I just ask for a large and refuse to say anything else. (Comic is Pearl's before swine by Stephan Pastis).

I just ask for a large and refuse to say anything else. (Comic is Pearl's before swine by Stephan Pastis).


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Just say "small" "medium" or "large". The person serving you will still magically understand what you want.


Seems like a rehash of [Role Models](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSk0B0dVq4g) but ok.


Looks like the comic was from 2006, though, and that clip appears to be from 2008.


Came to post the same thing!


Paul Rudd did it best. I work there and this is my go-to video when i have to explain why i say regular size names. Nobody asks cause it's chill as fuck where i work but that's what i imagine I'd say.


I order a large and watch my teen daughter cringe behind me. If I really wanna punish her I'll take her with her friends and order exactly what she did but mispronounce everything. Dulce de leche is the most fun.


Aiy wyould lyke to ordiyr Dulce de lychee plysss.


Just got Starbucks and understand this pain


I worked at a Starbucks for a while. It was a pretty fun gig. Part of the training consisted basically of "don't be a dick about it." Essentially, you know which sizes are which, so you'll know what they mean, and just give people what they want. And never under any circumstances correct someone.


This is straight out of Role Models.




Yawn, boomer humor


Zoomer spotted


It’s funnier if you imagine the mouse as Foamy the Squirrel


Good ol pearls.