The Atari VCS retro console gets its long-awaited retail release

The Atari VCS retro console gets its long-awaited retail release


"the Atari VCS is powered by an AMD Ryzen R1606G system-on-a-chip, paired with 8GB of RAM and 32GB of storage (both upgradeable)." From: https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/amd/ryzen_embedded/r1606g Zen 2c/4t (14nm). Vega 3. The normal VCS is $300. ~~Guac~~ Walnut is extra. Can run desktop Linux. Zen 2 4c/8t (7nm) with Vega 5/6 would have been killer... Edit: For $420 you can find mini Ryzen 4500u systems. 4500U is Zen 2 (7nm) 6c/6t, Vega 6 7nm. There's also systems built with the 4300G and 4500G that are in the $400 - $499 price range. The upcoming 5300G pre-builts might also be a good option (4c/8t Vega 6 7nm) Athlon 3000g and Ryzen 3250 are similar to the Atari SoC and can also find systems cheaper (saw a laptop for $200!) Not saying the Atari system is bad, just a bit overpriced and better bang for your buck options exist in the $200 - $499 range. The newer Zen 2 APUs are a huge jump in performance, not just due to the better CPU cores, the Vega cores really shine at 7nm. Less heat, less power = higher consistent GPU boost speed. [Vega 11 (12nm) vs Vega 8 (7nm)](https://www.notebookcheck.net/Vega-11-vs-Vega-8-R4000-vs-Vega-2_8470_10313_10052.247598.0.html) I'd also wait to see what the Valve Handheld is priced at. Rumored to have 4c/8t Zen 2, Navi 2 GPU cores, and LPDDR5: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/05/exclusive-valve-is-making-a-switch-like-portable-gaming-pc/


Thank you! I feel like everyone in this thread is missing that this is not a retro console like a snes mini, it's a full small form factor computer that can run different OSs (including Windows) that also looks like an old Atari console and has a nice game-emulation front-end bundled with a bunch of Atari games pre-installed. The price is not out of the range of buying a prebuilt with similar specs, certainly not in this form-factor.


People are "missing it" because their marketing has been terrible from day 1. They even named the stupid thing "VCS", so people assume it's just an emulator or another mini-console. If it launched with a modern killer app that could have at least drawn attention to it being "not just an emulator". But that's typical of anything with the Atari name attached. Hopes, dreams, nostalgia... and then failure.


The Vega 3 can be pretty good, especially if overclocked. [The similar Athlon 3000g](https://www.thefpsreview.com/2020/08/19/amd-athlon-3000g-vega-3-apu-game-performance/4/) is pretty decent for the $50 it costs. I just wish they had either shot for a $200 price point for this machine or bumped up the APU to something better. 4300g or 5300g would have made this a killer system (Zen 2, 7nm Vega 5/6, 4c/8t) or even the 3200/3400g.


> it's a full small form factor computer that can run different OSs But it's a **shitty one**. For $15 more, you can get [this](https://www.newegg.com/asus-pn51-bb3000md/p/N82E16856110208?Description=ryzen%20mini%20pc&cm_re=ryzen_mini%20pc-_-56-110-208-_-Product). Literally 2x the spec - Ryzen 5300U 4C/8T max 64 GB RAM, Vega 6 graphics, 7nm die. If it was $200, it'd be an acceptable price. Not $400.


I'm not saying the vcs is great value but what you linked had neither ram nor a storage drive


I just don't think people get that's it's both a game console *and* a PC. Even if the 400$ is expensive, selling this at 100$ would be a bargain. Anywhere between 200$-350$ would be fine for me.


Technically its 300, the 400 get you two controllers and the wood. you could get this for 300 and throw steam OS on it and use a steam controller


To add to this, thanks to Nvidia GeForce Now, quality isn't limited to the hardware. There is a free version that gives 1-hour sessions, then you have to restart the service, but there's also the paid version. I tried it during the pandemic because my ex and I would stay at her place for a few weeks and then my place for a few (we lived 100 miles apart), and I didn't bring a gaming PC one time, so I tried it. Absolutely loved it, and they had a special "Founders" deal where I only play $5 a month for unlimited session length, RTX ON and all the functions that go with it, and I was able to do all of that on my phone (plugged into the TV), laptop, and android TV box. So all that text is to said, using a cloud gaming service, this pretty "console" can be used to max out settings on AAA games!


