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It is possible to not like someone, and still respect them. I have huge respect for what Lewis does for oppressed groups. I am no Lewis fan - feel free to check my comment history - but this is pretty badass IMO. Good on him.


except when it's Mazepin, noone likes nor respects him


I mean, we have women refusing to play Chess world championships that are favorites to win because they're hosted in Saudi Arabia. A much, much lower paid group that probably spends a much greater percentage of their life working on their trade. Then they give up their biggest payday to make a statement against the country. Lewis puts a rainbow on his helmet and still attends. Not exactly a bold or brace act. About on par with the effort of most memes posted here :o


He is a visible minority in an elitist sport so he is already on thin ice. He uses his massive platform to give a voice to oppressed groups. That is a hell of a lot more than most professional athletes are willing to do. Also a hell of a lot more effort than most memes posted here :o


You know for a *fact* that if Lewis didn't attend, the same haters that say his current actions aren't enough will also say that's not enough. *You should have done it sooner!!* *Why didn't you also do it at [place]??* *You're only dropping out now to make excuses for when Max inevetably wins!!* *Do you really think that'll acheive anything?? You're just a woke virtue signaller!!*


Also additionally if he would like not attend to events I think he could get easily into lawsuits with maybe sponsors or even liberty media as well. Tbh I do quite understand that you don’t want to throw away your job to demonstrate that these countries are bad.


“Probably spends a much greater percentage of their life working on their trade”. So you’re either purposefully making a bad faith argument, or you started following F1 yesterday. These guys literally live the sport. I am not familiar with the chess players to which you are referring, but I am sure that you are right that it was a monumental sacrifice for them. Much more than Lewis. And? Why is it necessary to compare the two? This is also a bad faith argument. The man is at the top of one of the most financially driven sports in the world, in a country where it is illegal to be gay, and is wearing a pride flag. No disrespect to the feats of the chess players you mentioned, but how much media exposure are they getting? Lewis is sending a message, and it is loud. Does it require great sacrifice? no, not really. H knows his contract is secure, and he is financially more than set. But I really don’t see why that is relevant. You are really grasping at straws to find any way to bring it down, and it is pretty transparent. “Ooooh he did something illegal in protest? Yeah but did he go on hunger strike? If not then he’s basically posting memes on Reddit”. Like you’re just wrong. And a twat.


I’m perfectly capable of admiring Lewis Hamilton the person and hating Lewis Hamilton the F1 driver. The voices in my head guide me to the right answer


I like him as a person. I supported him in his McLaren days (and first year in Merc) but I just don’t want him winning anymore. I want a new champion, I want a change. Lewis winning is just boring now outside of when it’s a genuinely great drive.


It's also possible to say he's a really good driver, I just don't really want him to win any more. I stopped watching f1 at the early turbo-hybrid Mercedes domination for a reason, after all.


Watch. Don’t watch. The best win wither way.


Exactly, Lewis Hamilton the person is a huge proponent for human rights and is taking a stand for something important in a country that hates LGBT people. That's awesome and totally separate from his on track driving.


The only thing I dislike about Lewis the person is that he forces his dog into being vegan. Other than that, seems to be a solid bloke.


Why is that a bad thing? His dog is perfectly healthy


If there would be legit medical reasons why his dog would be vegan, I'd be fine with that. I'm uninformed about that matter, so if medical reasons are the cause of that, I'd fully support that. Its just not the normaly policy for a carnivore animal. I read somewhere on here that it is because of the specific situation medical situation of this dog, which would explain it, and then it would be fine.


That breed of dog has many genetic issues due to overbreeding. Lewis rescued Roscoe, his current dog, after learning about the problems with breeding having bought one of the same breed before that. Her name was Coco and she passed away semi recently. Anyway, that breed has breathing issues among other things and the vegan diet is better recommended and helps Roscoe’s health issues. Also something many people don’t know is that dogs are omnivores and can thrive on a balanced vegan diet, unlike cats who are obligate carnivores and must eat meat to survive. Of course changing an animals diet is always best done with vet recommendations.


> If there would be legit medical reasons why his dog would be vegan, I'd be fine with that. There are "legit medical reasons" why his dog does better on a carefully formulated vegan diet. Roscoe isn't from a healthy breed, and going vegan helps with his allergies. It's not, like, super unheard of for dogs to have allergies to animal proteins. My dog can't eat chicken or she chews the shit out of her feet because they itch. Luckily she does okay on fish and beef protein, but if she didn't, I'd be looking into vegan options as well.


That's true there were medical reasons for it and it did make him healthier because of that. But why do you think that's the only justifiable reason?


Dogs aren't carnivores. They're omnivores


We ignoring the toilet thing?


I mean it’s not detrimental to anyone else, some people are germaphobes and I don’t dislike them for it


I mean didn't he almost fire his own pilot for having to shit?


didn’t hear about that, but with all the rumour and gossip ard f1, i’ll take it with a grain of salt


If I had enough money to prevent people from taking a shit in my toilet I'd go for it man.


