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Have one? I’ve never even seen one on sale or in person.


I don't even want one, yet the scalper scene still enrages me.


I do want one, and the scalper scene definitely still enrages me.


I'm not buying one because of my rage over the scalpers. Amazon and Walmart is a shit show that isn't helping.


Had a family member ask me why everyone was so mad at the scalpers. Said it was their right and good for them for taking the opportunity capitalize on the demand.. Fuck off tim


Fuck Tim.


Tim is such a dick.


Want to know what rhymes with Tim? Dick.


I feel at that point I would have thrown his car keys in the trash. Fucking Tim.


Wanna know what else rhymes with tim?? "Fuckin asshole"


That’s a very astute observation.


Fuck you Tim you fartsniff


You need to voice record them saying that and play it back when they get fucked by scalpers


Or just whenever he complains about paying for something overpriced because they're just CaPiTalizinG oN tHe DemAnD.


I never understood that mentality. People have the 'right' to do a lot of scummy things. Just because something isn't illegal doesn't mean anyone should be okay with it.


I suppose he's okay with scalpers driving up concert tickets by hundreds, or Zillow buying up houses, inflating the housing market.


What kills me is usually the people with these "fuck everybody but me" mentalities call themselves Christian.


Funny how far "Christianity" has strayed. A shame. Like most religions it has some pretty good ideals at it's center. The world would be a pretty good place I think if everyone actually followed the core values of their religion


It's all prosperity gospel. Prosperity gospel says: "God rewards moral people (with money)". Easy to transform that into: "People with money are morally good" and then to "Things that make me money are morally good". ...turns out a lot of Christians are selfish, hypocritical assholes.


Yeah sure Tim, I can pick you up from the airport - that will be $200


Sorry Tim, I bought the last ticket home this week for 200 but I’ll set it to you for 550. If you do t buy it I’ll just throw it in the trash.


Tim it is my right to charge you $200. Good for me to capitalize on the opportunity


Tim hoarded tp didn't he?


They say he is still wiping to this day


Equally blameworthy are those who reward scalpers by purchasing from them. The Reddit GME pumpers wanted to do good by ruining the short sellers’ position and succeeded. An even greater good would come from a collective resolution to never buy from scalpers.


To be fair, Tim isn't wrong: It is pure capitalism at its finest - scalpers are only capitalizing on the demand. But with that said, fuck the scalpers


There wouldn't be such a demand if the scalpers stopped buying them! Ugh frickin Tim


At this point it's probably just better to wait for the first round of upgrades (slim or pro models) to get one.


Latest rumors say 2023 before you get a pro edition


They also say it’s going to be 2023 before you can buy a regular PS5 off a shelf in a store.


Best Buy said their next round of PS5s is going to local stores to be on the shelf.


I’ll believe it when I see it. Even if they send them out, they’ll be gone before the end of the first day. I’m not waiting in a line for a store to open to buy one.


They just did a round this past Thursday and had people waiting out side the purchase. They were gone by 8am.


Every Best Buy and target near us has a big sign on the doors that they don't carry next gen consoles in store. So I'll believe it when I see it :(


Yeah both stores near me have signs saying when they do get any in stock, they’ll only sell them online to avoid people stealing them or fighting over them.


And you can get original PS5 early 2023 😂




Im kinda skeptical myself.


If you actually *can* buy of those, I mean the stock


Imagine all the PS5 photos "i held out and didn't give the scalpers money!" karma whoring posts we'll see between now and then.


That’s exactly what I’m doing. I absolutely hate going for the device the instant it launches I find that a little rushed because first batches tend to be.. special, in addition to playstation having a release pattern we can observe since the ps2.


I saw one for sale back last December at a big box store. I didn't immediately snatch it up, my thought at the time was something like "Huh, I guess they're gonna be easier to find now, about time" (This was maybe a month after release) ... If I had known that was the last time I'd ever lay eyes on a ps5, I woulda grabbed it, though.


I just unsubscribed (turned off auto-renew) from PS Plus because I no longer see the point in having it. I couldn’t get a PS5 and learned I can easily live without two consoles. I had PS Plus since it was available. Ten years?


