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In a van. Down by the river.


Can't be last if he died first.. Love the Farley but Adam, Farrell and Spade are still here. RIP Norm as well!


"Died first" yeah, Belushi was shit


Miss the big fella.


Is it weird that I fucking miss him? I didn’t know Farley personally, or at all. I was a kid when he made most of his films. I only found SNL after he’d left. But oh man, this guy brought me such damn joy in every role he took and I miss feeling that specific happiness and laughter he brought. Every now I’ll put on a show to feel it again, but it’s a little painful knowing he’s gone.


I miss him too


Not only funny as hell and inventive he was a great human being the guy would totally help out random people on a regular like picking up homeless folks getting them a meal and warm place to sleep


RIP Farley


That’s not a double chin. It’s just a really thick neck.


The greatest


You really think nobody has been funny on snl since farley?


Is funny men a specific group or something? Because even the current cast has some top notch talent.


Maybe so but the brass is so petrified of offending someone that the skits are pathetically watered down . Also I titled this post to honor a very funny guy . Not as a competition, sorry I don't know the exact years of SNL past members but I do know Chris Farley was funny as hell ..


SNL has plenty of offensive skits. Like this: https://youtu.be/Qg0pO9VG1J8


Yes the only person on earth they are willing to offend , so creative . that's been their narrative for the last 5 years . The chubby white kid and the chubby black kid have been on the show for 10 years and have yet to have a funny skit . So who on that cast is a comedic genius? Eddy Murphy, Adam Sandler , Bill Murray , Chris Rock , Chevy chase ,john belushi .... funny . Todays cast , let's call Trump and his voters nazis every episode for the next ten years hahaha haha .... not funny


Oh relax, snowflake. They're not offending just one person. There's millions of you. They have also had several skits about Biden since he became president. Also idk who the chubby white and black kids are


Millions of who ? I voted for Hillary and Biden lol


I suspect op just wants them to make more fun of gay people, minorities, dwarfs, and trans people.


What if, and I know this is crazy, we made fun of everyone?


I love it ! What's wrong with laughing at one's self or of the quirkiness of someone else ? It's comedy!


You suspect wrong , only wimps like you