The first guy to break into Area 51

The first guy to break into Area 51


Alien: Isolation is so good dude, I love it


I was gonna ask how it is. Never played it.


It's great. It has some great stealth gameplay and intense moments with the Alien. The AI is great and graphically it's pretty solid. The gunplay is what it is and the story might get a little boring at times, but overall I'd say it's 8/10 Btw the story is like 15h long


Bullshit, I'm 10 hours in and only on like chapter 6 or something. I'll let you know if I ever leave my hiding spot.


This was my problem. I don't normally scare easy, but at some point every session turned into 15 minutes of actual progress, and like an hour of hiding in one spot. Took a long break.


Are the scares in the game real intense or something?


The alien has a special coding to make it adapt to your play style. An adaptive a.i. can really surprise you. Take your favorite hiding spot under the office desk, you can hide there as much as you want but if you make any noise or if it spots you it will attack. Well if you manage to escape the attack the alien now knows you like to hide under desks. That's now the first place it will look until you develope a new pattern. I had spent a vast majority of the game hiding from the alien in the airducts, it seemed it could never find me. Well halfway through the game the alien spotted me going into one and awhile later while I was hiding in a different duct I heard a screech and turned to see it charging down the tube towards me. Edit: stop downvoting gumbo, he only asked a simple question and gained an answer. Shouldn't discourage curiosity. (Thank you Reddit) Edit: Edit: nobody mention the Android's, let the new players figure that out for themselves. Edit: Edit: Edit: Play this game with a PlayStation camera for maximum immersion(It allows you to tilt your head to get your character to lean). If you don't own one at least play with a headset with a microphone. One of the greatest hidden features of this game is that your voice transmits through the game, meaning if something spooks you and you squeel every hostile can hear it. On the other hand my girlfriend passing gas loudly has also gotten me killed. (Still worth it).


Only use PlayStation camera if your room is super quiet... I had this feature on when I first started playing and I was never able to hide anywhere or sneak without being immediately spotted. I was getting furious! Turns out, the camera was picking up the fish tank filter noise in the room.... My fish gave me away.


You can also change the camera mic's sensitivity, when you lower it the sound bar will display what audio is being picked up, just lower it until the threshold passes the ambient noise.


Aw man, I didn't know that! I don't remember seeing that option. I played through without it. I should play again with that feature on, it's been long enough since I played that I know it would get me again with jump scares and such.


But I feel like the the random times my two year old yells at me just adds to the excitement


Yep. I discovered that when my little sister started running around in the hall, it got picked up by the mic, got buttfucked by the xenomorph. Disabled that feature shortly after.


Pretty much. I hadn't even seen the xenomorph yet, I couldn't get through the first area that you are expected to sneak because of the damn fish. It was a bunch of hostile guys with guns, I think? I tried sneaking, I tried storming right at them, I tried backtracking, I looked for vents, ANYTHING. I was getting SO MAD trying to figure out what the HELL I was doing WRONG. Why do they see me EVERY TIME I sneak around these boxes?! GD fish... When I finally figured it out, I felt so stupid. I was stuck there for days. *Days.*


The trick I used to overcome the advanced AI was to never survive an attack, thus the alien never learned anything from me


Yeah, it's big brain time!


Hehe, at one point I got trapped on the other side of a desk with the alien at the other end. He won't one way, I went the other and he kept changing direction so I did. This went on for about 5 minutes until I thought fuck it, jumped out and molotov'd is ass and then I ran like a little girl.


Good thing i play so randomly i dont even know what I'm doing lol


The enemies won't know what I'm doing if I don't know what I'm doing!


- The US Marines


Thats cool


>Thats ~~cool~~ fucking terrifying Ftfy


Yeah that is very cool. Kudos to the programmers.


I remember after I started getting good at the game I grew a habit of stalking the alien myself and creeping behind him so I'd be able to see where he was in when he would leave the area to give me some freedom but I did it so much that after some time he started to randomly look over shoulder to see if I was following him was it really creepy the first time he caught me.


That is so damn cool! I'd heard this game was good, but I'd always just kinda had it near the bottom of the list of games I've been meaning to play. I had no idea it was this immersive.


You can stalk it, but not too closely. The Alien Ai also has a rear facing "eye" in its tail. If you get too cocky it becomes aware of you and turns around. My favourite death in Alien:Isolation was after burning the Alien and having it go into a ceiling duct to run away. It then tracked me through the ducts and dropped in quietly behind ...