I mean if you plan on ever having a PS5, you can claim all the monthly PS Plus PS5 games they drop. Then, download them when you get the 5 and have a nice little backlog built.


Wow I had my friend log my account in and claim them for me, didn't know I could just use the app. Thanks!


Make sure they also claim the 20 ps4 games from the PS plus collection that's only available to PS5 users. There's some pretty good stuff in there too. Edit: Spelling Edit #2: In case y'all are wondering what's included in that collection. - Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy - God of War (2018) - Mortal Kombat X - Fallout 4 - Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition - Monster Hunter World - Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - Persona 5 - Battlefield 1 - COD BO3 Zombie Chronicles Edition - Days Gone - Detroit Become Human - Uncharted 4 - Batman Arkham Knight - Infamous Second Son - Until Dawn - Bloodbourne - The Last of Us Remastered - The Last Guardian - Ratchet and Clank (2016) Edit 3: Fixed the autocorrected "Mortal Combat" to correct Mortal Kombat Edit 4: I've been informed that Sony has been cracking down on people doing this for their friends with temporary/permanent online bans depending on the severity of times done. I did it twice back in March and haven't seen any issues, but that might be completely anecdotal. Have them claim it at your/their own risk.


Hmm alright, will do. Any idea if I can do that in the app also? Taking a look right now but not seeing it


Not that I'm aware of, I'm pretty sure it's only on the PS5 version of the PS store on console. I couldn't find it either with a quick search. I just had my buddies sign into my PS5 with the quick sign in code on my PS5 with their app, added them, and then signed them back out of my console. Honestly I'm pretty sure they gave the collection to PS5 owners as a "sorry there aren't any games out yet". To be fair though, I wouldn't have gotten a PS5 if my PS4 didn't die in a lightning storm as I usually wait to buy the second iteration of a console. I got lucky searching and actually snagged one straight from Walmart on one of their restock days. You can do the free PS5 game that PS plus puts out every month though through the app.


Wow, my dumb ass has been ignoring the PS5 free games because I don’t have one. Didn’t even cross my mind I could still add them to my library Thanks for that


Yeah I saw a Reddit comment saying this same thing back around December and started doing it. Recently I got a ps5, and that first week was like a carnival between the free monthly games and the always available ones that were new to me. In the long term the best thing is always having a new game to play when I’m a bit bored and want to mix it up.


Yep. I’ve had a console if every generation at release for over 30 years now. Yet to see a PS5 or Xbox… whatever it’s called in person too. Don’t even know anyone who owns one.


I know a guy that has two 5s, but that's only because he was first in line waiting at the mall overnight on release day for them


I was surprised by the size and weight....dang thing is 9.9lb


Weight PS4 slim 4.62 lb (2.1 kg) PS4 pro 7.27 lb (3.3 kg) PS4 6.1 lb For those wondering how much a difference this would be.


Is that about the weight of a micro ATX build.


Wait so you're telling me I'm able to lift a 10 lbs console?


Seen one? I don't even want one


I just want the new Ratchet and Clank. That's all I've seen that is pointing towards an upgrade.


Don't rush, it isn't worth full price. Yeah it's fun, but £70 for a game you get the platinum in only 10 hours without any challenge left me feeling ripped off.


Damn you must have went hard. I played on the hardest difficulty setting doing all the side quests and took just over 15 hours. Still need to go back for NG plus to get the NG+ specific weapons and level them al up to level 5


This idea that length is the only justification for price is kind of a bullshit one. A 10 hour game with little padding is way better than a 90 hour Ubisoft collectathon that has you doing the same thing over and over.


I'm glad I got a pc before the new consoles and gpu prices went up. I don't have to worry about not playing new games for ages


It's best to stay a console generation behind. By the time you buy, it's cheaper, more games are available, they've been patched, and sometimes include dlc.


I will say, the fact that the new consoles are backwards compatible is the main reason we got them. I have a shelf of Xbone and PS4 games, plus Game Pass. If I couldn't play any Game Pass games but Series X ones, it totally wouldn't have been worth it. But now I play mostly PS4 games on my PS5, and the PS4 went to the kid's room. Finally, no more fighting for the living room TV. And with Game Pass, we can play a lot of games together, even though our consoles are a generation apart. Definitely a privileged position (we got lucky and found both new consoles in stock on random grocery trips), but this generation of consoles has been a big win for adopting early-ish for us. If the PS5 and Series X could only play the newest games, there just wouldn't be any reason to have them sitting in the living room.


