Question: what if I don't wanna go back to my family? Question withdrawn: I realized I can just go to a karaoke bar or a cinema or something.


I'm definitely going to forward this printed out piece of paper to my boss


I always find some people’s insistence on using “he/she” as really weird to read, lol.


I like how they kept saying he/she but then switched to just "him", makes me think they are talking shit about someone specifically.


I find it weirder when just "he" or just "she" is used in a general context, so I guess it's subjective


"they" is right there, though


Ye, that’s what I meant, he/she is just way wordy and covers less people


That works too


That's what I feel is usually best. If you want to address everyone, just say they. I will admit I do occasionally use he/she or him/her, but it's very specific circumstances. I use it when actually speaking aloud only. When I start a sentence that is meant to speak about anyone and everyone and say he (or she) without thinking and realize as I say it that it wasn't what I meant, I then follow it or she (or he). But it's just a self correction in spoken word, I don't think I've typed it out other than speaking of the idea of it like this. I don't know, maybe I've done it at some point but I'm not gonna go back through my shit to find out lol.


There is no neutral pronoun in English though. It's really annoying since you have to pick one or include them both. They/them is strictly referential to groups, so that doesn't help. At best, you could use "person". It's neutral, singular, and fits grammatically. >This person is a fool...Such a person is a loser...That person is inefficient...Such a person's life is a waste...Said person pisses away their free time... I think this flows a bit better than he/she/they/them.


You is a neutral pronoun. They is too.


"They" is *not* a neutral pronoun. "They" is an inclusive plural pronoun that references a group, not an unspecified singular person. "You" is a first-person singular pronoun, which is irrelevant since the *third-*person perspective is what needs to be solved for. The word "person" or "persons" is the most applicable solution since it refers to an unspecified person of ambiguous identity. English grammar does not actually recognize that "they" can replace the "he/she" pronoun conflict. Therefore, it is a slang term. *"Odd\_Bunsen is mistaken because said person is purporting slang usage of a pronoun to be accepted English grammar."* It works. It doesn't introduce any slang usage to solve it. It doesn't introduce any plural vs. singular conflict. It's neutral.


We’ve used they in the singular for ages, though. Not as commonly, but since literally the 1400s. You also used to be a plural pronoun, not neutral. It became neutral/singular, as it absorbed thou/thee, and I *highly* doubt you use those. Even if they was modern slang, once it’s standardized and accepted, it’s no longer slang? It just becomes a new part of the language.


Why do you use you then? You should really be using thee and thou because you is plural


it is both fewer characters and easier to convey an idea using the royal “they/them” than the “he/she/him/her” bullshit every single time. it looks less clumsy as well, never understood the insistence


binary gender brain


sounds mid


it really is


Number 5 isn’t always true obviously, bosses overload workers. For those in this situation: charge fucking OVERTIME


Yeah, 5 seems harsh. There are various reasons why someone might want to work late sometimes.




Let’s say someone has ADHD or a very extra busy workload or is overwhelmed (by work or anxiety or finds a particular task difficult) and stays late to do things sometimes. I don’t think it’s fair to call them a looser even though I support a work life balance and think people should be allowed to leave at a reasonable time. You don’t know someone’s personal life so assuming you do makes you the looser jumping to conclusions. Maybe they want to get more work out of the way so they feel satisfied it’s done and out if the way so they can relax more on the weekend with their friends. Maybe someone has issues with their family (just writing a sign doesn’t put you in a good position to judge what you don’t know).