Let me gamble! Oh I lost! I got scammed!!!


Unfortunately for most of us this is the only shot we have at getting a superstar…. I have done this gamble sbc back to back since fifa 22 and I’m still to get something crazy 😂


How did you get scammed?


Cause he didn’t get an 89! /s


I saw his post and thought..damn..nice an 87...lol.


Cause i spent 200k to get a 20k player


You took a gamble and lost…it’s on you, not EA


Lol. Do you get mad when you don’t win the lottery?


I spent 0 and got marchisio. Just the way the cookie crumbles


You didn't get scammed. You went to a casino and the house won. Welcome to gambling


How old are you?


Tbf I'd rather this than Campos...


It's a lottery ticket where you can easily figure out how low your chances are of getting anything


Mwehhhh ![gif](giphy|3oEduXsiOxVxONcmis)


Fuck.. I now need an eye bleach




Because he got someone he didn’t want🤣🤦🏻‍♂️


I was about to submit but kept seeing people getting Al jabber and Dempsey . I'll save my fodder


So i did it. Got Marquez . Extremely happy as a Mexican


I usually get bad luck, got Cahill for my regular hero pack annd Larsson for my icon, but for this one I was kinda bummed to see Saudi Arabia and then it was Al Owairan and I was happily surprised. It's a gamble pack, but honestly what else do we play this game for. Fodder is fodder and you're about to get more from rewards + weekend league squad battles rewards etc.


I got him in my preorder pack and was a bit bummed cause I’d never heard of him. Once I played with him I was pretty stoked. Just found out how much he’s going for lol. Don’t think I’ll gamble tho


But you might get yaya 😈


I wanted Yaya so bad man, his card art is awesome !


Yep. Got Dempsey and regret wasting all that fodder. I know it’s not a ton of fodder, but still some high rated cards that could’ve better been allotted to a future SBC


I got Smolarek. Great pull, but already had him untradeable. Dupe theory is real


I sent Ljumberg just in case i got him back lmao


Man did it to himself and blamed EA 💀💀💀


Always :)


Ma man 😂🤝


The type of guy to go into the bookies and demand a refund when he loses a bet.


Would rather this than my Campos


Campos has been amazing for me in net


Whenever I play campos I treat it like a free win tbh Outside of the foot and finesse shots just arc over him lol


You got a hero from a hero pack, no scam here, just a baby kiddo that wanted another cookie


Blaming EA for your own mistake 😭😭😭


I’ll happily trade my Peter Crouch, thank you 🙄


Big facts


I got govou, pretty happy


Player isn’t even bad


It's because of the kit


You think? What's your lucky kit buddy?


Anything but Ajax lol


Do people not understand RNG?


You didn't get scammed


You took the gamble. Not EA's fault. Co cry somewhere else


If I wanted to gamble I would have gone into a casino, where there is player protection...here is just a consistent scam and nobody cares


No one forced you to do the sbc and you still did it. Please explain why this is a scam


Bro he’s actually okay lol


same shitty card i got hate this game!


Standing there knowing deep down that it's an L. Almost feels embarrassed


🤣🤣🤣 proud to be an L


I got that mf as well…


Got scammed? It’s exactly as advertised


Did this sbc 3 times on 3 accounts. 3 crouches. This is why I sell coins.


Absolute scam


Swap you my campos




Well at least you can beat anyone that has an argentanian player in their squad. If ykyk




If it makes you feel better… I got Crouch


Argentino there!


It’s not even fun anymore. I’m so tired of playing this game. Im tired of grinding to get fodder and do this SBCs and get shit in exchange. I am noticing I’m starting to play less. And feels better tbh.


You could just play the game for the sake of playing it...


There are two problems with the development o Fifa 1. EA are making more and more mistakes, decreasing the quality of actual gameplay 2. The Majority of Fifa players has become really bad, at playing the actual game. People are like happy for being in division 6 and shit. The lower the skill level on fifa = the more the game has to become non gameplay based Fr


I got the same. Definitely not the worst but regardless fuck EA for a bunch of other reasons. Also funny seeing all these peasants say something about gambling knowing the didn’t have enough coins or fodder to do any SBC other than daily challenge


Too bad, this is such a lottery. I saved packs for the whole month to open them when marvel heros came out and the result was Ljunberg-voller-park ji sung-marchisio-cahhil and had so many top cards that I did the base icon sbc and got makallele. It's a right scam to some and very nice to others.


