Year ago I made a reddit account just so I can see the GoT memes

Year ago I made a reddit account just so I can see the GoT memes


No human could ever think that was a good arc lol


Seriously. They should have had him strangle her to stop the dothraki from getting her and then died from his wounds. What happened was dumb. We all have the buddies who break our heart by going back to a shitty partner. It could have been a poignant statement on love making you do the wrong thing for the right reasons.


Going back to Cersei wasn't the worst part. Shows no growth, but fine. Characters don't always grow or change. The worst was him saying he never cared about the people of King's Landing, when they were the entire reason he willingly sacrificed public perception of his honor. It retconned one of the most meaningful moments in the series and the foundation of his character. Gods what a dumb ending.


Going back to Cersei could have been great. I.E. Shows even if you changed, at the end of the day your family is your family and you can still love them no matter how much they hurt you. The problem with the "I never cared" line is the show makes it believe he never did. And the break neck speed of S8 does this. Had they showed it he was lying to himself to justify it to himself why he feels the way he did. Which they half do, but fumble so hard. Had Tyrion slapped him when they were talking about it, and had him scould him for saying it, it could have been achieved.


Maybe even take the time to have Bran manipulate him to it too. Add some justification on why Bran would need to do it like "Cersei might be beaten too quickly with Jaime on the opposing side and we need a stiff fight to push Dany to madness". Jaime being their pawn is still better treatment than what they did.


Can you explain this more? What specifically do you mean?


I think they are referring to the scene where he reveals to Brienne the reason he killed King Aerys. It wasn't that he changed sides when the Lannisters did, as was publicly perceived. It was that he discovered the king was planning to kill huge amounts of innocent people in king's landing with wildfire before he was defeated. Jamie was sworn to protect the king, but killed him to save the people. In doing so he sacrificed his own honour and reputation for the lives of the common people he didn't know. He was always looked down upon after that, especially by those who prized honour like Ned Stark. His title became 'kingslayer', for a member of the kingsguard, it was a constant reminder that he was the ultimate oath breaker. To have Jamie say he "never cared about the people" goes completely against his character defining act.


That was the one. It's a huge shift in his behavior for him to open up and admit to her why he did what he did. Instead of leaning into it or ignoring the Kingslayer comments, he allows himself to be vulnerable and reveals that he actually did what he did for honorable reasons. It's a pivotal moment for his character, both in how his past actions are perceived and in how he starts changing once he gets removed from Cersei's influence. But in D&D's revisionist history, he was lying to Brienne and was actually an asshole the entire time.


Thanks this makes a lot of sense. I never understood why people hated that line so much. I always considered the line to be Jamie in denial. He was justifying anything for love, and so claims he doesn't care about the people.


I assume user is referring to the hot tub scene where Jamie describes the moment he killed the Mad King. "Burn them all, he kept saying."


*Fuck*, but that was a good scene. Now soiled in retrospect like over half of the series, but still a damn strong scene.


Probably how he killed his king when his king wanted to light wildfire He saved all of them despite losing his honor


Thanks. I always thought he killed the mad king so the Lannisters were on the winning side of the rebellion


That is Ned Stark's view. Certainly Tywin sat on the fence until it was clear who would win. I actually believe Jamie for the most part, even though he's a piece of shit.


Don’t know why he needed to bed Brianne at all. They had become good friends. That’s reason enough to hang out and stay by her side. I have guy friends I love to pieces, but we aren’t ever going to be romantic partners. (Was actually hoping she would hook up with Tor.)


christ, exactly this! having them bang cheapened the relationship badly, as far as i was concerned. i thought their chaste close friendship was much more fascinating, and a great foil for his inappropriately sexual relationship with cersei.


That's fair, but the books make it pretty overtly romantic.


that's also fair. i just strongly preferred the tension & restraint in their mutual respect to actual consummation, in contrast to the fully hedonist, toxic thing he had with cersei.


>their chaste close friendship was much more fascinating, and a great foil for his inappropriately sexual relationship with [cersei.](https://cersei.You) You really stated this perfectly, thanks.


gosh, thank you!


"chef's kiss"


You realize he doesn’t mean that right? Like they don’t spell it out for you cause it’s hella implied he’s just saying. Shit too Tyrion


Queenslayer ending would have been epic. The directors would have made that scene amazing.


The Rains of Castamere playing in the background would've worked so well.


Well... not really if you see it coming. You cant re-enact the Red Wedding.


The Rains of Castamere is their song, though. The reason it was shocking in the red wedding was nobody present was supposed to be aligned with the Lannisters.


Isn't that what the song that Ed Sheeran sang implied though? Haven't looked at the lyrics in a while though, but ever since that scene I always thought that's how it's going to turn out for the both of them. I was really disappointed, when it didn't :(


Or just kill her to stop her from setting off a bunch of wildfire and killing people, just like what happened to Aerys. Cersei was a monster. The audience knew it, and *Jaime* knew it. In both the books and show his arc is learning to embrace the good man we all knew he could be, and break free of his toxic relationship with the abusive and selfish Cersei. But no, all that's down the drain. "She's hateful, and so am I." **Bullshit**. Jaime's development, his capacity for doing good, is because he's *not* a hateful man.


