Leaving life with a video titled "so long nerds" and starting a post-death merch line has to be the most Technoblade thing ever, and I love him for that. Rest in Peace.


And the merch is GG EZ or his avatar looking badass with a messed up arm and leg. God I miss him already


Haha just the arm, I think you’ve mistook the scabbard for his right leg


Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPMluEVUqS0&t=6s


I've just watched the latest video on his channel, watching his dad at the end was heart breaking.


I'm gonna link this here because I see people asking for context. Diagnosis: https://youtu.be/g9_aYyEDMD0 Update: https://youtu.be/wG1Q1ouemVA Goodbye: https://youtu.be/DPMluEVUqS0


Thanks for the links for those of us OOTL, I was never in the minecraft scene so I had only ever heard of his name, but that last link made me tear up big time. I may get one of those GG EZ Shirts to help his family


Also to add: A portion of the proceeds will be going towards curesarcoma.org


Oh then I'm 100% doing it, thanks for the heads up!


I hadn’t even heard of him and I’m teared up. Cancer sucks.


Same. Fuck cancer.


I’ve never heard of this person, but I hope his family is doing better. I’m sure it’s a tough time.


Fuck me that was hard to watch. Never knew who he was but can't imagine his family or community going through that


Never even heard of this guy before but watching these videos you can tell he seems like a fun good guy and it's pretty heart breaking. Cancer sucks.


God that diagnosis vid of him just joking around got me fked up. To hear someone explain it like that is just both sad and funny. Never watched the guy but has heard him and man, seems like a good dude


"the hair was holding me back" made me legit snort laughing


I had no idea who he was and after watching the first two videos I was laughing several times. My favorite part was "out of all the phone calls I had to make, no one took it worse than my health insurance provider" hilarious. Now im in tears after the last one. Technoblade never dies


People might denigrate online content creators, but that was one of the most lucid, thoughtful meditations on dying I've ever heard.


He labeled his final video "So Long Nerds". Heartbreaking stuff. Wishing nothing but the best for all his family and friends.


There's a shirt on his store now that says GGEZ. Dude is an absolute legend. RIP to the Minecraft GOAT. Context in order: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9\_aYyEDMD0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9_aYyEDMD0) \- Aug 27, 2021 [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG1Q1ouemVA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG1Q1ouemVA) \- Dec 23, 2021 [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPMluEVUqS0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPMluEVUqS0) \- Jun 30, 2022 First video he reveals his diagnosis, the second video is an update that conveniently portrays his personality and sense of humor perfectly, and the last video is the announcement of his passing from the family. Edit: spelling and context for the uninformed


I have literally never even heard of this dude before this post but the first 20 seconds of the third link made me tear up.


This post is the first time I've heard of Technoblade. The second video made me instantly like the guy with his dry dark sense of humor and then I watched the third video and it had me ugly crying from the combination of the situation just being plain sad and how touching the video was hearing that his parents and siblings won't have to worry about the expense of university if they choose to go and how much he loved and appreciated his fans.


Go watch The Great Potato War series (3 parts). You don't need to know anything about Minecraft to enjoy them. Techno had a rare talent for making people laugh, and is gone far far too soon.


Imagine being a fan for ten years (not me but a guy came up in the chat once in a stream) and then a sudden news of cancer and relaxation after he says all is good and starts appearing more and then that video today It's just, i started expecting' haha a joke' and then he said his real name and then his photos made me realise maybe it's not. I still, STILL can't believe it. I still expect it all to be a joke and him tweeting like haha sike gottem. But i ...i just know that won't be happening


My partner and a close friend are huge Techno fans but I never really watched his content. But his dad made me sob. I just lost a close family member, but I can't imagine the pain of losing a child. Rest in peace, Techno.


So there is nothing worse for a parent than the death of his child and his funeral and its even worse that he was still young.


Watch his potato war video. Don't need to know anything at all or care about minecraft. Absolutely a gem series.


