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That yellow section is way too big.


Like 100% too big


Where's the pie piece for "press the button in Firefox that bypasses a bunch of paywalls?"


Also available is the website 12footladder (show me a 10 foot paywall and I'll show you a 12 foot ladder)


12ft ladder hasn't worked for me for a lot of sites lately, but the Firefox button works almost all the time.


Sounds like they might need to upgrade to a 14 foot ladder


12ft never works for me. I'm not sure what Firefox button you're referring to, but there's an extension called Bypass Paywalls.


The text only button I presume, which bypasses the more simple paywalls


12ft has worked for every time. If it doesn't work you report it at the bottom.


12ft has multiple websites on which it is disabled, nyt for example


NYT is fucking crazy with the shit they do to make their pay wall hard to get around. They change the html file name for their paywall daily so these programs cant keep up. Also NYT includes ads in their html files that are only seen by someone manually bypassing the paywall.


My understanding was that they could pay 12ft to allow the blocking. Kinda like standover tactics.


What is this Firefox button you speak of? I’m in the dark here!


I Second this. i am quite surprised by the way it works. i only wish it to be bigger...


Where is this button?


Right click, inspect element. Delete the code related to the paywall pop up. Profit.


Or just open in reader view mode.


I've never been able to get that to work properly. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.


Nah, devs/publishers are just smarter than to implement a block that gets circumvented by deleting a html element.


[Bypass Paywalls Clean](https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bypass-paywalls-clean/)


What is this magic Firefox button? That’s my main browser, I must use it.


Right click>inspect>delete highlighted code. Works half the time


Half the time, it works everytime.


Yeah, that size of yellow just encourages this more. They’d be ecstatic to get that kind of success.


Thanks to desperate kids during online exams


Usually porn related


Regretfully porn related. Made that mistake twice. Some how BangBro has let my year subscription go on for 3 years now. Never charged the card that is now out of date.


Are you sure? Sometimes recurring payments automatically get transferred to the new card. They may be charging you annually.


bangbros being real bros.


10 minute mail


Yeah, no space left for “hit refresh and try to read what you were looking for real quick before the ad pops up” and “hit refresh and then try to hit escape after content loads but before the ad.”


What I do is this. First sign up for a Yahoo email address. Yahoo may suck in general, but you get 500 free disposable email addresses on your account. I've yet to find anything even close to this and it's absolutely fantastic. Create a disposable address, sign up with fake info, confirm the email address, then once you're logged in delete the disposable address. You can use various browser plugins to automate the signup process to a single click that enters your fake info into the various fields. The entire process takes 15 seconds, tops.


I did web dev for a divorce consultation company and they insisted on a big newsletter form popping up on the home page. I mean like, ten fields? The usual name / email, but also phone number, what they're interested in, what state they're in, a whole bunch of stuff. I told them it's too much stuff and will turn people away. The powers that be said that the opposite will happen, if we don't have it then potential customers will see it as a lack of customer service and think they aren't serious. Also that making people fill that stuff out would provide valuable demographics data, which just assumed people would in fact fill it out. Not a single person, ever, filled out that form, and it's not like they had low traffic either. I could SEE on the backend how many people the thing popped up for and also that it had been filled out exactly zero times over the course of years. Why do people think this shit is a good idea? Since when was harassment a valid way to positively influence someone? Boomer brain, I swear.


That's what happens when nincompoops are in management positions and don't listen to the people they hire to do a job they know nothing about. I've seen this many times!


And I suspect that if anybody were to have filled it in, they would have used junk info (address= 123 main street), city- City, etc just to bypass the screen. So they'd end up with very little info, and most of it of no value.


Lord, when I worked social media for a lab, it was a constant battle to convince professors to trust that I knew more than them about how to deliver the results they wanted. Ever try to argue with a guy with six patents? It's a nightmare.


"But I know stuff! I'm a professor!" "Bitch you might be a prof but you know jackshit about this so stop speaking and let me do my shit." I fear that might be my future in IT


These are the people that get an error message pop up, and insist on reading the entire thing instead of just closing it and trying something else. There's a certain generation that WILL NOT NOT READ anything you put in front of them. I guess back then the written word was rare and expensive, so they didn't want to waste it.


Back then, things put into your face were more often actual things, something serious or worth reading. Nowadays, it's mostly ads for plastic bullshit. Even advertising meant more "back in the day" when products were still made out of real things and would actually last a good amount of time. Written word and alerts and attention grabbers are more often exploitive, harassment, or some other kind of bullshit. I'd argue it's not the generations. It's the content that has changed, and people adapted to that.


