It's ok to like Mercedes if they are not winning.


My favorite team is whichever team is currently in 2nd place


So big Ferrari fan, are we?


Or winning boringly (The silver wars is when they were winning constantly but not boringly)


Correct me if I'm wrong but this is an obvious reference to Nico Rosberg the 2016 WDC who beat 7x WDC Lewis Hamilton in the same machinery who beat Fernando Alonso in the same machinery who beat Kimi Raikkonen in the same machinery who beat Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in the same machinery.


Nico Rosberg, the Monaco based youtuber?


The one and only with the monster antibodies?




Goes by Brittney I presume


"Brittney's in the wall"


Keke Rosberg his dad's grandson.


The based Monaco youtuber


When did Kimi beat Alonso and Hamilton in the same machinery?


google 'spygate'


Holly hell!


And now Russell.


I mean... 2017 also deserves a shout, I think people forget that it was actually advantage seb in the first half of the season... and like, the WHOLE first half of the season


Until Singapore 😔


Friendship with Redbull over, Now Mercedes is my new best friend


In fact, that's the best time to like Mercedes. I root against any team who is winning everything all the time. Competition is fun. Dominance is better in the history books than to witness in real time


It legit blows my mind that there are people who bitched endlessly about Hamilton dominating every year who are suddenly okay with Red Bull being unchallenged now.


Exept Red Bull didnt really have a car advantege this year, Ferrari was just a bit confused


By the mid-season mark, Ferrari had an obvious drop off, and Merc only really challenged for the top car once all season.


Except that RedBull did almost the entire 2nd half of the season? Ferrari wasn’t the fastest car after the break lol


Thats the neat part i dont like them whatsoever winning losing anything they do in the sport makes me dislike them /s


Funny how I feel the same towards red bull. No "/s" necessary


Unless you are Jewish


My friend would like to know where this image is from, some sort of research project I suspect.


Tell your friend it's Riley Reid. Not sure the video though so they may need to just watch them all until they find it. Hope this helps


Fortunately Riley Reid did approximately just 3 movies. Easy to find!


My dude here measuring movie runtime in Lord-of-the-Rings-Exxxtended-editions.


💀💀 I think she only shoots with women and her husband since like 2019 but man, she’s given us so much content to last forever lol I feel like she’s gonna retire now that she’s a mom tho.


RR popped out a kid?


Yep. She’s married with a baby. Their daughter looks exactly like the dad but with Riley’s eye color.Riley hasn’t shot content with a guy in years because she met her husband. They do look pretty happy!


Wait, can you legally marry a baby now? This world has gone to shit


Biden’s America ^^/^^s


Pls. I’m wheezing.


💀 Sorry about the wording. We all have the flu over here and I have sick brain lol


> Riley hasn’t shot content with a guy in years because she met her husband. They do look pretty happy! That is pretty wholesome, can't lie.




Over 1000 scenes, but lets round it down to 1000 for convenience. That is a 33,233% margin of error, *approximately*.


I'll get right on that! Edit: *He* will get right on that.


That’s a lot of watching


Highly recommend your friend to google “Riley Reid Eva Lovia Manuel ~~Ferrari~~ Ferrara” It’s great content for his research






















Jokes aside - I definitely don’t hate Mercedes. It was def boring when Lewis and Merc were winning all the time, it was easy to portray them as the bad guy, the ‘final boss’. That plus the toxic Lewis fans. So when they had their downfall at the start of the season, of course I relished in it a bit. But honestly, Towards the mid-end of the season as they fought their way back, I found myself rooting for them, and definitely respecting them and recognizing that they are def a good team. I would love nothing more than Ferrari, Merc, and red bull to be consistently fighting each other for races, that would be amazing. It was the years of domination and the toxic fans that soured it back then


The 3 way fight would be epic. I’m really hoping we get something like that next season. I’m expecting Red Bull to still have a lot of control, hoping Merc will regain some of their old form, and Ferrari can figure themselves out. The only downside is that they might leave the rest of the teams behind, but they’ll catch up at some point.


As much as I loathed Mercedes through the late 2010s for the utter domination, I have serious respect for them as an entity. Toto runs a tight, but fair ship: there's no BS or messing around like some other outfifts (*cough* Ferrari *cough*) and their organisational efficiency is unparalleled.