It's also worth noting that like all people he is imperfect and therefore capable of doing good things (such as this) and also shitty things (such as laughing at his nephew for wearing a dree, tho to be fair he apologized) and, rightly so we should praise him for the former and be angry at him for the latter. the world and people for that matter are not simply black or white and there's nothing wrong for changing your opinion of someone based on their actions.


Other than he tries to make his dog vegan


I think with his money he can afford vegan products which still gives Roscoe the nutrients he needs


It was for health reasons tbf and Roscoe has got better since being put on a plant based diet


I wouldn't do it myself, but dogs are omnivores so if you're careful it should be ok. You can't for cats though.


I feel like his dog got his own personal chef probably


Yeah, I’ve seen Roscoe eating fresh fruit and veggies that looks 10x better than what I can buy at the grocery store lol


I'd like to split it into four: I admire Lewis the person. I think Lewis the racing driver is one of the best that ever sat behind a wheel. I agree with the causes that Lewis supports for the most part. Even though I think his aggression often misses the mark. I absolutely despise Lewis in a professional environment.


This subreddit can not possibly handle people having nuanced opinions. Gotta be either absolutely hating someone or absolutely loving them.


Fuck you


When I'm in this sub and I see a "Fuck you", I read it in Toto's voice when he was answering question as to whether he favoured Lewis over Valtteri.


Damn who had the nerve to ask him that?


I mean I feel like the whole joke of this sub is that we ironically are this biased. Am I misreading like 5 years here or is this not a meme based sub? You have to get the joke to be sarcastic.


I’m with you dude.


GP2 sub,much retarded than before


This is also known as a circlejerk You can't expect anything else


Yeah. This would be called “shit talking” in some circles.


Nah real haters hate for life ;)


# #LHhaters or #LHaters ??


The prior


Yeah would be weird to eat him.


Nope. I don't care what he does beside the track. As a formula 1 fan for 30 years I care what he does on the track. The fact he didn't complain about the way Max pushed him off track makes me like him more than anything else. I am a Verstappen fan . But he is a beast of a driver. I have to give him that.


His team told him they weren't penalizing Max for the situation and he said on the radio "OF COURSE MAN" sarcastically, or something to that effect. I'd wager if he didn't win that race you'd have heard some complaining about it on his end.


Every driver on the grid would complain if they lost a win because another driver pushed them off the track. Charles and Lando both agree that Max should have got a penalty for that so why dont u stop ur bias and look at it objectively.


I am literally looking at it objectively. I never stated my opinion on the matter, just pointing out that Lewis wasn't just okay with the move lol. Hold your horses.


I think he tried to reply to the person above you


as ive stated before my opinion on lewis how i felt about my brother when i was 14. that guy is a fucking asshole and all his bullshit annoys the hell out me - but hes also the greatest, and is always willing to do the right thing, and if you say anything bad about him ill kill you.


Tammy Swanson?


I’ll be honest and eat my words, I didn’t think he’d do this in the Middle East. I hope he does it next week but I am impressed and he absolutely has my respect.


Respect != love


I don't really get the whole hate on Lewis, tbh. I simply don't want him to win just another championship.


Nah I still hate him But I think it's a nice gesture that he did it in a country where being gay is actually a crime instead of something like France


Besides the winning, why do you hate him?


Whining Being an unsportsmanlike driver (ex. Abu Dhabi 2016) I don't traditionally like how he speaks out about inequality (although Qatar is a good move) I don't like that he never takes the blame on himself (ex. France 2021), it's always the team that should do better for him I don't like that when he doesn't win, RedBull "has a faster car" (ex. Mexico) and blames that instead of thinking about what they could have done better, even when the cars are fairly evenly matched I don't like that he's saying that he grew up in a poor family and at one point called Stevenage a slum, when he grew up in a fairly middle class family. He could instead just praise his dad's hard work I don't like his attitude that the entire world was/is against him while he got into F1 with the fastest car on the grid and generally had a good career with good career choices Edit: oh and I don't like that he often says controversial stuff extremely not directly just so he can later take it back by saying that people didn't understand what he meant. I prefer Max's approach, where he's usually too blunt for his good, and doesn't take it back even if people don't like his stance Edit 2: and I also don't like how he's saying that you should go vegan to combat climate change when he's living a CO2 rich lifestyle. Also wearing leather while claiming to be vegan, like cmon


You hate him because he speaks for inequality and minorities? Buddy..