I'm not a huge gamer nor do I watch much YouTube gaming but the potato war videos are my absolute favourite on YouTube


I don't even watch his content but I cried watching his dad crack. RIP.


I started crying in the second video because I knew where it was going. fuck


Well that certainly was a ride. Never knew the guy but I miss him already.


Same, started laughing hard at his health insurance joke


I bought one the second I saw it.




The last video is very beautiful. The way the dad just wanted him to rest.


Never heard of technoblade before, but watching those videos it is easy to see why he was popular. Great sense of humor while being mechanically very good at the Minecraft mini games.


Thanks for posting this, i didnt know who he was but i watched those 3 vids and he sounded like an awesome person. Fuck cancer.


I believe he was trying to brighten our moods in true technoblade fashion. I think, idk I’ve never watched him


Fucking shit, he was funny 'til the end. Rest easy Technoblade. Legends never die, and Techno was one of the most legendary


Can you imagine? You complain of arm pain, go to doctor, and they diagnose you with cancer. Life is cruel.


That’s what gets me. I’m basically his age and it just makes me sad knowing that he had to go through that because I can’t even begin to fathom how I would handle such news


My birthday is July 1st. I'm turning 24 and this rough for me to grasp as well. Absolutely would not have handled this with the same grace as he did. Edit: thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday and to all the people with same birthday as I, happy birthday to you too.


I'm also 24 and can say for sure I couldn't handle such a thing with any grace at all.


For me it was just a regular day at work. Go to use the toilet. I take a dump. But instead of poop it was all blood. I nearly passed out. Go to the emergency room and they tell me I have colorectal cancer. Then I fought with radiation, surgeries, and chemo for 3 years. This February they told me I have a year or two left to live. I'm 31. Life is bullshit.


Colorectal is the worst, I have been assisting my dad in his battle and I know the doctors were saying how they had seen patients in their 30s which is just crazy. I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with this at your age. (which is younger then myself) For the older folks that qualify - DO NOT skip getting a colonoscopy. By the time you see symptoms like OP is describing it is at a minimum Stage 3. They tested my dad's type and it was non-hereditary but even that only bumps age for a colonoscopy down to 40 years old (from 50). OP feel free to reach out if you want to chat.


I am so sorry. I can't even imagine how I would react upon hearing that, especially at such a young age. I hope your remaining time will be filled with love, good experiences and warm memories. You are an incredibly strong person for having fought so long already.


I feel you man. My sister went to doctor with stomach pain. Got diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer that had spread to her colon. She was gone within the year. I only got to meet her once. I really hope you beat it. Best wishes to you


He died less than a year later. Cancer is cruel af


Getting regular check ups is important. Don't think that just because you feel fine that something isn't potentially wrong. Edit: also try to have insurance.


Getting checkups hardly matters in my experience. My mother had two hereditary cancers that she got and beat before 30 and then she died of a third cancer at 46. I'm 34 and I can't get any doctor to take my cancer concerns seriously. They refuse to do anything other than the standard blood test which is dog shit at detecting most cancers. They won't do anything more because I'm "too young and not at risk" despite my mother's history. This is at Mayo Clinic mind you, practically oncology mecca. I just know that these clowns are going to wait until I'm experiencing pains before they do any proper testing and by then it'll be too late. That's how she went. Got symptoms, got checked, was told it was too late and she was dead three months later.


Man I recently just found out the the doc dgaf about my concerns. The hereditary risk is there. People sometimes get cancer early. Why wouldn't you do preemptive testing???


I’m a radiation therapist and I treated an 18yr old girl with arm pain a while back, I forget what kind of tumor it was, but I saw her like 6 months later and she was missing that arm at the shoulder level. Life is fucking cruel indeed, I hope things turned out better for her than technoblade :(


It is so cruel. My brother had stomach pains he wasn't too concerned about because he practically drank hot sauce and worked nightshift so he also ingested lots of coffee. Next thing you know, stage 4 lymphoma. Unfortunately it was a rare and imprecise sub type. He passed away at 29. My heart aches for Technoblade's family. It is so painful to lose someone so special and so loved.


