In the hotel I was working at earlier this year the ukrainian refugees (excluding the children) were about 80% women, 20% men. This guy sounds like a chancer but there are actually male ukrainian refugees in the country.


>This guy sounds like a chancer but there are actually male ukrainian refugees in the country. Love ye lads, but if Ireland ever got invaded and the Irish men were ordered to stay and fight, I'd be looking at alternative arrangements myself too tbh


Will you be returning when it’s all over and expecting to be treated the same as the men that stayed and fought?


Who knows. Probably not the exact same tbh on account of having all my arms and legs still.


Or on account that the cowards waited and the brave men went?


Lmao sure 👍🏻 Luckily you don't have to worry about ever putting your money where your mouth is anyway 😘


Brave men, whats with brave women in todays equality world?


In Croatia such prople are now President and PM...


It wouldn’t happen. The country would surrender. People like you are sacred and your lives are invaluable and you are an example to the world of highly moral anti war actions. Light up man and chill.


The comment was not made out of real concern lmao


Be mellow. Inhale man. You got this.


You’ll always find chancers and people look to benefit from other peoples troubles/hardships


Ukrainian men were allowed to leave. There are quite a few men among the groups staying in Galway city and county.


Specifically only men fit and eligible for military service were prohibited from leaving. A lot of men weren't deemed eligible for service for medical/mental reasons, etc.


> When I got home my partner pointed out that Ukrainian men were not allowed to leave the country and had to stay and fight. Quite a number left. Some were permitted to leave (unfit for military duties - medical issues, mental illness, etc), others bailed before conflict started (writing was on the wall), and some just bribed their way out - quite a number of cases where border guards would accept a fee.


You can leave if you've got four kids as well I think


I saw him in the same spot the other day, looked to be hassling a vulnerable woman. He looked Irish to me.


I'd open up the Google translate app and only communicate with it. If it was a genuine person, they would appreciate the effort (I've done it at work). If not, they'd make themselves scarce.


If you do that there’s a chance they’ll rob your phone too so maybe not


He approached me before 9 a few mornings ago in Eyre Square, same story. Wanted a few euro for food. I was in a hurry so I was disappointed later I hadn't asked him more questions, very strong Dublin accent ruined his attempted Ukrainian one.


Parts of Dublin are like Mariupol... so maybe??


I posted this yesterday and a mod deleted it. He has a very obvious Irish accent. He started out "Ukrainian" but it turned back into Irish before the end. He was out of it too Looking for money, approached me outside Jury's


Trying to profit off a terrible situation for a country and people. I’m sure he’s very well looked after in the ‘dole office’ as well which we are already financing…


Exactly where I saw him too! Feck sake.


Not all are disallowed, sick, single parents.. few other things.. but yea doesnt change the fact this guy is an eejit


gave him €2 to fuck off today,didn't even listen to his story


He’s Irish alright , he’s been around for years.