Hello all, A little background about myself, Currently I'm studying at University within London. I'm actually studying Game Development, and I've been playing games as far back as I can remember. My Twitch History, as you can probably tell, I haven't streamed in a hot minute. Why am I promoting myself, then??? Well, it's because exams are finally over, and I have a good amount of time to actually dedicate to streaming. A little fun fact about me, after years of wanting a gaming computer and not being able to afford one, I got my first job. After a few months, I managed to buy all the PC parts and build my own. This was a few years ago! I only have 53 followers right now, so not a big following at all. However, I want to put in the time and effort to really grow a community. Thanks for reading this!!! Have a great day. [https://www.twitch.tv/toddlerbear](https://www.twitch.tv/toddlerbear)


Dont do it. We love you


Hello, I am a newborn youtuber who creates content around video games. I do have another channel for home renovation and etc. But when i have free time i play games and enjoy making content out of them. Recently i have been publishing alot of youtube shorts on my channel. Please do check it out trought my profile Thank you.


Hii, I do gaming contents in Youtube as a hobby, my contents were about a small mobile mmorpg called Toram Online, it was only last year caused I got busy with my school life. But, with youtube shorts (very convenient to create content) and summer vacation here at my place recently, I've decided to revive my channel with minecraft shorts, planning to do better content in the future so feel free to check my channel out: https://youtube.com/channel/UC581BVtGdKdbPrP27Oc0VLQ


What’s up Reddit fam? I’m a heavy competitive gamer who plays various of games like Naruto, Elden ring, Nba2k22, ghost of Tsushima, COD, and fall guys. It’s really nothing that I won’t play. I absolutely love gaming. Its my passion and being able to record and show you guys is even more of a joy. I know I’m super competitive but at the end of the day it’s all about having fun, entertaining others by putting a smile on your faces. I hope you guys give me a chance, it’s my passion. Here’s to my recent upload playing naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 https://youtu.be/9sasBJueu2c go watch the vid and if you enjoy it, hit the like button, subscribe & turn post notifications. Follow my twitch channel as well, thank you guys I’m grateful for you to even listen 🙏🏿 https://twitch.tv/baby_sasukex


Hey guys. My channel is The Heavy Hat and honestly, I just enjoy video editing and making small skits that end up making me laugh. I don't ever post anything unless it ended up making me smile. So I hope it's the same for you if you watch.


Hello everyone, I used to love playing games and wanted to make games since I was a kid. But when I was given the choice between studying game making and studying economics, I didn't follow my passion. But after finishing school and working for a while, I stopped working and decided to take a year to return to my passion. Also during school time, I also watched DIY videos a lot. I finally decided to make model games that I liked. So I start with my favorite Pokemon game. But not just any model, but I decided to make an entire game. And I completed the Pallet Town model. This project is expected to be completed within half a year. After that, I will continue to make Pokemon games or games like CSGO, LOL or indie, depending on the viewers of the channel. I just posted a clip of making a model of Pallet Town which is also the first clip and my channel currently has less than 20 followers, almost all of my friends haha. One thing that's promising is that I'll shoot stop motion footage to recreate the game play. I think this will be a channel special. Right now, I do things by myself. So progress may be a bit slow. But if you guys are interested in what I just mentioned. Then check out my Youtube channel. My Youtube channel: [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKiMLSwKjZZwND2qDBy29sQ/featured](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKiMLSwKjZZwND2qDBy29sQ/featured) Thank you so much for reading this far, have a great day.


