Using the X-Pro3 as a relatively compact EDC camera?

Hey there

I’m tossing up between getting the Xpro3 and an XE-4 at the moment. Leaning more towards the XE-4 as it is more compact and I want an everyday carry camera I can fit in a jacket pocket or small shoulder bag.

Is the Xpro3 simply too big for this? Does anyone use it as an EDC camera?

I plan on primarily using the 27mm pancake lens so the lens isn’t a major issue, size-wise.


I never go out without my X-Pro3 around my neck.


Would it fit in a jacket pocket ? I wanna be able to whip it out quickly to take shots and not necessarily have to have a neck strap as I just wanna have it on my at all times


I would recommend going to a local camera store and holding the cameras in hand. There's a significant size difference between the 2 cameras. As cool as the XPro is, it might not fit your ideas of pocketability. For someone who got used to DSLRs, like my old Canon 6D + 24-70 2.8, most any Fuji or Sony combination feels tiny in the hand or bag.


Unfortunately neither are in stock at any of my local stores, online order online. The camera I’ve mostly been using lately is a compact 35mm so they’d both probably feel bigger for me haha.


I dunno, that XE4 is TINY! I have an X100V and it feels even smaller somehow (until you put a lens on it or grip etc).


Damn that’s probably good for me tbh. I’ve resorted to drawing an outline of each one and comparing them to my phone lmao, a bit sad .


Ha that's clever. You should do it with cardboard and make 3D mockups 🤓


I can barely fit my AirPods into my jacket pocket so 🤷🏻‍♂️


I can get an X-T2 and the 27mm f/2.8 (OG version) in my jacket pocket. [They are roughly the same size](https://camerasize.com/compare/#679,836) with the X-T2 being a bit taller and the X-Pro3 being a bit longer. The XF18 f/2 is a very small lens too, it’s not quite a pancake but you can work with it.


That’s a great website, thanks. I think it’s probably borderline too big for me, the X-e4 probably fits the size brief a bit better for what I want despite it not having as good features.


Have you considered the X100 series? I know the X100V is TikTok famous these days and hard to get hold of but a used X100F might meet your needs.


Yeah there are a few around me for sale but also at jacked up prices, I also do want the option to change lenses too


The entire X100 line has inflated used prices because of the X100V TikTok hype. For reference I sold an X100F for $700 in 2019 and now I see listing of them going for $1,000.


I have Xt-30ii and 27 pancake and 18 semi-pancake they are good fit for street shoots!!


I can fit my pro 2 with the OG 27 pancake in a Fanny pack . Would work in a large jacket pocket but I’d day same for the e-4


Google camera size comparison website and compare camera with lens then estimate and measure out your pocket. The jacket needs to have fairly big pockets to fit either xe4 or x100v I own both. Edit: I also have a medium Fanny pack I wear cross body and both fit inside if comfortably


I use my x-pro3 with the 18mmf2 as EDC and it's perfect for that.


Great lens!


It is, own several other primes but this one is my favorite


I had this dilemma. I was travelling a lot for work but not taking a camera because my DSLR was too big and heavy. As an experiment I got a Ricoh GR-IIIx and used it on a pair of trips. It was pocketable and took great pictures, but I missed a glass viewfinder / rangefinder (I'm kind of burned out on screens) and some of its limitations, like focus selection, chafed. So I started looking at really nice rangefinder-style cameras. I ended up with an X-Pro 3 but then I foolishly grabbed the "best" lenses, which in my old-school way of thinking meant the fastest, and they're just massive on it and I was back to my same old problem. Like, that 16mm f1.4 is a great lens, and I never want to take it with me anywhere. Yesterday I got the 23mm f2 and really, that's the sweet spot. Light, small, sharp. Just right for this camera. Seriously considering trading in that 16mm 1.4 for the other matching "small" lenses. Does it fit in a pocket? Not the way the GRIIIx did. But it's small, tough, and light, and having it on a strap around my neck doesn't bother me at all the way my DSLR did.


Very similar experience except I couldn't get along with the screen on the X-Pro 3 and eventually sold it. Now I'm using a GRIIIx and X100V. I do miss the old 18mm pancake and 35 1.4 though. Hope they go back to a screen similar to the X100V on the X-Pro 4.


I'm old, so I'm used to seeing the result in my head rather than on a screen, and instead of adapting to new workflows I just turn the screens off on my cameras. So basically the X Pro 3 screen is right up my alley. :)


They’re both fantastic options! My personal choice is Xpro3 but that’s also cause I really enjoy having the option of an OVF but to be completely honest, I wouldn’t use it as an everyday “pocket cam”. It might just be because the lenses I use on it cause if you put a pancake lens it’ll be pretty pocketable. Nonetheless , for what you’re looking for I would recommend XE4 it is essentially a x100v on steroids.


I only have an X-Pro3 for digital and I ALWAYS have it on me. It's not something that would fit in a jacket pocket, but it should be ok in a small shoulder bag or around the neck.


