Meanwhile at Nintendo they charge you up the ass for emulated games on a emulator that is shittier than third party versions


Don't forget trying to sue players for the most trivial of reasons lol.


You angered the fanboys lol Edit: if op is in the positive, he was downvoted into the negatives before by people who think modding and emulation is illegal


I was downvoted to hell on a thread a year or so ago for saying Nintendo’s business model is nostalgia, not creativity, and that other companies at least try making new things whereas Nintendo won’t even make an updated console. Nintendo is comfortable being behind on graphics and performance because they know they’ll just cash in on the next Mario and Zelda.


Nintendo fan boys are on a whole other level. They are just as bad as Disney adults. You can preferences to one company's content over another, but wars and defending a company that's not even paying you doesn't help that company, just makes you look stupid. Also just gonna say something that will get me downvoted, the switch isn't a home console. It's a hand held that can display to a TV. A laptop isn't a desktop because you charge it through the wall and it'll boost slightly more and plug into a monitor. The psp wasn't a home console when it plugged into the TV, the psp go wasn't a home console when you plugged it into the TV and used a ds3 wirelessly with it. Its a portable console, the switch lite is proof


The Switch is a hybrid console. When plugged into a dock it's not just outputting to the TV. It's over clocking & boosting itself actively. It's the reason why third party docks that weren't well made can brick the system. It's literally drawing more power for more performance. When it's in handheld form its power is reduce to allow for optimal battery life & thermals. As Nintendo fanboys, while I do agree toxic fanboyism sucks from anyone, what do think is gonna happen when one side of the internet likes to hate on shit. I'd say just ignore & block toxic people. That's best way to just not see it


Laptop do that to, not a desktop


Graphics and performance are killing the AAA industry tho. The amount of resources wasted on making games ever more complex with more detailed realistic graphics and individually rendered hair real time reflections and temperature reacting horse balls is amazing. Instead of spending time on polished mechanics, gameplay and story developers are crunched to build uninspired samey call of duties, bugged ass cyberpunks etc. Instead we could get many more games with stylised less realistic graphics but better and more solid mechanics and stories. Nintendo can pull off staying behind in graphics because they compensate with Mario odisseys and Breaths of the wild. Don't misunderstand me I still think Nintendo is one of the worst videogame companies out there when it comes to the interests of consumers, videogame conservation and many other things. But I do think it's a good thing they don't have to focus on making realistic 4k graphics that run at 120fps


To be fair, I would disagree with that. Whether its good or not is debatable but I would say Nintendo is fairly creative as far as console and games. For better or worst, every console with Nintendo has some sort of gimmick since the N64. And while they do have a tendency to flood their own market that they made (such as 2D mario games or pokemon), it is sort of unfair to say they don’t make games that are creative. Super Rush is not what I imagine golf looking like >_> Similar to any long running company, they love taking advantage of nostalgia so they do that (I have the same issue with square enix at times), but I don’t think that should detract from what they do well.


Honestly, the hatred against Nintendo is just as toxic as the so-called "Nintendo fanboys" these guys keep harping on about. You're right that Nintendo has been pretty creative and innovative as well. Just because they aren't putting out 4k60fps consoles doesn't mean they aren't doing anything. They definitely have issues and put out subpar games as well like the newest Mario Strikers. But damn, it is so annoying with these people constantly screaming about Nintendo is the MOST anti-consumer because...their games aren't 4k60fps, then they go telling people to pirate Nintendo games out of game. They then begin the whole emulation vs piracy debate, which shouldn't be a debate in a first place. Emulators are tools, while piracy is an action. Therefore, saying "pirating games through emulation" is 100% correct. Saying "emulating games is piracy" however isn't correct. Funny how the anti-Nintendo people don't even admit the correct saying. I'm tired of these people that are so obsessed with Nintendo. Criticizing Nintendo is fine, but when a person goes online to scream about how bad Nintendo and the fanboys are without looking in the mirror, you know that guy is real bad news himself. Especially when other console makers can do some heinous shit like the Sony rootkit scandal, but these people think Nintendo hating emulation and selling 720p games for $60 is the worst thing ever. That's when you know their view is skewed, but they just don't realize it at all. Edit: Also whining about something as mundane as the definition of a home console and not wanting to call the Switch a "hybrid console." What is wrong with these people?


