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I would make the same face if someone would touch my butt randomly in public


Step diver, im stuck owo...


Username checks out


For real, what is this diver doing swimming down quickly and manhandling this eel?


Its not just an eel, its a mf Moray eel and the dude is asking for it




Daa nunununununununuh


He’s gon eat that hairy leg


“He gon eat that one too”




Sorry I not know Moray eels like that. Are they overly aggressive or just normal wildlife that can hurt you?


They’re not overly aggressive per se, but they are predators, and will gladly attack if they feel threatened. The real issue with them is that they have an incredibly strong jaw, as well as a secondary jaw that will jut out, and attach. They also have really sharp backwards teeth, that if you try to struggle will rip you apart. Get bit in the wrong place by them, and you’ll probably bleed out on the ocean floor.


Yeah that dude is a moron... That's literally in diving 101 classes about "Don't touch the wild life.... But really, no shit don't fuck with these ones in particular category." I dunno maybe they don't teach that or homie wasn't paying attention, but at least known with the people I dive with that. Moray EEL == backwards teeth and your flesh is going to have a bad fucking day.


Nah they do teach that in PADI open water courses. Even without the course it's common sense 10-fucking-1 no matter where you are in the world. Don't touch, feed or fuck with the wild life. But especially not under water!


The diver was snorkeling, so no education to be assumed.


Sure, I’d still argue it’s common sense. Apparently not, lol.


He was smart enough to outswim a fuckin dolphin after he saw it... so he probably wanted to do an underwater game of slap the flesh eating bull


If he doesn't feed the wildlife how can he upload a cool TikTok and sell merch hit like and subscribe to the demise of the fucking planet through clickbait bullshit fuck this place I want off.


As your doctor imma prescribe 40% reduction in your screen time this month. You think you could do that for me? No, seriously though ppl need to leave nature alone but dude/dudette you are TENSE. Why not Take a nice deep breath and get away from the screens for awhile


It *is* common sense. He just doesn't have it.


Fair enough lol


Looks more like free diving to me. But yeah, uneducated and total lack of respect for the creatures around him/her.


I mean, he didn't just touch it, he tried to give it a colonoscopy.


You know things are going to head south when you see the diver trying to shove it's thumb up the moray's ass...


Based on the depth, speed, and length, I think this was a free diver. You can do that with no training/certification, so no guarantee this person ever got that. Still dumb, though.


Don't touch wildlife you saw? When I'm in the ocean, if so much as seaweed touches me, I'm noped out! Edit:spelling


for real, the moment anything underwater touches me and i cant see my feet i assume its a 40 meter long tentacle thing waiting to pull me under and put flesh eating worms in me


I was taught "Never ever stand or walk on the sea bottom. Hundreds of different nasty events can befall you."


Will the wild life fuck with you if you don’t touch and just observe? Or at least what are the odds?


Moray's will not really lunge at you unless you have something that looks and moves like prey. They rarely leave their hideyhole. (At least during the day.) So odds are good if you give a meter or more... You'll never get bit. I have a juvenile attempt to use my knees as a crevice once while doing a night dive attracting Mantas, but the light also attracted other fish. I did not attempt to make friends nor jostle it much when finally time to surface.


When the jaws open wide and there’s more jaws inside, that’s a Moray..


Assuming ocean rules are the same as land rules. Typically don't try to pet it if it has teeth. Even "cute" animals and plant eaters can take a bite out of you, especially if you stick a finger in their face.


Don't touch anything at all, teeth are just a very small part of all the nastiness out there (e.g. fire coral). I found out that while just swimming around bare skin can suddenly hurt like hell due to touching something that is almost too small to see.


I mean it's not really the only issue here. Even if a wild animals can't hurt you, you still should not touch it. Have some respect for wildlife


A lot of plant eaters are opportunistic carnivores too..


>The real issue with them is that they have an incredibly strong jaw, as well as a secondary jaw that will jut out [https://i.imgur.com/Bh3RN7z.gif](https://i.imgur.com/Bh3RN7z.gif)


I mean…..yeah https://gfycat.com/decenttepidalpineroadguidetigerbeetle


This kills the crab


WTH! holy sh… that’s gnarly




I vaguely recall the creator did mention that they based the alien's jaw on that of the moray. I had a moray nearly take a bite of my face as a kid. Thankfully hit my mask instead and I can still hear the scrape on the glass. Fuck morays in particular.