Hehe i got nakata


Fuck ea. who in the hell is going to have any chemistry with that guy


I was sad when I saw smolarek then I saw his price and my kid self got happy again and started jumping in my room. Screaming for mom!!


he is awesome quick and can l2 shield really well


After playing a couple of games my regular voller card performs better. He feels more fluid on the ball.


Just got the same, 80.000 credits for 2 88, put all my club big fodders in it, and got exactly as you : Al Jaber! I uninstaled the game, can't bare it anymore, I'm left with 10.000 credits, still an 80% gold team, no good or useful upgrades or sbc, and they give me an 87 who cost 30.000 for a 160.000 value sbc, I can't even count him as an 88 to put on the next sbc! This is outrageous, and the worst is that I only wanted Nakata who has been packed on this one and isn't one that's hard to pull, I just got scammed over and over again and it's consuming every part of my happiness to open a pack or Olay a game now. Hope you won't have the same experience as me and can still enjoy the game, but that kind of stuff is outrageous, a 30.000 card rewards unplayable for me, for an 160.000 sbc... how can this be legit?


Lol I've done 3 hero sbc and all 3 were fuking nakata wtfff twice base version and now the wc one. Take them allll


Exactly what I was saying, I have nakata on my concept team, on my trade list to see his price, none of the others was really wanted but an 88 or something usable would have made me happy! And as a looot of person got nakata or smolarek or even Ljundberg that I like as others, I only got 2 chances up on 12 I think, not sure, to have one I don't want with crouch. And still, you got 3 nakata and I need to sort of be glad with Al Jaber 87 20.000k x) Everytime this is never the ones I would love, and this for near 3 year without exaggeration with an exception on fifa 20 due to the infinite sbc. But I can't take that this is normal


You gambled, and lost. You did not get scammed.


I could agree if it wasn't since the beginning of the game, I made 100.000 credits by playing till now, with everything I packed, nearly never an animation tbh, do you think that's normal? Playing and doing the sbc to get only 100.000 credits in several month cause I packed nothing else than max 87 gold rare?


Oh and this cost me all my unexchangeable fodders +90.000 of my credits to get Al Jaber that is useless even in sbc, to me that's a little to much to take even with the gambling factor


No one made you do the SBC. You knew Al Jaber was a risk and still did it. Don’t take the game too seriously.


And once again, that's not what i'm saying, it's the OP who used the word "scammed", I didn't and I'm getting tired of explaining under every comments, the point is not Al Jaber, the point is the big view and i'm not gonna repeat it again, reread my comment, do the math and think about what it means if in more than 4 months I packed less that 100k, and I am now in a situation where I still got an 80% gold team cause even without doing the 89 max, I had no upgrade else buyable or packed for my team. There's is a gambling factor but it is also a game where younger play, and by paying 70euro + game pass, right during the world cup when football is at best, you're gonna told me to not take the game seriously? Everything that I do no matter what, I take it seriously and do it well to be pleased with myself and get the better of my capabilities, and when during a 3 year time on 4 accounts, this is not gambling anymore, this is Stat collect, and I can tell that it is bullshit, would you be glad if this was your account? 100k from when the game started till now? Without spending carelessly, saving coins and selling everything that can even the stadium stuff? This is not legit when you watch the big picture and I'm sure you can see it to if you make the effort to get on my shoes


In your first post you used ‘scammed’, i’ve just reread it there - ‘I just got scammed over and over again’, so you’re not being entirely accurate when you say you didn’t use the word. I wish you all the best with your sense of injustice here, but maybe a break from the game is for the best…


Okay i saw it, I did use it but wasn't on my memory my bad, but even then it is not the good choice of word, scammed is not the term cause you're not forced to anything, this is just unfair for everyone tbh, but forget the scam part that's not what I mean Ty for your consideration and yeah that's why right after getting Al Jaber I uninstalled and will wait for goal to come out or just won't play anymore even if it saddened me a bit as I'm a big football lover, cause personally I can't bare it anymore, this amout of unluckyness coupled with the lack of content and the messy gameplay has made the perfect cocktail for a definitive stop, I had more fun playing in the menu that on the pitch this year so I think it's for the best anyway. I hope the one of you that understand the big picture will still get some luck and could enjoy the game as it was in 2015 as I can't anymore, I hope you fun on the pitch mate, take care 🤙


Oh one last thing, Belotti is not on the game, Mady Camara to, Roberto Martinez to, and Totti has no card while being the 7 king of roma while xavi who stopped not so long ago already has his one, and Hazard 4 star not moc, no Ballon dor winner card even for the youngster, they took vina to boost instead of zalewski and i have so much more, this is every little unlogical details that I noticed on the choice that does ea this year I wanted to share before going for good and if you want to see more by curiosity go for it, see ya mates!


