With it being a "play once until I die and then never again" concept, this idea works way better as an event within a pre-existing multiplayer game. I think Minecraft solves this issue flawlessly. You and a bunch of friends or strangers make a server that lasts a week at most (or a set amount of sessions), in which you attempt to survive, beat the ender dragon, or maybe kill eachother. The limited time creates a natural end point, as eventually few players will survive. Having a goal creates progress so people don't stay inactive but unlikely to die. Incentivising to kill one another creates incentive for players to attack each other and act recklessly, while being in teams allows for players to cooperate to hunt smaller groups, which is what battle royales do. Of course I say you can do this in Minecraft because this works best as an event that ends. Most games as a service can do this well. Fortnite, PUBG, Apex, DayZ. So if someone has a multiplayer survival game, this would work great! Have it as a side mode that locks you out once you die. I used Minecraft as it allows individual players to create servers. And based it on a pre-existing Minecraft game "3rd Life". Once the game ends your still have Minecraf, and can still play regular survival multiplayer games. The reason why I'm heavily against suggesting it as it's own game (besides maybe a game jam or something) is because it can't last. It requires an ever increasing playernase to have the multiplayer element. Which works well once it starts, but dies quickly after a few days. Afterwards you have a dead game with a ton of work that went into it.


It’s not fun to play a game where the stakes are this high.


I agree however it would be very realistic


Yea, no


Dying irl isn't fun either. Definitely an aspect of realism that can be overlooked. The 'realism' people want in their games is always heavily selective, CoD can have the most outrageous mechanics and plot but the moment the graphics are a bit off or they have a female character it's all 'not realistic enough'.


This idea comes up fairly routinely, and the problem is that it's all-or-nothing. I can tell you exactly what will happen: The gimmick of a one-and-done game will draw in a bunch of curious players, who will then die in a flurry of ganking and PVP, because we cannot have nice things. Most of your user-base will be gone within a couple weeks. There will be a swathe of players who might otherwise have played the game for months who will be entirely turned off by the unforgiving nature of the experience. There will be players who get around your never-play-again mechanic by setting up new accounts (which is tedious, but never mind), and of those, a goodly portion of them will be people who are playing entirely to kill off other players. After a month there won't be enough players to sustain a community, and the game will die. The #1 cardinal rule of making and selling a game is: Don't kick out your own audience. The people who want to play your game should not be punished for doing so. By all means have an ironmode game, where death means starting over from scratch, but locking out their account so they can't play anymore will anger people who paid money, or make anyone who didn't simply shrug and never touch it again. When their friends ask "What was it like?", they'll say "Ehh, don't bother, some ass will kill you in 30 seconds and that'll be that"