Or you can get an Xbox series S and actually be able to play modern games on it.


Can your series S play steam games?


No, but you can use it as an open developer platform and you can run any emulator on it and the games that that Atari would play off of steam are not exactly modern AAA titles.


I think what most people feel is that is should be like the SNES/NES mini. I have a PC and numerous devices that can stream stuff. $300 for a low end PC I don't need doesn't sound like a bargain to me.


Exactly. The Atari Flashback already exists and costs under $100.


I’m not missing that fact at all, but it was marketed as a machine to play Atari games on and it looks like an Atari and it may be a small form factor PC but the only people who would actually buy this to tinker with are going to be turned off by the price and the lack of USB-C and other things. Fuck for the same price you can get an Xbox series S. $20 and it’s an open dev platform. Who would buy this?!


Thanks for the info buddy.


I want the walnut one cause it looks slick and the familiar tinge of nostalgia. The hardware would even be okay for what I’d be doing with it, But $400? Lol not even close.


I would have gotten one for $50-$80 to fulfill my nostalgia. But for $400? Some things are better off forgotten.


There are a number of knock off Atari (Atari flashback) devices at that price point on Amazon that work adequately well for a simple Atari emulator with cheap controllers


I play a shit ton of those older games with Retroarch on a mini PC. I use my PS4 controllers with it.


Oh, I’d totally get one of those!


Heck, I think it would be reasonable if it was 200 even because the OG 2600 was 200, but if you account for inflation it was 800+ dollars.


Even $200 would be a ripoff lol It doesn't matter what the original sold for adjusted for inflation. It's what better alternatives there currently are at that price in the market. Selling an Atari Classic and charging current gen console prices is just absurd. It is not going to work for them at all.




I don't get why though... What is this box supposed to be? It's like they couldn't pick a lane.




At least it’s still a PC in the end in a cool custom case.


and you can do that for a lot less. This only needed to be a rasberry pi with a chip in it. Considering age, i cannot imagine the license would run all that much. The sweet spot for these mini consoles is 50-80 bucks. If you go over, no one will buy it. It is the issue that the PSone mini had, they priced over 100 at release, and no one was interested at that price, i ended up with mine for about $20 when they just needed to get rid of all the units that could not move... and everyone i know bought in the 20-40 range (depending how much they cared if they missed out) The atari also has a very strange market. The NES came out in the mid 80ies and was the console. Atari was the weird thing that exsisted before that. That means the systems time in the sun was 40 years ago. At best their target demo is in their 50ies or 60ies. If they loved games, they likely moved on.


Atari was THE video game maker before Nintendo even thought about coming out with games. To say it was the "weird" thing that existed before that would be like saying the NES was that weird thing that existed before the PS5.


How could I make myself a mini computer? Can you boot windows on a raspberry pi?


I haven’t followed news on it for a bit, but you couldn’t natively a while ago. If you haven’t used Linux before, it’s not too scary. If you get a SD card with NOOBS boot loader pre installed it’s not bad for a first Linux experience with what comes stock.


Windows does not a computer make... The Raspberry Pi runs various Operating Systems; all have a browser, most have an MS Office lookalike. https://www.raspberrypi.org/


If one were inclined to piracy, if you could call it that, there are far cheaper alternatives. I would never advocate that, but it is definitely something people do.


My dad got ours for $90, it’s not real wood but it has the games and it’s such nostalgia and tons of fun




I can’t imagine the original console used real wood veneer for the detailing. I might be wrong, but seriously, that would have been an insane and pointless festoonment. (Editor’s note: ‘Festoonment’ was not a word before. It is now.)


I had one. Or rather, my dad did and let me play it sometimes when I was a kid. It wasn't real wood. Or didn't feel like it to me, anyways. Everything seemed to have fake wood on the side back then, even the station wagons.


This thing is really a full multimedia computer htpc type deal though. You can even install windows on it and treat it like a pc, because that’s what it is.


