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Wait until school learns about the rest of the girls' bodies.


But it’s all pixelated down there


except for the tentacles.


God bless they are still being allowed!


“take me to candyland C’thulu daddy”


For the love of c'thulu.


Thee dark one is coming... after which he would like a sandwich & a death-like slumber beneath the Pacific Ocean in his sunken city of R'lyeh.


C'thaddy or dad'thulu?


Zaddy C’thulu


With the C'thussy


I mean, tentacle porn has been a part of their cultural heritage since at least 1814!


Damn you. Take my upvote. 😂


Socks are banned because they are sexualized Not wearing socks are banned because they are sexualized Heels are banned because they are sexualized Open shoes are banned because they are sexualized Sweat is banned because they are sexualized Ankles are banned because they are sexualized Boots are banned because they are sexualized Not having limbs are banned because they are sexualized Idk what else are sexualized but that is all I can find sexualized more than open necks


Teenage girls sexually excite teenage boys just by existing. In other news the sky is blue.


*girls have left the school chat*


Socks and no socks are banned? How does that work? "Put these garbage bags on your feet young lady and get to class"


I don't make the rules, but I'd be damned if I didn't enforce them. Anyways, put on those garbage bags. Make sure they aren't so tight that it resembles those god damn socks.


Are the girls allowed to breath? Because you know, I personally find being alive "sexy".


Excessive breathing should take place in the breathing room, and breathing under normal conditions should always be done in 55~65 breaths per minute with no noise or chest movement produced by the breathing. The breathing room will be in the center of the school, right next to the emergency masturbation room in order to assist the masturbation process. Heartbeat is also restricted by the same rules, except a hearbeat should be done within the 65~75 bpm range. In order to prevent any rule breaking behavior, girls are only allowed to walk in 2~3kph range of speed. Also girls are not allowed to walk while swinging their hands as they would look too sexually provocative.


Is there a PDF you can email with all these rules. This seems like a good read.


Imma make it later lmao.


There's a young woman on Youtube, Footless Jo, who had to fight youtube to be allowed to talk about being an amputee and how the accident happened and her experience and what she's learned. Showing either the prosthetic or stump of her leg is either classified as violent or sexual material in the opinion of youtube at the time of the complaint. "If YOUR eyes cause you to sin, then gouge out YOUR eyes" -Jesus (it's not her problem if you have a dirty mind and have a fetish for \[fill in the blank\] it's yours)


I actually love this interpretation of the verse


This is how I always interpreted it... how else is it interpreted?


The idea that "attraction is inherently evil". Which never quite made sence to me because everywhere else it seems to be okay. There is a verse elsewhere where one of the apostles says the problem isn't sex or lust, but rather the act of having an obsession with something that is earthly. Combined with this verse, it makes me feel that the issue is not with sex, or our innevitable need for it, but rather with an obsessive focus on sex.


Interesting... I always just read it with a focus on "self control." Like if something causes you to be unable to stop yourself from the sin, you should remove that influence from your life... otherwise you should just, yanno... not do bad things because you make your own decisions. So if looking at a beautiful woman makes you "unable to stop yourself" from sinning, its a "you" problem and not a "her" problem, same with money, etc.


I think a lot of this is true. It definately is a call for self control or at least moderation. Just wish I knew more, I should try reading my bible again


Next up: “Women are banned because they are sexualized”




undercook fish? believe it or not, also banned undercook overcook


Charging too high prices for sweaters, glasses. You straight to banned


i'm all for sexualising homeworks, assignments, projects and exams. hopefully they get banned too


*Japanese schools have banned female students for fear they may sexually excite the male students.*


Might take them some time, I think they're going head down


When I was a schoolboy, I once saw a girl put her foot up on a chair to tie her shoelaces, in such a way that it made her jeans look a bit tighter than normal, and showed off her leg. It caused me to have an erection that lasted 4.5 hours. I am not exaggerating. My dick was hard for the rest of the day. Walking to my next class...hard. Next class...hard, the whole time. Walking to lunch...still hard. Eating lunch...still hard. Unable to go pee, because still hard. Class after that...still hard. My dick was simply not gonna be reasonable. I had only one thing I could possibly do, to remedy the situation, and I couldn't do that until after I got back home. The only thing anyone could ever do to stop boys from getting excited by girls is to remove the girls. I thought everyone understood this.


If erection lasts for more than an hour consult a doctor.