Btw, I did nearly every good sbc before this one, didn't made the bad one like the 83+, sold all the players I got exchangeable for a total of 100.000 from when I started the game till now cause I got no luck during all the beginning, I just didn't played fut and friendly for token, tell me if for you this is a normal experience of fut, but for the 3 years I've been playing, luck, sbc and gameplay hasn't been this bad even with a world cup going on, even emailing ea by frustration to talk about the state of the game doesn't serve anything, I've tried everything and daily can't figure what's going on x)


Get a fuckin grip of your life son ultimate team isn’t that deep


I was happy to share my story on fifa with you and maybe get some answer from player that know the game for a long time to tell if my feeling about ea this year is correct, but seems like none of you can be objective and discuss normally about fifa, how can you say that when I told that I played for 3 year, that I loved the game, that if I played on multiple account its because I have brothers and friends that I help cause they're not as strong and passionate as me, and all I was saying was that this year in luck and content is horrible even with a world cup, I gave you my Stat account on pack this year, and that's the only comment. I'm glad to be finished with this game cause now I understand why the game is more and more bad every year, cause your all OK with it, since it doesn't affect you, every player could get screwed you wouldn't ear, there's a gambling factor and there's some logic to have when you're creating a "football" game, but that doesn't matter. You convinced me to not anymore even try to talk seriously about ea or fifa cause after all, if it still work and make money with baddest content every year, it's because you buy year after year without even complaining when your getting freaked by a companies that only is there for your money without even a thought for the player, your time on the game or the investment it is to play this kind of game. I was hoping for a community that can support each others and be objectives when things go bad, but as I see, this is an utopia and your only there to either brag, or get down someone, cause if you think about it, even without a gambling factor, I got screwed till the very beginning of the game but you only ear that I got bad luck on this one and point at me when I ask you if for you this year has been the same or just about your experience. This is a sad mentality and I know now that there's nothing to be changed for good cause there's no one to talk for good, every one of you prefer to eat this messy recycled stuff, instead of hoping and thinking of something great, but when you'll lose something on the game, I'll see you right here complaining to or on some YouTube comments, so it's kinda sad that when it's about you, you care and share, when it's about others, you brag. And by you, I mean a lot of fifa players not just you, so have fun on the pitch if you do, and try empathy, it can be good.


And yeah ultimate team isn't that deep but when you love a game and make it a passion for 3 year, it is something you care about and try to make for the best, if I misunderstood what you where trying to say and overreact, sry about that just woke up after a harsh night x)


I’ll trade you my Cahill bro


Gambling can be frustrating.


How much money did you spend? 🤣


Stop doing these sbcs. The casino always wins!


I think I played with his base in offline drafts. Used him off the bench and he was nice. I wouldn’t mind this card replacing Jesus or Mbappe for me off the bench. Seems better than a ST danjuma


I got Crouch…. Could be worse




I got cahill.. but i packed the dude you got other day though and honestly he's quality, dunno why he's so cheap tbh


I got Ljungberg or however u spell it


I deserved Peter




I got Crouch in my earlier heroes pack and then got Crouch again today for my WC heroes.... Fuuuu


Got him too. Only bright side is that he looks good next to Al Owarian


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Got him aswell. I was so dissappointed until I played a game with him. Hes really good and he will stay in my starting XI. Try him out!


What is this?! Must be like some kind of casino


I got marachiso


Fully deserved!


Scammed? No.


Got this guy too. Actually a beast so not a total L


I got 89 carvahlo


My condolences


Bruh I got ljunberg in both so now I have untradeable hero and WC hero ljunberg. I have a Ligue un team…..


I bought WC Cahill last week and then got him from the hero pack — absolute dub for me but not the best player on paper. Depends on preference I suppose


Don’t show this to Argentina fans. They’re lucky it was just Al Dawsari.


We all take Ls it’s part of the game


Ask argentina what they think about saudi arabian players


I got the other Saudi player lol I giggled


Imagine non ironically defend EA OMEGALUL


At least you didn’t get Dempsey like I did


I got crouch ffs


I got Dempsey 😂 oh well, win some you lose some, still using my Ronaldo from the first 75+ player picks that came out :D


Got Dempsey 🫠


at least you didn’t get Dempsey


Al Jaber isn’t bad you meta rat