As a dutch person this gives me anxiety


I was gonna say the same. I've been cycling my entire life but I wouldn't do this.


As an American, this is my life unless I want to start a car for every trip :(


The craziest thing for me is why there are no gap on the side of the highway for emergency stops or so the bikes could drive on it? If you get flat, you just stop in the middle of the road?


No space in the city. Sorry. Any roadside would be immediately converted into an extra lane.


As someone who rides on rural back roads quite a bit, I actually prefer them to the roads in the city a lot of the time. There's no protected bike lane out by the pastures either but at least there's very few people driving them and they tend to give me space. But in the city it's cutthroat and a lot of unsafe passes because everyone feels like they're in a rush to run simple errands.


It's kind of a counter-intuitive thing, but I'm scared of rural roads. You could be easily got killed by a sleepy driver — [\[1\]](https://youtu.be/S7gYcPC0YFI), [\[2\]](https://youtu.be/hyqWemBQQwY?t=38), [\[3\]](https://www.reddit.com/r/BikeCammers/comments/m7ocdu/struck_by_a_length_of_timber_while_cycling_on_a/) — and there are no cameras in the middle of a forest to catch him.


I hate cars. I hate pick up trucks and their drivers even more.


In America, there are no cameras in the city either. Not watching the roads, anyway.


I agree 100%


Sounds like some kind of addiction/disease. Your city might want to go to the doctor.


Jeez, yakes.


Yeah, you getting flat on the highway = instant traffic jam.


Usually there's a shoulder but in my state it's illegal for bikes to be on freeways.


TBH, most US highways do have shoulders. This looks like when I have had to bike the multi lane "streets" of New York and Philly. When I ride highways that bikes are illegal on, I spend most of the time on the shoulder. This video looks like it is in Eastern Europe or Russia though.


Bike lanes on the freeway would be a horrible idea.


not bike lane, just emergency lane which could be used by bikes as well instead of doing what this guy in video is doing.


Same. Really confident on a bike, would NEVER do this.


As a not-dutch person this gives me anxiety


Came here to say just this. Almost had a panic attack watching this.


As a person, this gives me anxiety.


terrible anxiety.


I'm torn between admiration and thinking you're a goddamn idiot. Maybe a bit of both


I admire the capacity to do this, not so much the decision to do it


Spend too much time thinking about if they could, so that they didn't have time to thonk about if they should?


It reminds me of the way motorcyclists tend to drive. Squeezing between cars, weaving, moving faster than the surrounding traffic. And a bike is smaller and basically silent (especially compared to a motorcycle), so it's even harder for drivers to react to OP.


There is a motorcycle visible at 0:30 mark on the left. The cyclist is faster.


I was changing lanes on the highway once, I have plenty of notice to the cars in the right lane and was waiting for the one beside me to make space, and right as I started to merge a motorcycle zipped past me going like twice the speed of everyone else. Could have killed them had I not checked over my shoulder, or had I fully committed to merging a split second earlier.


I'm gonna wager we all have a similar story. I have a few. Those butts sure are lucky I'm a highly trained defensive driver!


Lmao yeah I learned the hard way that 15mph faster than the traffic you're passing is about the maximum since hitting a wall head on at 15mph is an instakill. I hope noone has to have this one on their conscience wondering if they could've prevented it.


Actually, I am a motorcyclist, and I split lanes, weave, etc, but never, ever that fast. It's all fun and games until it isn't, and I tend to live long enough to be able to buy an electric motorcycle.


I'm in California and everything you said is protected here, and drivers get ticketed all the time for blocking motorbikes from splitting lanes, but speed kills. The human eye can only detect so much before the brain goes burrr and pretends it didn't see anything.


4 lane highway, you're dancing with the devil...


THAT'S IT, BACK TO [Immortal Technique's masterpiece](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qggxTtnKTMo)




A question from a car newbie who has hardly driven (and likely hardly will); is the key to driving with cyclists nearby just to continue driving safely, sanely, and predictable? I.e., continue as normal?