That is devastating… I would be overwhelmed with tears. When my mother passed 2 years ago, there was a certain reality about life that HIT. My life has been a struggle, but seeing her pass made me want to give this world everything I have. To have that reality hit, but, for it to come thru your own terminal diagnosis? I can’t imagine handling it at 34, let alone 22. God speed technoblade.


My mom died 2 years ago too. I'm up at 4am unable to sleep right now still because of the mental anguish it's put me through, and I'm still going through. I have no idea how to come to terms with death. Idk how anybody does. Life is so cruel


I don't have anything profound to say I just want to express how much that fucking sucks, I'm so sorry I've also suffered loss to cancer It fucking **sucks**


No trying to pry or anything, but if you feel this is still weighing heavy on your soul, you might consider professional help. Nothing wrong with getting help because you‘re grieving :)


I injured a testicle responding to a fight at work (prison officer). Went to get it checked and was told I had testicular cancer. Was 29 at the time. Sightly unexpected.


I hope you thanked the guy who, uh, hit you in the balls.


It was actually a low gate that I hit. But I did make sure the maintenance guys treated that gate well from then on. She was always well greased.


This happened to my grandfather. Complained of back pain, they found a super big tumor in his hip/pelvis. Had to have his whole leg amputated, but the doctors so far seem pretty confident that they got all of the cancer. Let's hope they are right.


I dont wish cancer on anyone, suffering is sad to see and its a widespread human condition, we all die eventually


"I'm no doctor or anything but I'm pretty sure if you die the Cancer also dies. That's no loss, as far as I'm concerned it's a draw." -Norm Macdonald Rest in peace to Techno blade. And may his Family and Friends find comfort in one another and in knowing how many lives he touched.


Damn. Norm macdonald, Godfrey, The Blade. These past couple of years have been not nice to my favorite people to laugh with


The cynical Brit also..


That's exactly Technos kind of humor. Love that quote.


He said something similar in one of the vids linked above. Paraphrasing, "ok, tumor, you need me to live so it's in your best interest to just *chill out* for a bit".


“Dream manhunt song in the distance”


Norm made that joke while also fighting cancer.


Fuck cancer. RIP Technoblade. I remember spending New Years' Eve watching him hit 10 million subscribers. I watched his videos all throughout the pandemic. Stayed up late for his streams. I don't even play Minecraft, he was just such a cool guy.


Man, take me back to when we were all celebrating 10 mil… feels like an eternity ago


... fuck


He was _23_ when he died. he started making videos when he was _13_


wtf ok I'm 35 so I missed the whole streamer generation as a young person and I never got really into it but even I have heard of technoblade What happened to him? I assumed he was older because I have seen his handle mentioned for years, so I guess it makes sense that he started so young.


he recently passed away from a long battle with cancer


fucks sake. A long battle with cancer at 23 is just the saddest sentence to read. Has he had cancer the whole time he was streaming? And what kind of cancer was it? I know I could google this but it's the middle of the night and I'm in comment sections for two reasons. half drunk and bored because I just came to the end of a movie but I don't wanna go to bed yet lol.


He's had cancer for (and correct me if I'm wrong) around the past half year, maybe longer. He got it in his arm


God damn. That's such a frustrating thing to hear. How does a 23 year old who brought joy to millions die a year after a cancer diagnosis IN HIS ARM. Insanely sad.


To be fair, most of the cancers associated with limbs like bone and muscle cancers do occur in children-young adults, still rare, and still heartbreaking


When he came out and said that he had cancer he said that he prepared jokes to make if he lost his arm. He had a high spirit, even the title of the last video was "so long nerds".


Especially bad was ofc that it was in his arm, a useful thing when your passion is gaming


He had cancer stage 4


Almost half a life dedicated to Minecraft videos.


“Technoblade never dies.” - Sun Tzu, The Art of War probably RIP King 👑 You will surely be missed by many.