I mean in all fairness they are ahead on creativity whether you like it or not. They’ve been pushing a lot of the changes in directions other than graphics and performance. They’re not trying to compete with pc games, just do a different experience I don’t disagree with criticism of their handling of emulation and the like. But I own a pc and a switch. I see no reason to own an Xbox or ps5 since they’re more or less fixed spec pcs with a handful of exclusives while Nintendo thinks of ways to not just be a pc in a box. Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to games than graphics and specs(at this point 95% of my game time is on pretty modest looking indie games) Ultimately though I’m just a pc gamer and I occasionally find something on the switch worth playing


> modding and emulation is illegal Modding and emulation are legal. It's just that there isn't a single person on the planet who dumps their own ROMS and **only** plays those legally obtained ROMS. Literally everyone goes on the internet and obtains them unscrupulously.


I hate Nintendo's YouTube's policies. It is not cool. Not cool at all.


An emulator that requires online checks, even!


I wouldn’t say “Fuck Naughty Dog” I don’t even think it’s totally their decision but I agree we should have gotten a Jak Trilogy (well technically quadrillagy) remake


At least Jak fans didn't get blue balled with one remaster like with Onimusha. Come on Capcom how hard would it be for at least the first 3 like with DMC. Edit: also where TimeSplitters


I think actor likeness rights are the issue there.


Onimusha! I haven't heard that name in years... Brb gonna dust off me PS2 and play...


I started playing the remaster again. One of the few games that lives up to what nostalgia says it was


IKR. How the fuck you remaster Onimusha, and only do the first one. They could’ve atleast did Demon Seige or Dawn of Dreams or something


Onimusha 2 was the one I spent the most with. I loved blindly fooling with the gift system and hearing what each of Jubei's buddies had to say about it.


Jake fans get a PC port thanks to fans :^)


Please please please give me a TimeSplitters remake!


Duuuude I'd love a Jak and Daxter trilogy remake


Might even buy a ps5 just for that.


That and ratchet and clank and a slycooper remake would be amazing. Wish they would come to pc though!


Jak 1 runs natively on PC now A group of people reverse engineered it. It's fully playable, a few small bugs to be ironed out (AFAIK) but is a perfect reconstruction, as they made a windows compiler for GOAL (the programming language Jak games were made in) Jak 2 & 3 coming next! Look up Jak Project/OpenGOAL for more Mods, custom levels etc incoming 😍


I would 100% buy a PS5 for a Jak and Daxter trilogy remake. Hands down one of my favorite all-time game series. Up there with Pokemon, Last of Us 1+2, and Soulsborne-Ring games. Edit: Faster to Daxter.


Minor thing: a story of four parts is a tetralogy. The word Quadrilogy was specially invented by the Aliens marketing team to refer to the movie franchise, so they could trademark it. Tetra- is Greek and Quadri- is Latin. -logy is Greek.


Thanks for saying this before I had to. I fucking hate "quadrilogy".


Probably happened because tri- is both Latin and Greek and people are more familiar with the Latin and don't know where the "logy" part comes from, so they advance to the next Latin prefix and just add logy. Similarly awful is "quad bike" (when it should be quadricycle / quadrike)


This seems to be the popular take, but i don't see why. Capcom is a pretty difficult company to deal with and sony seems a little more apt to allow developers leeway.


Also Capcom is annoying with most of their Switch physical releases. Typically the one game is a physical copy and then it is a digital code for the other two games in the pack.


nahhhh we need a sly quadrillagy tbh, I have the trilogy on ps3 but just having all 4 games on a new console must be nice


>I wouldn’t say “Fuck Naughty Dog” I would. Never forget the [crunch culture](https://www.eurogamer.net/crunch-once-again-in-the-spotlight-after-damning-report-on-the-last-of-us-2-developer-naughty-dog) they had that was so bad they hospitalized staff. "*The reason I left is because I only want to work with the best. That is no longer Naughty Dog. Their reputation for crunch within LA is so bad it was near impossible to hire seasoned contract game animators to close out the project. As such we loaded up on film animators.*" — Jonathan Cooper


God fucking damn right we should!


this was one of the least needed remakes of all time if not THE least needed remake


The least of us


The Lost Some of Us


*The Last* game people will buy from *Us* —naughty dog


There is zero chance I won't buy The Last of Us 3.