"Doctor I have an erection" -Doctor "Well I know how to fix that 🔨"


I didn't say I wanted it fixed, I just wanted you to know.


Nah. They will just find the other boys hot and start fucking.


As someone who's been to an all-boys school for the majority of my grade school, that wasn't the case. It's not like people are locked there 24/7 all year round. If someone wanted to find a girl, they had plenty of time outside of school hours and during breaks.


So it's not even about the hairstyle itself, but about "the nape of the neck"? By that logic, they'd have to ban short haircuts as well.🤔


They are worried about napists.


Who ya really gotta watch out for tho? Grapists.




RIP Trev, I’m proud to share your name. What a legend e: thanks u/idlehum for the award, I always thought it was fun to see another Trevor being so funny and creative, it was heartbreaking to see him lost to a tragic accident when he was peaking again


Already knew what this was before clicking. I'm gonna tie you to the radiator!


Bald bishes gotta go now. If she shows up with a bad case of cancer, expelled immediately.../s


Ponytail? Jail. Short haircut? Jail. Cancer? Believe or not, straight to jail.


We have the least sexual desire in the world because of jail


I wouldn't be surprised if the schools' dresscodes included minimum hair length for girl and maximum for boys.


In my school in the UK we had maximum hair length for boys ("must not touch the shirt collar") and we didn't have any girls :(.


I am absolutely not an expert on Japanese culture but I believe that historically the nape of the neck has been considered by Japanese males as one of the most erotic zones on a woman. Geishas had special dips around the back of the kimono to expose the nape of the neck more fully, for instance.


This makes Attack on Titan a wee bit awkward lol.


Gotta rewatch it with this new knowledge


does this mean that the titans are dying from orgasming to hard


Interesting how they can't survive the nape slash but are perfectly fine impaled through the ass.


Nuh uh! Reiner said that getting stabbed right in the ass is titans' other weakness! Some other characters said some stuff in that scene, but that bit of critical info is all I remember.


However, this is largely a result of censorship/dress codes from the time, when all a woman could 'expose' was the face, hands, and nape of the neck. If all you can see on a woman is the nape, then it'll become a distinct, attractive feature. By that I mean, it could just perpetuate the 'sexiness' of the part, since it's suddenly 'taboo' to show/be seen. (Al thought yes, I realize that makes it 'sexy' for 2 opposite reasons, I hope that all makes sense)


Like the time they tried cutting down on sexual deviancy by having all the sexy female roles in kabuki theater played by boys instead aaaand the proliferation of young male prostitutes skyrocketed.


Short haircuts are banned as well. Japan is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to conformity. Students need doctors notices if they have natural curly hair for example.


Dying hair is also banned. And people who don't have naturally black hair sometimes get discriminated.


Anime and hentais existence makes perfect sense now.


thanks for explaining to me 2 pages of a manga from 15 years ago !


Doctor's notes for curly hair?


yeah, gotta prove you're not doing it on purpose


What the fuck lol


Yeah, you need one of those as well if you have any hair colour that is not pitch black.




Title is very misleading. It’s one school in Kagoshima.




Japan can still be very discrimatory towards people who aren't full-blooded Japanese. If you don't have dark hair, people *will* pick on you and assume you dyed it, to the point that parents might even have to get involved to prove it's their natural color.


My wife had to bring in baby photos to show her hair color growing up


See, that wouldn't work for me. I was very blonde when I was young. My hair darkened up as I got older.


Same for me. Though my blonde phase didn't last long, like a couple of years, turned into brown with a red tint and now it's very dark, "blackish" brown. Edit: typo


I’ve even heard of white foreign exchange students being told to dye their hair black because the school prohibits “unnatural” hair colours such as blonde, brown, red etc. even if it is their natural colour. And some full-blooded Japanese are born with dark brown hair too…


It's so funny considering most anime taking place at school have a rainbow of hair colors. Even if they aren't doing truly unnatural colors like pink or green, just look at popular shows like K-On. Only one main girl has black hair. Obviously real life isn't cartoons, it's just crazy that *anywhere* would be that strict about how you color your hair. Edit: I can't imagine being the 10th person to reply, "It's so they can tell the characters apart," in a row.


I'd argue that Anime is known for wildly varying hair colors precisely *because* virtually everyone in Japan has jet black hair, so it's an easy visual way to insert otherworldliness into the shows.