He wrote his last message for his community and passed away 8 hours later, I am a grown man and I was in tears when his father was recalling those moments. Rest In Peace o7


Yeah same, that shit was hard to stomach. Dad is a strong motherfucker to hold it together that entire time. You know mom wrote the message because no way she would've verbalized anything without crying hysterically


I'm 30 and watching that video broke me.


Don’t think emotions have an age limit Only wish I knew who he was but will check out his YouTube channel now


His father knew what was coming and he was prepared for it, somebody has to stay strong when things are the hardest


There is nothing weak about grief or crying. I say this only so those that go through something similar don't think they have to keep it together to do right.


I have rarely cried real tears over something I saw on the internet. But that video has me bawling, and I had no idea who technoblade was an hour ago


I tried so hard to hold back the tears, then I bought his GG EZ hoodie on the merch website.


Motherfucker really dies and names his last piece of merch "ggez" RIP Technoblade, you beautiful bastard!


Also "So Long, Nerds!" I'm probably going to get both and the Self Defense shirt.


I don't even have money to buy his merch, hopefully the store is kept up for a while, even if the proceeds go to charity.


The proceeds will go to Techno brother university funds. If they want it, he doesn't want to give dead sibling peer pressure


Nothing worse than seeing a parent grieve over the death of their child. Truly heartbreaking stuff. Every parents worst fear is planning their own childs funeral. Rest in peace legend, youll always stay in our hearts


From "my arm hurts" a little bit which is odd ... to passing away in 12ish months. Damn. :(


He was born in June, and passed away on it. Grossly young Some things are horribly cryptic in life


That dragon, cancer


*Technoblade* was a very special youtuber, one of the last youtubers that retained their sense of humor despite how garbage youtube's new rules were, we remember that the last time he spoke to us, he was only positive and made jokes about his fatal illness, we, atleast i thought that he was going to be alright, and then, today happened. May he rest in peace.


I legitimately thought he was beating cancer all this time


Cancer can be deceiving like that. One moment you think they are winning the fight, then before you know it they are gone. I'm sure he also didn't fully clue us in on how bad it was for the sake of privacy and keeping his audience hopeful. Can't blame the guy really. R.I.P.


Yup, this is why there's years of checkups afterwards as you may think it's finally gone for good and bam, it sprouts up somewhere else later. So, blood tests and x-rays is what you usually deal with (or at least what I deal with to check on my testicular cancer remission) for several years afterwards to be sure it's not poking up elsewhere, and if it is, to deal with it promptly and efficiently.


He's passed on to fight bigger opponents, perhaps the blood god will get the blood he needs


"When god sends me to hell I want him to hesitate"


Former cancer survivor here and never knew technoblade but feel this fucking quote. Never been a big believer in god with the whole childhood cancer shit.


I never watched his content until tonight but his potato war saga is some of the greatest shit I've ever watched. And the quote is from one of those videos.


Potato war?


Trust us and watch it, it’s the greatest devolution to insanity for fake internet cred there is


If a perfect video exist, then it’s definitely that.


This is no exaggeration, but the potato war is honestly my favourite bunch of videos on YouTube.


"Tell the rest of the SMP that having abolished all governments of men. I have ascended to heaven to take on the Kingdom of God."


When did he say this?


In his instructions to Phil while he was in prison


on the dream smp (minecraft server with a bunch of really famous ccs) they basically started making more and storylines ​ in lore technoblade is an anarchist, that quote is from the will he wrote when he went to go break someone out of prison


The dude literally raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer related charities. God better not hesitate to send him to heaven.


God didnt want to give time for him to prepare to fight him and so he brought him up early


he is still alive in our memory because Technoblade never dies


Alex has died, and we mourn him. But Technoblade is legend and will never die.