Yeah I rooted for Max last year and found myself Rooting for Lewis over Max this year as it became obvious Redbull was just gonna pull away with it. Honestly, I’d have taken anyone over a Max win, bonus points if it was Goatifi


Fellas, do we really hate Mercedes or just the toxic assholes who ruin it for everyone. Merc have brought alot to this sport as well as that monstrous engine


No serious fan hates Mercedes. What I didn't enjoy is Mercedes being miles ahead of the rest of the pack. 2021 was a good season. Every race weekend you had no idea who was going to win. Max and Lewis were ahead but there was Valtteri or Checo waiting just behind them to snatch a win. Hell, even Ocon and Danny Ric managed to get one. 2022 started off promisingly. But all that fell apart when the RB dominance started. That is when the season took a turn for the worse. Now imagine 2022 continuing for the next 7/8 years. That's dreadful to think of.


2022 started off promisingly but everything changed when Ferrari's strategy attacked


This is the correct answer.




This. I got bored of the same driver winning all the time, but that was also true in Seb’s glory days and now with Max. I just want good exciting racing, it’s got nothing to do with any specific team or driver.


It wasn’t for Seb though, was it? He had the first half of 2011 and the latter of 2013. Nowhere near the Mercfest we had for years on end


No but at the time it was fairly dominant. Nothing close to Merc later but I can very clearly remember thinking “Ugh Vettel AGAIN”.


Yes, for half a season every other season. Was pretty boring the tail end of 2013 but that Spa - AD run had nothing on 2014-2016 or even 2014-2020


I’m curious, in the last 20 years what season has had the most individual Grand Prix winner’s?


2012 had 8 unique GP winners https://f1bytes.com/highest-number-of-winning-drivers-in-a-season/


Nice one


Bingo. Not sure how anyone can actually specifically dislike a team (though Papa Stroll's toxic vibes make it hard) if you're a fan of F1 and not just some bandwagoner


I’d disagree. I had no problems with Mercedes being ahead, sure I’d prefer otherwise but each season of their dominance was a decent season. 2014-2016 had great battles between Rosberg and Hamilton, and the occasional plucky Red Bull/Ferrari. 2017-2018 were some decent title battles between Vettel and Hamilton. 2019 and 2020 were perhaps less interesting with the title fight, but had some of the greatest midfield battles and 2019 had some good battles at the front too even if there was no title challenge. 2021 had an extremely close title fight as well, and 2022 would’ve been close if it wasn’t for Ferrari, but offered some great racing. What I don’t like about Mercedes is Toto Wolff, how Mercedes seems to make their drivers absolute twats when they join them (bar Bottas), and their toxic fans. As a result, I’d argue I have no issues with Mercedes doing well, but I can’t stand the team whatsoever. Maybe remove their fans and Toto and my mind might change. Disclaimer: The same can be said for Red Bull, but I don’t mind them when you consider the context. Christian Horner is a shit stirrer and is entertaining and funny when you keep that in context. Max is too blunt/honest for his own good, but he does need to control his temper more so I’m a bit 50/50 with him. Toto on the other hand is a hypocritical politician who straight up lies and bullies the paddock in order to get his way, his toxic fans then lap it up and reproduce everything he says without realising how hypocritical they are. Meanwhile the drivers are just PR robots not saying anything genuine, and when they do say something genuine they’re better off being quite. Just adding this disclaimer before I get the inevitable, “WhAt AbOuT rEdBuLl”.


You dislike the team because of their fans? They can't control what people are their fans. The fans are not part of Mercedes


No, I dislike the team mostly because of Toto. The fans just make it harder to celebrate their success, especially considering Mercedes, or Toto to be precise, encourages their behaviour.