IMO, predictable driving is always the safest, with or without cyclist on road. Maintain speed, no quick turns, and light signals ftw !


I would get a heart attack cycling like this tbh. Way too many cars around.


The more you do it, the more you learn about people’s driving habits, and the safer you become. I split lanes in heavy traffic on my motorcycle when I lived in CA, and became very confident very quickly. Another lesson that I learned on a motorcycle was that, as a defensive driver, you generally have a plan on what you are going to do when the people in front of you, the ones you are constantly looking at, do something erratic. However, since you only check your mirrors every 2 to 5 seconds, you’re reacting to what’s coming up behind you. Going faster than the flow of traffic means you are planning more, and reacting less. It also put me more in control of keeping myself safe; I’m less at the mercy of those people that don’t brake soon enough because they’re just not looking for motorcycles. But, the most important thing for my safety, whether on a motorcycle or bicycle, is that I pay less attention to the traffic laws and what people SHOULD be doing, and instead more attention to what they’re ACTUALLY doing. Expecting people to follow all the laws keeps you from anticipating the ways they may endanger you. Plus, it creates expectations, which can lead to my own road rage when those expectations aren’t how the situation plays out. Bottom line is this is safe as long as you have some experience and you take full responsibility for your own life instead of just going when you have a right of way.


You can’t predict stupidity; one unpredicted move and you are in the hospital.


or in the grave


You can’t always predict it, but you can always have a plan on where you’re going to go if something or someone gets in your way. Sometimes the plan may be to “just have a soft place to land,” (thank you Motorcycle Safety Foundation, for that lesson). But, generally, the more experience you have, the more stupidity you’re able to predict.


If someone opens a door at the wrong moment at this speed your only plan is to pray.


But no one is going to open their door on the Highway


Sure they are. I've seen people do all kinds of idiotic things like that. They assume if the cars are stopped everything is stopped. You only have to get unlucky once.


The only part that spooks me during this video was on the bridge when the cars were going faster and were overtaking, then all you can do is hope none of them snatch you with them


Yup, that was by far the most dangerous part. Once you do it enough, weaving through traffic like that is pretty safe when you are moving faster than the cars. You learn to anticipate lane changes and you get a sort of sixth sense what cars are about to do. The key is looking at the front wheels.


Yes! The front wheels is exactly where I look to see if they’re about to switch lanes. Also, paying attention to which lanes are stopped, which are moving, and what speeds to anticipate where people are gonna go.


> I pay less attention to the traffic laws and what people SHOULD be doing, and instead more attention to what they’re ACTUALLY doing I feel like you can do this by just driving regularly and not putting yourself into this much risk. It takes one person who doesn't look in the mirror when changing lanes to completely fuck up your life.


Someone on their phone moves a foot to the right. Splat. Yah that’s a no for me.


It's not fucking safe at all lmao. You endanger all the cars around you. A hard brake on a crowded highway can cause a chain reaction of rear ends and fucked up spines/necks.


This bicycle is not endangering cars. There is zero chance that anyone in that city brakes for bikes.


Didn’t know cars had spines and necks! I guess Pixar’s predicting shit now too!


Nah lmao not true. "safer"? You can't even react to that mfing moron who didn't check mirrors and switch lane. One wrong move and you are highway Bolognese


you're cruising for a bruising


Looks like Moscow, Russia or some other large city in Russia. Drivers are very aggressive there on average. Cyclist is just insane to ride like that there.


Pretty sure this is somewhere around the center of Moscow


Satisfying yet anxiety inducing


looks suicidal tbh. but i wish the drivers would react to this by wishing for bike lanes for you to ride on, instead of just.. u know, wishing you get run over


This is how this rider’s crotch sees the world.


It's called "head mount" for a reason.