True …. I know I don’t have one


I had everything ready to go in my cart, card info in and everything then when I hit "Place Order" PlayStation Direct gave me the big middle finger and said my invitation was not valid.


I had a order confirmation email from wal-mart, not two minutes before getting another email saying my order was cancelled due to my card not being valid. I was not happy that day... Month or two later, i secured a ps5 online, from walmart with the exact same card i tried with before *shrugs*


That fucking sucks, in my case PlayStation Direct didn’t bother to deactivate the invites from the 15th so the people trying to buy one on the 21st couldn’t but if you for some reason used the link from over a week ago on the 15th you got to buy one, make that make sense, and even worse the next day they fixed that glitch but if you weren’t "fast" enough you’d get the same message.


I was able to get one ordered from PlayStation direct on Wednesday, but I got an email this morning saying it’s been delayed.


Delayed, but does that still mean you at least secured one?


I hope so. But if it’s like everything else going on, think it’s going well then life slaps me in the face and says, NO!


One day, maybe.


Just stick mobile notifications on from the twitter PS5 stock alerts, you'll have one within the month if you react quickly.


I have all those set up on my phone but for some reason Twitter sends me the notifications 2 hours after the tweet initially gets sent so everything is always sold out by the time I actually see the links!! Idk if it's a setting in my Twitter account that I can change but I've tried setting up alerts for all of the ps5 tracking accounts and no matter which account it is I don't get the notification to my phone for a few hours!


It's crazy that almost a year later and it's still so hard to get. Why? Is it the low supply or the bots/scalpers, or both?


Covid-19 hit the global chip market really hard. Supply chains got disrupted on a scale that we haven't seen in modern times. Also trade wars don't help right now. It may allow China to develop their own EUV machines but with the global supply chain disrupted, it's pretty hard. Besides many companies are leaving China for India, coupled with the Taiwan conflict, the chip shortage won't be sorted out. Henceforth no ps5 for anyone.


Second this. I work in IT and we have a 3-4 month lead time on new laptops which is causing incredible strain on our infrastructure


Tell me about your username


I was once a stupid 14 year old


So based on your reddit age, you are now 24 years old.


Almost correct. It was a guess.


I had no idea how big the chip shortage was. Just talked to someone the other day who works in an automotive factory, and they've cut so many hours because they aren't making as many cars -- all because of a chip shortage. I knew it was affecting video games and computers and such, but that it's so dire that it's even affecting auto sales and manufacturing blows my mind.


My boat has taken almost 1 year to manufacture. They just pushed it back a month too. It's affecting everything.


That sucks. My dad always complains that he can't work on his new car as easily as he used to work on his older cars and hot rods because they have so many electronics. But I didn't know they had *that* many. Same with boats -- I didn't know that either, so thanks for informing me. Also, I fucking love your username.


Many people believe the chips only go into GPUs and CPUs. They don't know electric cars require so many components just to work right.


It’s not just electric cars. Basically every car that’s manufactured these days requires chips.


I'm an electrical engineer and stock of even the most basic components made of silicon, like diodes (the most basic building block of all things semiconductor) and logic gates are starting to diminish. It's getting tough


This isnt completely true. There is a limited number of factories that can produce needed chips and they are at 100% capacity. They are building new factories to produce more but that takes years


“It may allow China to develop their own EUV machines but with the global supply chain disrupted, it's pretty hard” The trade war is making it harder for China to make their EUV machine but they may be even more determined to go that route. “ Besides many companies are leaving China for India, coupled with the Taiwan conflict, the chip shortage won't be sorted out” Not sure how your conclusion follows? The chips are still made in Taiwan at TSMC. Many companies leaving China for India doesn’t impact chip production time. It may mean the chips need a little bit more time to be shipped to India instead of China. That’s all.


60% of the world's semiconductors are manufactured in Taiwan, which is enduring its worst drought in a century. They need ultra-pure water for the chip manufacturing process, and the drought is hampering their supply. Tack on Covid disrupting supply chains, and the escalating trade war between America and China, and you end up with most industries struggling to get chips for anything.