You single out Toto on things that all of the team principals do. Seems a little unfair to me. Dislike the team all you want, but you can't say you dislike a team because of a reason and then ignore that exact same reason for the other teams. Literally all of the TPs are hypocritical politicians that do anything to get what they want. Edit: Nice for blocking me. I don't support any of the teams more, idk where that accusation comes from. It's obvious, just a deluded RB 'fan' boy who can't stand other teams. At least I dont have a toxic hate boner for any of them. I dont understand why you would base yourself around hating something, just be positive


Cute, downvoting because you just disagree and you’re using baseless arguments because I don’t like the same team as you? For a starters, I never said I only felt that way about Mercedes. Frankly, you only really see it with teams fighting for the title, which over the turbo hybrid era has just been Ferrari, Red Bull, and Mercedes (Williams never really got involved in politics when they were still somewhat at the front). I explained why I don’t feel that way for Red Bull although I can acknowledge why others do. Ferrari I used to feel the same way, but as of late the politics have all been internal, and I’ve grown fond of them as a rival (I’m a McLaren fan) in the same way the British and French don’t like each other, but only we can bully each other. McLaren get a free pass since I’ve been a fan of them since a baby along with the rest of my family. Never was much of a fan of Frank Williams, although I can respect everything he’s achieved. The matter of the fact is though, excluding some Ferrari and Renault (and Horner for some people), Toto is one of the worst when it comes to this. The only thing is, he’s a politician and investor, not a team principle, so he dresses up his words nicely such that idiots don’t realise what he’s actually doing and fans can feign naïveté. That’s why I’m singling him out at the moment, cause to be Frank the only one as bad as him right now is Horner, and at least Horner is entertaining in how he goes about it. Anyway, is there anything else you want to cry about? You’re not going to get on a high horse and force any agendas down my throat so piss off.


Wow, you’re seriously going to accuse me of blocking you now? You are pathetic. Anyway, no I’m not some deluded RB fan, I’ve literally pointed out I’m a McLaren fan. And I said earlier that I didn’t like Max either because essentially he’s a twat. I just said they’re more tolerable because Horner is at least entertaining (has a strong British sense of humour, so I can see why it rubs some people the wrong way). Anyway, I don’t hate Mercedes, I’m just not a fan of them, heck even from the get go I was saying I had no issues with their dominance since at least for the most part the races were entertaining. Also, I’m not the one trying to force my opinions onto you either. It’s clear you’re a fanboy when you’re lying about your position and trying to force people change their opinions on someone. People are entitled to like and dislike whoever.


I don’t like Mercedes dominance but I don’t put the blame for that on Mercedes. They played the game and won, and now it’s a different game and RB appears to be winning. The game changes every once in a while and someone new draws a good hand. You can’t fault them for being good. (I’m not a merc fan)


Mercedes developed the hybrid tech first, and then lobbied it to f1.


Just like how Porsche had a specific set of engine requirements to enter F1? Every team does that, lobbying stuff that’s gonna help them.


As of now, its only ever happened to mercedes.


Ah someone wasn't around during the engine token development system times.


This is it. It's the job of a team to make the fastest car and get the fastest drivers (or fastest drivers that won't fight), and Merc did that for ages. RB did it at the start of the 2010s and Ferrari did that in the 2000s. I don't get the hate, it's just what the sport is all about


2022 was worse than any season where LH won the championship in a Mercedes.


I was gonna say “you’re on r/formuladank”, what do you think? But then I remembered there are **A LOT** of people on here who just use it as an extension of Twitter.


i dont hate mercedes, i just found the last few years pretty boring and if RB continues to dominate like this i will find RB boring too


Nothing but respect for Mercedes, horrible things for toxic retarded internet warriors


Mercedes act as if their shit doesn’t stink, when casual viewing shows how arrogant and hypocritical they can be when they’re not cruising out front or disagreeing in-house. Mercedes is why I don’t like Mercedes. They’re like the soccer player who cry’s over a scraped knee for too long because tactically that’s the best move and they want to make the best move.


Like RB, Ferrari, McLaren don't? Politics is an integral part of F1 along with PR, everyone does it. So why hate just one team?


Other teams never called their racewinning car a shitbox and never apologized to their drivers That's a good start.


>Mercedes act as if their shit doesn’t stink, when casual viewing shows how arrogant and hypocritical they can be when they’re not cruising out front or disagreeing in-house. True, they absolutely do this. But, so does just about everyone else who is fighting for something. The teams who are most "likable" are generally the ones at the back of the pack not fighting for anything. This is the way its always been


Was Redbull doing this during Vettel’s time? I would say that’s when I liked Vettel most. I thought Webber was just sort of there. The team would even get frustrated when Vettel would try to set fast lap at the end of the race. If anything Vettel is more annoying to me now with a new cause to support every other race, despite being an all around decent guy.