I would wonder if the police would pull him over. But police cars probably couldn't navigate around that traffic either lololol.


*policeman stops on the side of the road* *opens trunk* *pulls out bicycle* *DOOM music plays*


Damn, that's a good idea for a short movie to shoot.


Bruh, I lack the aim and depth perception to pull off half the gaps you're making here. I shat a brick when you split those semis.


I remember the semi part, and this was the worst one. I realized I'm doing a very stupid move, slowed down and moved away. Nobody should mess around in the truck's blind spot.


This ain’t fuck cars, this is fuck life lmao bde


Chill bruh


To bike in some US cities, you can have no chill.


No thanks. I'll keep living.


I get your point that its way faster to ride bikes than drive a car, but damn, don't do this shit. You're going to die.


very dangerous, never do this


He zoomin


Shame there is simply no place to put a bike lane.


Yeah, no. This is less than good.


nice. I used to cycle like that, it can be very fun. nowadays I just relax and go at a steady pace, I let the speeding and stress for drivers and just enjoy the ride. but to each their own. be safe.


This is the way


I'm surprised you could fit between so many cars considering how huge your balls are


I love how you're actually faster than all of the cars


This is how you get squished


Anxious just watching that... Doesn't help that I live in The Netherlands where luckily we normally don't have to deal with this shit as a bike rider.


I know you must make peace with god before mounting a pushbike, but this is rediculous


Naw.. This is a dangerous way to ride between traffic.. It only takes another stupid person for things to go wrong.


... lane-spliitting in moving traffic is dangerous, and also makes cyclists *as a group* look like reckless daredevils. I simply cannot approve.


And not signalling a single time. Just weaving in and out. This video is just dumb as hell.


That, too.


Don't worry. The video was taken in Russia. Reckless driving is what everyone does, especially minibus drivers.


"everyone does it, it's totally fine!" lmao fuck outta here


I'm not saying it's safe. I'm saying that this will not effect reputation of cyclists as a group.


I still cannot approve.


I would normally agree but this traffic situation is so god awful that we need a cyclist giving the middle finger to all of it. He has to dance around all 4 lanes because cars are so fucking inefficient.


I'm sure he doesn't have to be on the highway and could instead just lane split on a road between the cars and the sidewalk. But that simply isn't fast enough for this lunatic.


Fun fact: I almost got killed that day! [GUESS HOW](https://i.imgur.com/L2b0PUd.jpg)


That's why you don't pass on the curb side.




I appreciate your video. Roads are meant to be shared. There should be a plethora of vehicle types as well as pedestrians on roads. Lane splitting makes sense. It’s safer than waiting in traffic until someone hits you from behind. And, why the heck should a cyclist wait in all those poisonous fumes when there’s room for you to move forward. Most of the people here are Americans, and they easily get scared by any driving that actually involves paying attention to the other vehicles and pedestrians on the road, rather than just having lights and signs telling them exactly what they can do. Keep riding! Stay safe!


Lane splitting when the traffic is stationary or near stationary - if you're "waiting for traffic" - I can get behind. But lane splitting to overtake in moving traffic? No, that's dangerous - it just takes one car to not see you and change lanes at the wrong time - and rude.


This. If the cars were going no faster than a person walking, or were stopped, sure. *Filter* away. When the cars are going fast enough that, should you fall in front of one, they couldn't stop before running you over? **Not so much.**


You're a moron. THis is reckless and stupid and way more dangerous than picking a lane and riding in the lane like a car.


This biker made the road less safe with their aggressive lane splitting. Your point is valid, but this is a terrible example of lane splitting. "Paying attention" and "dealing with somebody in/on any form of faster than walking speed transportation getting in literally everybody's way, squeezing through any Crack, moving faster than the flow of any other traffic, motorized or non" are completely different things. This biker crossed every lane of the motorway, squeezed between at least 10 vehicles, and then claims they almost got hit, because a taxi was letting somebody off at the curb... This biker is a terrible example, and should learn what 'stay safe' means.