Do you not realize what this thing does. It’s not for only old games. You can get xcloud on it


I remember back in the old days when this was first teased and set to launch on Kickstarter. I was absolutely *ready* to drop $200 on it, knowing full well that it was a total ripoff and might never make it to production. Then the Kickstarter was launched and the price was so much higher than anyone could have imagined. Honestly I’m shocked it’s even coming out at all, everything that’s happened since the Kickstarter reeked of a vaporware scam and I had almost completely forgotten about it. *** Edit: Ok after commenting I actually read the article. I forgot it wasn’t even Kickstarter but Indiegogo, that was the first red flag since they are way more welcoming of scammers and don’t even require an actual prototype. But I didn’t realize that the RAM and storage are user upgradable, that kind of throws off the whole dynamic and makes it way more appealing than most compact HTPC-type things. When this inevitably flops and remaining stock gets clearanced for $99 I’ll absolutely buy one, maybe a few...


> When this inevitably flops and remaining stock gets clearanced for $99 I’ll absolutely buy one, maybe a few... This is what I'm waiting for.


It runs as a desktop as well. At $400 that's not horrible, just not what people probably want.


You’re definitely right, it’s not what most want or expect. For myself, I would use it as a Linux box so that’s useful. Really nice that ram/storage are upgradable too. Still can’t justify that price tag for what you get. No USB C ports makes it feel dated right out of the gate.


It's a shame it has come to this for them. I think they just had poor direction from the start with this project and it went the way that most hopeful crowdfunded projects go. They really deserve a lot more from the industry for what they've done for video games, but they also can't live in the past forever.


Can buy a sub 400$ desktop and do more than this. I get they use real wood, but it's not a collector's piece:/


Sure, but it won't look like this.


you're right. However if I wanted something liek this i'd make a custom pi emulation in the shell of an actual atari. Still cheaper than this by a long shot.


It will prob sell ok just because no one can buy a gpu.


That means this would be ideal to run emulators on right? I don't know a lot about this stuff but I've been wanting to find a really good modded everything type of system.


Originally, (in the 70s-80s) there was ONLY the walnut one. Charging extra for it now seems like a scam.


There was actually a black Atari 2600 variant. Its nicknamed the Vader. To be fair though, it was essentially the “ps4 slim” of its time, released towards the end of its life.


The Vader model came out in 1982, which was five years into the 2600’s lifespan. The 2600 wasn’t discontinued until 1992, so the Vader model actually was introduced only about 1/3 of the way through its lifespan. It’s crazy how long lasting the 2600 was


Well yeah, but the 5200 was 84 and the 7800 was 86. So while the 2600 was produced freaking forever, it was replaced twice before it ended production. I assume the intent was to discontinue it entirely, but the follow ups not selling kept it going.


400 dollars. no thanks.


What the fuck?


$850 in Australia 😐


That really is just taking the piss. Who in their right mind would buy this?


i mean, its an actual computer with a ryzen cpu and gpu...


Gpu u say? *Gets ready to buy hundreds of them to mine some fucking shitty little crypto coin* /s


Sadly the hashrate is pretty low


[So is this](https://www.newegg.com/asus-pn51-bb3000md/p/N82E16856110208?Description=ryzen%20mini%20pc&cm_re=ryzen_mini%20pc-_-56-110-208-_-Product) - it's $15 more and has 2x the raw CPU power. [Ryzen 3 5300U](https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/amd/ryzen_3/5300u) vs a [1606G](https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/amd/ryzen_embedded/r1606g). 5300U blows it out of the water, and that doesn't even take into account the integrated GPU differences - 1606G is Vega 3, 5300U is Vega 6 on a 7nm die. This thing is way overpriced for its hardware. If it came with a bunch of compelling pack in software that might be a difference, but it doesn't. A relative handful of old emulator games that anyone can run on a Pi....


I think the VCS is a product in search of a market, and I don't really understand why anyone would choose it over a Pi 4, but your comparison to the Asus mini isn't quite fair. You linked a barebones system without RAM or storage - it would probably be at least another $50 to match the Atari's specs on that front.


You didn’t know each one is delivered by weather balloon? That’s a lot of overhead!


Yeah, saw one in EBGames last weekend and was rather shocked at the price.


You have to be joking


it’s a computer i mean i guess it’s a fair price compared to regular prebuilts


devices on which you can run any software you want are usually much more expensive that controlled devices.


Thanks for saving us a click!


$300 for the base model, $400 for the walnut version that comes with 2 controllers (you can use your own PC controllers without them).


It's still stupid expensive. It's just a really cheap(and slow) PC without a monitor and keyboard/mouse. Games are extremely limited. I guarantee support will be lacking in the near future. You buy this if you're into nostalgia even knowing that you're being ripped off and it will just sit collecting dust.


