They whine about this every election. Land doesn't vote grandma! :)


Imma pull a grandma and say “if you don’t like it then leave.” There are more voters in Chicago because that’s how population density works.


Well grandma when the metro Chicago area has a population of over 10 million while the rest of the state has a combined population of 2 million. That is how its going to work. Please note all figures presented are a little rough and but still show the population differences.


Guess what Grandma. The one time your voice outweighed Chicago's in recent history, we wound up with Bruce Rauner and four years of having no state budget.


Which forced the sale of most nonprofit nursing homes into the corporate world, in which they are repeatedly stripped and sold. The resident protections in those agreements will run out soon, too... just in time for grandma to reap what she sowed.


Yeah that was fun


That feel when I don't live near Chicago but still voted blue. We're out here, grandma! Recognize us!!


Lemme check the Illinois county vote for 2020 [Oh look blue islands](https://www.cnn.com/election/2020/results/president)


Funny enough there is an actual Blue Island, IL.


And yet grandma still opposes getting rid of the electoral college.


Illinois may be bad, but come listen to NY cry. I live upstate with the conservative chucklefucks. But there are 5+ upstate cities that would make the state purple/blue without NYC. They just don’t get it and never will.


What I've always hated about this argument is that the people inside Chicago and the people outside Chicago have the EXACT. SAME. VOICE. Chicago residents don't vote as one big monolith, either. Grandma could move to Chicago, vote republican to her heart's content, and it still has the value of her vote in the suburbs/rural areas. It's not like living in Wyoming versus living in California, where a Wyoming resident's vote is worth more than the Californian's. And even then, they don't want to get rid of the electoral college because "California and New York shouldn't decide our elections". Well, they wouldn't. The millions who LIVE in California and New York would contribute a lot to the outcome, yes, but why shouldn't they? Why shouldn't Californians' and New Yorkers' opinions matter? In short, fuck you Grandma.


Yup, pick a person who is famously from Ohio.


A nearby town "overwhelmingly" voted to separate Chicago from the rest of Illinois. It won with 141 votes. That's how small the town is. Everyone there is on welfare with broken down rotting homes, but they think Chicago is somehow taking their money.