Just as a side note, the drought in Taiwan ended in July


Semi conductor shortage


Toyota has also cut new vehicle production by 40% due to the chip shortage. It's effecting all types of markets.




The main answer is actually that the demand for new consoles is the highest its ever been. The PS5 is the fastest selling PS system. That wouldn't have been possible if there was actually low supply.


The semiconductor shortage is largely driven by high demand. Tech companies had to massively expand their infrastructure, and people started buying up consoles while they were stuck at home during the shut downs. When you make a product, you have to reserve chips months beforehand. So you have to make an estimate of what you expect to sell. A lot of products that are selling as expected, aren't having many shortages. Some products like the PS5, Nvidia GPUs are a lot more desired than expected, and are seeing major shortages. For context, the PS5 is currently the fastest selling console.


I figure the PS5 will come out of private beta and be released for public purchase soon


Everyone finally gets there ps5. Sony announces the ps6


PS6 + GTA5 bundle


PS6 with Skyrim and GTAV.


Unfortunately it might be the last Elder Scrolls game Playstation gets....


Its okay i have a toaster


Have they said if they are using a new engine? If they are using the same one again, forget about it.


Iirc they've been building creation engine 2.0 for Starfield and beyond


Happened to me with the PS3 when the PS4 got announced. Except no shortages to blame, only me being a broke ass XD.


Sounds like you bought ps3 games at a great price!


Well at this rate I’m contemplating seeing what kind of slim or pro mode comes out before getting one. There’s only a handful of true exclusives so far since most of them are just enhanced versions.


I mean they’re probably going to move any plans for that back a year because they’re more worries about actually making tweaks to the PS5 that expedite the supply chain and there’s no reason to rush a console generation when actual PS5 games are just starting to drop.


I didn't want one and couldn't get one. Then I kinda wanted one and couldn't get one. Now I've lost interest and still can't get one. *Shrug*


Yeah funnily enough, I appreciate my PS4 just as much now. I'm good to wait another 2 to 3 years, and that's if. Lol


The truly crazy thing is despite the supply line shortages, the PS5 is Sony’s fastest selling console eclipsing 10 million units sold a month faster than the PS4. I think the backwards compatibility with PS4 games has increased adoption along with a fairly strong set of titles available for the PS5.


I’m sure it is, thanks to bots being more present than ever before


People blame bots but they obviously have nothing to do with the rate of sale, just how fast they go out of stock at retailers. Scalpers wouldn’t still be using them if they weren’t easily flipped because they’d have rooms full of PS5s they can’t sell and concerns about eventually being forced to flip them at a loss. Scalpers can switch their bots to whatever the easiest profit is, but they have limited space and cash. They wouldn’t be focused on the PS5 if they weren’t quickly ending up back in the hands of consumers.


it still makes the ps5 more exclusive, specifically those consumers willing to shell out for inflated prices. ends up being a skewed redistribution of the product, as well as a choke point for its distribution


Sony just boggles my mind that they released when they did. If they sat on the consoles a few months longer and created a bigger stockpile they might have been able to flood enough out to get past the scalpers. I'm curious how well PS5 games are selling. I know initially they were way down from what would be expected because scalpers were sitting on big piles of consoles and they don't buy games. I still haven't been able to get one, damn thing may as well be a unicorn. The Series X is in an interesting spot. MS basically split their community by being cross-platform with windows 10. I *finally* got my PC together with a completely OP 3090 because it was the only f'n thing I could get at actual MSRP and not scalper retail. But that means I don't need a Series X. Having said all that, it was a very pro-consumer move so hats off to MS. They've got me in their garden either way, and Xbox cloud is pretty cool.


Where did you get a 3090 at msrp


>If they sat on the consoles a few months longer and created a bigger stockpile they might have been able to flood enough out to get past the scalpers 1) They get just as much money from scalpers as any other purchaser. 2) Delaying the release would have led to the Series X being the only new-gen console out for the holidays, that's a big no-no. There's a reason the launches were barely a couple of days appart.


