Is PR DC Supershow Blue a vintage safe ink?

I'm guessing it isn't. Just wanna get the views of the experts.


This brand has a lot of issues with mold in their inks. I wouldn't use anything from this brand in a vintage pen (or any pen really).


That’s a long time ago and 1 or 2 owners ago. I have 18 bottles of PR ink, some over 20 years old. I had one bottle of Dakota Red from the 1990s that had slime and it was a known problem and PR replaced it. Now, I’m not a fan of highly saturated inks in vintage pens as they may stain plastics of that era. But mold isn’t my concern with current PR inks.


No... people are on here every week with moldy PR ink that they urchased recently. It's still an issue to this day. They've never erradicated it from their line.


Duly noted. This ink is never going in my old pens.


Yeah, tht's a good decision. Just search this sub and you'll see the posts about the mold issues.


I used it for years with no issues