It's also a bit of "color coded for your convenience". It's really common to assign characters to color palettes, which is often done with hair, but also eyes, clothing, etc. It's an easy way to make them visually distinct, even in an environment where they really wouldn't be. It's a form of suspension of disbelief for something that makes the media work better. Back in the days of hardsubs, it was even pretty common for subtitles to be color-coded to the character's primary color.


Red is tsun, blue is innocent, green is shy, blonde is popular, etc etc


Ah, yes. Also that. Totally slipped my mind, but that coding does generally hold.


Uniqueness so that the characters stand out better. Look at Persona 5. Everyone is a silhouette. They don't stand out. Even when someone is a side character most of the time they're blending in. It's only the social links you have that actually stand out. But it fits the themes of Persona 5 well because of how the game is centered around those characters who do stand out and the repercussions they face for choosing to do so.


Trying to find one of the students that looked just like every other kid in the school was a real pain. My buddy with the spiky blonde hair, I'd spot him from half the city away. It didn't really dawn on me the reason for this until I read your comment, that is pretty interesting.


My new coworker is Japanese-British. Has Japanese citizenship. Grew up in Japan for 8 years, now he's back at 25. People continually ask him how he sounds so natural. People here can be discriminatory, but they can also be extremely dense because many people here do not think about anything outside Japan.


>Nearly half of Tokyo’s public high schools require students whose hair is not black and straight to submit certification to prove it’s natural and not dyed or permed, according to a report by NHK, while the Mainichi newspaper found the proportion even higher in Osaka. \- [The Washington Post](https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/japan-hair-school-rules/2021/03/13/7a15b59e-7b5e-11eb-8c5e-32e47b42b51b_story.html) The black hair rule is a thing in Japan, and students who don't comply are being discriminated against. Not only by the school, but also by other students.


The students tolerate discrimination because no one is willing to dye for the cause.


Japan is so weird. It's incredibly creative and closed-minded at the same time


Yes but this applies to Asian societies as a whole. You could swap out Japan in your sentence for China, South Korea, etc and it would be the same - generally conservative and homogeneous societies where group conformity is expected.


"The nail that sticks out gets hammered down."


Which explains all those picture frames lined up on the floor leaning against the wall.


They are in different ways. Korea and china tends to be slightly more open about appearances (plastic surgery, haircut/style/color) unless you go for something unconventional or extreme (tattoos, flashy hair, piercings other than ears) but they both have an overall attitude of students-should-focus-on-studying. So rather than intentionally repressing people from sticking out, its looked on in more of a your-priorities-are-whack kind of way. Naturally this varies in enforcement by school. I do believe that Japan tends to be the strictest in terms of conformity though.


This is absolutely incorrect. They didn’t just “try”. A girl was forced to dye her hair many times and they weren’t berated for it, that’s why her parents went the legal route. And the court sided with the school! So we’re are you getting this “berated” stuff? And I know of at least one other international student that was also asked once to dye her hair. (She brought it up to another teacher and they said it was ridiculous and the issue was dropped, but still, it wasn't just ONE school being weird.)


I had to go down this far lol. Also checked the news source (WION). Based out of India, and is more right-leaning, basically India Over All, news channel. Japan has their own problems but yeah, this is r/funny nobody’s got time to actually bother…right?


I live in Japan, and on my side, they are actually relaxing the rules bit by bit, This is not even a thing, except for that place.


I think we should ban humans, because they can excite other humans, and that's against the law.


As an monkey with a brain I approve now I can peel my banana in 4k and put a video in banana hub ( I do not have a penguin hoodie it's fake)


I’m guessing they’re not gonna do anything about the school girl uniform? That has been overly sexualized a lot more than a ponytail.


No, because then the administration WOULDN'T get excited.


This is how fetishes are created if all you can see is an ankle then damn thats one sexy ankle and it should be covered up


Ironically a lot of people are more attracted and excited by stuff like this than fully naked women


And then you post a picture of two girls with ponytails. you done fucked up now.


Oh my God, it’s too hot! I can’t control myself! I CAN SEE HER WHOLE NECK!


Thankfully we can rest easy knowing that the ankles haven't been revealed. I was walking home yesterday and this utterly unscrupulous woman was not only bearing her ankles but her shoulders as well. I was completely beside myself.


Bro, one time at the beach I saw a girl's midriff. I almost imploded with rage, the only thing that stayed my hand (barely) is the fact that I feel zero attraction towards women


*transforms into tentacle monster*


Girls: *Do literally nothing* Men: *Get an erection* Schools: “DAMN GIRLS!”