I think boomer brain happens a lot. My dad is very guilty of it, and I work for him. He tends to think of scenarios in a fantasy world where someone is so eager to get more information about our insanely simple product. So we plaster QR codes on everything and have wasted a lot of money to redesign things to include them. The people using our product are probably just checking a box on their distributor order form and never thinking about it again. That qr code has had like 10 hits and zero clickthroughs. Sometimes technology gets in the way of understanding how real people operate. Like those websites I will avoid at all costs if they dare remind me I left something in my cart.


Sounds similar to clothing shops where the staff swoop down on you as soon as you enter the shop.


You could have done A/B testing here. Some people get the 10 field popup. Others get a simple "Email" and "password" form. Too many people try to second guess this sort of thing. There's no need when you can get actual genuine data.


Walk around the office asking random employees to fill out a form with similar questions and count how many will actually agree to it. Be sure to include *the powers that be* into your target audience and present the results


The real question is, who's turning on push notifications?


Ashley Furniture repeatedly asked me if I wanted to turn on notifications for their site. Like, no Ashley Furniture, I don't need to the minute furniture updates pushed on my computer, nor do I know anyone who would.


Yes, seriously. How often do they think the average person is furniture shopping? For me, its maybe once every 5-10 years.


It's like the Amazon algorithm. Oh, you bought a mattress? You'll probably be interested in these 7 other mattresses to go with the one we just sent you.


Amazon is way better at this though. They'll know you bought the mattress and give you ads for mattress toppers, sheets, blankets, pillows, night stands etc.


I just need one night stand. That’s it, bro.


3 am delivery only


Delivery fee is non negotiable


Careful with those. Last one I had ended up costing me $700 a month.


OfferUp has been sending me notifications about "dressers found near you" for 3 years after spending 2 days to find one. Yes OfferUp, I need a new dresser 4 times a week, thanks


LOL, I don't know why I read your post in the voice of John Mulaney.


I was once watching my grandma using her computer, she's the sort of person that would. She'll just click yes on anything if she doesn't really know what it means or does. Site's must rely on people like her


They do. I straight up turned off all notifications in her browser. They should have never added notifications to desktop browsers.


Scammers rely on people like her. She shouldn't be using a computer unsupervised.


I have a coworker who accidentally turned on notifications from the local pot store on his work computer. They popped up when he was doing a presentation.


So what happened after?


Hopefully, what ever happened included a pizza delivery.


I think he closed it immediately and passed it off as a pop up. This was several years ago—I just found out when he asked me to figure out what had happened.


Always turn on Focus Assist for presentations!


After buying a couch somehow they think you are a prime candidate for another couch.


the real question what deranged person designs a website that pushes notifications, like wat.... like the only people I can see doing that are facebook developers, because they have a metaphorical gun to their head, but somehow so many websites have it... and I just don't understand why they thought it was a good idea ;__:


Honestly fuck the browser vendors for even allowing it at all by default. As if it wasn't going to immediately be abused.


I miss when push notifications were actual notifications and not just ads (on my phone, not browser, but you got me thinking.)


Wonder if those ads and other annoying ones that there is no way anyone is buying them. Are being kept alive by bots or something. Fuck what if they are part of the AIs plan


I turned them on accidentally once! Maybe they just hope people will do it by accident?


I’ve never signed up unless I specifically went to the website *knowing* I was gonna sign up


Open 3: View source and start deleting paywalls.


Accidentally delete the content... Curse then close the window.




~~I can't ctrl+z after deleting an element in Chrome, am I missing something? I reload and start over.~~ I can, thanks /u/garretble !


If you use an adblocker to block an element, there's a config file generated as the result, so that you can see the element you blocked last. That can be cleared


Editing the content in real time, because f you website, i dont want your crappy elements taking up my memory... however adblocker... you can have several gigs


The resulting pages can be so clean! Just the title, text, and maybe a picture if you're feeling generous.


You can now, actually. I just tried it. But it’s a newer feature, I think.


It’s worked for as long as I’ve used it… years


It actually works, thanks! Case closed then.


> Bold of you to assume I am that intelligent to remember this in the moment.


But sometimes you just must know 'THIS ONE THING YOU HAVE NOT BEEN DOING THAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!'... water... it was water.


I dunno man. 100% of water drinkers die you know


Fun fact 100% of those who also DO NOT drink water die as well... we seem fucked my dude =(


Either you slowly die by drinking water or experience a quick death. I choose the latter. No water for me.


This is why I stick to whiskey.


That's why I only ingest my dihydrogen and oxygen separately. I'm gonna live forever!


Be careful ... Big Water will come at you.


Just Ctrl+Z.


This is the way. Also: fuck you Twitter, i will never log into you if you make it that easy for me.


Fuck you as well pinterest.


