Elden ring is out in February. Buy demon souls now.


How’s the gameplay? Is it pretty much the same as DS?


Gameplay is basically the same as the og


Gameplay is exactly the same as the og, if I remember correctly they changed nothing when it comes to gameplay.


Well they changed some animations for backstabs and parries, not exactly gameplay but it threw me a little when i first got DeS


Yes, the changes are purely visual tho, when it comes to duration, hitbox and damage it's identical to og DeS.


Duration is not true actually a lot of the animations are way too long and over the top


I mean it's a fantasy game, over the top is cool!


Demon Souls is basically Dark Souls without the connected world.


I think you should buy the one which isn't out for almost 3 months.


Demon's Souls is still a good game but it's definitely the clunkiest game of the bunch, even with the remake. And I guess go for it if graphics are what you truly care about.


For everyone saying Demon’s Souls is clunky: the improvements in animation and framerate reduce this feeling by a LOT. I went from DeS on the PS5 to Dark Souls Remastered and that felt just as jarring as going from Bloodborne to Demon’s Souls. The game is also just so pretty to look at both in graphical fidelity and animations that you probably won’t be feeling the clunk as much. ALSO it has the 3D rumble of the DualSense which definitely kinda play into the “clunk” in a literal sense (like hearing/feeling weight in your armor/hitting something with your sword). Definitely recommend Demon’s Souls if you haven’t played it yet to get you ready for Elden Ring.


Summons are there for you to use, no shame in using them. Personally if youre looking for visuals id say demons souls, if youre looking for a whole new world/experience id say ER


Yeah I get that. I will say that the folks who joined my game were super high level and basically did all of the work. I didn’t use online support in Dark Souls….it was 1000 times more difficult but forced me to learn the attack patterns/etc.


Thats alright, bloodborne is close to sekiro in terms of needing to analyze the bosses to properly beat them. I have a feeling if you dry run it now youd feel more confident in your abilities


Unless you used a password to coop, the bros you were able to summon were around your level. Perhaps they had more opti builds, but they couldn't be "super high level" compared to you.


You’re probably right…I assumed they were high level I just remember getting knocked down repeatedly while they were tearing into the bosses


Demons souls doesn't feel clunky at all. It plays great, and it's basically the best looking game out now imo! It also runs at a buttery smooth 60fps, something that, judging from the network test, Elden Ring won't be able to achieve. So Elden Ring might actually feel clunkier at times due to the erratic frame rate. What demons souls lacks are the refinements to the formula and content. Its the most limited game in the souls series (builds, weapons, armors, etc) and also the shorter one. If you can only buy one game in the long term I would probably wait for Elden Ring. It will probably have a ton of content that will last you for many, many months and you won't feel like you are missing out when everyone will be talking about it. Then get Demons Souls at a discount later down the line and wish that Elden Ring could look and run like that :p


DeS is a perfect first souls game and it doesn’t feel dated unless you’ve played the others first and came back to it. Much of the gameplay is similar to the PS3 version, but they did plenty of quality of life improvements so, it very much feels like a modern game (unless you’ve come from the later titles). I’d recommend getting it and then if you like it get Elden Ring in 3 months.


Elden Ring will be a current gen experience. The graphics may not be as groundbreaking as DeS remake, but they’re about on the level of most current gen games, and the artstyle does a lot of legwork too. Demon’s Souls is the most fun I’ve had with a game this year, so I definitely recommend it, but of you have to choose one or the other I’d choose ER. Playing a From game day 1 is an unmatched experience.


Take out a loan and get both. Be a man 🙌🏾


I am currently playing through Demon Souls for the first time and really enjoying it so I’d recommend giving that a go while we wait for Elden Ring


Get Demon Souls. It’s a beautiful game.


Demon's souls if you'll be able to grab Elden Ring in Feb. I'd wait for Elden Ring if not though. Demon's souls is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. It doesn't have 10% of the longevity ER will have, I'm betting. So, TLDR, if you're only grabbing one between now and Feb, Elden Ring


If it helps with the decision, Demon's Souls is currently on sale for $39 ($30 off) if you buy the physical copy from the [direct.playstation.com](https://direct.playstation.com) store. I picked it up earlier today.


I love demon's souls to death but if I'm being real with you it's dated af. So much innovation and revamping has happened to that series playing demon's or the OG dark souls feels like blowing the dust off my SNES. Imo if you're jonesing for a fix just reply DS3 or Sekiro and wait for Elden ring


Demon's is pretty but it's the worst modern From game.


Hope you enjoy Demon’s Souls. Bloodborne was my first Souls but I cheesed the whole thing so Demon’s Souls was what really got me hooked. I have no doubt you’ll love it


I’d buy Demon Souls, Elden doesn’t come out till February either, and if ur looking for a true next-gen experience, then it’s the way to go. I was surprised how much replay ability this game has along with the graphics being freakin unbelievable


Demon Souls


Thats two different experiences : open world vs semi-linear levels, decide what experience do you want. Graphics in games are overrated, imho : graphics sells the game, but gameplay keeps player engaged.


Demons Ring or Elden Souls?


Why calling player online doesn't count as beating it though


So let me get this straight , the gameplay in Des will definetly feel clunky ofr you since you just finished bloodborne and ds3 which are btw way faster , so in your case I would recommend going elden ring, although graphically it's not as impressive , but the art direction is 💥💥💥


Get Demons Souls


Demons souls now and save up till elden ring.


Get Demon's Souls now the get Elden Ring if you can afford it if not well it depends then on what you like for me gameplay is key in any game and I know you want a next-gen experience but gameplaywise Demon's Souls is a remake with all the same base mechanics so really on terms of gameplay your getting a ps3 era experience but with a fancy coat of paint not saying it's bad but it is a bit clunky from what I have seen but if you like shiny new graphics well then go with Demon's Souls. Elden Ring, on the other hand, does not have as nice as graphics as Demon's Souls but gameplay will be a lot smoother and more fluid also they put several mechanics from past games in that have been refined through those past games so it has potential to be really good since this seems to be the culmination of their past games with an open world thrown into it as well.


Is it possible to know if Elder Ring Will be more difficult than Demons Souls!? I’ve beaten Demons Souls, but think I’ve reached my limit on how hard can I play a game. What do you guys think?


I’ve been playing both. You should play both. Elden Ring is very different in terms of how it’s explored. That said, Demon’s Souls looks WAY better and it’s low key embarassing cause honestly Dark Souls 3 looked better than Elden Ring


Elden Ring is easier, Demon Souls arguably the hardest Soulsborne game (only exception here is Sekiro, the one in the series I didn't play). Elden is a great place for newer players to start however, it'll hold your hand whereas Demon Souls will chop off your head and shove it down your throat. Course if you beat Demon Souls you'll be ready to beat Dark Souls 1-3 and Elden Ring.


Graphics are beautiful. Gameplay is a bit clunky. If you really can only get one, personally I’d wait for elden ring but Demons souls is still a great game.


Honestly Id even suggest ds3 if you are worried about it feeling clunky ds3 is by far my favorite in terms of graphics and the overal beauty of the game itself that and DS1 remastered i havent played deamon souls yet but that was also out of fear of it being clunky


Oh I like DS3, I’ve beaten that one actually