The greed of us


I think they are mostly doing it to coincide with the show on HBO.


theres a show related to the game?


Coming out next year


[Netflix, you're greenlit](https://youtu.be/l-PQ2J3uQe0)!


Yeah, HBO producing it with Craig Mazin (Showrunner of Chernobyl). Pedro Pascal (Oberyn/Mando) is playing Joel while Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont) is playing Ellie. Also, Nick Offerman is playing Bill (I do kinda wish they kept W. Earl Brown, but no biggie). I'm excited. HBO rarely does things cheaply and with the extra push for HBO Max programming, it could be a slam dunk.


Sure. The price should be $20 then. They're not doing it from scratch. The physics and animations are already great so I'm pretty sure they're just changing textures and updating the skins with better mesh to fully show the existing facial captures they got from the original actors. It's ridiculous because the game is still so new the raw data they have are still current industry standards.


New assets for the most part too, but I see your point


I think they confirmed updating the gameplay to be more in line with Part 2, but I could be mistaken about that.


Not confirmed but at summer game fest Druckmann was asked if it’s the new combat and everything from part 2 and he said “not just that it’s the AI system, animations and all that” so definitely not 100% confirmed but it’s as close as we can be coming from the words of Druckmann.


You are not. They’ve stated multiple times that it’s not strictly a cosmetic update, but retooling and remaking the game from the ground up. $70 USD is still very steep, but $20 USD would make no sense considering the work they put in.


I think they are definitely doing more than that, they are completely redoing the gameplay pretty much to be like part 2 but I see your point, I think comparing the cut scenes make it look like there is no point but the in game cut scenes are quite bad and gameplay is really slow especially comparing to part 2




Uhhh no, they just click the "remake" button and then it's done and they slap a pricetag on it and force us all to pay for it. Let's not pretend us gamers aren't literally being oppressed.


The sky is blue, water makes stuff wet, and gamers are the most oppressed minority. Just the most basic facts about our existence,


Yep I think Anthony Caliber on YouTube explains it well if you check it out


its only needed in terms of pc release, but even then just port the remaster or the original to pc


Glad Sony is starting to wake up with respects to PC gaming but why announce Uncharted PC to never talk about it again? Not only that, they start with 4 and Lost Legacy. How are people on PC supposed to get invested in the characters? Why not just release all of them on PC?


Yeah, but i mean they did the same thing with god of war anyways, although you really don't need to play the greek saga to get invented to the new one.


You certainly don't NEED to, but it also adds a lot of character building and backstory.


True but Uncharted is a must. The relationships between the characters, the inside jokes, etc.


Well at least there's emulators plus steam deck Seems like they shot themselves in the foot


Ha, have you ever tried to emulate a ps3 game?? I upgraded to a brand new Ryzen and GTX 2060 Combo and cannot run most games smoothly, including Uncharted


Yea, you can play the most recent GOW and don't need to have played the previous. It would certainly help understand the characters motives more, though.


It might have more to do with the fact the consoles are 95% playing PC games. You already made a PC game when you make an Unreal Engine game.


They should have at least remade the first Uncharted first.


The last of us 1 has aged fine. It looks fine, it plays fine, there's not really a reason to update it. Uncharted 1 on the other hand..... its definitely looking a bit dated and the controls are janky AF. It deserves a remake WAY more than TLOU, and I adore TLOU.


From what I heard, originally they were going to remake Uncharted 1 but decided to do The Last of Us instead because they didn't have experience in remakes and remaking The Last of Us would be easier. But this could mean that Uncharted 1 might get a remake after The Last of Us Part 1. At least I hope.


Or Jak & Daxter >_<


For real. It still looks so good. I don't get why people are getting excited just to be sold a game they've already bought 8 or 9 years ago.


Needed another 10 years to be processed.


Id rather play a prequel of Joel after his daughter died and the beginning of the Apocalypse, this is just another cash grab while they pay their people minimum and charge full price


Prequel would of made WAY more sense than the sequel ever did, if you ask me.