Don't forget Instagram


Fuck Pinterest in particular, it's got a lot of pictures of things I'm interested in or looking for but never any actual information about what it is, where to get it, how to do it, what it's called, etc. I have no idea how it has any actual users because it is a dumpster fire of a website.


I've never had twitter and it shits me that I can't just look at a cheeky post from Reddit without signing up


Click sign up or login then close the next pop up.


I usually crack the shits before that stage and give up haha




Fucken oath


The hero we need…


Custom ublock filter will get you past it https://gist.github.com/martykan/dcbddec7255c7ae32cd3fbe0d28ec685


Instagram and Facebook too. My gf always sends me insta videos I can't even look at unless we're together.


Or use Nitter


I use Nitta.


Option 4: hit refresh and then start pounding the ESC key as soon as you see content. Works great on nytimes and a few other sites that load the article and then yank it away after a second .


At that point, it's easier to just disable Javascript for a bit. I'm using Adblock (Origin?), and ib can just click the add on button to turn off scripting on a particular site. About 95% of the time, it lets me read those stories that would otherwise be hidden.


I just try to speed read the article before the pop up hits.


Ctrl+A+C really quick and paste the story into notepad.


On Firefox mobile you can just click the read mode button and refresh the page. Works for articles most of the time.


Does that work anymore? Most sites got pretty savvy with not including the full content on the page if you're not signed in, or disable network tools by going into an endless debugging loop once you open them.


Yeah I find that rarely works. Any site not doing this probably doesnt have content worth trading anyway at this point.


Try this: https://12ft.io/


worked for 0/3 sites I tried it on.... 😞


But you didn’t try it on 500 sites where it works 497/500 times.


60% of the time, it works every time.


Reader mode on IOS is the best. Navigate to paywalled page (usually the first paragraph showing the the paywall). Select reader (this will not solve the problem) Edit setting on reader mode to “always open this website in reader” Refresh page Voila


Areyouawizard.jpg Works, thanks!


This site may have worked for a few weeks, but the news websites quickly caught on. Doesn't even work on my local Podunk town's news site.


It's already dead and useless. They take money from sites to NOT circumvent their paywall. Literally the same shit as some "adblockers" who take money from sites to not block their ads.


I wish that they didn't accept deals from websites like the NYT to not bypass those sites paywalls. Would have been so much better.


Check out your local library. I am able to get digital access to NYT free through my library.


*The content is not actually on the site* Say a curse word and close the window


Option 4 download a browser extension that does this for you.


I mean, a properly designed paywall doesn’t allow this — the content is not fully loaded before the paywall cuts in. But that was fun back in the day just deleting the stupid pop up and foreground and going about it.


please sign up to view this lame article you were only mildly interested in to begin with


Who is the asshole that signs up for these things.


Ruining shit for everyone else


If I **REALLY** want the content on the website, I sign up using [10 Minute Mail](https://10minutemail.com).


Old people


I'm old. That's ageist. It's just stupid people.


The elderly are among the most heavily scammed users on the internet for a reason. RIP grandma, but I don't miss having to change your online banking info every month or two.


You’re getting a bit cranky. Let’s get you back to bed.


Pop a caramel and chillax gramps


Can we get some weed werthers to maybe get my grandma to stop blaming earthquakes on my gay lifestyle? That'd be cool


Actually can we? Werthers are dank already, wouldn't complain if they were *dank* on top of that.


Genius idea


Old man yells at Cloud computing


I wish you'd stop knocking and leave me alooooooo-owowow-n


Sign up then put the login info on bugmenot.com Then you and others don't need to have an account and they get garbage data from their account requirements


I work in digital marketing. Waaay more people than you think. Thats why it still exists. If most people bounced, they would stop doing it.


In the industrial automation world, a ton of suppliers put their datasheets and manuals behind a signup, so we're often forced to do it because we actually need those to do our jobs. It sucks because anyone in this space will quickly learn that the signup is so that their sales departments can get all your contact info. And many of them have measured in place to verify that you're giving them real information.


> And many of them have measured in place to verify that you're giving them real information. I once had to use a website that not only did some sort of check that the telephone number you gave them was genuine, but also that it was registered to a business and not a private individual (no idea how exactly, they did have the name of some "business intelligence" company on the form, honestly can't imagine it being all that reliable). Since I wanted the information for my own personal use, I literally couldn't give them my real details even if I wanted to (I did try it). Eventually I discovered (not wanting some random business to get calls asking for me) that I could just give them _their own_ telephone number... I do wonder of they ever actually tried calling.


https://www.spamgourmet.com/ - give each vendor it's own separate address that you can make permanent or turn off at your convenience.