I can fit the x pro 3 and the 27mm in my jacket Pocket, but it is not comfortable and looks weird. After all there is some weight pulling the jacket down. I would rather invest in a good neck strap or a small bag. You named a shoulder bag and that will be totally fine. The xe 4 is smaller, but there is a big difference in build quality. The X Pro3 has titanium materials, dual sd Card slot and weather resistance. If you go for the premium version with DuraTect coating you will get scratch resistance as well and the silver and black finish look amazing. I love my x pro3 but if you want the most compact set up you could go for the X70, XT30 or Xe4 with either the 18mm f/2 or 27mm. If you have doubts about the screen of the x pro3 I can only speak from personal experience: at first it was unusual but I quickly adapted. I mostly use the OVF/EVF and sometimes the flipped down screen. I don't miss the screen of my xt30. Lastly there is the price. The x pro3 is expensive but consider it is made in Japan, Premium materials and the hybrid viewfinder is simply expensive. You could go for the XE4 & 27mm combo and invest in another lens like the 50mm instead of buying one x pro3.


Thanks for the write up, much appreciated. I think I am slowly leaning more towards the XE-4 as it is basically going to be replacing my compact film camera. The Xpro3 is probably my ‘dream’ camera but I’m just looking back at photos I’ve taken recently and thinking “hmm I probably wouldn’t want to take the larger Xpro3 into that situation” whereas the xe4 works.


That's the nice thing with Fuji. You will get the same Image quality with the xs10, xt4, xt30 II, xe4, x100v and x pro3. The x pro3 was my dream cameras as well and I needed a more "pro" camera for some paid work. The xt3 would have worked perfectly fine and was much cheaper, but I went for the x pro3 instead 😁


This is exactly why I went with xe4. I don't carry it in my pocket but I carry it with either a very small bag or a medium size sling bag with a couple of lenses and kindle. I carry my camera literally everyday everywhere.


I use my X-Pro2 as EDC so why not. It’s not that much bigger. Crucial difference between X-Pro series and X-T# series is that the single digit X-Ts are taller in a way that makes them not fit into many bags, while the X-Pros aren’t thet much taller than X-Es. Personally the X-Pros are he perfect size for me. Big enough to be comfortable to hold (X-Es are too small to hold comfortably for me), but still pretty compact. Not to mention the OVF.


I have a xpro2 and a xe4. I prefer the size and shape of the xe4 now. :)


Nah XPro-3 is miles better in built quality and can be said the best in Fuji lineup


I also like the hybrid viewfinder / do you think with the 27mm lens it’d be pocketable? No stores near me have it in stock so I can’t handle it before buying


Depends on your pockets. Jeans, no way. Cargo pant side pocket, probably. Jacket pocket, depends. Even with the 27mm the Xpro3 isn’t a small camera (unless compare it to a DSLR).


Don’t worry about the built quality, Xpro-3 users don’t even accept the built quality of xt-5. It’s that good and it’s made in Japan. For Xpro-3, I would suggest you to collect fujicrons 16 f2.8, 23 35 50 f2. They are, weather sealed with Xpro-3 and compact, you can fit all of them in a small pack.


Considering the size we are talking the XE4 is considerably smaller than the Xpro3. XE4 is 13% smaller in its frontal length and 12% shorter. With the 27mm pancake you have one of the smallest combination possible. That is if size and portability are your parameters, of course.


It's fine IMO, the bigger body actually makes it more comfortable to handle over X-E4. I gave up on the X-E4 once I actually held it in hand, not enough grip not enough dial. Not sure how big your bag will be, but for me carrying X-Pro3 or RX1R2 in my bag is pretty similar.


I tried both and went for the XE4. For me the Xpro3 is a little big, though it's so pretty.


Yeah IMO it's the nicest looking camera out there, full stop. I also love the rear 'film' sim panel, very cool. But yeah, does seem like the XE4 might be the better size for me.


I have the x-e4 with the 27mm and carry it around with a pouch and it's an amazing set up. I can fit it in my jacket pocket but it's kinda of a hassle getting it out so a pouch is convenient.


X-E4 is tiny and you can get great deals with that + 27mm2.8wr. but xpro3 is not that big either and a better camera ofc.


I just got the Xpro2 and the 27mm Wr, I've been bringing it everywhere. Doesn't seem to big.


None of them fit in a pant’s pocket once u add a lens. Unfortunately the GR series are the only models that fit this niche. Too bad the XF10 wasn’t better or at least less expensive.


Both will fit in a small sling bag if paired with the right lens. But I wouldn’t put the xpro in a bag, it is way too sexy to not have it on strap around the neck!!


I might take a lot of heat for this, but using an expensive camera like the xpro3 with only a mediocre lens like the 27/2.8 makes no sense to me I use an xt30 + 27 for my grab and go and a XT5 with larger primes when I want top quality


I’ve been searching for an X-E4 as well. I just learned that the next Fujifilm X-Summit is happening this April so might be worth waiting to see if what new cameras (X-E5 hopefully?) come out.