I'm not in the habit of buying the yearly installments every year, but I do wish they'd bring NHL to PC again. They've done it for most of the other sports games.


EA has also introduced IIHF Men's and World Juniors teams to NHL 22. Along with competing in IIHF World Championship tournaments, the Men's and Women's teams are playable in the Play Now, Online Versus, Threes Now and Offline/Online Shootouts modes. EA announced the additions last month.


chel 22 is the best installment in a while. frostbite is killer and the soundtrack is great. they just need better online servers; takes way to long to find a match


It's about god damned time. Women have been playing Hockey since the sport was invented and it took this long to even acknowledge they exist in our universe.


I honestly had no idea there was women's hockey. This definitely got me to acknowledge it