Hey all! I’ve been streaming for about 4 months now and have been absolutely loving it! Meeting new people, interacting, chatting, just having fun together, it’s been a joy! A little about myself: I left Canada to work in China and ended up staying for 15 years. Sadly, with their intranet and blocking of outside content, I didn’t really get exposed too much to the whole twitch and social media explosions that occurred outside. Despite meeting some awesome people and developing a life there, having gone through the pandemic there made me rethink my situation and I decided to move back to Canada. Well, upon arriving back in the west, I was inundated with things such as twitch, Twitter, Facebook… all of it really… Then, another opportunity presented itself in Europe, so I decided to venture out once more and landed in Portugal. Since finally settling, I’ve been able to organize my schedule, get a decent setup for streaming, and really throw myself at it! I absolutely love story telling and truly do feel the interactivity of games better the experience Whole heartedly! Generally, I play single player story based games, especially those my community and I can discuss, dissect, and devour in a few sittings. I love being able to question my community on their opinions and see how they differ or manage to be similar depending on all that we’re doing! All in all, I just love having a good time with friends and would be truly grateful should anyone else wish to drop in and join in on the fun! Typically I stream Tuesdays through Thursdays starting at 2pm GMT, wherein the community views on a game to play and we try to finish it. Additionally, on Sunday, my gf and I play an episode of a telltale game (Currently going through the walking dead season 2) also at the same time. However, tomorrow we’re adding a bit of fun to mix by doing some fall guys with the community in a private lobby! So, should any of that intrigue you at all, feel free to come by and hit us up: twitch.tv/taz_x14/ Regardless, I hope you’re all having a fantastic Saturday and are enjoying everything and anything that you’ve got on the go today!


Hi there! I've been trying to grow on youtube for a while. I post daily although that's subject to change I'll be post mostly my 1st playthroughs of games and maybe some speedruns at some point Just done playing Dusk then took a break for a couple days, i'll be posting again soon thx and have fun https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBkzr3i-04gXtqcyWiv850A


Hey everyone! I post here pretty frequently, so some of you might have seen my channel already. In that case, thanks a lot for checking it out:) I have a channel called MatthysFAIL on which I do a lot of different video game related stuff like reviews and searching for easter eggs. I record and edit everything myself and for most of the videos I even record the background music myself. You can find my channel here: [https://youtube.com/user/pindametjamkaas](https://youtube.com/user/pindametjamkaas) Right now I'm posting a lot of Battlefield related content because of the release of Battlefiled 2042! My latest review is a review on Battlefield 4: https://youtu.be/WLpkzD8sTDE I also uploaded my gameplay and first impressions video of Battlefield 2042: https://youtu.be/7EX1TdRWR70 For my graduation project i'm making a number of videos in order to proof that video games can have educational purposes as wel as being entertaining. A few weeks ago I uploaded part two of a series in which I explain how history is depicted in video games: https://youtu.be/tXoQIxpoXX8 I hope you enjoy, I put a lot of time and effort into editing these videos! :)


I Love Playing Games Ever since I was a kid I always love video games. Since I didn’t own a console as a child, my favorite thing to do was go over to the neighbors house and play his N64 with him. Now that I’m older and have had plenty of consoles of my own, I find my love of games has never wavered. I decided to start a Let’s Play channel to share my experiences with the games I play! Go check it out! Games I’ve played: Returnal, Sifu, Death’s Door, Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, Hollow Knight Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCvhYQLiasarifzjU7Q8iq3Q Hope You Enjoy!


Hello my name is Disbeairty, im a frequent poster here!, I'm youtuber who primarily focuses on the Real-time/Turnbased Strategy, RPGs,Livestreams. * The Content or Games that is currently ongoing are: * Total War Warhammer 2 as The Empire (Strategy) * XCOM: Chimera Squad (Strategy) * Fallout 1 + 2(Soon) * Ninja Gaiden Sigma The 30 Game Challenge has begoone, Livestreams are usually every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Here is a link to my channel: https://youtube.com/c/DisBearity


I have fun most of the time and then there are days where I shit talk just to get people mad. I play racing games and racing games and more racing games and then maybe a few non racing games. Not sure why but it is what I feel like doing. My name is Quirky[Avik](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPpNi4gfL2uZM9FDWhD5RkQ). I also have a [Twitch](https://www.twitch.tv/quirkyavik).