It's the least needed remake by a wide margin.


I would’ve taken a Halo 3 Remaster wayyyyyy before this


Don't we already have the masterchief collection?


Halo 3 was only upscaled for MCC, which is a bit disappointing but hey I get to play Halo 3 on PC whenever I want


Only 1 and 2 had remasters, the versions of the other games in the MCC are ports.


Easily one of my favorite games of all time. Ive done countless playthroughs. It's amazing to me how little I care about this remake.


Because the game already looked and played amazing!


It’s so unnecessary. The PS4 version already looks great, it runs on PS5, and you can get it at any used game store for a song and dance.


Not defending naughty, but the upgrade part is VERY misleading. Almost nothing in this post is correct. You can 100% play the ps4 remaster of TLoU on ps5 for a free upgrade. Doesn't have any new features though, that is something you can complain about. However, this new remake is not a TLoU remastered ps4 to ps5 upgrade, but a full remake. Things are different, even if they didn't need to be, it is not the same game with an upgrade, it is redone on a new engine. Re2 ramake is not getting another remake, nor a remaster, it is an upgrade. They added rt because the engine can handle it. That is it. You still paid full price for the remake. There is no last of us remake for ps4. The ps4 game is a remaster. The last of us remake is being made for ps5 from the ground up. The re2 remake was made for ps4 (and xbox one/pc) and is only being upgraded, it is less than a remaster, that is why the upgrade is free. Finally, the price difference is due to re2 being a last gen game, the standard full price was 60, now it is 70, this has nothing to do with naughty at all. The ONLY real complaint you should have here, is that TLoU didn't really need a remake yet, and that it looks a bit lacking. Other than that, they have done NOTHING different from what re2 did.




If we disregard region pricing, yes.


This is the type of shit that makes me play a game 3 years after it’s release.


to be fair games are still the cheapest type of entertainment on a per hour basis. But it is kind of a risk to spend 70 dollars not knowing if youre going to get TLOU1 or 2


Games have also been $60 for like 20 years now or something. Yes, there's a substantially larger consumer base, but budgets are also absolutely massive for AAA games now. I'm honestly happy we got $60 games for as long as we did.


NES games were like 60 bucks at release back in the late 80s early 90s, Final Fantasy was extra expensive I think at 70 bucks.


There is more profit being made in video games than at any other point in history, the $70 price point that was pushed by Sony this generation is just pure profiteering and it encouraged others to price their games the same way.


People forget that games used to be way more expensive back in the 80s/90s than they are now. SM64 was around 60$ MSRP on release, which would be over 100 with inflation.


Both are great and worth every penny.


> games are still the cheapest type of entertainment on a per hour basis. Have you ever heard of books? Or the library?


yeah, people forget to compare it to a movie experience or other stuff. I bought HFW for 65€ and already invested 60hours into this game. As soon i play those games for 10-15hours the price doesnt really matter anymore. Im new to the PS games, so i never played TLOU1, so im happy to experience it as a remake for PS5


Games should be, accounting for just inflation, $90 today if you bought it in 2005. Which is when $60 USD for a game became standard practice. This is still cheaper now than they should be going off just inflation alone. Budgets have Sky rocketed, costs have gone up, etc. Games are less profitable now without microtransactions and the like than they were 17 years ago.


remember when games would become "greatest hits" and cost 20? the wait was long but then you could buy 3 games instead of 1.


If you account for inflation, "full price" video games have literally never been cheaper




Depends on the publisher but yes.


Sony charges $70 for their new releases, all the big name third parties like ea and activision do too (the only hold outs are indies and a few third parties like bandai and capcom) So for what its worth: the average price may as well be $70


Essentially all first party,Games with old and new versions and Square Enix games are 70 dollars


Activision & EA have already released games at $70 as well. And it’s likely more publishers will be doing so once they actually start releasing new games. Would not be shocked if RE4 Remake is $70.


I feel like I remember Mario 64 being like $80 when it was new.


I saw a Toys R Us ad that someone posted a few weeks ago from like '93 or '94. I personally don't remember paying $70-80 for a SNES game because I was 10, but I think a Barbie game was $80...wish I could find that post.


Most snes games were 60 to 80 dollars.