You're the kind of partner I'd want when we storm area 51


Well that is a compliment... I guess.


I hope more horror developers start using the camera and microphone to actually make your talking impact gameplay. Blew my mind when I played PT and found out for the first time you had to speak to a ghost to finish the demo. That was the first time I had a console game actually use a microphone for interaction beyond shouting commands like a phone.


As much as I would like that too, most horror games are just so gimmicky these days I feel like they wouldn't impliment it correctly. Maybe I'm just jaded because horror games havnt actually been that scary in recent memory aside from Alien.


Especially these days


The simple explanation to those curious about how it works is that the alien has two brains. One is active and the other is passive. The active one is the one that hunts you down. The Passive one always knows where you are. It's the passive brains job to give hints about your location to the active brain. And the active brain stores those hints. Which is how it knows your favorite spot is under the desk!




As a Civ player, a cheating AI is to be expected


Well if there was a way to feed the alien an image of what it sees and make it that good we'd have murderbots in real life as well.


Dude that’s probably the coolest little bit I’ve heard about this game. The AI is highly intelligent like the actually aliens. I dig it.


Games like this mess with me so bad. I've still not made it through Amnesia despite KNOWING the AI is bad and the enemies despawn.


*OH BOY* ;-;


Haha yeah, I had more then a handful of surprises like that. You learn to try to think on the fly. On Harder difficulties you have less supplies to work with so any confrontation can really put you in a bind. One of the coolest feelings though was how you could make a trail of sounds to get the alien to chase you, then as you approach some hostile humans you can throw a noisemaker between them and cause the alien to attack them.


My first time I played on nightmare difficulty game gives you almost zero resources all you could do is hide really that was very emotionally draining experience I loved it.


...theres voice registry? I played it simultaneously with a friend over a headset and we were wondering how they kept finding us...well now I know to tell my screamer buddy we need to SHUT UP 😅


Clever girl


It's horrifying. Even with friends, literally all of us were holding our breath as we hid in a vent and it was stomping around outside. There's also an option for sound detection (at least on PS4) where if you make any noise in real life, such as talking, a microphone somewhere (in the controller or PS4 camera) picks up the noise and the alien reacts. So if you have that turned on and one of your friends is eating a bag of crisps the alien will come towards the noise. It creates for some tense moments as you are silently screaming at your friend to be quiet as the alien closes in on you.


I remember they used to have that voice thing with the kinect and xbox. If you were playing fifa and cussed at the ref you'd get a card


That actually explains a lot of cards I've gotten randomly... time to unplug my kinect! I haven't used it in years!


I never got the yellow card but I remember quite a few pissy emails from Arsenal’s Board about “blah blah family friendly atmosphere and cursing is a no no” until they finally said “okay aaaand you’re fired”


It's very clever because there are virtually no jumpscares, most of the fear comes from the tension of evading the alien.


You’ve read the other comments describing how well the xenomorph hunts you, how terrifying it can be hiding from it, but I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this bit ill describe next. So, in the game when you save, in game you go up to a terminal on the wall, hit the interact key, then there is an in game animation sequence where you swipe a key card, a menu comes up and your avatar hits a button or some shit. These kiosk terminals are the only place to save, and you’ll know one is around coz they make a faint beeping sound or something I forget exactly, you can hear it and follow the sound to the kiosk to save. You hit the button, animation starts, and your game is saving. So one section I had been hiding in some offices, crawling through some vents, dodging the alien, you know, the use. The damn thing was killing me almost every time I tried to get through this one particular spot, but I finally managed to get by. I entered into this open atrium room with stairs, so just jumped in the first vent I saw and took a breather. I heard the beep sound, and knew a save point was near. I could still hear the alien though, but it sounded like it had moved off a bit to the other side of this large atrium area. I scanned the walls and could see the save point near by, perhaps 30m. I thought to myself, “just go for the save, you can get there long before that alien gets across this large room.” So I go. I crouched a bit, didn’t want to make too much racket, but I quickly got to the kiosk and hit the button. The animation starts, I pull out the keycard, insert it. I’m saving! I made it! *thunk* The camera pans down and a foot of alien tail is sticking out the center of my chest.. look over the shoulder, it’s the god damn alien, and it eats my face. The fact that they had a situationally triggered animation for saving the game to have a xenomorph kill you in this way just reaaaaaally fucked with my head. I thought I had made it, I thought I was safe. In this game though, you’re never safe. It’s terrifying.




Only if you play it on anything higher than normal


Well look at Mr. Brave over here.