I made a game called Cartridge the Tiger that's basically Super Mario Maker on PC with an SDK for creating new content. It's built on a custom game engine designed for the ground up for modding and will have Steam Workshop support. [https://store.steampowered.com/app/1332260/Cartridge\_the\_Tiger/](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1332260/Cartridge_the_Tiger/)


Esports can seem a bit impenetrable sometimes. I've been working hard on a video podcast aimed at people who want to know more about the scene but aren't sure where to start. Every week we look at a big scandal from eSports history. Check out our latest episode on esports current organised crime problem: https://youtu.be/mX4bb2O6X04 We've covered doping in eSports, some of the scenes biggest match fixing scandals and more! Check us out. Thanks a bunch


Hello! I'm JT Gunner, and I play games of all kinds! Be it modern or retro, AAA or indie, if it's a game, I'll play it. I'm also an amateur artist, and I've drawn 99% of the art featured on my [YouTube channel](https://www.youtube.com/c/JTGunner11). On YouTube, I've been playing two games: [The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeIC8n35Gn-13S3vI8-K53WZqsikSNx23) and [Star Fox 2](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeIC8n35Gn-0iIG0qljw_nmbh6Nh31q2L), both for the SNES. They're games that I really enjoy a lot, and I'm glad I'm able to play them on my channel. Zelda is a game I've played through multiple times, and it's one I really adore. Star Fox 2 is also a really neat game with a really neat history, what with it's late cancellation and remaining in limbo until its official release on the SNES Classic Edition in 2017. I do also have a [Twitch channel](https://www.twitch.tv/jtgunner11). I've been playing Final Fantasy VII Remake, which I think is a well-done game that I've had fun playing. I haven't had much time to stream in recent months, but I was able to get back into it last night. Hopefully, I can get back into streaming again. Thank you so much for reading this!


I've made some tips and tricks videos and guides for various games including Satisfactory, Oxygen Not Included, Stellaris, and V Rising. But most recently I released the first video in a series where I'm checking out various indie games and giving you a sense of how they play so you can decide whether they're right for you! You can catch the first video in the series here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iQgCGbqv3s


Hey, I am a 24 year old male father who is in love with anything gaming! I am making videos on youtube and I am currently working on horror games with a spicy twist to it. So when I die I take a shot of VERY HOT sauce. I want to make other people smile as I already do with the people around me but I would love to make even more people smile ! Here is my latest video if you have a second to check me out ! https://youtu.be/tU0zJ7kekuw


Hey guild Little background about myself - i'm a recording artist/businessman from Canada who immigrated to the states 2 years ago at the peak of covid by myself. My business partner is an MBA from Canada as well. We met at a gaming center. I'm looking at opening a gaming center/arcade in Los Angeles. It's gonna be a crazy high tech experience, designed from the ground up from someone who spent a ton of time in Lan centers and arcades myself as a kid. We just started an IG page but if you're interested you can follow us at [instagram.com/playatcapsule](https://instagram.com/playatcapsule)


Hey there, I'm a new streamer, I'm blueu0 on twitch I've got a few friends that do streaming and I decided to try it out. I really enjoy doing it, even if I only stream to a few people. I play a lot of COD and Valorant, I plan to play a lot of minecraft and Apex legends. My plan is to stream every Saturday around 12pm or 1pm eastern [For anyone who wants it :)](http://twitch.tv/blueu0)


I finish games [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHHkU88WFV\_a9CHBhHG61PA](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHHkU88WFV_a9CHBhHG61PA)


Greetings! I started a fresh idea - an entertaining gamer commentary with a puppet: Rook the Raccoon! Planning it to be predominantly turn-based/board games style. It's brand new so you'd be one of the first supporters. Thanks for your interest! ​ Here's the 'first episode' a quick 3 min show. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snDIIFzjZTM](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snDIIFzjZTM) \- Gaming with Rook


Hello Everyone! Long time lingerer, first time poster! My little brother just turned 17 and he's been really trying to get views on twitch. I'm trying to get him to come up with more of a schedule so he can get more viewers. I wanted to put him out there to see if anyone would be interested in giving him a view or a follow! He's a typical 17 year old boy and his favorite game to stream right now is APEX Legends. He's doing pretty well. Anyway, thanks for the read if you got this far! https://www.twitch.tv/mystery\_man1107


I go by Machi Scanlines. I mostly do gaming related remixes on YouTube. Here's my most recent song: [Sprinting Night](https://youtu.be/lKkOorhwwe4) Just hope you all like it. Gives me dopamine.