- Bodytype (most important "stat") - Detailed stats, like Balance or so, matter more than the "face stats" - Workrates - Links


Also real life Hype


Imo Modric is the best price/performance midfielder atm. Haven‘t had any problems with his workrates in a 442.


Did anyone say Saint Maximin?


It’s the 5 star skills, work rates and desirable traits (flair; technical dribbler; dives into tackles). Also even though Modric is 97 both cards have similar in game stats but Paqueta (assuming you throw a shadow on and play as cm) has much better physical and same defending so he makes Better use of the shadow as it won’t boost physical


I'm seeing people say Links and Work rates I personally don't think that's the case. He obvs has better links but most teams are packed full of Icons you can get any player in a team. I have Modric and he's the only croatian or La liga player but still have him in on full chem. I'd say it's 5\* skill that makes him more expensive but also the fact Paqueta has had a lot of hype around him all year, His moments card and his FUT Birthday cards were very hyped and also very good which automatically means his TOTS card will hold a high price because of that. Take Darwin Nunez as an example 5\* skill 300k+ Uruguay/Liga Nos compared to Vlahovic who's in the Serie A (which most of said has had the best TOTS) and he's 150k even though his card is higher rated with better stats. Vlahovic also has better links and work rates. That's why I don't agree with that theory personally.


links basically


Links but also skill moves, weak foot and work rates can be quite important. Paqueta is high/high which is ideal for a midfielder, compared to modric which is med/med which is generally less desirable.


Paqueta has awesome links. Look at Mukhtar, one of the best cards, still only 70k. MLS prices.


That makes sense, work rate is super important this game especially with how AI moves stupidly in game


also lucas has 5* skills which is one of the only ways to consistently combat the defensive ai