TBF and the ONLY thing I will give this character arc is that it is VERY difficult to free yourself from a toxic, manipulative person when they have been so integrated into your life. For me, it would have played out better if he'd said the same thing to Brienne. Gone back, seen Cersei's wildfire plan or something. Then reversed position again, killing her and freeing himself from the toxic relationship. In GOT world, he'd forever be known as The Queen/Kingslayer but Brienne would have known...thus giving her survival some sort of fucking purpose.


>TBF and the ONLY thing I will give this character arc is that it is VERY difficult to free yourself from a toxic, manipulative person when they have been so integrated into your life. In fairness, they were toxic to each other. Jaime literally raped her at Joffrey's wake.


The odd thing is that scene was explicitly consensual in the books. It's one of the most bizarre changes on the part of the show - why did they think that scene would be "improved" by turning Jaime into a rapist? What purpose was it meant to serve? What does it do for any sort of plot or character development for him OR Cersei? Because I sure don't see any reason for it narratively. Particularly after the efforts we see him go to just to prevent Brienne from being raped, it's just such a nonsensical decision on their part. Did they think viewers would...enjoy it more? Like what the fuck?


Shock value, I suspect.


"They should have had him strangle her to stop the dothraki from getting her and then died from his wounds." ​ THAT woulda been epic!!! why the fuck werent you writing the final season?!?


A single page with the words "literally anything else" would be a better script. Hell, having the Muppets randomly warp in, save the day, then warp back to sesame street would have been more fucking entertaining. Now that certainly would have "subverted my expectations". Probably would have helped provide a decent bit of learning as well....not Arya telling us that a woman who just MASSACRED an entire fucking city that this woman...is indeed a killer. Plus Bert & Ernie could have teamed up with The Hound to take down The Mountain.


I'm on board with this version. The ending credits could just be that clip of Nikolaj playing the opening theme on the kazoo. Would still be more emotionally satisfying than what we got imo


Exactly plus a nice lil end of credits scene with Elmo giving an overall moral of the story "Elmo says...don't bang family members" Better then what we got, fun, exciting with a nice moral message to finish it off with.


Muppets, lol, actually, yes!


Literally anyone who actually cared about the characters and the story would have done a better job.


Honestly that’s true and it’s the worst part.


They could have let the actors group-write seasons 7&8, and it would have been a thousand times better.


That would ha e been good. I also liked the one suggestion here from a few months ago where Briane asks him not to go. So he doesn't and that's just it. He steps away from it all to be with her and is never more or less than that.


Whelp. That's the best one I've ever heard. Him sitting on his horse, being asked to stay....hm struggling with it for a moment, then getting off the horse.


Should’ve been eaten by dragon in loot train


I mean that's usually what happens in real life


actually, damn, wow, that's an awesome idea. having jaime murder cersei in an act of mercy would have been an incredible way to cap off their arc. it suits EVERYTHING about their relationship. now i'm upset AGAIN


The simps at r naath do lol Poor poor idiots


The only thing that irks me about them is them sullying the good name of Naath & Missandei.


It was more like a circle


So...two arcs?


Go over to r/naath and witness some flat earther type kneelers in real time


This is disgusting, i couldn't bare to look at more than 3 post.


Subverted expectations in the worst way imaginable.


It was a good arc though, from season one to five....


I do! Totally bought it too! The only thing in the last 2 series I agree with.


Heart crushing, at around 75% he was just about my favorite character and was rooting for him


Just when I think there are no more GoT memes that can make me laugh...


Honestly, this ones great lol


[This](https://www.reddit.com/r/freefolk/comments/hacrmj/year_ago_i_made_a_reddit_account_just_so_i_can/) is literally a stolen post. I know this cause I'm the guy who made it. I dont know how reddit allows so many repost.


They even stole the title, bastards! Have my free award as compensation. I love the meme and it’s one of my favourite films.


Missed that one. Thank you for making such a great meme worthy of stealing.


Congrats on that. Never saw it before. It’s worthy!


I'm glad it was reposted though because I hadn't seen it. Great job!




OP copied even the original title, which was a pretty personal one. It's most likely a bot or a karma farmer.


Kind of a bozo comment right here lol.


No, the title is stolen as well. That's the title of the original post.


OP is a bot. Reddit is filled with reposts bots. Your meme has been stolen by another bot today btw.


thanks for letting me know. I dont know what i can do about it. I just reported it and moved on, nothing more i can do


What is the original script here, how does he realize it’s the bad guy?


>T-800: [to John; normal voice] What's the dog's name? >John: Max. >T-800: [impersonating John's voice] Hey Janelle, what's wrong with Wolfie? I can hear him barking. Is he all right? >Foster Mother: Wolfie's fine, honey. Wolfie's just fine. Where are you? >T-800: [hangs up the phone] Your foster parents are dead.


