It's true that cyclists learn to ignore rules when all the rules are designed around cars; we should fix that. Also, I don't see anyone biking dangerously. Those are slower speeds than I see on shared paths and the area is not crowded. People biking safely but ignoring a dismount sign seems like the least of our transportation problems.


First of all: Thank you for not trashing me. Yeah, most people drive slow. But then again, when they drive slow, why are they inconvenienced by just dismounting? It would be respectful and the right thing. This is less about inherent danger than about a respectful society that takes pride in taking care of others. I actually documented that to ask what others think because I am interested in seeing what I may be doing wrong in my thinking. Thank you for the input.


It IS very inconvenient to dismount, not to mention remount, and all the shifting required. You wind up wobbling around so much that you ARE a hazard to yourself and others. Try riding a bike!


I am riding my bike daily. And I am frequently dismounting. I don't really see the problem, it is really easy for me to get off my bike.


Well, I have a 24" frame, and am over 70 and less flexible than I once was. Glad it is easy for you. I guess you always walk in cross walks too.


You being over 70 does not make everyone have a hard time dismounting a bike. You just said it IS. What you meant is: "it is for me". You see, the reason why I took my time seeing how others behave is exactly because not everyone has the same abilities. But as was proven by my observations, this was not a matter of ability.


It IS for everyone, unless they ride a bike with no top tube like a folder. Not everyone does Yoga or kickboxing.


Stating it like you did just did is wrong. And if you were honest to yourself, you would see the problem in your argument. I am not doing yoga, kickboxing or any sport at all. I have a typical office job. Yet I am able to do near impossible things it seems. But okay, for the sake of your peace of mind, lets just pretend that it is for everyone.


Wie deutsch willst du sein? A: Jaaa!


OMG!! Please mark this as NSFW! I was hardly ready for the carnage I was about to witness... Jesus, dude. There were literally no problems there at all. We don't rail against cars because they ignore signs. We rail against them because they're deadly and harmful even when fully compliant.


this. a car going 5mph over the speed limit increases its relative danger to others more than anyone on a bike could ever achieve. yet speed limits and other road rules are routinely ignored.


Requiring cyclists to dismount is just so excessive and patronizing though. I have no problem with people ignoring ridiculous rules. A "caution: blind corner" sign or something would be much more reasonable.


Why dismount here? Is that part of a gestural tradition, like bowing or genuflecting? I never dismount while riding my fixie, even if fully stopped. I think *Slow for Pedestrians* would be a more relevant sign, and that's exactly what they did, sign or not.


Most of the cyclists in this video don’t seem to be causing any problems to pedestrians, and most cyclists I see biking in my city absolutely do care about pedestrian safety. Personally, I’m not going to be able to get upset about cyclist behavior until city streets are mostly car-free.


I am not upset. I am disappointed. I would have thought that more people would respect the rules that have been applied for a reason. And I see some bigotry in it that makes me sad, actually. I tend to get upset but in this case, I am actually not.


why are some rules able to be broken while others should not be? people in cars CONSTANTLY break the rules. in many places, driving at or below the speed limit will enrage other drivers because the breaking the rules is so commonplace. there are rules about jaywalking, but people still do that all the time.


I must admit I sometimes ignore such signs too if I see only a handful of people walking. I do cycle very slowly in such cases though, maybe 1.5x walking speed, 2x walking speed tops. If I see more than a few pedestrians, I dismount. Not good, I know I know.. But 5km/h walking with a bike feels... so.. slow..




People did see me filming and no one complained. Same logic.


Imagine if you drove a car through here. Now imagine riding a bike through here... Was anyone injured? Did anyone die? Any close calls? Looks like everyone is traveling at safe speeds and giving way to pedestrians. No problem in my book.


do they want you to dismount before getting out of the way of everyone else?


If you slow down to almost walking speed, that counts as dismounting in my book. I see nobody getting in danger here


Why should they? Bikes can stop faster than peds. There is no danger here.


So I was about to just ignore what I witnessed, but then I thought: Hey, I wish it was better than that. Bicycles are not murder machines, so this is not half as bad as when motorists ignore rules. But still, I feel shame for being part of a group that mostly does not care as well, I just wish people were more considerate. The sign says that cyclists have to get off their bikes because of the area being a pedestrian zone with a temporary event happening there, which leads to a higher amount of people being there overall. The sign is there for a good reason, I have seen accidents happen there before between cyclists and pedestrians. So while riding bikes solves a lot of problems and I am enjoying it very much, I am still sad that, while people choose to bike, they also choose to not care too much about rules and the rights of others. One of those bikers even said "Cyclists get off your bike" in german and still just ignored it. So, please let me know, am I overly sensitive here or do you think that people should obey the rules of this place? This was filmed in Germany, Baden-Württemberg.


To me this looks more like people ignoring an excessive rule than being irresponsible. Visibility is bad to the right. And you see most cyclists slow down and keep to the left. Considering how light traffic from the right is that seems reasonable and sufficient to me. I *would* slow down and pay close attenation myself, but i wouldn’t dismount either.


This sub is about hate on carbrain, nobody says bcs don't have to follow the rules? Pedestrians are threatened by all vehicles, it's a fact.


no... no i dont think i will...