When the alien is prowling around it can be very intense at first. Your tools for dealing with the alien are mostly for motion detection and sometimes using force to repel it. But you can't really hurt or kill it ever so it stalks you most of the game. Once you get into the rhythm of hiding from it you start to see the pattern of what you have to do to avoid it and the alien becomes a minor nuisance but can still get your blood pumping.


At first yeah, I reached a point where I wasn't scared and actually appreciate when the Alien outsmarted me or I fucked up. The design of the creature is amazing, it's almost perfect (the tail fails), more or less that happens when something else became scary.


Honestly, I found it was more fun to be scared while playing that game, if you aren't it's basically an alright stealth game with a decent story. But if you are legitimately aprehensive about being caught it's like a big immersive horror movie. Plus nobody mentioned my favorite thing about the game, it's set in the distant future as imagined in the 70's and 80's which I feel should be recognized as a distinct style of thing like steampunk is. Here's your future device, it's the size of a brick, and can only display black and green. Cigarettes everywhere too, idk that aesthetics of that game are amazing.


That’s like the Blade Runner version of cyberpunk, where the two movies show the year 2019 and 2049, but not as we imagine them now, but as they would’ve been imagined in the 80s.


To be fair black and green are great for saving battery power. Also wouldn't you be smoking your ass off if you were dealing with an alien?


Lol I guess when everything still takes a C battery energy efficiency is important


I think I made it about 4 hours in to the part where you need to search the medical facility. I got killed horrifically a few times, then eventually started hiding in a locker at any noise (the game makes a lot of ambient noise to fuck with you), and after about 15 minutes of sitting in the locker decided it probably wasn’t the game for me


Yeah... the alien lingers way too long and when hit sees you you're pretty much fucked.


Play the game on a treadmill, at least you’ll get a workout.


I found it pretty freaky throughout, but the last few hours had me fucking *terrified*. Something about the cumulative stress buildup and the atmosphere really peaking, every little noise and shadow turned me into a total wreck. Like you said, I also don’t get scared that easily from games, but Isolation really did the trick. It was scary enough to be viscerally effective and terrifying, but so good and entertaining that I was still enjoying myself and wanted to press on despite having a really intense time. A lot of horror scares you by just making you stressed and uncomfortable anticipating a jump scare, but that’s just usually not that *fun* to play. Isolation managed to make me want to keep playing, despite how frightened I was, which is all that genuinely great horror can really hope to do.


It took me over 3 years to beat that game according to my steam achievements. I took several long breaks though, and started on the hardest setting right off the bat. Looks like the longest break was about two years between mission 11 and 12, then another 8 months between 12 and 13.


Wouldn't have a cardboard box on ya would you??


Agreed. The game was quite the experience.




It's IGN. I can very much believe it.


Play it with headphones. The sound design is fantastic!


This is the best advice. I can’t stress his point enough!!! Also the harder difficulty you play the slower the game is since the Alien shows up and looks around more. But also the harder you play the scarier it is because it will seriously go out of its way to scare you when you start developing any sort of pattern in how you play the game.


Yeah but dying 20 times at the same part can really take the horror aspect out of the game.


I remember when I spotted somethings shadow around the corner. Immediate panic mode and jumped into a nearby locker. Stayed in there for at least 3 minutes because I didn't hear it walk away. Finally I carefully hopped out, only to then realize that the shadow was being cast by some floating rotating debris outside the station window. Yeesh...


Soviet Womble did a great lets play: [Alien: Isolation (part 1) (Warning, spoilers)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XctVrJrCsO0&list=PLBitIgZ_UvGEx6lLfQRSOalhLJ57D6t0d) Worth watching if you are sitting on the fence (or if you like hearing grown men cry).


That entire series is fantastic. I hate to say that in my first playthrough, it was pretty much exactly the same as his. Lots of "alright, time to pause and walk around and remind myself that Xenomorphs aren't real".


Hahaha when he notices and there at the end were the best parts.


Really good and tense. You can pick it up pretty cheap now and it's worth every penny


I almost had a panic attack trying to open a door, and now understand why people struggle to do basic things in horror films. Fear can be a very powerful emotion. Overwhelming even, and that is why I say the game is 10/10


It’s so fucking scary you have no idea. Imagine you’ve been sneaking around hearing the alien stomp stomp for 30 minutes. It’s close now. You get in a locker, lean back, hold your breath cause it’s literally right there. It stomps away. Quieter... quieter... You breathe again and open the door, crouch. It stomps back so fast because it was just tricking you. You’re dead.