The majority were $50-60 USD, and then there were some in the $60-80 range due to features requiring extra memory or co-processor chips. I think anything listed above that was probably in Canadian or Australian prices, or stores just straight up tacking extra pricing on top of MSRP.


Every SNES game I ever got was 40 to 70. 70 was Ken Griffey Jr presents MLB. Which is still the best baseball game I've ever played.


It was 79.99. Chrono trigger was 79.99 at target. SNES games were 59.99 to 69.99 and a few went to 80.


so actually more like 150 with inflation. O\_O


In Australia they're around $100


In Australia, almost all triple a games are roughly $90 (that's around $60 in usd). I don't think I have seen any that go above the 90 dollar mark for the base game yet though. Games do jack up the price a fair bit for their deluxe editions and all that stuff. One example is with the upcoming STALKER 2, the most expensive version of that game costs around $170, which is about $115 usd. I haven't seen many games go that high on their ultimate editions and other similar things though still I think 115 usd is ridiculous. STALKER 2's pricing is a bit on the extreme side though, most of the triple a games I have seen have their normal version (about 60 usd), their good version (around 80 usd) and then some have the very expensive one which gets up to 115 usd in STALKER'S case. So most games still have their base edition below 70 usd, though they do not shy away from jacking up that price with the premium versions of the game. Also idk if the prices I gave are accurate in other countries, the ones I listed are how much they cost in Australia and the prices I labelled as USD I got from converting the Australian price to US.


Sadly. I just refuse to buy anything next gen at this point if they’re asking that


Not that you'll be playing next gen any time soon with consoles still being hard to get


It really doesn't look lacking. Comparing a pre rendered scene in the old game to one in the new game obviously won't show much improvement. But gameplay? ...yeah. That's going to be a bit different.


And simple, don't buy it... The last of us is a lot of people's favorite game, so playing with new mechanics and newer graphics sounds awesome. Haven't played it since PS3 but will not pay $70 for it but will wait for a $20 sale. A lot of people missed out on the game so it's for those people.


> A lot of people missed out on the game so it’s for those people. Im personally in that boat as well. I tried playing it on ps4 a years ago, life got busy and I both stopped playing the game and then sold my console. Now here I am in 2022 without having experienced most of this game past the tutorial and im looking forward to this remake being my first true experience w the game on my ps5.


Excuse me? How dare a company make a product I don’t want? Who tf do they think they are? I’m the main character here, if I don’t want it, they shouldn’t be allowed to make it


TLOU is my favorite game franchise. I had the original on PS3, the remaster on PS4, and between those two I’ve beaten the game at least ten times. Beat Part 2 about four times at this point. I’m super excited for this remake, it’s gonna have the graphics and combat from Part 2, which IMO is the most fun I’ve had with combat in a video game. They also are going to restore a lot of things that they had to cut from the original because of budget and time constraints. I think the main reason for a lot of these complaints is that it’s become a meme in itself to hate on TLOU after Part Two (which I absolutely loved).


I honestly don't know how people can say anything bad about this remake when you see the [difference in facial expressions](https://i.imgur.com/8s3Cw5B.gifv) between the old game and the remake. Also the remake is coming to PC. I can't wait to replay this game with the new engine because all those heart wrenching scenes from the old version are gonna hit a whole other level now Edit: relevant [dunkey video](https://youtu.be/zvPkAYT6B1Q) about game pricing


[Digital Foundry did an analysis too](https://youtu.be/HPyyrlxEBkQ)


Yeah OP needs to chill. He doesn't have to buy the game. And the argument that they could be making something else is invalid because they are literally actively working on 2 other projects. Funding and man power is completely separate for these projects so it literally harms nothing to release this game.


The amount of people complaining that the game is "just a remaster" (despite this being untrue) and that it wasn't necessary for them to even make the game... while simultaneously complaining about how much it costs, seem to have forgotten one major piece to this puzzle. They can opt not to purchase it.




Seriously as an ex-game developer thinking of going back to game dev after doing non-games software work, this is giving me a bad flashback of “fans” who always seem to find reasons to whine and make it look like you killed their mom for some unpopular decisions lol.