At that point you could just find the original games and pay less 😂


Its not that overpriced or slow: https://www.amd.com/en/products/embedded-ryzen-v1000-series These are quite capable chips for classic gaming, game streaming, and media playback. If you like the esthetics and to tinker I can see it being worth it for some, however, I still think this product will fail as there isn't a large enough market.


The exact APU used in case anyone was curious AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1202B with Radeon™ Vega 3 Graphics # of CPU Cores 2 # of Threads 4 CPU Max Freq. Up to 3.2GHz CPU Base Freq. 2.3GHz TDP 12-25W


Everything you just described can be done with a Raspberry Pi for less than $100


Raspberry Pi 4 struggles with N64 emulation and can only manage some 2D gamecube games. This is a full fledged PC which opens up emulation up to Wii and can support the latest versions of Mame for actual accurate emulation as opposed to Mame 2003.


You're moving the goalposts. If you want N64 and Dolphin emulation you can get a better and cheaper set up with Batocera and a cheap PC. I am fully aware of the differences between ARM and x86. I am saying this PC is not a good value for what you get.


All I said was it isn't a terrible deal for some but still think it will fail. I don't feel that differently from you. However, it's a custom nostalgic form factor with an embedded Ryzen CPU that doesn't suck. Can you get a Walmart or HP special that is more powerful? Yes. Will it be a tiny form factor with a classic Atari look? No.


the power of the two chips is not comparable....


I never said they were. The argument being made is that the system is not overpriced for what it does. With that being classic gaming, game streaming and media playback. My response was...a Raspberry Pi can do all of those things just as well as this can, and it can, for under $100. Yes you can go ahead and install Windows on this machine and Steam and play relatively new games at OK settings. At 32GB you're at least going to need to upgrade the SSD...more cost. Granted getting a video card is near impossible right now, but building a better version of this wouldn't be too much different cost wise (assuming one day we can buy video cards again).


>a Raspberry Pi can do all of those things just as well as this can, and it can, for under $100. well , no. That's my point. With a pi4 you can barely upscale any emulator, it simply doens't have the processing power. Even a nvidia shield is several times more powerful than a pi 4. And the 100 dollar number people are throwing out here its not that realistic or comparable. ​ This device while being more expensive enables you to do more things, without even counting the x86 game library that you cant access with a pi.


> well , no. That's my point. With a pi4 you can barely upscale any emulator, it simply doens't have the processing power. Again...I never said what you're arguing. If you're going for purely emulation there are still better options than this device. This device is not worth it's price tag. I'm not saying it's massively overpriced. I'm saying there are better devices, cheaper, for certain aspects of it. Especially if what you are looking for is classic gaming, game streaming and media playback. Hell I do all of that on my $40 FireTV stick.


You keep saying you can "do all that" with a 40$ device. That's a lie. For all the reasons I already explained.


I know. Got a raspberry pi, running a 2600 emu with most of the games. Most expensive part was the usb game pads.


Didn't know a AMD Ryzen R1606G was as cheap as a pi.... You get its a full computer right?


His point is you can do the same with cheaper.


You can't though. The Pi is utter shit as a desktop, I know it because I own at least one unit of all the models, including the 4 8Gb. This VCS is a Ryzen Desktop.


The original idea was for this thing to be focused on the game/app store model, and outside of the nostalgic pack-ins they would offer modern titles. That's why it's so overbuilt to just be a basic Atari 2600 emulator. Of course, almost no one knows this and this inept, still-born launch isn't going to help.


$400 is nuts. I’ll wait for it to hit the Walmart discount rack.


Still less than the original was on release, adjusted for inflation ($199 in 1977, equivalent to $850 in 2020.)


that was cutting edge technology too. i’d rather buy a ps5.


If you can find a ps5 :(


In 12 months they will be $50 I bet


while not a crazy power PC, if it hits under $200 its a steal.


Screw that, I want a Vectrex


No one I know has even heard of one. I loved mine. It almost feels like I dreamed the damn thing up.


Vectrex was awesome!! It required that monitor and could not be put on a regular TV, the vector drawing format and signals are totally different than the frames of a TV set. While most all monitors of the era were just NTSC TV format (baseband RCA jack or TV ch 3/4), I have never seen any plug that would allow a vector monitor to plug into a vector graphics source it was not designed around. A PC emulator can run it on a monitor of course. It had a few good games, 29 total. They're pretty lame now, but somewhat impressive for the era. If nothing else, it had quite a unique look.