Bruh can you read? I said that I don't like the way he does it and called Qatar a good move in my books I didn't like that in the past he only spoke out about these kinds of actions where people agree with him, and that he didn't do the same in for example Middle East I prefer Seb's approach. He doesn't brag about how much he supports equality and what not, but he showed up to Hungary, which is a very homophobic country, dressed up in pride inspired clothing saying "Love is love". That's the kind of action I like to see


And the FIA tried to penalize him for that smh


Of course, we can't have someone supporting lgbt when FIA is trying to conquer the whole Middle East


And Lewis also came into qatar with a rainbow Helmet. He didn't brag abt anything


Exactly this is why i also hate him. I have mixed feelings about the gay helmet in quatar. Its good that someone famous is finally making a public gesture on their soil... but its more lewis attention whoring, which kinda spoils it for me.


I don't care if it's a pr stunt, to do that in a country where homophobia is a law still deserves some recognition


yeah, i think youre right


But oh my how much do I hate that I can't even express my opinion on reddit when I'm asked for it without getting downvoted to hell There's just one guy who commented on it and he couldn't read so I guess nobody had counterarguments, they just didn't agree with me not liking lewis Also how formuladank's members switch from disliking someone to liking him in a week baffles me


Actually adds fuel to the fire (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)


(Ó. ω. Ò)👐🔥 *we didn't start the fire it was always burning since the world's been turning* 🏳️‍🌈|<(UωU)


More like We love the race for karma 😂


Yeah it's interesting how quick people change their minfs on a driver. Grosjean was the most hated driver in 2020, nobody ever said a nice thing about him.




I don’t hate him, he is like the patriots (American football team) in that he wins so often that I get angry at him for that


That was me when he did the Still I Rise helmet. Love that kid.


My respect for him went up a bit, not because of the cause, but because of where he chose to rep it.


Fuck toto


i don't like louis but him shoving what arabs probably hate the most, to their face even though they paid for f1 to be there... just priceless, puts a huge grin on my face


Redditors will suck anyone's dick if they are progressive enough (but only in the things they like: trans good vegan bad)


Well well well. How the turn tables ….


The arm has been disbombed!


won't last


I can like his actions but still want him to loose…


He's a racing driver not a longbow man


Tut mir leid Englisch ist nicht meine Muttersprache. Ich hoffe einfach nur, dass er den Titel nicht gewinnt.


Alas, I hope he does.


Because he's finally putting his money where his mouth is?


On his face ?




Not really


What do you mean, finally? He's a big financial supporter of a lot of charaties, created a comission to help under-represented people, like black kids and poor people into motorsport and engineering professions, provides financial aid to junior karters whose families can't afford it themselves, calculated and offset all of his CO2 emissions, regularly helps under-represented people in the fashion industry, etc. Lewis has been acting on this stuff for years. People have just chosen to ignore it, downplay it, or hate him for it.


How much has he actually done, and how much has he paid other people to do?


Moving the goalposts again? Now it's not enough that he puts his money where his mouth is?


Im kinda confused by this


I don’t care what he wears. Fuck Lewis Hamilton.


rent free


I'm sick to the back teeth of shitlibs complaining how lgbt are oppressed in the west and virtue signaling celebrities showing how they're "allies". However pulling this shit in the middle of Qatar is an actual big move. The middle east is one of the places in this world where feminism and lgbt activism would make sense since those people are actually opressed there. Very big props to Hamilton for this, could possibly be the first time ever that a celeb has done something of note and not just pose for instagram.


You live a sheltered life if you don't believe LGBT are sometimes treated poorly in the west.


I respect him.


tbh I don't understand why we should praise him for that, it's far from a high risk thing to do for him




Hamilton whole communication is centered around acting for minorities


Well as somebody who would be murdered by the country if I visited Qatar I’m glad that he is taking a stand against the injustice. Although I do still hope Max and RB win the championships.


_Aramco and Petronas would like to have a small conversation_


Give it two days


Lol, Some paint on a helmet changed nothing! If these people really cared they would boicott the race. This goes for everone - from all of the drivers to all of the fans. When I wake up from my dream I will give a «atleast its something» credit to Lewis.


I like Lewis the person. Lewis the racer sometimes gets on my nerves. Does that make any sense?




Big balls


Nah fordank still hates him but all the haters that said “say that in Qatar” all got shut the fuck up


Yeah… i kinda do now.


Nah, nice gesture in a country like that. But other than that, i still don’t like his personality nor his political views.


We love his humongous balls... ...wait a minute...


I admire and love all the drivers without hating any particular one. Lewis as a personality and a human being is one of my favourite people.


Let's watch Seb copy him in Saudi Arabia, that would be a whole another level.


We can like his helmet and choices but we can still hate Hamilton with a passion. I respect his helmet, but I defo don’t like him


Ham does have a great PR team. Its all pr to apease the biggest amount of people. Sadly it works


Reddit is strangely supportive of his helmet. Tiktok comments are completely opposite and some idiots actually have the audacity to say that Lewis is disrespecting their religion.


We hate him more for this. He was on thin ice for the black lives matter livery only because it was their best one yet


PR stunt, Max FTW




what do you want?




Lu lu lu super Lu lu super super.... xD I hope Seb joins in on the drivers parade or something with that t-shirt he had previously.