Game pass is neat, but having grown up with Xbox, I resent paid subscriptions. I remember having to scour through game boxes while I was younger just to get a few more days of Xbox Live. I play on pc now, as I enjoy not having to worry about subscriptions anymore, but if Xbox hadn't had Xbox Live, I would probably play it more.


I didn't intend to skip a generation but shortages make it easier for me to just shrug it off. If they want my money, make it easier for me to give it to them.


I have one. Fuck all games. Mostly sits there gathering dust


I also have one. I use it every day.


Same here. Got one in November. It's a YouTube machine now


Wait for the scalpers to start having to compete with the resale value of used ones


Good. I hope it causes them to default on their loan shark loans and the get their fucking knee caps busted.


this is what i’m hoping happens in the [gpu] market. the other part of me is ready to blow $2,200 on a prebuilt machine.


and it's been 4 months since I've turned it on. seriously, there's no games


I have one and I enjoy it, but I still don’t have any PS5 games. There has yet to be any one must-have title, so right now it’s sort of it’s a glorified PS4 Pro.


I've never played PS4 or PS3 so I have a lot of games I need to play. God of War, Spiderman, Spiderman Miles Morales, The Last of Us, Demon souls, Uncharted, Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, Gran Turismo, Shadow of Collosus etc... I don't know if you've played Playstation games, I assume so if you can't find any games to play whilst I have a shit ton I need to play.


I’m truly so jealous you get to experience all of that for the first time.


I'm a bit sad that the PS5 isn't backwards compatible with the PS3 because there's a bunch of titles I won't be able to play like infamous 1 and 2.


Man I keep trying to get into Infamous 2. Like three times I've started it and gotten maybe 10 hours in and just....stopped. I think I just want it to be like Prototype and it's not and I'm not willing to accept that.


You could always play Infamous 1 and 2 with PS Now. You can get a week for free, then it’s $9.99/month. You can knock out both of those games in that month. I started going through the original God of War games with it and the infamous franchise is next on the list. I’m not big on subscriptions like that but knocking out a few older games for $10 isn’t a bad deal


Add horizon zero dawn to that list!


Luckily I've played Horizon Zero Dawn on PC already. I loved it and can't wait for Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West!


Nice! I’m jealous you get to experience blood borne and god of war for the first time. And you don’t need to deal with those 2014 bb loading times!


The newest Ratchet and Clank is 100% a next gen experience. Would definitely recommend at least watching some game play.


Agreed, it is like playing a Pixar movie and absolutely seamless, but you have to admit it doesn’t sound good from an outsider viewpoint. Console has been out for a full year, and when you ask ‘are there any genuinely next-gen games?’ the answer is always Ratchet and Clank


True, but it’s a rent from GameFly type of game. 10 hours to platinum is a weekend rental experience, not buy for $70.


This is what I’m saying. It’s pretty grim that a full 12 months later and that’s still the big wow game


Uhm, Returnal?


Returnal is my game of the year. Of course if you don't like shooters or the die and start over type it's not for you, but a must try.


I got my PS5, picked up ratchet and clank, Returnal, god of war (i skipped ps4), and ff7 remake. All of them were fantastic, with Returnal and R+C being the PS5 exclusives. I loved both of those games but Returnal I got all the endings and still find myself turning it on once a week to do a run. Amazing AAA roguelite can’t wait for the DLC.


Deathloop is fun, and it was nice to see Demon’s Souls revitalized


I finally got one (PSN direct, so happy I saw the email) and first thing I picked up was ff7. Returnal is pretty good (thats exclusive I believe?) I'm waiting for more exclusives though myself to feel better about getting it "early"


Yea I got mine to replace my PS4 when it died though there aren't any PS5 games I crazy for. I did get the Directors Cut of Ghost of Tsushima though and that plays great, it loads so fast I'm going to be spoiled going back to other games lol.


... I’m actually starting to get pissed about this. I didn’t care for a year but I want one and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. First world problems


I'm in the "second world" and shits two months pay here and nobody has worked for a while because the virus. I just want to get one so I can play a battlefield game again


I'm in the third world and it is costing 6 months pay and people just know very well that they will never have one


I've been using my ps4 since the first day it released and I'm just hoping I don't need to delete all my (3 lol) games to make battlefield work. I just want that full BF3 lobby feeling again


At this point might as well wait for a slim or pro version. By the time those are in stock, ps7 will come out and it will be slightly cheaper😀


I’ll only consider getting one when there are some games I’ll enjoy. (RPGs) Otherwise the PS4 is fine


Only reason I want a ps5 so far is to play the final fantasy 7 remake intergrade patch. Other than that, I don’t need one until part 2 comes out or they surprise us with a good rpg/tactics game.