G\*mers: Bideo games are art! Company: adds slightly more nuance than a Disney film G\*mers: ***NOOOOOO!!!!!***


It's almost certainly corporate FUD. This account was dormant for two years and then made today's post after posting nothing about gaming in the past. Bought or stolen account most likely.


So gamers are making things up and getting mad at it lmao


Anytime they hear remake or remaster they just love circle jerking over how shitty the gaming industry or company is without even looking into it, and always choose resident evil to masturbate over in comparison.


Reddit in a nutshell


This should be the top comment. Too many children upvoting surface level shitposts because it’s the summer


This post is pure entitlement. They probably didn’t even bother to look into this game at all nor did they have any interior of buying or wanting this game. They just want to farm karma hating on Naughty Dog and Sony. Even if the remake is unnecessary, you can still buy the remaster that already exists or, and I know this is difficult, don’t buy any of them. Also, look at this dude’s comment history in this thread.


Well said. I honestly think Part I in Part II’s engine alone is worth it, and since I only played it on my PS3, I’m actually excited for it (especially with the show coming soon). But if it’s not for OP, I understand and fully expect them not to buy it. The meme is unnecessary though


Post history of OP be like: 3 guesses what he actually hates naughty dog for to stretch like this


Looking at the history, it looks like someone bought the account cause it was dormant for two years and nothing about games until today.


What!? Gamers overinflating issues and misleading people in order to cause an outrage!?!? *They would NEVER!*


This comment was so good that I downvoted the post


Yeah people just wanna cry.


"...Though everything is already made" That's not true. I do agree that the price tag is high, but it's not a simple port like with the previous TLoU Remastered on PS4. A lot of stuff has been remade and you can easily see that by looking at the comparisons. The Resident Evil 2 upgrade from the PS4 to the PS5 is not changing as much as the TLoU PS5 version. It's closer to the TLoU Remastered version. Resolution, shadows, textures bump. That sort of stuff.


Look at you with your facts and common sense!


In the example picture of this post the remaster looks almost like a real photo I don't know what people are complaining about


Damn dude, sorry this happened to you. Wish there was a way you didn’t have to buy it. 😕


This poor guy, how will he ever live a normal day to day life with Naughty Dog releasing a game he doesn't wanna buy. Poor soul


Literally no one asked for The Last of Us to be remade.


A few things. First, Naughty Dog is a subsidiary of SIEA. SIEA Publishes the game and sets the price. Second, development of this title wasn't started at ND, but at a shadow studio that was never officially acknowledged by Sony to exist. ND took over well into the development cycle. Third, this remake will give thousands of PC players the chance to play The Last of Us for the first time with improved visuals and gameplay. Finally, you don't have to purchase this game. If you feel it is unnecessary and that the 2014 remaster is good enough then it is still available. You can download it for free as part of the PlayStation Plus collection on PS5 or purchase it for 20 dollars from the PlayStation Store. Vote with your wallet.


How much you wanna bet OP buys it and leaves a poor review after playing through it and enjoying it?


My bet is OP hates LoU2 as well because of strong woman bad, because a youtuber told them to.


Being angry and wrong is a toxic combo.




OP used a throwaway that hasn't been active for *2 years* to post this. I'd bet he's one of the losers who are still triggered by TLOU2.


People are so salty over something they don't have to take part in. Don't get it. Personally, don't really mind a remake of a 9 year old game.


You know what's funny? I guarantee at least half the people complaining about the remake will eventually buy and play the game, including OP. OP's post comparing these two games are so disingenuous it's embarrassing.


I don't get the complaints. The Last of Us is already playable on PS5. If you don't want to rebuy the game, don't. You can still play your old copy, even on PS5. If you haven't played it yet, this looks like a beautiful way to first experience the game, which is what I'm planning on doing. Compare this to Super Mario 3D All Stars, the saddest excuse for a remaster of three games, two of which direly needed remakes. At the time of release, there was no way to play those three games without owning original hardware. Now THAT was something to get upset about. Those games deserved (and still deserve) better treatment.




