Yes hard work can make you rich, the hard work of others.




Did anyone ever think that hard work was all it took to be rich? What four-year-old had that delusion?


That's not what hard work means.


That is, by definition, hard work. If you're operating by some *other* definition than the actual meaning of the words, might I direct you here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persuasive_definition


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Alright, what does hard work mean to you then?


It's ridiculous that I even have to explain this. By definition not everyone can be rich since being rich is relative. If we all had millions of dollars, then we'd be just as rich/poor as not having it. Hard work is not a guarantee (or even a requirement) for becoming wealthy or better off than most. Hard work IS however correlated with higher income if you work in a domain with high demand, high barrier of entry and so on. Hard work in a job that literally anyone can do obviously won't make you rich, otherwise everyone would be rich, so nobody would be rich. So that excludes waiters, taxi drivers, construction workers, coal miners and so on. If you really don't understand what I'm saying, then you're probably just pretending in order to make yourself feel better.


There’s PLENTY of people who can’t work for shit in the service industry lol but okay


You're right that food service takes talent, which is why people who are good at it frequently make considerable amounts of money at fine dining restaurants. Some of the gigs like taxi driver and construction worker have similar advancement opportunities for talented workers. Let's go with something different, maybe digging a trench. Hard work that can be done by pretty much any able bodied person, but there's little to no skill required. Same with a mover, there's a little skill getting a couch down the stairs, but anyone can carry boxes to and from a truck. If you want to make more money, you have to develop skills beyond digging a ditch or carrying boxes so you can't be replaced with a craigslist ad and an afternoon of training.


The pandemic already showed us unskilled can still be essential, and thus should be paid appropriately.


Essential != Skilled/Difficult to replace. The guy pulling grocery store orders was essential, but it isn't necessarily difficult to find someone who can follow a grocery list. If the person is demanding a salary disproportionate to the local market, they're just going to be replaced.


And what happens when all the service workers quit because they arent being paid enough? All of the mom and pop shops close up, while megacorps can eat the costs for a while. What about the nursing shortage right now? Essential, underpaid, and now hospitals are facing crises. The market doesnt always behave the way you think it does, and that leads to issues. Paying essential workers more essential wages leads to less issues.


Well for grocery workers, the amount of time to hire a new employee and have them be productive in role is negligible. If someone wants more money, and there's a line of bartenders, servers, hotel housekeepers, airport baggage handlers, salon workers, and theater employees all looking for work, it's stupid easy to replace the worker. Same with other low skill roles like fast food, retail, and loading delivery trucks. Nursing is completely different, they have considerable training required and a professional license. You can't just pull someone off the street and make them a nurse, so the position commands higher compensation. If a specific employer wants to minimize turnover, increased pay is an easy way to do it, but the costs to replace a grocery employee are far less than replacing a nurse. If you have enough qualified applicants in either role, retention strategies like higher salaries aren't that important.


If theres a line of people lining up for 7.25/hr, then why are seniors all of a sudden being targeted more for these jobs, and why are child labor laws being relaxed? My guess is because there arent enough people lining up for shitty wages.


And your point is that...?


Lmfao so electricians that make $75/hr can’t be rich huh? 😂😂 you’re acting like all construction workers are mindless laborers.


I honestly don't understand why you'd act this thick on purpose, as if what you said doesn't fit into what I said.