Bro have you not watched the show! He drinks and he KNOWS THINGS! He’s smart the entire time, he clearly states it on multiple occasions!


He also walks a lot without saying anything... This must mean that he is smart because that's what smart people do!


To be fair, he stopped knowing things when he slowed down on the drinking


ugh those tshirts were peak cringe


I still see those ads from time to time on social media. I don't know why I'm targeted with them though, and I don't like it! As Jon once said (or did he say it many times, I don't remember): "I don't want it!"


specifically the drink and know things shirts


Whenever I see one of them I think of laughing minions


They had to drop everyone to Sansa's level because she's the smartest.


I moment i heard the line. I wanted to gouge my eyes out and suffocate myself in my own intestines. What the fuck were those cunts smoking.


Wait, they said sansa was the smartest? When was this? I watched the full series and I must have missed this part. Also unpopular opinion but GOT is my favourite show including the final season


Iirc, it was in the last season? With the whole Dany bad-Jon a Targaryen, can't remember the exact context but Arya says to Jon that "Sansa is the smartest person".


To be fair, what she said was that Sansa was the smartest person she ever met. To also be fair, that was really stupid too because Arya had spent days by the side of Tywin Lannister.


Didn’t realise she was a Stark though, did he? I mean, ok, he’d narrowed it down to one of the northern houses but literally anyone could have lol can’t even finish that thought, he was a devastatingly clever character. At least Tywin and Olenna died before their characters were undermined.


Sansa would have realised it was Arya right away. Way smarter than Tywin.


That proves theory that Arya died in Braavos, and the girl is Waif with Arya's face.


"Sansa is the smartest person I've ever met." Ayra "Slay" Stark to her annoying half brother Jon "the human dildo" Snow.


Eh, book Sansa is turning out to be a political prodigy. She's actually smart, but she learns to apply it better through many political schemes in KL and with Baelish. The show substituted it to her growing as a politician through being raped, and then everyone claiming she's smart. What a waste of a great character arc from the books.


“She looked so smart that night” Bran the Broken


> The show substituted it to her growing as a politician through being raped Ramsey fucked the smart into her




I need a lil smart in me too


Ramsey: …I mean. I don’t *usually* take consenting partners, but I guess that’s because there never are any. So, like. Sure, I guess. If you know what you’re up for.


Horn honks Tooooooot


sorry its big brain time


Same goes for every intelligent character on the show. Tyrion, Varys, Littlefinger, to a certain degree Olenna (she seriously couldn't drum up any support across the realm, include House Tarly, against a queen that massacred her own citizens?)


I wanted to ask 'what about Sansa?' but I see you said every *intelligent* character on the show


You could probably lump her into that too, in the sense that she was supposed to be pretty intelligent after spending so much time under the wing of Petyr


Book Sansa is turning out to be a political prodigy. She's actually smart, but she learns to apply it better through many political schemes in KL and with Baelish. The show substituted it to her growing as a politician through being raped.


Eh I won't call her a prodigy, but she has smartened up some since her KL days


In KL she was naive and in constant danger, but in the Vale she does amazing job with Harry, Robin and the lords of the Vale. The only person that might've played her in the Vale so far is Myranda Royce, but she was also genuinely friendly.


TBF it was very smart how she took the rape. Surely that earns her a link on a Maester's chain


Dumbing down Littlefinger and Varys hurt so bad.


They gave him donkey brains


No, he has a certificate CLEARLY stating he does not have donkey brains.




Lets ask bobby b




My personal headcanon is that Tyrion's brains were scrambled during the long sea journey he apparently spent sealed in a crate after his escape from King's Landing. It was all downhill from there.


Jorah got stone skin and Tyrion got stone brain.


I am pretty sure he was always one of the smartest people on the show. Just that near the end, the show dropped around 50 iq points


50 is generous


He just kinda forgot he was smart




The amount of short jokes and cock jokes was sickening in s8. We get it, Varys no balls Jon small hahahahahahahaha d&d do such gud write


He went from being my fave in the first few seasons to me actively rooting against him and wishing he would just die already :(


I would have taken him be roasted instead of Varys


Problem is it takes smart people to write a smart character. Same problem faced with Littlefinger and Varys.


a mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone "I dRiNk aNd I kNoW ThInGs" D&D after writing that line "this is a very great line... because it kind of conveys... how smart tyrion is... and our fans have always wanted him to sound intelligent... so we did our best to make him sound intelligent in this scene... "


But “I have a cock and you don’t” is sooo sharp and witty!


Season 8 Tyrion had as much brains as Varys had balls


Then Varys in the end had no balls and no brain... Depressing.


Even off screen, he became a fool. I never really forgave him for saying that people were unhappy with the GoT S8 ending because all the white people didn't ride off in the sunset and live happily ever after. What a douche bag.