Wear a diaper and keep some lights on. No but for real, the game is pretty great. If you're someone who really loves the movies, then you'll probably like it a lot. It captured a lot of the retro-futurism of the first movie as well as the feeling of terrible loneliness and isolation in space.


I love this game so much. Although somehow IGN gave it a 5.9 review score and complained the AI was too smart. Lol. I guess it was too different from Call of Duty and Madden to give it a better review score.


IGN is so fucking strange. They give CoD like 9.5 and Uncharted 4 a 9 and this game 5.9 like wtf


What was wrong with Uncharted 4?


Uncharted 4 was great. One of my favorite games. It deserved a higher score


I'm pretty sure the scores are paid aka bribed to be higher, kinda like some movie award stuff, unless it's some super popular game or movie like the upcoming cyberpunk or Marvel's in general


AI too smart? Heaven forbid a horror game makes you afraid of being caught.


I’ve really wanted to continue it but have been stuck for months on a very early part where you’re trapped in a large room with three people hunting you. I just am unable to get past it without being killed, which really sucks because I haven’t even encountered the Alien yet.


Run. You don't need to kill them. If they're humans, their aim SUCKS and you can just run past them. If they're the android thingies, they don't shoot and they're incredibly slow, you can also just run past them. lol it's such an easy way and yet nobody ever tries cause it's a horror game, everyone takes it super slow and super careful and sneaky and then dies. Meanwhile if you just run right through them...


Depends on the difficult settings. I tired running passed them and they shot me down like they were snipers in Saving Private Ryan.


Exactly. My buddy took like an HOUR trying to get past some androids, and when they finally caught him dude just runs to the end of the area, completely bypassing. Until we got to the next area where the REAL monster comes out and fucked him up. Got a funny Xbox auto recording of him about to get fucked up and just pausing the game cuz he was too scared 😂.


>Meanwhile if you just run right through them... Then the Alien hears you and kills you.


Oh yea that part is infamous and is just about the hardest part in the game in my opinion. I eventually just said fuck it and went in loud guns blazing which finally worked.


The problem is that I literally don’t have any useful weapons. I’ve looked online for tips but none of them have been very helpful.


I think if you kill one guy with the wrench you can pick up his pistol.


Ah, that’s probably the way to do it. Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.


Good luck!




Just wait until the end of their conversation, go up the stairs to your left (if you're facing where you need to go), and rotate around to where they came in. You'll only really have to dodge one person at that point. I got stuck there multiple times, too, put the game aside for a few weeks, and hit it on the first try.


It's too good. Seriously, I can't play it, it's makes me too nervous. I love the films and in not scared of them but the xenosmorph truly is terrifying in this game.


Alien: "Isolation is so good dude, I love it" The Alien, according to the spokesman of Area 51, explaining why it has all been a big secret.


My heart has never pounded so hard playing this game. To a point where I had to stop an hour before bed to calm down.


When I was on deployment a friend had this game on his PC. A he was so scared playing it. He’d play with big headphones on because the alien would like slink around air vents and stuff and you really had to listen for it. Other friend who was pretty computer savvy went into the coding and changed it where the alien didn’t make any sound. And we watched him struggle for days. Getting the shit scared outta him and getting super pissed was great entertainment for the rest of us. You get pretty bored in the middle of the Arabian Gulf for 9 months.


Oh wow. I was scared of playing too at times but man with no sound that's crazy


First time I played this scene, as I was talking to this guy my character just randomly looked down at the new spike protruding from her chest as the Xenomorph made it's new kill.. after reloading the checkpoint and making sure nothing was coming.. seeing this dude die not even 5 seconds after my most recent death kinda pissed me off. Love the game though. Definitely needs a VR upgrade


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Wtf is up with alien cheek clapping?


It's 2019 baby, it's what we do.


Can you blame him really?


That thigh gap. Them legs. Irresistible.


Was that not the confident stride of a man ready to pump his seed into a Xenomorph?


I think in this case, he will be the one getting pregnant.


Another item on the "things I didn't expect to read on the internet today" list.


You saw the way he walked towards that door? He looked like he was ready to slam those cheeks out of this world.


It's the walk of a man who knows what he wants -- alien cheeks.


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You should always expect Rule 34. It's part of the rule.


Death by snu-snu


Alien: "this way to the good stuff"


*First stop the anal probe room*


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Of course, there’s only so much air in an enclosed area. You need to fill that extra space.


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Dude put his hands up like ‘whoa, excuse me...we cool? I don’t want any trouble...’


