my friend printed out this huge excel spreadsheet of every character's moves in Mortal Kombat II. Had to staple it all together and the final thing was massive.


Not just any text guide, MG3 Snake Eater specifically pops in to mind...fuck me if I didn't need it to beat the sniper in that game.


Those were amazing. I'd copy the info I need (like best stats for Titan Quest, last time I used) on a post it and leave around. Just great.


Guide for The Neverhood must have been the first one for me!


Good old Gamefaqs, carrying my 4 man group in final fantasy crystal chronicles to find all the good loot


Just used one to finish up Wild Arms.


I actually submitted tips/secret info to one of the guides and got my name published in one. It's still out there and one of the hits when you search my full name on Google


This is what I used to help me beat TLoZ: Links Awakening on Gameboy haha


The one I used for Final Fantasy X was unbelievable. Streamlined and easy to follow, even little maps made of syntax for some of the puzzles, all of the hidden items and how to get them during the play through. I remember back then thinking that thing must have taken hundreds and hundreds of hours to put together, a playthrough to 100% that game was over 100 hours itself. (don't tell me about metas and how you did 100% in 32 hours in 2022 on your 87th playthrough)


Makes me think of the *only* guide for allundra 1 i ever found. It was incredibly detailed but the formatting was atrocious- a dungeon's instructions were a single paragraph. Sometimes 10+ page long paragraphs for the late ones with complex puzzles.


I still use these guides lol. Often times for the secret lore and tips (unless you are in a discord or in a forums community) most wikis miss the secret stuff!


Good times. Copying the entire thing, reducing font size to save paper and ink and hitting enter after every line to sort the formatting before hitting print


The ream of paper thick harvest moon fomt guide


what always amused me was the fact that there would be multiple of these. A few people took the time to catalogue all of this stuff and basically do the work someone else did.


They're still some of the best/most comprehensive guides out to this day. Got me through the OG RE2 Just a few years back.


I remember writing a few faqs and reviews. A couple times I won the monthly contest and got an Amazon gift card like 5 months later.


I still use them 😂