Any analog oscilloscope with xyz inputs can act as a vector display. The vectrex display is pretty slow so you could probably output the control signals from a PC’s sound card if an emulator can route it correctly. Oscilloscopes use BNC connectors, bnc to rca adapters are very common and cheap.


I went to this really cool computer related camp in the 90s that had them, they were a revelation to me at the time. Really cool feeling, like micro 80s arcade consoles.


I also do, for a minute, then think about it and then I don't. Vectrex was one of my first consoles and I have great memories of it. Unfortunately, the games really don't hold up by any standards anymore, just like the ones for 2600. I showed some Atari games that I used to love to my kids recently and we all had a good laugh.


I have one of those! It’s super fun.


Got one... it is an ornament.


I don't think Atari have promoted this well, people here are thinking this is an Atari mini, to play 100 old Atari games. It is a mini gaming PC with a retro look and they have thrown in 100 old Atari games. I think something like this could have done well, if it was released earlier, but right now most people are trying to get hold of an XBox Series or PS5, this seems like a crap offering in comparison. If this had come with an FPGA that could have emulated hardware accurately, and then you could purchase games for other systems or arcade machines I would have wanted this.


The original ambition was to have its own game/app/media store and stable of 3rd party devs. Whoever was in charge of marketing and branding for this dud will probably want to leave it off their resume.


"The device that’s been released technically does what Atari promised, but reviews have been pretty middling. [VGC](https://www.videogameschronicle.com/review/atari-vcs-review/) says the console’s built-in selection of 100 Atari games (18 from the arcade and 82 from the Atari 2600 console) might be emulated perfectly, but many are “so incredibly basic that they really don’t hold up to the mildest scrutiny in 2021.” There’s also an app store where you can buy modern games, but pickings are slim and lacking in exclusives. The console technically also works as a streaming box for services like Netflix and Disney Plus, but VGC notes these are just “glorified Chrome bookmarks” rather than native apps. At least the promised desktop mode actually works, allowing you to install Windows, Linux, or ChromeOS and use the machine like a modestly-specced but cool-looking desktop PC. If you do decide to go down the desktop PC route, the Atari VCS is powered by an AMD Ryzen R1606G system-on-a-chip, paired with 8GB of RAM and 32GB of storage (both upgradeable). There are two USB 3.1 ports on the front and two on the rear along with Ethernet and HDMI 2.0 ports. In other words, don’t expect this machine to rival an Xbox Series S despite its similar $299.99 starting price. Suffice it to say that you probably shouldn’t be rushing out to drop upwards of $299.99 on the Atari VCS (or $399.99 for the Walnut version, which comes with an included wireless joystick and controller, which retail separately for $59.99 each). But despite its flaws, it’s still an interesting mini PC that might be worth checking out as a curiosity when it inevitably drops in price."


Even if the games are "perfectly emulated," who wants to play them with some shitty game-pad?


Well I'd assume thats what the joystick is for


For another $60...


Oh wow, figured it came with the system. Well looking on the brightside it seems like it could be a pretty cool thing for somebody to buy standalone anyway. However I'm not really sure how much good quality joysticks go for nowadays.


...which would be a shitty replacement for the trackballs used in the arcade versions of games like Centepede and Crystal Castles. Personally, I'd rather play the Atari 5200 version of Centepede with the trackball controller than an arcade-perfect emulation with anything else.


The trackball would be awesome. It would be comical to see someone build a replica of those 5200 joysticks. As much as I loved my 5200, the person who designed those things deserves a serious beating.


Would this thing be fast enough to do PS2/Saturn emulation?


Dual-core with SMT at 2.6GHz. Probably doable, but not great.


If it runs windows as an os you might be able to emulate some of the working Saturn games and get your choice of wireless controller goin via an 8bitdo receiver but at that point might as well use your computer instead


> but at that point might as well use your computer instead This thing is small, so it would fit nicely in an entertainment center. And it's $300 for the cheaper one.


jurys still out on how this thing performs with PS2/Saturn games. unless it can emulate those really well it seems like a retropie would be better in every way.


Internally it runs linux, if the emulator is available for linux (which the vast majority are) it will install on this.


Get a Series S it can emulate those games and play older Xbox games too.