FTFY [https://imgur.com/a/obShdPh](https://imgur.com/a/obShdPh)


[FTFY^2](https://i.imgur.com/fEW8d51.jpg )


thanks i'm in a meeting now and you saved me from having to do this.


leaving right away


It is the same for 'I see you have an adblocker...'


"I see you have an adblocker detector...would you like to disable it?"


I need an Adblock detector blocker!


Then they will get an Adblock detector blocker detector.


By the time they do that, I will already have my Adblock detector blocker detector blocker. Checkmate!


Depends on if they let me use the site anyways. If they do, I disable the ad block and see if it's tolerable.


Tolerable is one thing, but I have the ad-blocker primarily for blocking tracking cookies. And if a site insists on you turning off the ad-blocker, the chance they are riddled with tracking cookies is very high.


Turn off JavaScript and reload page


In 2022 ? Page doesn't load at all.. close page and curse them.


All those websites with `

` are surely fun to read!


I started using NoScript a few months ago and it's bliss. I have it on by default and only enable JS on a handful of sites that I trust.


NoScript is THE SHIT. Love that thing. Can be annoying for some sites at the start, but works like a charm.


Yeah it’s great. Some sites can be a pain but once you have to tweaked, you’re good.


I also close any website that forces me to disable Adblock.


I was trying to find a salary for a position at a company on Glassdoor, but when I clicked on the search result to bring it up it asked me to sign into Glassdoor. I cursed and closed the tab. I have a Glassdoor account, I just didn't want to sign in just to look at one result god damnit.


Actually, I just copy the web address and paste it in [https://www.removepaywall.com/](https://www.removepaywall.com/) 🤓


Or use the behind the overlay chrome add-on


There's also a Firefox version with the exact same name for those burning Chrome to the ground.


Thank you!!!!


The worst is when they demand an account before there is even an old explanation of what they actually offer (beyond what you wanted from whatever link you pressed to get there).


I do the same thing when a YouTube video opens up on Reddit.


Same same with ad blocking notices. Nope goodby.


That's really... (sign up to see the rest of this comment)


Going back to the comments on Reddit to see if someone copy/pasted the interesting part


Pull up 10 minute mail and pray you don’t forget the password


yeah if i really want to read the content i might hit reader view before the scripts run, or if that fails load firefox with a custom paywall bypass plugin, if that fails I might load up my trusty vpn proxies and run an array of pen test tools vs my target to see if something catches, if that fails it’s time to start sending phishy emails with a custom landing page that mimics the internal work environment of the target so i can grab their password and just use that to either find my way in to create an account or the password is shared across their login i might just use it to view the content.. but that’s only if i reallllly want to see it


I prefer "fuck you", to be exact.


Nah, the yellow sliver is those of us who hit "inspect element" and try to bypass the soft paywall. The people who actually sign up wouldn't even be visible on a pie chart.


Imagine putting your IG handle on a pie chart 😂


The. Second. I am confronted with a sign up or paywall, that site is 100% dead to me.


The yellow wedge is too large.


Just read the headlines and don't open any links. If they can't not put a clickbait title, they can't get my view.


Nope, nope, nope - back, back, back.


Curseword? I'm speedrunning the X


Say a curse word and close the window *and* avoid the site in the future




Wildy inaccurate. Too much yellow. More green. Yes. More green.


I would sign up for the 15% off thing with just my email every time. Now they want my phone number to get the discount. So now I don’t buy anything when it happens.


Yep. If I need an account just to look at your site, buh-bye.


Reddit on mobile at this point.


ublock origin


Close... say a curse word + "nope", hit the back button, and select one of the nearly infinite alternatives that don't. *That's* their competition and someday they'll realize it.


Same if you replace "sign up" with "please turn off your adblock".


10minutemail.com name: Seymour Butz. Drops mic.


That yellow slice is way too big.


I especially love when the pop-up isn't designed to accommodate mobile web pages so it's too wide to fully fit on a phone screen and the (x) is outside the bounds of the screen, making the website unusable


I just don't get why these have to pop up as soon as I open the page. Like I clicked a link to an article by your paper, which I've never read before, and you want me to sign up for your spam before even seeing the content? Put that shit at the bottom of the page. No one who isnt reading at least half your article is going to sign up for shit, so put it at the end where it will be seen by those that would actually enlist and stop pushing away potential viewers with one of the internet's most hated web functions.


The yellow shouldn't exist.


Firefox has a reader mode that you can turn on which will often show the content without the rest of the webpage, bypassing these annoying pop-ups.


My mom would totally sign up and I'm guessing a million other moms. * My 75 year old mom *


Mom here. Hell, no, I won’t sign up. That shit royally pisses me off.


It's even worse when writing papers. Man I just wanna read the article, I'll cite you and everything, just get your sign up out of my face and don't even think about offering a subscription.