Wow, they really pulled out all the stops. ALIEN TOUR GUIDE? Niice, government, Siiick!


they just need to make this game VR compatible ASAP. Edit: thank you fellow redditors! I don't mod often, so I wasn't aware that there was one to make games like this VR. I really appreciate everybody's suggestion for the mod, and I will definitely have to try it out soon :)


I heard early on just after it came out that it was possible with the Oculus Rift.


Should sell it with a fresh pair of pants. You're gonna need them.


That would actually be a decent marketing strategy if done right


PrEmiUm CaNvAs PaNts


Could you imagine nylon pants?


No but I’m sure it would really help accentuate and guide your sense of accomplishment as it runs down your leg.


Preferably the brown pants. With washable diaper.




Sadly a sequel will likely never happen. The closest thing to a sequel we got was a mobile game (I heard is was comparable to five nights at freddys)


Correction, it was also possible for the vive as it was just a mod to the game.


It was at one point I thought, but not consumer or commercially.


When isolation came out there was only about 20,000 VR headsets in the wild so they felt it wasn’t worth finishing but it was like 70% complete. I’ve played it def worth it


MotherVR mod


It is compatible! Look up the MotherVR mod, I've played a bunch of it on my old CV1 and its surprisingly well done and polished!


There is a VR mod. Works on all PC VR headsets


There’s a mod called Mother VR mod. Super duper easy to instal and play.


Just head to area 51 and try the new irlVR. Heard they will launch it on September


I'll stick to "not in real life" VR version of it. I can't respawn in the irl version. lol


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Hey, no kinkshaming here


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hell yeah brother, cheers from area 51


Yea, I guess you don’t wanna be the first guy...


Psssh, CJ did it 2 years before this and he got a sweet jetpack. You don't want to be the second guy I guess.


Pssh, Joanna Dark did it 4 years before this and she got a sweet FarSight. You don't want to be the third guy I guess.


Plus she found Elvis!


That game seems to take place in like 2022. So it hasn't even happened yet. I was going by when the game takes place, not when it came out.


"And that kids, is how I met your mother." - Leaked final line from the upcoming 2020 reboot, How I Met Your Mother: Brotherhood


More like Broodhood


A Netflix original.


Still better than the real ending.


The first man to smash some alien cheeks


This whole thread has turned sexual and it’s refreshing to see


Fun fact: The first images of the xenomorph in HR Giger’s portfolio are a series of “xenoerotica”. (Edit: Apparently I was wrong and this portfolio was from 2005. Whoops.)


You know this yet you didn’t link it!!!!


Time to also raid the HR Giger vaults boys


Well, he wanted alien, he got alien. Not sure that's what he wanted though :D


Weyland-yutani have been trying to get an exomorph specimen for centuries but all of a sudden there’s one in A51? Pfft.


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First it was Chestburster Then came the Backburster Now, get ready for the Assburster


This reminds me of in a dead space game. Forget exactly what it was but a lady tries being friends to the aliens










My first thought when I saw this was that it was the opening scene from Dead Space where everyone gets slaughtered except for Isaac.


This game scared the shit out of me but it was so much fun


Why did the alien grab him like it's going to fuck him? That's how a horny guy grabs a girl not how a beast grabs it's prey...


Because it’s what he is going to do


Alien is going to bring him to his friend Bob the facehugger for some good time.


I might be living under a rock, but why suddenly there are a lot of area 51 memes?


Basically a dude made a petition to storm area 51 because "they cant stop us all" and "to see dem aliens" and over a quarter of a million people have signed up


Unpredictable AI is a must have for this game.


*Happy Alien noises*


Hahah great scene


Alien:Come here I want to see what you guys are capable of


Are we all just gonna simply ignore the fact CJ from GTA San Andreas broke into area 51 and managed to steal a jet pack


Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark did it before CJ


NOPE! NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE I literally did what he just did... but I escaped into a locker after hitting the emergency door shut.... and haven't played the game since.


"Lemme give you a second to realize where you fucked up."


Nah He’s not wearing a wife beater, jeans, and a trucker hat.


I hope thy used a condom


Alien Isolation has to be the most underrated Horror games I've ever played. It's just so good.




i don't think it was underrated, i just think a lot of people were too scared to play


[GoPro Footage from Area 51](https://youtu.be/svUE1u-EuGA)


I don't play video games much but I BINGED markipliers series of let's plays. A fantastic game, kept me awake for a week.


Well technically he still made it inside...