So you hate all 10 teams in F1 then? Because they all do exactly what you just described. Why do you even watch F1 if you like none of the teams?


Half of the teams would probably need to be televised a bit more first. I thought Russell was an asshole equally at both teams though.


Facts that will get downvoted.


I dont hate them, I just don't want them to win because I support other drivers. You can support a team, but respect their rivals. Don't tell F1 Twitter this though


I’ve got nothing against the team, I just dislike Lewis and Toto’s holier than thou, humble in victory, sour in defeat attitude.


I don’t hate Merc. I don’t even really hate Lewis. I hate Toto and I hate the toxic cult of fans which surround them. I only strongly dislike Lewis when he’s being a blatant hypocrite.


It's not their fault others in some years just couldn't compete, just as RBR in Sebs days and RBR this year, it happens.


Definitely that and the very very dull Mercedes dominance years. If they go winless for a couple of seasons, seem a bit more humble about F1 and their place in it I think they'll get the same treatment Red Bull got for breaking the steak before everything went nuclear 😂


Anyone who doesn't hate Merc isn't an F1 fan.


Anyone who genuinely hates any team is not an F1 fan


I only hate Merc for their treatment of Bottas. I still deep inside love Mercedes and just forcefully support the Circus of Ferrari


For all the brilliant engineers and strategists out by there who’re working pretty hard on R&D, the name is Riley Reid




The real question is, why do you love Mick so much? Enough to start liking a team you previously hated. He must really have some set of balls on him. People can’t seem to stop sucking on them.


*Suck my balls, mate* ![gif](giphy|paI2pvBQx68q75IQlc)


Salted treats are a favourite of mine


Super nice guy+Schumacher blood= Love. Mick is the only one in the grid most young people can relate to, which make up a big part of the fanbase. Sure Lando looks and acts like a child, but have you seen his shenanigans with his Portuguese Supermodel gf? Mick does none of that. That’s why we love him and those Balls are some tasty shit.


Never said I previously hated them. Just not a big fan of any of their drivers so naturally a driver I like will bring me to like the team a bit more.


I mean, he’s a nice guy and has Schumacher as his name. We want and hope to see him being a world champion one day.


World champion in what exactly? Cause there is no way it is going to be F1 related…




I guess people have no problem with treating someone better because of his dad when they like the dad.


I never liked the dad, but Mick seems too wholesome to not wish him the best.


I wish him the best, just not an F1 seat. He's...not...a...very...good...driver. Magic, Bird, Jordan... Their kids don't DESERVE an NBA roster spot because they are decent basketball players.


It's because of his last name. If he wasn't named Schumacher, people wouldn't be calling for Guenther's head half the time. He'd just disappear like Mazepin did.


Do you think there's no difference in the way they conduct themselves between Mick and Mazepin? I get that you have this idea in your head but that doesn't make it true


Fr, I fucking hate the idea that liking a driver because of his name is apparently acceptable and normal to some people


Lots of people grew up adoring Schumacher, it's completely normal to therefore want to see his family do well too. Especially considering what happened to Michael himself. Do you not understand this?


No, not really. I grew up watching Seb win his 4 titles and rooted for him when I was little, doesn't mean I'll particularly care if a kid of his happens to enter the sport in 20 years.


Strange. It's nice to see a legacy carried on. It's different if the kid is a brat but Mick is a gent.


You're probably a new fan, but some of us grew up admiring Micheal. It's perfectly normal to like a team because of a driver.


I have been a fan since I was a little kid, I was rooting for Seb when he won his four titles. I get liking a team because of a driver, I don't get liking a driver because his dad was a driver.


I don't think its weird, but I'm also not really a picky guy. It also helps he's a likeable guy.


I’m curious what makes you hate Mick so much. Regardless of who his dad is he seems like one of the most genuinely nice people to race in F1. How could a person like that be hated so much?


