You can find more of my art here: [https://www.furaffinity.net/user/wolnir/](https://www.furaffinity.net/user/wolnir/) and I also recently made a twitter page (sorry it's a bit empty): [https://twitter.com/Wolnir\_art](https://twitter.com/Wolnir_art) <3


My Thalassophobia would like to know your location. Nice art, looks really good! :D


Thanks a lot! Interesting, I suffer from the same mmm... condition? But while working on it I never had this creppy feeling of danger. 🤔


I read the shirt as "Know your owo mind". Maybe I've had enough furry stuff for today.


That's a charr from guild wars, right? One of my favorite races. I'm always happy to see one. The females have these fluffy tails like this, they look like the softest fur in the world, I always wanted to touch one and feel the floof. Also, could it be that that's the floating tavern in Amnoon where they are relaxing? Edit: nvm that's a palm-tree that they are chilling under.


YES i was thinking the same. Female charr are just having the most floof and i would gladly take one as pet, even If they are probably gonna murder me in my sleep. But it's worth it to just get one, tight hug from the war cats


It is a charr! And a female one. Never realized the difference, I painted a lot of them but haven't played the game itself. Yes, that's a palm tree and I believe it's my client's 'special place' :3


Your Tally cosplay caught my attention so I was cruising through your history - I really like this piece good job!