Do you just means games that are exclusive to the PS5? Because if you think you’ll buy one anyway and don’t have cashflow issues it’s at least worth ~considering~, even games that are technically on both run so so much better on PS5. I bought mine just because I had the chance and knew I would eventually want one and the gap is a lot bigger than I expected.


It does have one of the best rpgs of all time on there. Then again disco elysium is on last Gen as well.


I mean I want one. I want to play the exclusives; mostly Returnal, but still. I'm just not spending $1000 and I'm not joining a bunch of discord groups to get one. My computer works fine and Game Pass is keeping me extremely busy. A shame.


When Best Buy restocked this week I had gotten stood up by a scalper the day before, not too much extra btw. I had gotten 2 emails from ps direct to buy the ps5 and both times the system crapped out. I didn’t know about the Best Buy restock until like 5-ish pm Wednesday. I said to myself camping out for a ps5 is ridiculous. Went to sleep at 10pm and woke up at 1:30am, couldn’t get back to sleep so I said “screw it” and went to the one that’s a minute or two away from me. I was like #35 in line and waited the 6 hours and now I own one! Worth the camping out but don’t recommend going to work after that lol.


It’s a sad world when a year after something is released that it’s still so insanely hard to get that you have to stand in line overnight.


Couldn't they also not be scalpers


When my son turns on his PS4 I think it's gonna just start a fire and shoot something off that I'll never find. Gotta take the fuckin pill


I mean, you could open it up and hit it with compressed electronic duster to clean it out. If you are comfortable with the tear down of a PS4 you could also really open it up, clean it out, pull the heatsink, clean off the old thermal compound with isopropyl, and apply new compound. Once reassembled that console will likely be as quiet as new.


A brand new PS4 Pro sounds like a jet engine, so that's not an inspiring statement.


No games I want anyway so no loss for me but sucks for those that want but can't get it.


This appears to be the conundrum to me; why are developers going to put money into developing games for a system with no mass market?


Although any games that would have been released by now would have been in development before the shortage happened


Because in many cases the developer and the console producer are the same, and they want to expand the player base on their new console. Enjoying Sony studios is the main draw to PS for most people.


well game franchises and company's owned by sony are making new games and the ps4 just isn't powerful enough for said games.


Whilst I will say this is a big issue. Does no one remember the Switch or the Wii? I know it's Nintendo but as someone who worked electronics in retail it was like almost 2 years of non-stop people asking for a Switch that we couldn't keep in stock and would get infrequently. Lol Edit: And what I mean is this was before huge chip shortages and the like. This was during 'normal' times.


I couldn’t get it, but the new Xbox was available so I bought it and I don’t regret it at all. It runs great, and the amount of new games that are available on the game pass is just amazing, compared to what PS plus offers. I was always a PS person, but Microsoft definitely gained on that PS5 shortage.


They may have gained a little, but PS5 is massively out selling Xbox and that gap is widening every month at the moment. https://www.vgchartz.com/article/449843/ps5-vs-xbox-series-xs-sales-comparison-june-2021/ So doesn’t look like Playstation is too bothered by it at the moment.


Couldn't care less what Sony thinks about it. Game Pass is a legitimate game changer. It has cut way down on the amount I've spent on games over the last two years, yet dramatically increased the number of games I have played. The fact that you can get it for free through Microsoft Rewards is icing. Both consoles are still selling out within minutes of them going on sale. Sony has done a better job of supply. Microsoft is doing just fine when it comes to people having interest in buying their console.


Game Pass is amazing. I try so many more games and have had legitimate full favorites on it (on PC). It's definitely helped me stay away from other sales.


I imagine where it hurts is in the subscribers. Game pass has a huge advantage in also playing the pc market. I don't know why Sony hasn't jumped on board with anything more significant than streaming games.