"technoblade out" that's the last word that we would hear from him in reality, but he will be with us on our mind


The last video I watched from him he signed off with „See you guys next time, Bye“, sad that didn’t come to pass


As a 36 year old male randomly browsing youtube like two years ago, I stumbled across his potato war videos and became an instant fan. His humour was top notch and i knew any videos of his were going to have me laughing out loud. I never followed any other minecraft streamers but Techno was something else. This is immensely sad and depressing.


Gonna miss seeing the dude’s humor.


There's a condolences book going around in Hypixel, feel free to sign it. It'll be given to his family, I believe. Also goddamn, I can't believe he's gone just like that.. Fuck cancer.. May you rest in peace, King 👑


Wait how do I sign it


It’s in-game on the Hypixel server. Here’s a link to the post https://hypixel.net/threads/in-memoriam-technoblade.5007404/


Hop in to the server and then type /hub Once at the hub, go to your right and there will be an NPC called "Memorial" He'll bring you to the memorial server, go left, past the wheat fields, and you'll meet the "Bookkeeper" there Click the book behind him and write down your messages, close, and sign it


I think the server is so packed I can't even join it, would love to sign the book.


I think if you wait a little bit until the news isn’t brand new anymore you can get online to write something. Because the news of Techno’s passing is so recent a lot of people are trying to send their condolences right now, the Memorial will be on Hypixel until the end of July, no rush.


He died at 23. Thats way too fucking young man.


I'm 23. Can't imagine finding out that im gonna die.


I honestly thought man would last yknow. This shit caught me off guard










My daughter is in shambles. She came down as we were steamrolling through Stranger Things and had her Technoblade piggy plush. Poor thing just starts breaking down. She then told us what was up. Man, a youtuber with that many subs is hard. Like Tom Hanks just died or something. I tried to relay the feeling when Totalbiscuit passed as just to try and help the grieving but I dunno. RIP Technoblade. My daughter loved your YT videos.


Motherfucker, TB really hit hard back then. Now I am really sad. This dude i never watched but man not even 24. That is just fucking bullshit.


TB being a kind-of wall for the consumer against shitty business practices and him passing away... i feel like as soon as his presence was gone companies went apeshit with whatever they can think of to get peoples money. One could say it was inevitable regardless of him.. Its still a feeling i have with such a beacon for the community gone. He'd be spinning in his grave with what Blizzard has done to Diablo Immortal.


Reading a lot of comments from parents having their small kids grieve hard. Maybe in a way it’s one last positive effect he can have, creating conversations, understanding, and providing a moment for parents to really connect with their kids. I’m sorry your daughter was hit so hard by this, may it bring you even closer together.


The dude literally had a brave face and sarcastic tone in all of this suffering. Like when this diagnostic happens his thoughts are on his family and then his insurance company, imagining the easiest money maker they had just got cancer. Even in his last days his merch store update to gg ez was his last hurrah.


I've got terminal cancer and honestly I kinda have taken a sarcastic attitude towards it all as well. I'll make jokes about it with my friends/family, and laugh it off. I don't want them to be sad about me, if I'm gonna go then I want my time full of laughter and fun. Nights are pretty hard though. When I'm alone with me and my thoughts, it kinda just pops into my head "oh yeah, I guess I'll be dead soon" and I end up crying till I fall asleep.


My man, I’m so sorry to hear that. Life can be so unfair and cruel. I wish you all the best.


Being alone really amplifies the dread and fear. I try to chat with some friends when it gets too bad.


Not gonna lie, when Techno posted his initial video aftwr getting diagnosed my mind instantly went to TotalBiscuit aswell, now that he's passed it just feels like the acronym TB has to be cursed or something, two legends who both passed far too soon.


That's heartbreaking, I didn't even think of all the children who have spent the last few years growing up watching these guys


So long nerds.