"Those filthy sluts with their devil-hair!"


Vile temptresses, with their…. necks apparently.


Well you know what they do with their necks, though, right? They _BREATHE_. And everyone knows that if she breathes, SHE’S A THOT!


I saw an ankle!!!!


Putting that one in the ank bank-T.B.


Indeed. This headline is better suited to /r/cringe rather than /r/funny


Ban being woman!!!




Great going, girls. You’ve riled up Eren again.






Next theire have to go in full body armor because girls could sexually excite boys


boys with Armor fetish: "HMMMMMMM...."




I have played a lot of video games and I say hmmmmmmm....




That's kinda what a niqab is for... Until they blame them for showing too much eyes


Yeah but those guys are soooo fucked up when they go to western countries. I’ve met a few. They are INSANELY horny and haven’t had any outlet, and they think all women are available sexually. When they approach women and get turned down, they blame the women for being sluts.


Wait… they call women sluts for not sleeping with them?


They think women showing ANY skin are "sluts" before they approach them. That's why they approach them, for frivolous sex with someone they think is beneath them but sexy. They just pretend to be polite until they are rejected then say what they thought in the first place.


"Yup! Did you see the way they were dressed? Showing so much ankle and neck nape. Clearly they're fucking loads of guys, ergo sluts. But she's also a bitch because she won't fuck me! Why aren't I as good as chad?!" - every incel that calls women sluts


Yep. It’s ridiculous and annoying. I had an illuminating conversation with a psychiatrist once about the psychology behind it. They get overwhelmed when they leave their home countries. When we grow up we’re generally taught to control ourselves, in some places the attitude is that if there’s no temptation they can’t sin. It leads to all sorts of fucked up responses. You can’t stop sexual impulses, it’s impossible. If you try you get all kinds of weirdness, from pedophilia, sex with animals, etc. if you ban the normal, the Abnormal will flourish.


> Wait… they call women sluts for not sleeping with them? To some men, a slut is woman who (they think) will have sex, but won't have sex with them.


Women are often just called sluts for no reason at all


I know that but calling them sluts for doing the exact opposite of being a slut is admittedly surprising though I know I shouldn’t be surprised


Yeah it’s ridiculous


The women don't act slutty enough, so they blame them for being sluts?


Yep. I know! It’s fucking stupid!


Or for talking. I mean if they don't want to be seen as arousing they shouldn't talk with a female voice, right /s


NGL, I prefer Samus Aran cosplays with the full power armor. Varia Suit FTW


They already have a declining birth rate...


Now we know why… well, this and Giant anime tiddies…


Tbf, declining birth rates are pretty normal for nations as they develop, the US has a declining birth-rate even, between 2007 and 2020 the birthrate dropped by about 20% in the US, and it was already lower than is needed to replace the population. The biggest problem is Japan is a lot more restrictive in regards of immigration. Countries with birth rates below the replacement rate typically rely on immigrants to keep the population at least stagnant.


Female anime character power up -> bigger tiddies


Do they ?I know they've been blurring out penises and vaginas long enough to have a vast collection of videos numerous and video codes for every video


Yeah. Japan has a birth rate low enough that it's a national existential crisis for them. https://countryeconomy.com/demography/population-structure/japan


Why dont they ban girls from school so boys dont get sexually excited when they see a girl


As a girl I agree I don’t like school


Eyes are sexier. Better get them sunglasses. - sarcasm


It’s more sad than funny really


Yea not sure why this is on a "funny" sub


How does a society like this produce the vast and colorful array of hentai porn out there? Maybe it's precisely due to this sort of prudishness and sexism lmao


All that pent up horniness has to go somewhere


Nope. It’s definitely just the ponytails


Actually, yes. Very early on, Japan enacted some very specific laws regarding nudity and sexual content in media. This forced porn artists to 'get creative' to get around them. Many of the tropes in Japanese hentai are a direct result of the wording and content of these laws, namely tentacles/monsters and the lack of pubic hair. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hentai#Censorship


The first picture: "we at Wikipedia purposely removed the censoring on this image.'


Am I reading that last section right? Japan only made possession of child pornography illegal in 2015? And the only way to get the bill to pass was to remove references to anime and manga from the bill?


I love that: \- this is a wikipedia article \- it is extensive \- it is written extremely academically \- it uses pictures as examples


I don't even want to know what they have in the "Further Reading" section




Answered your own question. It's also the reason Hostess Bars and Soaplands exist over there.