Thank you! I need to give this a rewatch, such a classic


Yes I agree season 8 is timeless


They're talking about m.a.s.h. season 8.


Not Scrubs season 8?


Reno 911 Season 8


Fun Fact: comedian Jon Lajoie took his band name from this line: [Wolfie's Just Fine](https://youtu.be/qG8iAtpavK4)




Im surprised we dont see this template more!


You can in the [original post](https://www.reddit.com/r/freefolk/comments/hacrmj/year_ago_i_made_a_reddit_account_just_so_i_can/)


You got done dirty.


Dude still got 21k karma for his efforts. Reposts can be annoying but let's not pretend he got done dirty


This post got a platinum & 2 golds. OG post got 1 measely gold lol.


Good meme


What a template! Lmao best meme iv seen in a while


Nothing do with GOT but I love how she was Vasquez in Aliens before this and later in a small part in Titanic.


I had to Google that... Holy shit was Vasquez a badass, the proto Michelle Rodriguez. You just gave me a new movie trivia answer and I thank you!


[This is a repost. Im the original creator of this meme.](https://www.reddit.com/r/freefolk/comments/hacrmj/year_ago_i_made_a_reddit_account_just_so_i_can/)


Upvote this!




So many things to be angry about, but this was the worst for me.


Imagine being so bad at sex that one night with you makes a man go back on his development to sleep with his sister


I only found out recently that the foster mum was also Velasquez "have you ever been mistaken for a man" from aliens she was an absolute bad ass in aliens




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A noble reason to create an account- the rage is so strong still.


Almost the 2 year anniversary of the alleged finale


Joined Reddit after episode 3.




This is a repost. Original poster is in the comments




placing the catapults in front of the walls was a very brilliant tactical decision.


Trebuchets you pleb


Sounds just like James Willems


Love this meme set up lol.


Fuck Jaimie Lannister. I say this with sadness in my heart.


Not dead. Just a kneeler. Which is practically the same thing. Dead inside.


For me that was the only satisfying arc of the ending. Sometimes love is stupid and you can’t do anything about it.


Exactly, I believe Jamie even specifically says in both the books and show “we don’t get to choose who we love”, he was ALWAYS going to end up with Cersei.


same here, I thought his arc in the end was a tragedy... it could've been done better but it didn't feel *that* out of character to me. Also book!Jaime and show!Jaime are two very different persons, as are book!Cersei and show!Cersei, so I don't think comparing the endings to their book personas is very fair.


Love or the writers?


Good meme


which terminator movie is this from again?


If you're serious, the second one: Judgment Day.


I am, thanks bro


I thought Jamie said those things to Brienne because he loved her but he knew he had to stop Cersei and saying those were the only way to get her to leave him. If only that was what really happened.


Im so sad I did not have an account during the heyday of the memes...


They assassinated his character, straight up.


Me too


I liked Jamie arc on the book


Sorry everyone. [I'm on the guy who predicted Jamie Lannister was going to die in Brienne of Tarth's arms from a scene set up earlier.](https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/940094/Game-of-Thrones-season-8-Cersei-Lannister-death-Lena-Headey-Jaime-Lannister) And that is likely why D&D had that terrible ending.


Jaime's story arc was immediately harmed after D&D decided to change Cersei's personality. In the books, Cersei is a narcissistic person who does not love her children and sees them only as a means to power. She brainwashes Tommen so that she can exercise power herself. However, she is afraid that she will lose control of him because Tommen is married off to Margaery. This is one of the reasons why she wants to eliminate Margaery. Cersei does this by sending a mature man to seduce that underage child, with the intention that Margaery will be captured (innocently) by the Faith on charges of disloyalty and high treason. This way, Cersei can once again fully exert the bad influence over Tommen. However, this plan goes awry. In Jaime, book-Cersei sees only a mirror image of herself, no more. There is no "real love" between Cersei and Jaime. Jaime is merely seen as an extension of herself.When Jaime ends up outside Cersei's sphere of influence in the books, Jaime begins to develop autonomy and generally a personality of his own (partly due to Brienne). If he later returns to Cersei, she is disgusted with him. Cersei is no longer interested in him, because he is no longer an exact copy of herself. Jaime realizes that Cersei does not love her (only pretends to) and that she herself has sex with many others. Jaime breaks all ties with Cersei and meets Brienne again (both are now being judged by Lady Stoneheart). George R. R. Martin has already responded in fan mail that the ending with Cersei/Jaime of the TV series is "an alternate reality" and that it is not inspired by the plans in the books. We can assume that Jaime will definitely stay out of Cersei's narcissistic sphere of influence and that they will not die in each other's arms. In the show, Cersei loves the children, who are unfortunately threatened by Margaery who is trying to brainwash them. Oh, and Jaime loves her, unconditionally. Cersei was justified in everything she did in the show - Jaime continues to love him. Well, D&D have decided to shift Cersei's bad qualities to Margaery. Cersei got whitewashed, and that has huge impact on Jaime's story arc.


This might be the greatest meme of all time


That's fresh




This made me laugh hard