Insert cock joke


Tyrion kinda forgot about his intelligence


Tyrion was my favorite character in the books. The only reason I haven't depotted my ugly ass Urban Decay x GoT eyeshadow palette is because it has a Tyrion quote on it. Later seasons Tyrion tho :( *Look how they massacred my boy.*


And that movie Cyrano sucked


Dumb and dumbest don’t have the mental capacity to write smart characters. This is made evident in the fact they made Euron Crow’s eye a meat headed brute when, in actuality, he’s supposed to be as cunning and ruthless as a pirate Little finger. Military veterans forgot the basics of battle strategy, most notably during the Battle of Winterfell, and any smart character, who wasn’t immediately killed off for convenience, became as intelligent as Mord the turn key.


One of my fav moments on Freefolk was when Awayforthelads posted the leaks that no one thought were real and ran him off the sub. No one thought for a second that Tyrion would do or say the things he did, but he did. Then someone very early on posted leaks about season 8, and the same thing happened. No one believe that the first thing Tyrion said in Season 8 would be "Cause you have no cock" but he did and it was real. No one believed Varys the spider was dumb enough to suddenly start to betray Dany out in the open like that and scheme right infront of her...trying to poison her soup.... BUT he did... And it was funny watching everyone's verbal smiles and laughs slowly overtime start to turn upside down


And then he had to call us racist to sound like he's smart in real life, too.


But against who are we racist exactly?


He absolutely did not say that, dumbasses like this guy have watched one too many reactionary right wingers on youtube that lore people in with nerd culture stuff and put Brie Larson in their thumbnails twice a week because "white people are under attack from Kathleen Kenedy and the feminists" or some other stupid shit like that. Peter Dinklage said “They wanted the pretty white people to ride off into the sunset together”. I also disagree with what he said, but you have to do some insane mental gymnastics to twist that into suggesting that he called "us" racist.


No. He was absolutely suggesting we are racist. What else does “they wanted the pretty white people” mean? Lol It’s the default argument for anything these days.


Who the fuck else was in that show except white people to ride off to the sunset? It's self referential you snowflake himbo with a disability to interpret simple words. Have you never seen anyone of any ethnic group refer to their own people by including their groups name? And don't casually say "we" like a lot of us want anything to do with you. ​ If you read a few words after that you see that he is talking about expectations and what not. But since you somehow think hE WaS aBsOlUtElY SUGgEsTiNg wE ArE rAcIsT, prove it. draw a linguistically logical, and academic conclusion from his entire interview and show me where he is saying "people who didn't like the ending are racist". You're an overly sensitive clown if you can't do that. ​ >It’s the default argument for anything these days. Your [previous comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/Eminem/comments/vlf6jd/agreed_marshall/idzob5i/?context=3) is literally you writing an essay defending a ban on abortion and how it's okay that a guy like you gets to tell women what to do with their own body in addition to attacking LGBTQ+ minorities, I don't think you're a great arbiter of what is a "default argument these days"


1. My opinion on abortion is irrelevant to this. But it wasn’t banned, at least not in every state. 2. Peter Dinklage has the same dumbass woke views that you have. There is simply no need to mention “white people” without suggesting something racial. This is obvious to almost everyone, except you.


>My opinion on abortion is irrelevant to this. But it wasn’t banned, at least not in every state. lmao, you spinless anti-abortion baby. you wrote an essay defending the ban on abortion while mumbling a bunch of right wing talking points about how the "lesbian and gay" are brainwashing children. I think it's very relevant to how inept you are at interpreting "politically charged" words. ​ >Peter Dinklage has the same dumbass woke views that you have. ​ Wait! What did I say that was "WOKE"? I'm sorry if I have offended you by saying no no words that offends your sensibilities but care to elaborate on my "woke views". Words aren't just flying out of your mouth like diarrhea, are they? Is mentioning the term "white people" woke now? Can you explain what I've said now that is "woke"? ​ >no need to mention “white people” without suggesting something racial. It was "the pretty white people" and there is a whole interview for you to work on but okay, you've heard the "no no" SJW word and lost your mind. I asked you to draw a linguistically logical and rational conclusion from the whole interview and this is the best you can come up with? so anyone mentioning the word "white people" is calling you racist now? Is this the best rational and logical answer you have? I'd say I'm disappointed in how inept you are at this but I'd be lying. :)


I can see you’re just mad about Roe v Wade and babbling incoherent rage. Good. Babble on baby killer. 😭


Oh well, just as I thought. You're just shitting words from your mouth without being able to back them up. How was it again? "White people are under attack" and "Lesbians and gays are brainwashing kid"? Actually, I think given how you're a little boy who wants to control women's bodies and thinks "the gays" are out to get him, and how sensitive you are over Peter Dinklage's use of the term "white people", I think you definitely are racist too. There is 100% something to it. Now I see it. You emotional little right winger🤡


Blah blah blah. I’m sorry you can’t kill babies anymore


I honestly found every line that ever came out of his mouth to be cringe AF compared to, say, Littlefinger or Varys. Not that I saw the shittiness of Season 8 coming but I suppose I can take small solace in the fact that I never expected better from Tyrion. blah.