Ultra Male so far


What are you going to wear? Thats important too and can play into it, you want your look to match your scent. Dont wanna look like a manly man but smell like a lollipop and vice versa lol


Ultra Male 100%




I like ultra male but imma have to go with spicebomb extreme, it’s more mature for this scenario


Ultra male. I've been a collector for about 10 years. Every girl i dated was into sweet scents and did not appreciate spicy frags. I wear spicebomb or pure malt in the cold evening out for myself, but ultra male or one million for a date.


Good date scents are about what makes you feel confident and inspired. Pick the one that makes you feel the best! If it were my choice of the two, it'd be SpiceBomb Extreme.


Spicebomb Extreme all the way


I own both. I would go with Spicebomb Extreme. The spices make for a cozier winter scent. However, I can also see Ultra Male and the fruit/vanilla sweetness working here as well. With either fragrance, go light on the sprays.


Ultra Male imo It’s more likeable, more playful, and sweeter


I would go with spicebomb extreme personally


I see Ultra Male more as a clubbing scent or if used in a dating scenario for younger people, up to say early 20s. It’s very sweet and synthetic.


Whichever makes you feel more confident.


Don't do the Spicebomb it's got tobacco in it, don't do that unless you know the person well enough. Go with the UM.


Alpha Male.


SBE all the way but as someone said it don’t overdo it 2-3 spray is enough


Even one spray is. No need to tell everyone you're here, at least it would be rude where I'm from. Alpha male 2 spray make my whole car fill up, i think less is more :) but i know it's different for everyone.


One spray of SBE on my skin isn't gonna get noticed by anyone unless their nose is pressed against me, do you guys really only use one? Maybe my 2022 bottle needs to sit for a while but even with 5-6 sprays it's soft and airy, definitely wouldn't say it's a strong scent that you need to be careful with at risk of offending people One or two spray max is sauvage elixir or oud satin mood territory, my SBE bottle isn't even in the same dimension as those in terms of performance


That's wild! Maybe I'm just very sensitive to smells in general, love perfumes but i cannot use more than maximum 2 spraye of basically any of the ones i have. I have mostly niche ones so they are fairly strong too, but i am not trying to create a wave of smell behind me since i wear it for myself. But honestly if i were to use more than 2 sprays itd be headache inducing and for sure leaving trails everywhere. Maybe our cultures wearing perfume is different, here in general someone wearing so much that they leave a trail is not really something people appreciate. Most also only wear perfumes here for evenings when going out, so i try to keep things low-key.


I'm not sure what the fragrance culture is where I'm from, hardly anyone I know wears any fragrances at all, but of those that do I almost always appreciate catching their scent and I'll let them know they smell great I usually apply a number of sprays to create a light bubble around me so that people who are close to me can smell it occasionally as the air moves around For me, 2 sprays is rarely enough to achieve that unless it's a strong performer When you wear fragrances, do you apply them with the expectation that nobody else should be able to smell it? If that's the case I can see why 2 sprays is your max


Well, i think i pick up smells very easily and for office work i don't want it to be strong and bother colleagues. But outside i basically use the same amount but different perfumes. Ultra male for example filled my entire car with smell instantly with just two sprays, my wife was instantly omg why you smell so good? But it was very strong, maybe it's just me, my wife often only smell it when it's fresh on, or of shes close or if it's some of my strong niche ones. No one ever mentions perfumes around me, so i don't know if anyone can smell it or not really.


Could be olifactory fatigue. Sauvage Elixir is the stronger of the two, but SBE is still powerful stuff. I started noticing how potent it really is after I stopped using it for a while, I’d say 3 sprays of SBE is more than enough without going noseblind.


I thought it might be too, but I've tried applying 5-6 sprays, then asking someone 1-2 hours later if they can smell anything on me and they can't unless they get up *real* close, i.e. nose 1cm away from skin Also, my friends wouldn't keep it a secret if I was walking around in a nuclear scent cloud, they're not weird like that How old is your bottle? There's a bunch of fragrantica reviews mentioning that newer ones don't perform at all as well With sauvage elixir I've had people comment on it 10 hours after applying two sprays when I walk past them, which is worlds apart from my experience with SBE


I only bought mine about two months ago. I wore it to the office and it left a notable scent trail that people picked up on with me.


Maybe it just doesn't work on my skin then, dunno I hope it gets a bit better with time, I'm not wearing it at all for now


Any of the fragrances that you mentioned would be fine. They're all mass pleasing scents. Put your energy into being present and confident on your date instead. Good luck


ultra male is elite


I prefer Spicebomb Extreme, but only one spray on the chest under the shirt. I'm a middle aged female btw. But the safest route would be no fragrance at all, just clean and showered.


Do wear "male" scents yourself?


I do! I enjoy Dior Homme Extreme, La Nue de L'homme(YSL), Spicebomb, Layton(PdM), Habit Rouge(Guerlain), ToyBoy, and many others. I also like many "masculine leaning" unisex scents. I also love lots of super femme scents like Delina and Angel.


Thanks for responding! Answered my question and follow up!


1st date with this person? Don't wear any perfume. Just shower and groom yourself well.


you must not go on a lot of dates then


This doesn’t make any sense. Why not impress your date by wearing a very nice perfume?


A lot of people are afraid to be themselves.


SBE is perfect for this scenario


I’d use SBE, goes perfect with the cold weather. But I also think Ultra Male is far too sweet so I’m biased there.


Ultra Male, Spicebomb Extreme is far from a "romantic" fragrance, imho.


I would go with Spicebomb Extreme. Anyway there's no point in follow these rules some youtuber created. They all complain about "smelling like some ex boyfriend" and suggest LNDL to anyone everytime at every date. Choose a fragrance you like and represents you, it's not that difficult. This whole "sexy fragrances" thing is pointless. People are sexy, not fragrances. A hot guy is still hot wearing a cheap cologne and an unappealing guy still remains unappealing even if it smells like LNDL.


this. 100% true. If you are not sexy, wearing sexy fragrance will never make you sexy.


Ultra male