Yeah I think I’m gonna wait a year until someone is selling it for like $50 on eBay haha.


It makes zero sense to not get a Series S because it is way more capable, even has Atari games on its store, and can be used as an emulation machine for every console besides PS4 and PS5.


Holy crap 400 bucks? If it was a hundred or less I might consider it, but 400 is ridiculous. E: did not catch this is actually a PC. That price point makes more sense then. Still a hard sell when I can get most of those games uh….elsewhere


I’ll sell you an actual Atari system for less than $100


Thanks but I have two in a box downstairs. The catch is I have to tinker with them enough to get them to work. And go find an old tube TV I can actually hook them up to.


Couldn't you hook them into a flat screen through the coax port?


You could, but it will look like garbage. Games that old are better suited to a CRT


Gotcha. Yeah, now that you mention it I saw something about how they designed the games with the fuzzy pixels to make them look better on crt.


Hey! That’s less than half what it was when it first came out. I joke, but it’s true. $200 in 1977 is $850 now.


You know its a PC right... Its a AMD Ryzen R1606G


>at the Valve Handheld is priced at. Rumored to selling it for 100 would be ridiculous , this is a pc, not a silly console.


Retropie + a couple controllers, $100


But this one looks cool lol Maybe not worth 300$ to me but for some people it is


$300 can get a pretty good 3D printer…


You can get many amazing cases tho


retropie is not a device... if you mean a raspberry pi 4 it doesnt have the same power nor the same architecture support (x86 is expensive, no way around it) plus for 100 dollars you get a pi card only 4gb and 2 15 bucks controller? right....




How can one learn to build something like this for beginners?


Depends how much effort you wanna put in. You can buy a prebuilt retropie, or you can just buy a raspberry pi and flash the sd card with a retropie image from the official site. I'd recommend building it yourself, its super easy, and that way you can choose your own case, controllers and accessories. I bought [this kit](https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-4-desktop-kit/) or something like it, [this keyboard and touchpad,](https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0778M33SB/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_inactive_ship_o0_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1) [these controllers](https://www.8bitdo.com/sn30-pro-usb-gamepad/). Images and step by step.instructions are [here](https://retropie.org.uk/download/).


Depends on how much effort you wanna put in. You can buy the prebuilt kit of the website, or you can put together your own dev board using schematics from the official site. I'd recommend building it yourself, it's super easy, and that way you can choose your own PCB, components and routing. (this is a joke reply, probably should listen to j035u5)


I know you're joking, but it really is super easy. You buy the board and you flash the image. In fact I believe you can have the device itself download and flash the image if you can't do it yourself.


Look up a YouTube channel called ETAPrime. Everything you need to know.


There's a difference in having official hardware. You don't even need Raspberry if you want to play, just use an emulator on your phone.




It is 299. Its just the walnut version is 399


I though steam OS was pretty much abandoned.




Was curious as I already have an intel nuc with openSUSE on it. I would be excited for Steam OS since I would assume everything would be preconfigured as an entertainment system.


I have the walnut one, long story but it was free for me. My thoughts: * Looks great and is a solid machine * Thought it came with both retro game packs but only came with 1, bought the other. Nice mix of console and arcade games, and the games are perfect. Homebrew games look OK but are pricey so doubt I'd buy any * Missing many of your 2600 favorites since they weren't Atari's * OK interface, could be better. Entering a pin each time you start it up is dumb. Always looking for updates at each startup adds minutes before you can actually play. * Controller is really nice, joystick is touchy and could be better Final thoughts: Only for the really nerdy game collector (me), I see very few reasons for the average person to pay this price. Even I have a limited patience for how long you can play each of these older games so I play maybe 20 minutes in any stretch, so it's hard to justify $400


>*I have the walnut one, long story but it was free for me.* All ears, mate.


Waited so long I lost interest


This is such a weird price point for something that is past its nostalgia cycle. Anyone who is nostalgic for Atari has already likely found a way to play those games. Large spread Atari nostalgia was like 15 years ago...and it’s priced too high to attract anyone who’s just curious and wants to tinker with it.


It's unfortunate that, with endless possibilities to make this really awesome, they chose to make it do a few thing in a mediocre way.


someone’s gonna put that controller in their butt, I am calling it now


I think you’re a bit late for that as this joystick has probably been up butts since it’s original debut back in the 70’s.