Yeah I can’t believe they’re forcing everyone to buy this game


Neil is in my house with a gun right now please send h


Golf club*


are we even looking at the same thing??? tlou remake IS completely rebuilt from the ground up and they’re completely revamping the entire online mode and making it a separate game


TLOU Part 1 is a whole ass remake my guy. Character design is remade, level design is remade, exploration is being remade, gameplay is being remade to match TLOU Part 2, Enemy AI is being remade, even some Mocap is being done. There’s rumors of them adding more story as well which would require new VA and Mocap and possibly new music. You’re comparing a upgrade from one console to another to a whole new game that’s only being released on one console/ pc


Fuck OP for understanding absolutely nothing about game development.


Right, game developers already make shit money compared to other developers. So imagine having to be the developers that re-polishes the game, just for people to demand it be free cause they think they deserve it


I mean, I think people are morons getting angry at the remake (they can just, you know, not buy it), but i dont think the shit salary has anything to do with the game high price. Devs are paid shitty salaries because the suits don't care, they know people will keep piling on to work for them. They could easily afford to pay them more, but they prefer to keep the money and to give bonuses to the exec. Don't know for ND specifically, but it's like that at a lot of game companies.


The really insidious part is how they force you to participate and buy it. Wait, hold on, no they don't.


While, no not everything is made. The one thing I must say is they are REMAKING everything. This is not a remaster.


So... Isnt the second image on the bottom from the ps4 "remaster" and not the new remake? The new remake is far higher fidelity, and far better lighting engine than that I thought. Asside from OP being excedingly wrong and misleading about it "not being a full remake" they seem to be using an image from a different version already. So pretty much: maidenless OP


I honestly do not understand why people are upset about this. If you don't want to play the remake, don't buy it.


As much as I like a lot of the games being remade, I'd rather have new games that I like as much as I liked those games.


Per [someone else's fact check](https://old.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/vw4qvk/fuck_naughty_dog/ifo0d6p/), fuck you for lying. > the upgrade part is VERY misleading. Almost nothing in this post is correct. > You can 100% play the ps4 remaster of TLoU on ps5 for a free upgrade. Doesn't have any new features though, that is something you can complain about. > However, this new remake is not a TLoU remastered ps4 to ps5 upgrade, but a full remake. Things are different, even if they didn't need to be, it is not the same game with an upgrade, it is redone on a new engine. > Re2 ramake is not getting another remake, nor a remaster, it is an upgrade. They added rt because the engine can handle it. That is it. You still paid full price for the remake. > There is no last of us remake for ps4. The ps4 game is a remaster. The last of us remake is being made for ps5 from the ground up. > The re2 remake was made for ps4 (and xbox one/pc) and is only being upgraded, it is less than a remaster, that is why the upgrade is free. > Finally, the price difference is due to re2 being a last gen game, the standard full price was 60, now it is 70, this has nothing to do with naughty at all. > The ONLY real complaint you should have here, is that TLoU didn't really need a remake yet, and that it looks a bit lacking. Other than that, they have done NOTHING different from what re2 did.


Then don't buy it? Why is every acting like Naughty Dog has done something wrong? They're giving some fans what they want and if it doesn't interest you, don't buy it. I've never played it so can't wait.


According to the same logic I could tell you to simply not engage with people that do complain about it and mind your own business. If somebody has a thought they wish to share, they should be able to do that. I'm not going to spend pver 150 Euros on a new Sports game from EA but just because I won't buy it, doesn't mean, I'm not allowed to criticize it. I'm not saying youre bad for buying the remake. I'm saying that everybody should be able to express what they think of it and you make it sound like that shouldn't be an option. If he considers selling something for 70 Euros horrible, he should be able to express that. Just as much as you are able to express that you do not consider 70 Euros a steep price tag. The bigger problem, that should be addressed, is that some information from the post is incorrect.


hearing people whining about this has already gotten old. don't buy it and move on.


Naughty Dog are remaking everything from the ground up from gameplay like combat to graphics so the difference will be even greater between the remake of re2 to the original.


Lmao ya’ll acting like TLOU Remastered isn’t still there & 100% playable on PS5 systems. Funny how it appears to be the same people that claim this to be a “pointless remake” being the most upset about its price… like you weren’t gonna buy it anyways right? Lol I don’t get it.


