You need to get out and chat shit to randomers in a smoking area.


All nice and fun till you meet a conspiracy theorist and racist in one man then it is the best thing ever


I play the same lottery with taxi drivers giving out about "the blacks".


Some bipolar or racist ppl ? Or get invited to an orgy like johny Depp poked amber heard the gazelle


You can all fuck off if you like and give your house to somebody who wants it




Reports from person who’s never lived anywhere else.


I find Galway an exceptional place to live and bring up my kids. This is based on experience of spending 35 years living in various places including Kildare, Dublin, Sydney and London.


I think it doesn't really matter if you live or where. If you want success with the ladies you need to drive good wheels and have a good job. Galway is probably like Brighton. I've been to Brighton for a day. Nice seaside town. I've never been to Liverpool or Manchester which would be an upgrade to Dublin. I'll tell you a story. A few days ago I wanted to save some cash so I took the 14 bus from dundrum to d'ollierstreet and thought your bus driver was heading the wrong way. Bus has wifi with google maps. Brilliant I got there. Otherwise had a bus to catch. I suppose in galway we could use more graffiti to dull out grey colors. More music and craic. More drink and talk more smack. When life gets routine and you don't change it up it will get simple.


There is always paddy power for a small dopamine rush and the library at Westside has awesome pcs for an hour. Careful with throwing a bit of money at the horses. In moderation lad




Cork is the same there's a novelty to the first 6 months you're living there, access to the English Market, Quay CoOp etc. - then the depression kicks in lol


I always say this great place to visit but terrible place to live in , not a whole lot to do if you don’t drink.


There is loads to do! Hillwalking kayaking swimming fishing gardening cycling football soccar Rugby hurling Art music (live/irish/indie) books comedy festivals county shows .... And there are people around happy to do all this with you!


It’s just life isn’t it? There are limitless things to occupy a person if they want to go looking for them.


Honestly, I feel like that's all the country