I agree with this. I am glad that lane splitting on a motorcycle is illegal here in Canada, because watching him split quickly into multiple different lanes, even a good driver would have difficulty seeing him. Also, as a driver of both a motorcycle and a car, that little bit of space is my safe space to get away from other bad drivers who don't shoulder check/drive over the white line. Don't get me wrong, I primarily take public transport as I'm obviously in this sub for a reason. But this is sending the wrong message, in my opinion.


I think this was extremely stupid and dangerous too and I don't even have a driving license.


>This biker crossed every lane of the motorway, squeezed between at least 10 vehicles, and then claims they almost got hit, because a taxi was letting somebody off at the curb... You're talking like it's some sort of karma in action. No. The biker just got almost hit the same moment he quit lane-splitting.


The biker made the road less safe? Yeah, bikes are what are killing folks. Carbrain is wild.


WOw it's almost like both are dangerous. The world isn't so black and white. Imagine that. Two things can be true at once. I ride my bike everywhere and I think this is dumb, reckless, and irresponsible.


Cars are also changing lanes in this video. It just takes a lot longer because they suck. Seeing a cyclist go fast while standing still literally makes people angry at the cyclist because of the frustration they feel with traffic.


They ARE the traffic!


fucking duh


Dude i bike whenever i can and this is insane to me. Its not just a matter of paying attention to what you’re doing on the bike. Theres also the very real chance that at any given moment one of those drivers slips up and you are *dead or seriously injured* in a matter of moments. I admire this dudes commitment but you would not see me biking on that road.


Did you end up crashing?


yeah man me either, sorry.


Tell that to every cyclist in NYC lol


Consider it done (as best I am able). Lane-splitting in stopped traffic, eh, I dislike it but I won't call it out. Lane-splitting in traffic that is **moving** at faster than a casual walking pace, that's just bloody *stupid* IMO.


>lane-spliitting in moving traffic is dangerous Yes. >and also makes cyclists as a group look like reckless daredevils Uh no. Collective responsibility isn't a thing.


>Uh no. Collective responsibility isn't a thing. **Perception**, however, absolutely is. Hence why I said it makes us all **LOOK** like reckless daredevils. I have actually been verbally attacked, while out on my bicycle, for activities like the one in this video. Not that I was doing them, but "you cyclists are all \_\_\_\_\_\_". And we shouldn't hand such easily-used ammunition to our opponents.


So there’s no collective responsibility for car drivers?


Do you ever see people say to a driver, "You shouldn't do that, you're giving all drivers a bad name"?


Yeah, isn’t that the entire point of this subreddit? A dislike of cars and their owners because of the collective contribution to bad infrastructure and climate change etc


I see you've never met a driver.


Don't tell Mustang, Charger, BMW, or Audi drivers this.


That's true, certain makes of car do get this too.


>Collective responsibility isn't a thing. Oh really. I wonder if my VISA card got unblocked then, as well as my PayPal account.


Sorry. That's necessary to defeat a greater evil.


[Now the Putin is doomed](https://crea.shinyapps.io/russia_counter/)!


Yeah, I know, it's appalling. Russia should be completely shut off from the entire world until it leaves Ukraine.


Well, the ordinary people are already completely shut off. You can't fly anywhere, can't use any foreign service. A couple of years of this — and I will most likely go to work in the military industry as the only place where my skills any good. The Putin is still fine by the way.


Sorry you have to suffer, and sorry we're not making Putin suffer enough. Hopefully Russia's defeat will be sooner rather than later so this can end.


It's OK. A war is a war. But please don't tell me collective responsibility doesn't exist.


I see your point.


This is just stupid…


This seems like such an unpleasant ride. Brave and bold rider but I’d rethink my life if I had to do this daily.


This is speeeeeeeeeeeeed.