I wasn’t a fan of his, however my sister is. I could tell how heartbroken she was after hearing of his passing. Even my dad, who is not by any means up to date of gaming news, still was sad because my sister was sad. My point is that even someone who isn’t a fan of his can still say their support. Rest In Peace Techno o7


For everyone in the comments who doesn't know who Technoblade was, I submit to you the following: https://youtu.be/5qjnDd1rsII Technoblade was a minecraft youtuber. My wife used to watch a lot of people from the Dream SMP (Minecraft server populated exclusively by big Minecraft streamers), but his content was the only content I also enjoyed. Truly funny and clever, and seemed like a good bean on top of everything else. He will be remembered. Technoblade never dies.


There is also The Legend of Technoblade by EvanMCGaming. Goes into a lot of detail about who Techno is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_dIRLhSNaE


It has been an amazing ride to watch him till now, from his Minecraft Monday video, Dream SMP, and MC championships. Thank you. May your soul rest in Peace. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD


I respect so much how he can always make jokes even when times are rough. He titled the video announcing his death "so long nerds" for fuck sake.


Hell he literally has merch saying GGEZ with his birth date and day he passed, doesn't get more technoblade than that


I found Techno about a year ago and shared his videos with whomever I thought would enjoy them. It's been an amazing time going through and seeing all of his content, and how he influences the people around him in amazing ways. His videos truly helped me make it through some rough days. Rest in peace, Alex. You left this world a much brighter place. o7


I wasn't a fan on the first place, but he is the only dream SMP guy that doesn't make me cringe whenever I hear/see, I didn't have the full experience of his channel, but i do know he was hella respected. This is quite sad


His potato saga is just beautiful


I’ll drink to that 🍻


Same 🍻


One of the only Minecraft YouTubers I could still watch, he never changed his content or personality for his YouTube, he didn’t try to appeal to young kids like we see with so many other MC YTers. He was always himself and never failed to make me laugh even in my lowest moments. Rest In Peace legend, he may have died in real life but he will never die in our hearts <3


I was here, you were here, we all were. As such, people only truly die when they are forgotten and in this view, techno will never die. Rest in peace, king


What happened to him. I never watched but that sucks


He lost his battle with cancer from what I saw


Ok thanks for letting me know


For no mortal man could ever best him, so Mother Earth took Technoblade for herself.


This was so unfair, he was only 23 and spent nearly 10 years trying his best to entertain others and when his sad news came he marched on and gave us his best until his last days, I hope he is somehow informed of the incredible positive impact he made on tens of millions of lives *though gone, legends are never forgotten* *sniff* o7


For everyone grieving right now, I'd recommend r/eyebleach Kittens, Puppies, and everything else adorable. It's helping me process at least. Hurts just as bad as TB's passing.


The best minecraft YouTuber who ever lived. He was one of the first ones I watched. First found him in early 2016, man, those were the days. I will never stop watching and supporting his content and family. He's such a legend, his humor never left even when he was battling like this. Like on his new merch drop today, where one literally says GGEZ on it. What a legend. This cruel world has taken another one away from us too soon, and this one really hit me. Technoblade is the one who was first for me. He will always hold a special place in my heart. Rest in peace Alex. Legends never die. Technoblade never dies


I never even played Minecraft, and yet I watched some of his videos times and times again. He just had the right kind of humor for me. Witty, sarcastic, and yet not malicious. He will be missed, profoundly


I dont know who that is but I'm sorry to hear that.


He was a very influential minecraft youtuber. He was diagnosed with cancer a while back, and he lost the battle.


he was diagnosed less than a year ago, and he was 23 at his passing. fuck cancer.


Technoblade never dies in our hearts


"When do you think people die? When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? No. When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? No. When they drink a soup made from a poisonous mushroom!? No! It’s when… they are forgotten." - Eiichiro Oda (One Piece) I never watched any of Technoblade's videos, but I have heard story after story of the goodness in his heart, and the happiness that he brought to people all over the world. Technoblade will never be forgotten. His memory, his legacy, will live on forever in our hearts. His strength to push forward through life's adversity will forever guide those who choose their own path. He was an icon, and a shining light for millions of people in the seemingly endless world of darkness that we live in. Rest in Piece Technoblade. May you be guided and welcomed into the next life by your loved ones long past.