>Fuck morays in particular. Honestly, after all I've seen until here, that does not sound like a good recommendation.


I wouldn't call them overly aggressive, but they are still very dangerous. They can bite off fingers pretty easily. I always worry about it when I'm free diving for lobster and scallops, since I'm sticking my hands in holes that could very well have a hidden eel in a connected crevice.


They are not aggressive (mouth is open cause small gills) but they have a very bad eye sight, so they will bite anything near by.


My friend's uncle got bit on his upper thigh (next to his groin). Morays don't easily let go.


When I was a kid I remember a fisherman getting bit by one and the only way they could get it off his arm was by cutting its head off.


the fisherman?


im the eel, can confirm they cut the fishermans head off


They aren't gonna attack you, but they can very easily take a finger or two off if you're stupid enough to try to pet them like the idiot in the video.


They'll take off a finger and get pretty big. I've seen some truly giant ones. Like over 10 feet.


When you open the jaws and there's more jaws inside, that's A MORRRRAAAAY.


That eel must be thinking why tf did I just hear an ape scream on the sea floor


It's the eel screaming "go away" 😂


🎶 when I touch what’s not mine, and those teeth, they do shine, it’s a morayyyyy


Lol that’s why you don’t touch shit when you’re diving


I was gobsmacked by how fast they rushed that eel and jammed the camera into it. Rude.


seriously. after rule #1 (check your oxygen...aka don't run out and have to use the 'use only once' emergency option) rule 2 is do not screw with things.


Number one rule of scuba is don’t hold your breath.


This will probably be a super simple answer in hindsight, but can I ask why?


The pressure of all that water on top of you causes things to get squeezed. This includes the air in your lungs. If you hold your breath while going up the pressure lessening means that the air in your lungs isn't being squeezed as much and it will expand, however the air has the potential to expand a lot more than your lungs. If you take a balloon 10 metres underwater, fill it with air and then release it it will get bigger. If that balloon was already filled to maximum capacity it would end up exploding on its way up and you really REALLY don't want that happening to your lungs so breathing in a slow and steady manner ensures that you don't pop your lungs like a balloon. Also, slow and steady breathing helps you keep calm and is more oxygen efficient so you can stay under for longer periods and enjoy the pretty sights. I've been forced to ascend before the rest of the group and they ended up encountering a group of dolphins a few minutes after I had gotten back onto the boat. Edit: Thanks for the award.


To add a little to this, if you search youtube for barotrauma there's a HORRIFIC case that's documented of a dude that practically dies, but does still somehow manage to survive. He had CO2 build up and from a relatively deep dive, raced to the surface. He passed out metres from the surface and fell face first down 20m or something and was rushed to the surface by his friends. Having gone up and down like that so quickly, his face was practically exploding. His face filled his mask, eyes completely red and blown out, lips blown out. He honestly looked like a body that had been in the water for weeks. They try to get him breathing and thick foamy blood comes out instead. The whole video I honestly thought they were going to say he died but somehow he did come to and make a full recovery - but holy hell is he lucky. It's not for the squeamish, I'm not joking when I say he looks like a bloated corpse.


No thanks, I don't think I will search that.


Every 6 months or so I make the mistake on clicking on one of those videos. Get the correct amount of horrified then I’m good for another 6 months until I forget how horrific the internet is and think to myself “surely it can’t be that bad”.


I was finishing up a dive on a popular reef in the Red Sea and was minding my own business at 10m (33’) when I felt a tap tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a snorkeler who’d swum down and was pointing at my regulator and his mouth - asking for air. At that point I’ve no idea if he knows that breathing compressed air from my tank and then holding his breath to the surface will kill him so I backed off and firmly signalled no. His eyes went big in his mask and he bolted for the surface. I’m sure he’s telling his mates that scuba divers are all assholes!


Reminds me of a story my father tells. He and his dive buddy were stopped to depressurise at 5m (I think) and suddenly the dive buddy rockets up leaving my father looking up at him wondering why when suddenly \*BAM\* a shark swims into the back of my father's tank. The shark was even more shocked than my father was and swiftly gets out of there (vicious metal tank attacked it out of no where). My father then finishes his stop and returns to the boat. Best guess is that the shark was swimming in the relatively open water while asleep and so wasn't watching where for anything ahead of it. The dive buddy had missed the next days dives but was otherwise fine.