Do you want to get fucking killed by a car? 'Cause that’s how you get fucking killed by a car.


really doing the cyclist community a disfavor with this. Just giving people a reason to hate cyclists for behaving recklessly. You're just one small mistake (doesn't even has to be yours) away from an accident.


>just one small mistake (doesn't even has to be yours) away from an accident. [Like this](https://youtu.be/_2oPkkhjpQE) or worse?


до первой аварии


Thank you for you appreciation of my accident-free cycling.


This is terrifying


Nah man that's too dangerous, so many idiots cut through lanes without bothering to look at their side mirrors.


And on top there is the driver that suddenly decides "traffic is barely moving, why not letting the kids out of the car right here" and wooooom a door gets opened right into your face and the cyclist starts flying along the street.


OMG. Why the hell would you do this?


For fun actually. The weather was good for filming, and the time was perfect for a dense traffic.


You're worse than all the cars in this video. This is reckless and dumb and endangers everyone on the road.


Well, whatever makes you happy, I guess. It gave me second hand anxiety, though.


No, not "whatever makes you happy". This is reckless and endangers everyone. This is shitty behavior that should not be tolerated.


You're not doing sane cyclists any favors by being the dick carbrains accuse them of being. This is dumb for a lot of reasons, but, most importantly, it's counterproductive as a whole.


The first mistake by a very fallible human and you're injured or dead. The likelihood grows as you continue to go on more rides. This is unnecessary risk for little reward.


St. Petersburg? :D


Here's a russian city identification guide for you. * crosswalks: **St. Petersburg** * no crosswalks: **Moscow** * no asphalt: **any other russian city**


But if you came of your bike and caused a massive pile up of cars you have no insurance to cover the damages you caused


Bad cycling




This is why drivers hate responsible cyclists too. You endanger yourself and others.




Still the least lethal protest of the 2020’s


this is a car brain fallacy I wouldn't expect to encounter on this sub. how is he endangering anyone? I don't see him going close to any pedestrians and I don't think they could endanger someone inside a car. edit: spelling


If this is dangerous on a motorcycle, then it's dangerous on a bike. We need proper bike lanes/paths, not this.


completely agree, this is not a way for urban mobility, this is mostly for fun. yes, it's dangerous, some people like that.


If you want to get an adrenaline rush, don't put other people at risk.


Because accidents involve more than just the bicycle. Someone slams on their brakes to avoid hitting this moron, then they get rear ended by another car and fuck their back/neck up. It's not that hard to figure this out man. I'm a cyclist and fucking hate cars too but this moron is clearly in the wrong here.


Of course not but no driver wants to be the one who killed a cyclist by accident, even if the cyclist is 100% at fault like this guy would be. It's just stupid and reckless behavior.


And in crowded roads like this accidents might not involve just a single car. It's not outlandish to think that someone swerving or braking to avoid this chucklefuck might get hit by another car.


People do weird, dangerous things when they're startled - a bicycle unexpectedly zooming past your window and cutting in front of you in moving traffic could easily cause serious issues. Besides which, forcing others to put your life at risk isn't exactly great. Same idea as a pedestrian running onto the middle of a busy highway without warning. You could argue they are technically only endangering themselves - you could say the same for somebody who keeps jumping in front of the knife while you're trying to chop vegetables. Yeah, I guess they're only risking themselves, but that doesn't mean you should be okay with being put in a position where they could be stabbed by you or cause you to have an accident while you try to avoid stabbing them.


Ya passing that close with out notice can cause a driver to swing the other way. Even though they are in their lane this can lead them to thinking they have drifted. Also when he cuts off cars at multiple times if someone slams on the breaks you can end up with a pile up. This is no different then a person in a jacked up truck speeding, they are just doing this to get a rush and don’t care about anyone else.


Even just braking hard can get you rear ended and fuck up your neck pretty badly.


That man is peddling at 60mph. God damn.