Fuck scalpers


A lot of it isn't even scalpers anymore. Our best buy had a shipment of ps5s and there were hundreds of people there before the store opened but they only had like 60 to sell. The demand is just stupidly high.


My local GameStop my buddy works at got a shipment of 8 of each PlayStation and Xbox. He told me every employee claimed what they wanted before they even hit the shelf so they wound up with like 4 Xbox’s and 1 PlayStation to sell. It’s things like this that are fucking people over to, whether the employees are buying for themselves or reselling, that is scummy


I had to go buy a cord for work one morning at Best Buy. I got there a little before they opened. There were 20 people waiting outside the door. I was confused until an employee came out and yelled "We still have no PS5s or (some PC graphics card) in stock." The employee said they had to do this every morning now. Then they spent the first couple hours of work answering constant phone calls of people asking if they have any in stock. There manager was trying to see if they could get an automated voice saying there were none on stock so people would hang up.


How does that prove they aren't scalpers? Do you think scalpers don't wait in line?


A scalper who can only buy one unit isn't making much of a difference


i switched to pc and switch. fuck playstation


Still on PS3 here. Albeit it's mostly for Blu-ray movies at this point.


I didnt even get to play on a ps2 bruh


It might as well not exist to me. I shouldn’t have to refresh a retailer’s website at a specific time each month to MAYBE get a chance at one.


I thought it was still a mythical creature


And still no games for it


At this point is it worth it to just wait for the slim/pro/whatever the enhanced version will be or is that still a while off?


They’re probably just pushing the entire cycle back a year, especially because even the early PS5 exclusives aren’t even close to pushing what the console can do. Probably like 2025/2026 for anything like that.


They think it will be readily available in shops by around 2023. Console released in 2020, assuming 7 years cycle, by around 2023 PS5 Pro should be released. Maybe that is why the normal PS5 will be in store as people would be fighting over the Pro instead.


> assuming 7 years cycle I wonder if they’ll make this cycle longer, given the circumstances.


Finally saw a couple of PS5s at Walmart, except one was the literal display and not plugged in and the playable display was locked up and seemed broken. It was about a month ago I saw 3 Series X and 5 Series S sitting on the shelf at our local HEB, was so fucking upset I finally found one for retail but had to buy groceries and pay bills that week. I've checked every week since then and they have literally taken down their electronics aisle because stock on everything is so low, it was practically empty shelves for the last month before they did. I hate being a millennial sometimes, seems like we are constantly getting fucked over financially. I'm finally in my ,30s and can afford that stupid game console for the first time in my life BUT THEY ARE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!! Can't buy a house, a car, nope not even a $600 game console, super nope on that. *laughs in wheezing Boomer*


Dude that feeling is so real. I got lucky and was able to buy it with the subscription based model. It’s literally the only reason I was able to get mine.


They're blowing it with this generation. The interest is going to die before people can get one. It's stupid.


"blowing it"... The ps5 hit a TEN MILLION sold a month faster than the PS4 did. It's a runaway success by any metric


How are they blowing it exactly? It's not their fault there's a chip shortage.


They should have sold a higher percentage of consoles at brick and mortar stores and done more to stimie scalpers.


It's out of their hands, they can't magic chips out of thin air.


Lmao sureeeeee keep telling yourself that.


More than that, developers won't want to make games for a system no one has. If no one has it, that means no one can buy the games. That means developers don't make money. It's simple economics.


The PS5 is selling really well, it's just that the supply can't meet the insane demand right now. The PS5 is currently outselling the PS4 at this point in it's lifecycle. They've sold 10 million PS5 as of July. It sold 7.8 in it's first fiscal year, where the PS4 sold 7.6. https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/28/22597784/sony-ps5-playstation-5-sales


They've said it's their fastest selling console of all time. It isn't that they haven't made any, it's that demand massively outstrips supply.


"iTs nOt eVeN hArD tO FiNd. yOuR'rE nOt LoOkInG hArD eNoUgH." Blah blah blah. If I can't casually buy one at a retail store or easily online without refreshing the page every 5 seconds, stalking multiple places/sites. I don't want it and it doesn't exist. At this point I'm just going to enjoy my PS4 a bit longer.