I don't hate him at all. He's a great person from what I can tell and he is a good enough driver that I think he deserves another chance in 2024. But I cannot stand it when someone is placed on a pedestal for something out of their control, like which family they come from. Sure, I'd like for him to succeed, but it seems as if people expect you care more about Mick than everyone else, especially in the German F1 community, which I just find extremely irritating.


Is that a kevin magnussen reference?? 😲😲😲




Get out.


Where the fuck is that picture from… I don’t think I want to know actually


You would think for how many fans he has Mick is a fast driver or something, what’s the deal?


Last name Also he's a nice bloke you can't help but root for the guy


With the last name Schumacher, a lot of people *really want* Mick to be some otherworldly talent who has the potential to win races or even championships if put in the right team and given the time to develop to his full potential. Is he actually that sort of talent? Most likely not even close, but we'll never really know if his entire F1 career is just 2 years in a backmarker team whose principal doesn't really know how to manage younger drivers.


He is like the perfect underdog story. Battling his way through the ranks of F3 and F2 and winning them, through a shitty team boss, shitty car, unrealistic expectations because of his last name and trying to prove himself, and on top of that he stays humble and friendly to all. How can you not root for him really?


I drove a mercedes and was a merc fan obvi.. orderd an audi it arrives in 2023 q3 so i can already prepare some ornage wrap and a big audi sport f1 badge to support my new favorite team


Honestly, not a dig at Lewis but his horrible fan base, if Mick replaces Lewis and they still have George then I'd probably put them as the team i'd support other than McLaren.




When did I say that? Edit: lots of stupid people who think that stating that if a scenario happens you'd be happy is the same as saying you think that scenario will happen. I'd be very happy to win the lottery, does that sound like I think I'm going to win the lottery? 🤦‍♂️




Does that say that I think that hypothetical scenario is likely or does it just state my emotional response IF it happened?


You are P1 in mental gymnastics w/ fastest lap.


If tomorrow at 23:59, 90% of the world spontaneously turns into zombies, I'm going to have a very bad time. Doesn't mean I think it's likely to happen, just that it'll be bad if it did.


Thanks, it's very difficult to deal with those who struggle to engage brain when reading like an F1 driver trying to engage reverse gear.


Not quite sure repeating what i said for the hard of thinking is mental gymnastics but if the shoe fits... Well you probably need someone to help put your shoes on without dribbling into them.


But with Mick driving they will be the ones exceeding the cost cap…


if you like redbull it should be easy. all you have to do is change the color you like. from blue, red, yellow to silver, black, cyan. and that it.




nobody likes merecedes


Mercedes is my favorite team.


Mick could crash every free practice session + qualifying and race and people would still suck his dick


I'll root for him because of who is Dad is but I think you are taking things a little more into the fantasy zone. Be safe.


That’s exactly how I felt when RB started dominating hard…


It’s ok to like Mercedes because RedBull have the best team-mates. 👍


Haven't seen this template in a minute


Is this what happens when you sleep with a Merc fan?


Wouldn't know. Everytime I tried they kept calling and saying their tires were gone and they wouldn't make it or someone turned right into them


We actually shout “Blimey!” when we finish


Why do you morons like Mick so much.


Basedcedes sheesh 🥶🥶🥶 cringe bulls 🤮🤮🤮


Please tell me you forgot the /s


Oh yeah, nothing’s gonna win my allegiance more than them signing *~checks notes~* the kid who has barely earned a drive.


If the Mercedes rumors are true he will be reserve driver for Williams. Alex would be promoted to Mercedes’ if Lewis or George aren’t able to race which could bring in mick to sit in Versus fipalitaldi


Mick Back In 2024 With Villian Arc In Mercedes Like His Dad During The Last Years Of His Career🥶🥶🥶


Tremendously dannnnnnnnk!!


I don't think people hate merc for their dominance, I think they're hated because of team lh. Sure those years if dominance were boring but the "fans" made it insufferable. Don't hate merc for creating a car none of the other teams could touch for 8 straight years.


Mercedes is ok, but they attract a ... well ... interesting driver profile ...


I don’t understand all the love for Mick. He’s like vanilla ice cream: its good because ice cream but there are so many other better flavours.