This gives me so much anxiety


That was fucking stressful to watch.


I used to ride like this, maybe worse even. All it took was one person opening his door and boom, broke my arm in an instant and took me off the streets for a good while.


OP posted a pic of almost getting doored.


need a rear camera to see what's behind you :-)


wait, you're allowed to drive on the highway on a bike? i know for a fact here in the US, you cannot. only motor vehicles are allowed. on streets, you can, but not a highway/freeway.


I came to see what's this all about here in r/fuckcars, maybe some viable and reasonable thoughts or suggestions. I got this... Thing.


As a motorcyclist this scares me


Such people give bad rep to bike/escooter ppl.


Impressive work, my dude! It was really enjoyable to watch you cutting through like that.


If you tried this on a congested American highway, I'm sure a driver would have hit you intentionally. Fantastic demonstration that I hope never needs to be repeated.


Terry Barentsen's comment section: if you ever tried this in Russia... My comment section: if you every tried this in US...


I'm sorry, but this cyclist is a fuckin moron. If you're going to bike on a busy street you need to stay in a lane and behave like a car. Motorcycles can usually get away with this(it's still extremely dangerous) because they're LOUD AS FUCK. This is reckless and dangerous. They endanger the cars around them as well as themselves. As a fellow cyclist, fuck this dude.


I'm not staying in a goddamn traffic. I'm a cyclist.


No, you're a douche.


Then you shouldn't be on the goddamned road. You're going to get yourself hurt or killed. Worse, you might get someone ELSE hurt or killed.


If they won't give us infrastructure, we will take their streets anyway. This is how it is in the US too. Good for you. Sorry for all the carbrain bullshit in these comments.


What a dickhead.


I feel you, as an EUC rider I pick roads over bike lanes most times. Sometimes I can tell drivers are angry at me, trying to prove how fast they are, going over the speed limit just to pass me for a second even though I'm going car speeds and will catch up to them at the next intersection.


I'm amazed that you fit through gaps that small with balls that huge, no way in hell I'd cycle in this deathtrap


If this was a guy in a car weaving in and out of lanes to overtake people everyone would think they are a dangerous driver please don't feel proud about this you are a fucking idiot


I did this in New York City, and it was super fun in an adrenaline rush sort of way. Cars aren't actually doing 60 kph here. Traffic has them probably doing 25 to 35 mph max.


This is why people hate cyclists. The fuck are you doing...you’re gonna get ran the fuck over one of these days doing this stupid ass shit. Yeah, fuck cars....but that doesn’t give you a pass to do this, sorry.


So people hate cyclists because they get run over by reckless motorists? What he does is dangerous only because most car drivers are unobservant.


Are you dumb? He’s lane splitting. And riding in peoples blind spots. Why do all that? If you feel you must ride in the road, ride all the way off to one side and don’t start swerving into the middle lanes through traffic and lane split like crazy. All it takes is for him to be in someone’s blindspot while they are merging and he could potentially die, or get seriously hurt. He’s putting himself in extreme danger and potentially traumatizing someone if they happen to turn him into a bloody pancake. Just so he can post a video on Reddit for clout? Fuck off.


Don’t forget cutting multiple people and off, good way to cause a rear ending. Also OP admitted he does this for fun, people in cars can also speed and drive dangerously for fun if your okay with this.


Unobservant of cyclists in the inner lane of a four lane highway. Lmao dude.






is this giga chad?


I don't recommend weaving through traffic like that, in fact, even though I hate cars, I think biking like this is a very idiotic thing to do. I'm going to downvote because I think the biker is being reckless and possibly putting other's at risk of causing an accident. I don't think the content illustrates the lunacy of car centric infrastructure but rather just illustrates irresponsible and selfish biking practices by not being communicative and respectful when sharing the road with other people.


fucking legend


Man cars are so fast. Such an effective way of transport in dense populated areas.