As long as you're staying under your no decompression limit the 5 meter safety stop is optional. Its definitely best practice but not mandatory. Once you start doing really deep or long tech dives with deep decorations stops it gets way more important.


In scuba training, I was specifically taught that snorkelers taking breaths from scuba divers is one of the most common causes of lung embolisms and never to let them. Good on you.


The rule is for breathing compressed air underwater as it expands as you get closer to the surface. Holding your breath while surfacing after breathing compressed air can cause lots of damage. If you fill your lungs with air at the surface and then dive down you’ll be fine. In Scuba class they teach you to exhale slowly if you lose your regulator underwater and have to make an emergency ascent to the surface.


Emergency accent takes place if you ran out of air and your buddy is far away from you. You never remove your regulator to make an emergency accent to the surface. You keep it in your mouth and start saying “ahhhhhhhhh”. If your reg came out of your mouth you simply recover it.


Correct, if you want the technical explanation. I was trying to ELI5 it.


They're snorkling, not scuba diving...




he is free diving!!


Yeah the video should be called “Eel scares *shitty* diver.”


This. This moron should get their diving cert revoked.


When you get bit in your thigh, and bleed out and die. *That's a moray*




Hey, there is part of a wild sea creature sticking out of some sort of cave. Let me just pet it as if it was a bloody house cat. Wtf…


^psp ^psp ^psp


When a snake travels by and you touch its eye that's a moron


hey i know that song


A moray eel is so much worse than most snakes. They'll actually fuck you up by biting chunks out of you. Snakes just sometimes have venom


I had to make a rhyme so I chose snakes.


But...you didn't rhyme anything with the word "snake"


This. Fucking bellend.


I distinctly remember a video of a diver getting his toe transplanted to his hand after losing their thumb to a moray.


That was my first thought. Even if it can't bite you, don't touch it


When the mouth opens wide and there's more teeth inside, That's a Moray


When it lives in a reef With Lots of sharp teeth Thats a moray


When it opens it's maw and there's a pharyngeal jaw, that's a Moray\~


What lives in the reef And has two sets of teeth *thats* a moray


He thinks that you taste so nice he'll bite into you twice, that's a moray.


When an eel bites your ass and you think it is crass, that's a moray!


When it pops out of a reef and takes away your relief, that's a moray


When you’re acting real dumb, And an eel eats your thumb, [That’s a moray!](https://youtu.be/1-hwt8LDJiA)


When you’re swimming in the see And an eel bites your knee *That’s a moraaaay*


If you touch sea snakes tail And you let out a wail That’s a moray


When the jaws open wide And there is more jaws inside That's a moray


Best reply yet!


Now I will always sing it this way and be very happy about it 😊


[When an Eel Climbs a Ramp to Eat Squid From a Clamp, That’s a Moray](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/22/science/moray-eels-eat-land.html)


“You have reached your limit of free articles give us money or leave” ok fuck off, literally haven’t even gone to that site before


When you put your hand in a crack And you don’t get it back That’s a moray!


When you bother wildlife With teeth sharper than knives That’s a moray




I came to the comments section just for this running gag. For some reason, I can never get enough of it.


Eel: That’s right. Back off, motherfucker.


Best to leave them alone, wasn't that long ago that someone posted a video of one of these biting some poor guys thumb clean off.


When I took scuba lessons around 10 years ago, the first vid they showed was a diver feeding hotdogs to an eel and when the diver ran out of hotdogs the eel thought his thumb looked hotdoggy enough and the eel chomped that MFer off in one bite.


I know literally nothing about scuba diving but this guy is an idiot. If I'm in an African safari, do I pet the tail of a snake? Sure! It might be a black mamba only one way to find out!


He seemed surprised the tail was attached to a mouth, definitely not their best moment


Also seemed to have an understanding that that mouth is bad news.


He's not a scuba diver (just snorkling and diving down) but yeah you should never touch things underwater as it may badly backfire on you.


The safer bet is to pull the lion's tail. What's the worst that could happen?


