Honestly, that is ugly as fuck. The shot from the back doesn't help either.


the shot from the back makes it look like one of those trash containers that every city has


jeez that thing is fugly and impractical


so that's likely a road legal test mule. given how much trouble this thing has had just getting out of the design stages, it's really not looking hopeful. everyone in the car industry has been saying for years that it's NEVER going to pass pedestrian safety and that the famed brick proof windows are actually more likely to make things even harder for emergency services. i find it funny a lot of people compare it to the aztek in how it looks but i also think who the car is marketed towards is interesting. for those that don't know. pontiac was always considered to be GM's more...... alternative brand. like chevy was for everyone, buick was the next level up, cadillac was the top of the range but pontiac was the experimental division. the design of the aztek was meant to appeal to gen x folk and kept doubling/tripling down on the design saying "no, they'll love it" i feel like that's kinda the thought with the cybertruck.


At what point will they realize EM is just trolling them? 😂


I am very much anticars but I cannot deny that cybertruck is super dope.


People who hate cars 🤝 Hardcore truck enthusiasts "the tesla cybertruck is horrible and ugly"