Soap... lands?




Never heard it called this before. Interesting


Japanese laws prohibits prostitution. So they have circumvented the law by developing soap lands and other similar businesses. Soaplands are not officially brothels, but… Edit: just like massage parlors in porn, they’re ‘officially’(lore wise) not there to have sex, but we all know how they end.


What are soaplands undercover as? Considering the name, I'm assuming bathhouses?


From my understanding, prostitution is illegal in Japan between unacquainted persons. So they go to the soapland, get washed by a lady, become acquainted and suddenly any payment for sex is legal.


Am i the only one who imagined a bar that serves zebra cakes, twinkies and such? 😅


I did as well, mate. Never heard those two terms refer to brothels. But a Hostess™ Bar sounds awesome.


That is exactly it. Sexually repressed groups tend to swing furthest the other way when they can (see Catholics). It’s also the reason tentacle porn became a thing (censors wouldn’t allow depictions of penises). …and annoyingly why the girls started being drawn to look underage is because they weren’t allowed to draw pubic hair. Specifically pubic hair.


This bullshit is so sexist. It's always in the women to "not sexualize themselves because boys are little angels being tempted by the woman's sexuality!" Fucking get a new excuse...how about one where schools teach boys that women are not strictly sexual objects and to control their urges? Or is that too hard?


Nothing will work. The middle east tried it with Burkha but just knowing there's a woman under there will give us guys an erection.


Yes. Just imagining a hot woman under that niqab would easily give an erection. The best way to tackle this is by ambiguity. Men are nowrequired to wear niqab as well. So as to be Careful what you’re imagining, it might just be a man under there.


Doesn't seem to be an issue for furries


Next title is: Women banned from schools in fear that they might "sexually attract" men.


We’ve seen this before, the end result is fully covered.


*wears high braid* I’m a rebel


Why do we punish women for the weakness of men?


Time to ban female students.


Ah, the old Taliban strategy


Yet another example of women's bodies being regulated and held responsible for men's behavior.


How sexually repressed do you have to be where the neck becomes symbolic of sexual frustration


I never got it like what's sexual about N E C K


I'll be honest, the nape of the neck is one of the most attractive parts of a girl to me. I wouldn't call it sexy though. It's just a very appealing feature on some girls


I'm way into necks, lol. It's such a vulnerabile and intimate spot.


*AOT titans have entered the chat*


Now I'm imagining all those scenes where a character monologues in mid air before attacking the "nape" much differently.


I mean, it explains why we all get excited whenever someone transforms.


Tons... The vampire genre works in part because necks are sensual. There is probably some old prey drive we have from billions of years ago about it. But tell me that it isn't an act of intimacy for someone to touch the back of your neck. Not to defend the school here. Humans are sexual creatures and almost everything about us can have a sexual component to someone. Life's about navigating our base urges in acceptable ways.


Why is this funny?


Is this actually real? Anyone from Japan can confirm this? Or is this just cap, not a single reputable source reports on this.


It's a couple of private schools that are doing this. It is not all schools


Imagine a foreign country reading about “Florida man,” and deciding that story represents all of ‘merica.


I’m more worried about the term men instead of boys


I gotta say, prudishness that big often has the opposite effect and makes men more dangerous towards women because they think once they dress a bit more provocative that’s an invitation. They should tell them to control how they behave, the boys, because ya can’t control fantasising but how they deal with it. This is just gonna make the girls think it’s all their fault and their bodies should be hidden.


If a man said my neck is seducing him, that is a him problem. Not a me problem. Tbh, I would tell to go to therapy because that is not normal nor is it an excuse to punish girls for expressing themselves. Edit: Same thing goes for ponytails. If a person thinks hair is seductive, that is not an excuse to tell girls to change how they dress and appear to people.


I thought Japan was going through a population implosion. You would think they want to encourage their young to develop interest in the opposite sex. 🤷🏽‍♂️


Nah, its just false advice "What, getting turned on by Japanese Schoolgirls? Umm, it's the ponytails. That's it, just the ponytails. Not the school uniform at all, just ponytails. You will leave the uniforms alone, right?"


Up next banning girls because they sexually excite men


We laugh that Japan is doing this… but America banned spaghetti straps and shirts that show too much shoulders.


This isn’t funny, just sad.




Having shorter skirts doesn't excite men but pony tail does? 😲