Why not just sand paper the lion's ass while wearing a pair of porkchops panties? Cut out the middle man as it were


Damn, don't tempt me with a good time.


Why is he touching it🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Thats like one of the first rules of diving ti never do that, to not disturb thesurrounding and also to make sure that you dont die because there are a lot of dangerous and venemous animals and plants down there


You can make sure? I want in on that!


Aftering swimming up on that eel's asshole and grasping it the guy is lucky the eel *only* gave him a start.


"idiot diver harasses wildlife"


diver scares eel?


As a scuba diver this makes me so fucking mad; YOU DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! Only leave bubbles, you fucking moron....


I think an accurate title would be "diver scares eel and eel tells diver to fuck off"


I saw enough of this dude in Super Mario 64. Nightmare fuel, back in the day.


Inappropriate touching!


How to spot an idiot diver 101 1: Wants to touch everything


2: doesnt backoff untill they are being threatened


More like diver scares Eel:(


Don’t be touching shit while you’re down there


One of the biggest rules of diving, is to not mess with the wildlife. But still, constantly divers ignore this. I hope you get bit, not even gonna lie


After watching the video of the guy feeding hotdogs to a Moray and getting his thumb bit off I stay far away from them when diving. Here’s the video in case you want to hear the popping sound your thumb makes underwater when getting bitten off by an eel. https://youtu.be/1-hwt8LDJiA


Haha yeah, I just replied to someone else about that vid. They showed us this on my first day of scuba class.


Stupid humans


eel should have eaten this retarded diver


As a diver this really pisses me off. Literally rule number 1 is to respect the environment your going into. The coral he’s right beside is incredibly fragile and just brushing against it could kill certain species. Harassing the animals is a massive no-no. Not only does it stress them out but it causes them to leave. Meaning no one else on the dive with you gets to see them. This is a moray which are territorial and can and will bite you for getting that close and touching it. If I saw a diver do this and get bitten I would tell him he deserved it. He’s right down on the sand and I’m genuinely shocked that he didn’t kick up a huge cloud of sand tuning visibility of that immediate area for the next for minutes. Heck his descent is clearly uncontrolled unless he *planned* to shove his camera into the eel which is somehow worse. There’s to much wrong with this clip for me to find it funny


As a diver, Fuck this person. We dive to look and explore not harass wildlife. Climate change does enough of that already.


Don’t touch it asshat. So frustrating.


You charged that eel head on, and went right up into his buisness, and reached out at him. I'm thoroughly surprised, and almost disappointed, it didnt bite your arrogant hand off. Do not EVER approach any wildlife like that. Especially wildlife that can rip you a new one, like the big ol' Mooray Eel.


Lol dude sounded like Kenny


Only a dumb human would swim up to another creature with the *sole intention* of fucking touching it. Jesus.


What’s the need to touch it?


Stop bothering wild animals, you twats.


It pisses me off when people think they can just touch sea life and animals. How would you like it if someone came into your house and started touching and caressing you


Ugh. Stop approaching and touching wild animals 🤦‍♀️


Eels are very frightening creatures. I was spear fishing at about a 12 foot depth. The mask I was using had a very narrow range of vision. As I was working my way along a coral “wall” a large eel pushed its head out of the cavity it was in. The head and those threatening teeth suddenly filled my field of vision. It was a nightmare quality experience and I think about it whenever I see any underwater footage.


I was diving and saw an eel take on 12 other fish that were fucking with it. They're fast!


I like how the first thing you are taught about scuba diving is not to touch anything in case you fuck up their ecosystem and this person goes straight in with the grabby hands at the first danger noodle they see.


i am stuck! what are you doing step diver


Bro just said hell nah im out


It's more like "Diver scares Eel"


I thought the title said "driver" and was VERY concerned


Rule #1. Don’t touch the wildlife.


Idiots always think they can pet any animal they see.


Rule nr. 1 of scuba diving. DONT TOUCH ANYTHING!


Maybe leave it the fuck alone?.....


We call those "tohe" where I live. Those guys don't fuck around and *will* chase you. They also fuck your lines up if you hook one. They do the "death roll" and wrap themselves real good. I remember as a kid, my dad caught one on accident and threw it in a 5 gal. bucket to use as bait for later. I, being a curious 7 year old, decided to look in the bucket. In a blink of an eye, that thing just propelled itself about 10 feet out. Letting them be is the safest option.