I think the quote is from terry pratchet, but I always loved "A man is not dead while his name is still spoken"


Wow, I did not expect to start this morning with this news. Rest in peace Technoblade, you will always be the blood god.


Who is he and what did he die from?


he was a very influential minecraft youtuber and made some of the biggest impact for that community. he died of stage 4 cancer, is what I was told on another subreddit.


I fucking hate caner. I have blood cancer as we speak but at least i got to live a lot longer than this poor guy or any of the children i see laying up in the hospital. SO i am thankful.


yeah, cancer can go fuck itself..it sucks that so many have to die from it, especially so young. Sorry you're having to battle it too, at least if it's terminal you have several years left I take it?


I may have a good 3 to 5 years left if i dont get any major illnesses like pneumonia or something but i was saying i feel bad for the younger people that didnt even get a chance to do shit before they got this crap. And thank you :)


yeah, 3-5 is something at least :) and yeah, I can't imagine being a parent and your kid going through anything like that.


My dad has chronic blood leukemia. he’s never really discussed it with me, but he was diagnosed sometime in the mid to late 90s I think? Was a constant blood donor and they made him stop donating because they found it. Has told me numerous times over the years (I’m 32) that it could take that turn at any moment. He’s 73 now, so he’s had his fun and career/retirement in life, but it doesn’t worry/freak me out any less. I’m sorry you have to deal with that, and I hope you are able to combat that bullshit and enjoy the same time my dad has. you deserve it.


holy shit this dude has 10mil subs and I've never heard of him. The internet is wild.


minecraft youtube is out of control "small" channels have like 700k subs


He was a really popular Minecraft YouTuber and famous for being good at pvp, the potato wars,etc. He was around 23 I think and died from stage 4 cancer sadly


Don't forget the dude raised over $430,000 for the Sarcoma Foundation of America by himself, while he had cancer! Dude never once asked his fanbase for a cent nor for any pity, and always made sure to make his fans laugh regardless of what happened to him. His latest merch being a great example.


It's often the most vulnerable time, when pain decides to strike, and once it does, it's hard to grasp the entirety because you're stuck wondering. How? I didn't know him personally. But he made my days as a young kid a whole lot of fun and he entertained the shit out of me. This leaves me speechless because I had no idea he was sick. I haven't watched him in a long time, but God. My heart sank when I seen this. Rest In Paradise, Techno.


Saw the video when it popped up. Thought it was a troll at first. Would've been just like him to do that.


I hoped it to just be a prank untill I heard the pain in his father's voice. You can't fake that sadness.


Who is gonna murder all those stupid famous people in Minecraft now?


Fuck cancer


It's believed to have happened 20 days ago, actually. It's entirely understandable that his family would need time to grieve. Regardless, he made an impact. Not just for the minecraft community. Fly high Techno, you were a legend, and will go down in the books as one.


Where did you get 20 days ago from?


I saw a comment on a recent post on the r/technoblade subreddit, where someone was saying that people in his area had heard of a death for someone with his same first name and age, which while I didn't see a source proving this, it makes sense. Grieving takes time. The funeral had to happen, and the final video would most likely have taken a few days to make, at least. Again, no source on any of this, its just guesstimating based on previous experience. When my grandma died of stage 4 cancer, No one outside of immediate friends or family knew for about 2 weeks.


Which is completely fair and understandable. I never watched the guys content or even heard of him but having watched the final video and reading comments here he seemed like a really cool guy.


In the video they specifically request to help keep their anonymity, this flies in the face of that. Techno passed on the 30th, regardless of when his person did.


May this man be in heaven even if he was an atheist and thought he was going to hell but want god to hesitate o7


It’s amazing how positive he stayed even after getting such a diagnosis and having the possibility of being an amputee. I can’t believe how quickly he went from getting all the procedures he needed to loosing his life ☹️. I never heard of him until yesterday but RIP to such a legend.