Retro buttplugs


No, that was the [3rd party Atari 5200 controllers.](https://consolevariations.com/variation/controller/atari-5200-wico-joystick-controller)


OG Gaymers


Who would've done such a thing?! *nervously looks around*


You misspelled “eagerly”…


Who is anticipating this? Who cares? This thing is gonna sell like 6 units.


It’ll sell 3000 units worldwide.


A lot of us care For less than $100. Know your audience, Atari


The Atari Flashback exists.


I still have my Atari 2600 and a couple dozen games. I haven't hooked it up in years because last time I did I realized how bad the games are. They were fun when I was 4 and there wasn't much better available, but we've moved so far past those early days that it's hard to go back. They look bad, sound bad, the controls are unresponsive, and the gameplay is shallow/repetitive.


Still can’t beat a good game of missile command or River raider. I like to hook it up every couple years.


That looks so cool!


Id be waaaaaaay more interested if it had jaguar games on it.


Finally, BUT where is the cue ball controller they had back then? Yes, I am old enough to not only remember it but still have the entire system.


Everyone claiming it’s $400 is kinda annoying. You do realize you can you existing controller and keyboard/mouse with it. The console alone is $299 without the two additional controllers which are worth $60 each.


Needs more Jaguar CD titles


do you think this would be able to run something like xcloud or stadia?


Lol I was thinking maybe I’d pay $50 tops with every 2600 game and some 7800 games and the Atari home computer games. But 400 bucks for 80 2600 games is a hard no, and I’m probably the nostalgic ideal customer. But that’s a pass. Good luck.


I played this last week, no spider fighter. The joystick is not even close to the OG, it has too many functions. I liked playing tank battle with my brother, it has been 30+ years since I lost to him, good to loose again, but not 400 dollars good.


I like the controller


Who was awaiting this?


Why would anyone buy this shit? Get an emulator on your pc


I’m still waiting for the N64 classic to be released


I’d be all over this. I miss Blast Corps.


That and a Dreamcast classic would FLY off the shelves


I just bought a used Dreamcast from a store other weekend with an Atari 7800. I still remember being blown away by Blue Stingers looks. The Dreamcast as a special place in my heart because the graphics remind me of the arcade cabinets of the time. I still love those graphics tbh… hits me in the feels. I agree!


Not quite what you're asking for, but if you have an Xbox One, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X, you can buy Rare Replay for it, which includes Blast Corps and 29 other classic Rare games.


Unfortunately, I’m in the PS ecosystem. I definitely appreciate the reply/heads up. Thank you!


I'm more excited for the Intellivision Amico


Nothing can beat's Psone with crash bandikoot on it :D


For far less than the cost of this you could build an emulator out of a Raspberry Pi, buy one of the many previous "Flashback" consoles, or buy the actual real Atari 2600 plus games off of Ebay.


My first console was the 2600, and as a kid I loved it. However, the games are extremely dated and pretty simplistic. I'm their target audience, and even I wouldn't drop 400 on it.


They used to sell something like this YEARS ago, but the whole thing fit into a single joystick controller.


It ran Windows?


If you only want the classic Atari games, sure. This can do more than that, including running new games. It's certainly arguable if it's worth the money, and I would personally strongly lean in favor of no, but it's definitely not the same thing as the device you're referring to.


They still do, I think, but it had like 10 games on it


Nobody here read the article or knows what this is capable of. It's dual boot, you can run Linux or windows on it. You can design your own atari style games. It may not be for the basement dwellers with headsets, but there is a market for an enthusiast.


I bought a version of this for under $50 at the grocery store a few years ago. It isn’t wireless, but it plays over a hundred games exactly the same as the 2600.


No idea why you're getting downvoted. The existence of the Atari Flashback 100% invalidates the reason for this 3-years-in-the-making piece of junk ever being made.


Probably because they’re jealous that I can play Pitfall all day long right now.


Spoiler: it’s hot garbage.


its a computer with its pros and cons.


I have an Arari Plug & Play Joystick I picked up at Toys R US for 30 bucks, with 10 of the classics on it. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPw9J6JOMBM](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPw9J6JOMBM) This is 400 why? This thing should be no more than 80-90 bucks, tops, and only because of the amount of games it has. This is ridiculously overpriced.


maybe read the specs?




“[Under fifty bucks! Fifty bucks?! The fun is back](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7qAadfsJrmM)!!