Did ur dad succesfully use it as bait


Nah. It fell into a tidepool near us and wedged itself under a rock. He has used it in the past and caught trevally and wahoo.


Im glad he got away, ur dad couldve had a bad tine


True, but he was a big fisherman and had a lot of experience. He'd go at least once a month. Every year, we'd have a big week-long camping trip to a remote cliffside with his coworkers. The incident that I was describing happened on one of them. I'd say a quarter of his catches consisted of unwanted things like eels, pufferfish and turtles.


Rip, what did he do to the turtles? Those are my favorite animal


We'd have to reel them in and carry them back to the ocean. We used to just throw them back into a wave but someone didn't know how to time it right and it landed on the reef. We felt sooo bad. After that, we all decided to just all carry it back down. The cool part was that I got to swim with them in the tidepools until they were done fishing. Such majestic, curious creatures.


I love turtles, did the turtle end up fine?


It seemed alright, a little shaken, but alright. They have really strong shells that can withstand over 5000lbs of pressure.


Cool, i did read that the shell has nerve endings


It's a Moray Eel. That's literally the very least of what could have happened


Diver is a dumbass for touching the eel.


I mean what did u expect when you started molesting the eel I wouldn’t appreciate some random fucker grabbing at my backside


Firstly they go with the inappropriate touching, which can have unintended consequences. Then they go with the rapid assent - no doubt while breathing in - which can have other unintended consequences. All in all a bit stupid.


To be fair, I think he’s snorkeling. Having taken a lot of these videos myself, albeit without doing dumb shit like touching eels, you be able to hear him inhale if he was diving.


He's snorkling, not scuba diving.


Rapid assent while free diving is fine. Don't know what "unintended consequences" you mean. Also, he is like in 3 to 5 meters depth.


In Belize, we went on an all day spear fishing tour where we were snorkeling around. Our guide introduced us to The Hulk, a wild local moray eel that was used to people, and we were all invited to touch him. They keep their mouths open to breathe, and it’s not a sign of aggression. You’ll see them open and close their mouths repeatedly to breathe. They’re pretty docile creatures. Our guide could easily swim to the ocean floor and back to the surface with no scuba gear, like this diver. He also picked up a sea cucumber to show us.


We had an eel in France that was also very docile! He would even recognize our dive instructor and would actually go out of its hiding spot to greet the man every single day!


I we sure he’s scuba diving? Dude is surfacing pretty fucking fast.


He's definitely not scuba diving but snorkling.


Diver fux with wild eel...title fixed


I bet he also walks up to try and pet the Buffalo in Yellowstone.


Why the fuck is he touching it?im sorry but I swear the one universal rule when swimming is don’t touch the fish


"Diver scares eel"




I've been stalked by a Moray before while snorkeling and minding my own damn business. *That* was scary. This dumbass deserves a bite.


is that not a Moray? last i remember they are not the same as eels


Well leave it alone dip shit.


Dumbass shouldn’t be touching the wildlife Almost every injury involving wildlife in the ocean is because some idiot is poking something they shouldn’t.


I’m glad we all agree the diver deserved it and is an absolute tool


He’s not a diver, he’s an absolute wally. Don’t go and poke moray eels, or any other life, and don’t shoot up that quick either! He deserved a nibble, not just a scare cos he hasn’t got a clue that morays poke their heads out of rocks. Fuming!


step 1: don't touch shit step 2: know what the most basic sea life looks like


Wheeeeen iiiiit's jaws open wide and there's more jaws inside, that's a morraaaayyyy


When you swim in the sea, And an eel bites your knee, That's a Moray!


If a fish bites your heel and it looks like an eal, that's a moraaaaay


A lot of people arguing that it's dangerous, so you should not touch it. While this is true, it's not really the main issue. Don't touch wildlife, even if harmless. Respect nature or you don't deserve to enjoy it.


Diver has no respect for wildlife. Moray eel should've bit his ass to teach him a lesson.


Yeah well that divers an idiot


This idiot was so close to being featured on a different sub...


Why we gotta touch everything. Humans can't resist