I feel like people who hated the last of us 2 with a strange yet passionate rage are using this to run with some narrative that Naughty Dog is evil yet they've probably bought several copies of skyrim and havent said a peep about that


*"I don't like this thing so neither should you!"* Well I don't like it when 12 year olds cobble together a shit take meme and post it on r/gaming, but here we are.


Adult baby gamer rage will never go away, will it?


bold of you to assume OP is above the age of 14


Well it looks like the Last of Us remake isn’t getting a PS4 version so of course there isn’t a upgrade. RE3 remake was released on both consoles and made the upgrade between them free which makes sense. I don’t get the argument here. The previous remastered version on PS4 and the PS5 remakes are two very different games in the technical side of things so it’s not the same game in that regard also if the remake gets a free upgrade or a cheap discount for owning the remastered version, don’t you think everyone will be buying the ps4 game instead when it’s priced below $20? Nonetheless I do think this remake is pointless altogether but it’s still a brand new game made up from the ground up only on the PS5 Even if the changes are slightly different.


To be fair, it's a lot easier to see the benefits when youremake a 30 year old game


Hear me out: remakes/remasters are 99% of the times not needed at all. An enhanced port of the original is more than enough, unless the original game has very notable flaws.


No one seems to be acknowledging that this is a full remake of The Last of Us in the same way RE2 is a full remake of the PS1 game, it should be full price in the same way RE2 was even if it is a completely unnecessary remake that I probably won't get for a few years


? It’s on a new engine, every asset is remade from the ground up. What are you talking about?


Also, people who bought the previous gen can still play it on PS5 as far as I am aware.


Holy fuck. This will go down as the stupidest thing I'll read all year. OP is an idiot and just trying to troll everyone. Look at his username for fuck sake. If you need further proof just check out their post history.


It’s Sony’s decision not naughty dog


I don't get the comparison. Both games were/are being remade from the ground up. ND isn't releasing the game on PS4 and asking for 70 to upgrade. It is a PS5 exclusive game and so it carries the same price as PS5 games. ​ If you don't like it you don't buy it simple as.


People are trying to make this a big deal cause no one gave a shit about their bizzare meltdown about Last of Us 2. Only way you could find this macro on 4 chan and get so mad at the lies in it, that you say "Fuck, Naughty Dog" lol


Yo bro you okay man?


Sony is pulling a Skyrim with this game. PS3? Yes PS4? Yes PS5? Yes Marginal remaster? Yes Second marginal remaster? Yes


It's a remake, not a remaster, but your point still stands about multiple releases of the same game.


Not a remaster its a remake.With TLOU 2 gameplay update and whole bunch of other stuff.




Also it was free if you owned it on Steam.


And still no Bloodborne on PC. Shit, still no 60 FPS Bloodborne on PS5. Me angry.




I won't accept that the shift from LE to SE was a "marginal remaster". Not only did it *double* the resolution of all textures, add a vastly improved lighting system, add AO, DoF, and other effects, but it also made modding on console possible for millions of players. As for the real gamers over on PC, it updated the executable to 64 bit and instituted a new system of plugin management, affording us myriad room to grow not only our modlists, but also the mods we create. As far as a "second marginal remaster", Skyrim doesn't have one, it's only been "remastered" once. And the only "remaster" was free on PC. It cost money on consoles but also added functionality that couldn't legally be given for free.


I'm going to put this argument to bed. The ones sounding entitled, are the ones left with choice. The choice being, to bother with it or not at it's current price tag. Did anyone forget that hey, sales and discounts happen, right? It will happen to this game in due time. So, I don't understand the salt levels. Secondly, isn't it gatekeeping people to prevent new PS5 owners who finally get a PS5, to prevent them from playing a remaster of something they may just not want to bother with? I think it is. You're basically telling people to just rewind themselves for your own entitlement. Stop that shit. Oh but the real difference that got you riled up about this is - you're getting something for free vs paying for something. Again, entitled. You're a spoiled, whiny, entitled gamer that shames the idea of what being a gamer is all about.


I love how this is like "fuck naughty dog", remaster is 70 bucks, when nintendo does the same shit. Not defending naughty dog, or sony, but if youre going to call one out, call out the worst offender too. Fuck Nintendo.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Naughty Dog didn’t decide the price for this game.


What odd and unnecessary aggression…