You go completionist after your first playthrough. Or you spoil everything by researching everything lol...


Probably the smartest idea, but I always feel like I'm "wasting time" by not maximizing the stuff I unlock in one playthrough.


Then don't play spoiler free and do the research. You can either be effecient, or immersed and spoiler free.


I'd prefer the latter. I just need better discipline! Or therapy.


That's just it. You can also look at the guide's roadmap ( 99% spoiler free) to get an idea of what completing the game means in terms of time.


If I know a game doesnt allow for more exploration after you beat the campaign, I try and do as much as I can along the way. Then once I beat the game, I go back on different difficulties for those achievements/trophies while busting out some of the really hard ones


It’s partly a personality trait. I enjoy completing games. What I do when I first get a game, is play through it first. I don’t look at achievements or anything like that. I’ve found that I will never complete a game on the first try so I might as well just play through it normally on the first go. I don’t often play games that I don’t want to complete but the first play through will let me know if I even want to 100% it. I guess it is a discipline thing, making yourself not look at potential spoiler material.


While it depends on the game, I'd think most completionists don't typically 100% a game in one playthrough. In some cases and titles, you can always just look up online about the possibility of missables, and how far in do you need to be cautious about them. Other times, there's a point of no return final save point where you can do everything else before finishing the game. Alternatively, there's also games with free exploration after the game ends, or even a New Game +.


I love when games make their "point of no return" super obvious. Like, "okay, once we go through this door, we probably can't come back out!" Haha, then I know I should go ahead and get everything else I was looking for.


Some games which could be spoiled, I don't check guide before hand such as RPGs and story driven things. I do save a lot before choices or moments I think may be branching or important for achievement.